The Halloween Beast

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    It's halloween night..
    You and you're friends went to the graveyard up the hill...
    You see two small lights in the distance....
    So you approach them. One of your friends scream as the lights disappear. When they
    Reappear in the distance, your friend is a bloody carcass on the ground.
    You cannot escape.
    But can you fight the unknown beast?
    You're job: Write a short story or post on what happened with you and your friends.
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  2. Why oh why did I let them talk me into this...​
    Going to a graveyard on Halloween night, something about that seems rather, I don't know, morbid. I'm thinking I should've been harder with my no, kept on, until we had no other choice but to go see a movie. Perhaps that new 'Carrie' remake. Ahh, when would Hollywood ever learn.​
    But no...​
    I caved. ​
    Somewhere along the lines of the burger and fries, can't down food.​
    They really never gave a concrete explanation on why they wanted to go, just that, it would be fun, to go up the hill to a graveyard most had talked about one way or another. Oh yeah, fun, in a graveyard...ooh wee.​
    So I'm trailing behind them, Ray and Shawna, keeping some distance in case something goes down. I can easily run back down hill to the car. Not only that, I feel like a third wheel. ​
    What the hell...​
    Shawna, with her neck-long blonde hair is hanging rather close to tall Ray. They engage in and out of conversation where she's laughing, at his jokes, they aren't that funny. I sink my hands further in the pockets of my baggy jeans, the hood of my jacket is drawn up around my own blonde hair. For some reason, it's a bit drafty out here, there's a fog circulating the area, and the moon, as full as she is, sits smack in the middle of the sky. Quite eerie at that. I frown. At those two. Seems more like they've hooked up than wanting to do what it is they came here to do. Did I miss going to bed to be some unwanted wheel?​
    I'm still at a distance with them, brooding all the while. That burger and fries is virtually gone now, yes, I could've been home. Eating again...​
    "Oh Ray!" Shawna squeaks, her laugh, while slinking her arm through his. Yup, they're a couple. I brood even more.​
    "You coming?" Ray called over his shoulder, to me, having noticed my distance.​
    "I'm coming..." My voice trails. I look ahead, past them, to what appears like two lights. In the distance. Oh shit... ​
    "Hey, do ya'll see that?" I point, hoping they can tear themselves away from bad jokes and flirting a moment. I wasn't drunk...well maybe a little, a beer here, a beer there, the point is, I wasn't seeing things. Ray and Shawna both looked ahead, stopping, obviously they saw it too.​
    "What is that?" Ray wanted to know.​
    "Probably someone's car lights," Shawna suggested. "They must have the same idea we do. Let's go."​
    "Toward the lights?" I question. "How about no? Ya'll are looking for a thrill right?" I'm smiling. "Walking Dead season 4 is on tonight, at 9pm." Like I knew it, those idiots, went on ahead, who in their right mind can pass up Walking Dead? Shaking my head, I run a little then stop when my stomach is close to deciding my punishment. I catch up swallowing the urge to vomit, for now. We come closer and closer, the two lights never fading, they look white, untill the distance between us and them is a mere three feet. The fog surrounding makes it difficult to tell what they belong to.​
    "I don't know what it is..." Ray answered. I look at him as does Shawna, suddenly, he screams, kinda like all those people in the JC Penneys commercials having missed out on sales. I jump. The lights vanish. Quickly. It's like the second is a dragging hour, whatever they are, they reappear in the distance. The next sound I hear is Shawna, screaming like a banshee. Why?​
    I look down.​
    I fall to my knees, the vomit spewing in a mess all down my hoodie and the ground. A chunky mess. Ray is gone...well...not really...he's...or what has been left of him, is on the ground. Torn. Limbs are missing, the only thing intact is his head and upper body. Blood surrounds him and his dark blue eyes stare lifeless at the sky above. Wide-eyed. Holy...shit. Was this really happening?​
    My first thought is to....​
