The Half Blood Prince & Prankster Twins

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  1. Helena Shay Rycin

    Age: Sixteen | Grade: Sixth Year | House: Hufflepuff | Purity: Half Blood - Metamorphmagus | Extra: Qudditch Chaser

    - (Deceased) Muggleborn Witch, Hufflepuff, former best friend of Molly Weasley ('nee Pewett)

    Father - (Deceased) Pure Blood Wizard, Gryffindor, former best friend of Arthur Weasley

    Molly Weasley - Godmother, maternal-figure

    Arthur Weasley - Godfather, parental-figure

    William, Charlie, Percy, Fred/George, Ronald and Ginny - Surrogate siblings and friends

    Rycin Family - Pure Bloods, Helena's paternal heritage, have expressed their acceptance of her mixed parentage and merely wish her to be safe

    Russel Family - Muggles, Helena's maternal heritage, have no knowledge of her existence

    Atropa Trist - Best friend since first year, but not widely known among the other students because Atropa is a Slytherin

    - Herbology, Charms, Jinxes & Hexes

    Weakness - Potions, Dark Arts & Transfiguration

    Patronus - Guinea Pig

    Boggart - Darkness

    Fun Facts:
    Weasley Twins
    - Identical in age, having grown up together and enrolled at Hogwarts (with shared classes), Helena has built an extremely strong bond with Fred and George. She considers them her best friends and has never seen them as anything else, although Helena's heart is beginning to favor George. She feels responsible to protect the brothers and often takes the blame when they make mistakes or get in trouble. This began when Fred broke his elbow while climbing a tree. Helena feels obligated to protect the brothers and always has.

    Hannah Abbott - Her third best friend, fellow Hufflepuff and the only person that truly suspects Helena's developing feelings towards George. Hannah has always been there for Helena and they share a love of Jinxes & Hexes.

    Amanda Knott - Helena's fourth best friend, but recently Amanda has begun showing a romantic desire towards George and this has caused some tension between herself and Helena.

    Hufflepuff Chaser - Helena became a member of the Hufflepuff Qudditch team during her second year at Hogwarts. She loves the sport and is a proud enthusiast. Helena attended the Qudditch World Cup with the Weasley family, she cheered for Ireland along with the Twins.

    Parent's Deaths - Voldemort's followers discovered Mr. Rycin married a Muggleborn female and they sought the innocent couple out, during the Christmas season and murdered both elders in cold blood. Baby Helena, only two years old at the time, was only spared because the Death Eater's incompetence allowed her. She had been sleeping in the next bedroom and woke an hour later with blood curdling screams. After their deaths were reported, little Helena was placed in Molly Weasley's care. Helena does not know that her parents were the victims of murder, at the hands of Death Eaters. She simply believes they died of a terrible disease, Molly's efforts to shield the poor girl from the truth.

    Personality - Helena is extremely flirtatious by nature, her personality is practically identical to her mother's. She enjoys harmless teasing, playful flirting and innocent jokes. Helena is very outgoing and social, she loves to be around people and is always the center of attention. However, Helena is very emotional and can become temperamental when placed in wrong situations.

    Metamorphmagus - Helena's father's family, the Pure Blood heritage, has been known to birth Metamorphmagi witches and wizards. However, relatives of the family do not begin showing symptoms of this genetic inheritance until their eighteen birthday. Following the activation of their Metamorphi genes, witches and wizards experience an influx of their emotions. This causes them to suffer radical mood-swings and they often display physical signs, such as hair color or eye color changing.
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  2. Atropa Belladonna Trist

    Sixteen | Grade: Sixth Year | House: Slytherin | Purity: Pure Blood | Extra: Slytherin Prefect.


    - (Alive) Laura Trist, Pure Blood Witch, Slytherin, Friends with Narcissa Malfoy.
    Father - (Alive) Adrian Trist, Pure Blood, Wizard, Slytherin, Friends with Lucius Malfoy.
    Siren Trist- Older sister, Eighteen, Pure Blood, Slytherin, Engaged to Draco Malfoy.
    Malfoy Family- Old friends, same "group" (Death Eaters)
    Severus Snape- Family Friend


    - Potions, Charms, Transfiguration
    Weakness - Divination, Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures
    Patronus - Cat
    Boggart - The Dark Mark

    Fun Facts:

    Helena- Best friend since first year.

    Draco Malfoy-
    Family friend, future husband to older sister. Draco and Atropa get along fairly well, although the pure blood thing makes them fight sometimes.

    Auden Summers- Second best friend. Known since first year, best friends since third.

    Slytherin Prefect- Atropa became the Slytherin prefect in her fifth year, and has continued on since.
    She believes in her duties, and helps first years gladly, but also doesn't mind breaking rules for a good cause, or some fun.

    Parents/Family- Atropa's parents and older sister believe heavily in the pure blood stuff, and are known Death Eaters.
    Atropa herself doesn't believe in any of this, and thus she doesn't fit in, nor like, her family.
    She and her sister used to be friendly, but once Siren joined the Death Eaters, they grew apart.

