The Half Project (aka Shits and Giggles: The RP)

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  1. Some stories have a grand quest. Others tell of a small struggle. But every one in millions fall under another category entirely.

    Organised chaos.

    The Half Project, should it begin, will be a dream like that.

    A dream on drugs, conjured in an asylum by a newborn with total disregard for order and sanity.

    The premise is simple: the characters, though once human, are now personifications of concepts, sometimes multiple at once.

    This is thanks to an already illegal human experimentation project by the greatest minds on Earth, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, the experiments acted much like one would expect them to if they were given really bad acid.

    This means that they can range from cyborgs, to invisible lolis, to ice cream fairies, to giant nekomimis with black holes for stomachs (and that's not a metaphor).

    The rules are out the window and sanity pushed it out in a double suicide. Welcome to Wonderland on crack. Anyone up for it?
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.