    I'm looking at Shawna now as she looks at me with a doe-eyed look assuming I'm going to take her hand and we'd run.​
    Assumptions are dangerous.​
    I'm standing up now, smelling the mess on my clothing, I turn, give her another look, as I run, leaving her ass standing.​
    "Jake, wait!" She cried.​
    Like hell, I didn't want to come here in the first place, I was happy going home, getting more drunk and passing out during a key part in the Walking Dead. I'm running all over the place, staggering, hearing her screaming out my name, following me. She and Ray brought that shit on, not me. The fog is all around as are those lights, crapola, I can't even remember what way is back down hill to the car, I can't even think because Shawna is saying my name whereas minutes ago it was Ray's name on her tongue. I see how she is, oh yeah, first chance I get to see an opening I'm going use her ass as bait. Should've been laughing at my jokes, not that I had any...​
    I hear a thud behind me followed by her murderous scream. I'd stopped to catch my breath. I'm wide-eyed. Whatever got Ray, got her too, now I was the only one...​
    Oh crap...​
    I decide to run again, however, a rock collects under my foot, causing me to trip, falling onto the ground. I can hear footsteps, much more destructive than Shawna's danty ones, coming to me. No. It can't end like this. I still have much more to do, like.....I can't really think of anything presently but I still have stuff to do. I crawl now, too dizzy to stand or run as the bile is threatening to once again soak me. I hear heavy breathing. All around. Shitter...what to do, what to do.​
    What is it?​
    I don't know but I'm going to....plead for my life! I close my eyes.​
    "Hey dude thing sir whatever....! Don't kill me, I got a nice 'book' collection under my bed I'd be happy to hand over! I got twenty bucks in my checking account, it's yours too! Don't kill me! Please!"​
    "Jake, what the hell...?"​
    I open my eyes.​
    I'm staring at Ray and Shawna, alive, in the diner, not the graveyard. They're looking at me like...​
    Back in the diner?​
    How did we get here?​
    "Dude," Ray looks down at his food. "No more alcohol for you." He laughes. "You just zoned out."​
    "Punk..." Shawna shook her head.​
    I look at them like a deer caught in the headlights of a car, a dream, it was just a dream. An alcoholic one at that...​
    I relax. ​
    "Hey," Shawna chirped. "How about we go to the graveyard for some fun?"​
    "Okay." Ray agreed, they both look at me.​
    "Noooooooooo!" I cry out until seeing Ray hadn't touched his burger. "Oooh, can I have that?"​
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  3. "Via!" I screamed, and dropped to the ground, sobbing. No, she's gone!​
    Oh god, the lights, they're there again! NO! NOO! i refuse to die like this.​
    All of my hunting training has prepared me for this. Focus.​
    "You're going to die, little hunter." A voice whispered in my ear. I felt his breath on my kneck, and suddenly it was gone, and everything was black.​
    Lights flashed, and images flooded my brain. No! not now! no! Go away! No!​
    I briefly felt myself fall to the ground, on my knees. I hadn't even drawn my knife.​
    The police sat at the homes of the victims, "You have no idea of where they may have gone?" A short police man asked, with brushing a little bit of dark hair from his blue eyes, with a pale hand.​
    My mother sobbed, and I placed a hand on her shoulder, wishing to comfort her. I knew she couldn't hear me, or see me, or feel me. She just wasn't gifted as I was. She couldn't see ghosts.​
    That's what I was now, a ghost. My body would never be found. It's gone forever now. They wouldn't ever find any trace of me. Not ever. It's unfortunate really. ​
    My mother whipped her blue eyes with a handkerchief. My father squeezed her hand gently.​
    "She was such a happy child!" my mother said, sobbing, "Why would she just run away?!"​
    It was true, I was the perfect flyer, the cheerleader captain, I had a scholarship to Hartford, the perfect boyfriend. I was beautiful, and happy. My family loved me, I was popular. it was all so wrong.​
    So wrong I had gotten involved in this. ​
    I guess this was really my fault, my fault for being so smart, for being so curious. For over thinking things, and partaly it was his fault too...​
    But that's a different story, for another day.​