    Artistic ability and Potions ability- Atropa is very good at art, which isn't considered anything worth a try in her family
    She can draw anything, anyone, and make you think it's a photo.
    Along with art, Atropa excels at Potions.
    It's her best, and favorite class, and she's top in it.

    A bit psychic-
    Atropa can sense emotions, and sometimes, thoughts.

    Note on photo: Atropa is not Asian, but this is the best I could find. She also doesn't wear makeup, or smoke.

  3. Another year at Hogwarts began with the usual ritual, an overly lavish welcoming ceremony hosted by the school's beloved headmaster. The arriving first years, their eyes bewitched by the overwhelming allure of Hogwarts, were quickly sorted into their houses. Gryffindor and Slytherin welcomed twenty students, Hufflepuff received seventeen new students and Ravenclaw obtained only three additional members to their group.

    At Hufflepuff, those whose hearts are tied by faithfulness and trust, an elder female among the lot found herself laughing in the pleasant company of two cherished friends. She grinned happily, lips spread wide and eyes shut gently. "I'm very glad to be back," she cheered loudly, not caring if the high volume upset anyone. Hannah and Amanda, the pair that joined in her celebration, toasted their cups along with her own.

    "You've changed a lot, Helena."

    "I have not!" She argued back, remaining calm and polite. "I'm still the same person."

    Hannah smirked, gesturing with a raised finger to the shades of black in Helena's previously brunette hair. "Did you dye it?"

    Suddenly realizing what her friend was mentioning, Helena shrugged and reached for another goblet of Pumpkin Juice. "I don't know why it's darkening. Mrs Weasley said it's something to do with my genetics. Perhaps my mother or father had black hair?" This was not the case. Molly, not wanting to release the truth of Helena's parents to any extent, refused to inform Helena of her father's Metamorphmagus heritage.

    Once Dumbledore finished his speeches and left the students to their own accords, Helena rose from the table of gold and black, ushering her friends do the same. "Come on, I'm going to join the Gryffindor table for a while." She received startled expressions from both sandy-blonds, forcing her to stop and turn back. "What's wrong?"

    Hannah spoke first, having more confidence in objecting to Helena's requests than Amanda. "We're not supposed to mingle with the other houses, you know that, Helena."

    This information, although correct, did little to waver Helena's decision. Her adoptive family belonged to Gryffindor and she saw no reason why joining their table should be avoided. "I'm going~" Without a second of hesitation, Helena approached the Gryffindor table and joyfully dropped an arm over both twin's shoulders. She greeted them with chaste kisses to their cheeks, acknowledging Ron and Ginny as well. Percy was seated far from the others, so Helena avoided trying to welcome him. Besides, Percy wasn't exactly the most social of the Weasley family.

    "Ah," Hermione grinned at the sudden appearance of the brunette female. "Hi, Helena!"

    Ginny waved enthusiastically, nearly splashing her goblet of juice onto poor Ronald. The ginger-haired male gently pushing his sister away, then finally lifted his eyes and smiled kindly to Helena. Considering she didn't share their houses, managing to snag quality time with the twins was difficult during school hours. Helena tugged playfully on the hoods of the brother's robes. "Walk me to the dorms?" She curled her bottom lip, pouting childishly.

    * * *

    Among the chattering students and elated staff of Hogwarts, there sat one man at the head table whose face bore an expressionless stare. He was not overcome with joy, nor did he supply a smile or shining eyes. This was to be another antagonizing year of teaching. His desired subject, the Dark Arts, still beyond his reach. Another year forced to endure the mediocre teaching of mindless idiots in his Potions classroom. Oh the joy.

    Professor Snape, less commonly known as Severus, lifted from the table and walked quietly through the crowd of students. He sought some peace and silence, at least for a few sacred moments. Dumbledore noticed the absence of his dear friend, but said absolutely nothing. Severus was free to wander the castle of Hogwarts, as he chose to do so often. Severus found a silent hallway, just outside of the Great Hall. His mind allowed to replay the rather painful memories of his troubled past.

    These memories included the night he discovered a dear woman he'd loved dead, her body mangled on the floor and a crying baby seated in his crib. That boy, the bane of Severus's existence, could now be found at the table of Gryffindor. Those haunting eyes of emerald so much like his mothers. Lily Evans, Severus never did think the last name Potter suited her. His beloved Lily, even in death she appeared in his thoughts.

    Whispering his apologies in soft winds of the school was all Severus was able to do. He'd never be able to fully atone for his crimes. Lily is and would always remain a corpse. Buried beneath the earth which he still walked. Riddled with a moment of depression, overwhelmed by Lily's memories, Severus concealed his face in both hands. Tears dampened the palms of his large hands, the wetness not registering to him. To anyone else who might happen across this rare moment, Severus would just appeared annoyed or suffering from a rather unpleasant headache. Both of which were quite correct.
  4. Atropa sat at the Slytherin table quietly, eating her small portion of dinner.
    The opening ceremony had been over with for a while, but she'd barely picked at her food.
    Before the start of the year, she'd had a fight with her family. Again.
    Sighing, Atropa took a drink from her glass, and drained it.

    Looking around for someone to talk to, she saw Helena.
    Before she'd stood up though, she noticed Helena walk to the Gryffindor table, and sit with the Weasley twins.
    Atropa stayed seated, not one to interrupt.

    Movement caught her eye, and she turned to see her favorite professor leave the dining hall.
    It was Professor Snape, Severus as he was sometimes called by her family.
    Usually, students wouldn't dare follow him out, but Atropa knew he'd never be angry with her.
    She had a rare relationship with Severus; one that couldn't be explained.
    He was her teacher, of course, but he was kind to her.

    Taking a deep breath to gather her courage, she followed him out, a bit behind.
    Once he'd stopped, she could tell he was crying- and she didn't want to be rude.
    She'd never seen him crying, and she knew it was a private moment, so she turned to leave, and bumped into a suit of armor.
    It crashed to the floor loudly, leaving Atropa to cringe and silently curse herself.

    If he hadn't known she was there before, he most definitely knew now.

    Fred and George Weasley sat at the Gryffindor table, eating and laughing.
    They were back for a sixth year at Hogwarts, and were very happy about it.
    Smiling as they ate and drank, they talked to everyone around them, telling them about some of their over the Summer jokes.

    "Remember when we blew up the toilet?" Fred asked, laughing.
    George thought for a moment, then nodded.
    "Oh yeah! Mum was so angry, we were grounded for a month!"
    They both began laughing.

    Hermione was giving them stern looks, but George noticed the small smile on her lips.
    Even Hermione found them funny.
    That was good news.

    Suddenly, Helena appeared behind them and gave them both a kiss on the cheek.
    "Helena!" George said happily.
    He smiled at her.
    "Feels like I haven't seen you for years."
    His smile widened, and Fred tapped him on the back.

    "Don't grin too widely- your face may stick like that."
    George swatted at him, a bit embarrassed.
    He always grinned a lot when Helena was around.

    "Sure, we'll walk you." He said, emptying his goblet.
    Fred looked at him for a moment.
    "Not me! I'm still eating!"
    George bit his lip, and then shrugged.
    "I'll walk you, then!"
  5. Although slightly disheartened that Fred refused to tag along, she preferred having the twins together, Helena accepted George's company and smiled. She bent down, pressing another brief kiss to Fred's cheek, suddenly blowing a raspberry in its place. Apparently his expression was hilarious, because Ginny, Ron and Hermione all erupted into giggles. Helena pulled herself away, standing at George's side and waved her goodbyes to everyone else. Even though she wished to catch up with the others, Helena's exhausted body would surely deflate within an hour and she really hated walking the hallways with tremendous fatigue weighing her down.

    Helena walked happily with George, keeping their strides exactly the same. Despite not being related or sharing a bond as twins, Helena and George seemed to always be in perfect sync with each other. Something that even befuddled Mrs. Weasley whenever she'd happen to catch them together at the Burrow. Carrying herself with the graceful balance she'd adapted from years of playing Qudditch, Helena raised her eyes towards the sky just visible through the archways. Watching where her feet landed was not necessary. Helena is many things, but clumsy is not a word associated with her.

    "I have Herbology first period tomorrow," Helena announced, deciding to twirl in a circle as she walked forward. "You and Fred have that too, yeah?" She honestly hadn't remembered to memorize their class schedules, having been rather distracted in the morning. "I hear we get to work with dangerous plants and even brew antidotes for curses!" She grinned, Herbology having always fascinated her. Helena continued to twirl, enjoying the freedom and the night's chilly air. Suddenly she stopped, turning to George and reached for his hand. She laced their fingers together, then resumed walking once again. A few students passed them by, but no one really attached much meaning behind Helena's actions. As a known flirt throughout the school, although she usually only showed this side of her personality to the twins, Helena's true affections were unknown and no one cared to venture a guess either.

    * * *

    The echoing thunder of disassembling armor crashing to the floor snapped Severus from his momentary lapse of composure. Immediately his appearance returned to normal, his eyes narrowing in stern focus on the source of the armor's collapse. A young student, someone he knew rather well actually. Severus sighed, running a hand slowly through his hair and frowned in disapproval. She just had to get herself into trouble. Severus approached with crossed arms, his darkening eyes continuing to stare directly into her own.

    "Is there a reason why you're wandering the halls of Hogwarts so late, Miss Trist?"

    She was basically family, at least in some terms. Yet, her connections to him would not shelter her from receiving detention. However, Atropa wasn't exactly a troublesome student. In fact, in comparison to the Weasley twins and their tag along buddy, Helena, Atropa was perhaps the definition of a model student. She refrained from getting herself involved in dangerous situations and knew how to conduct herself in a resourceful manner.

    Severus decided to grant her a warning, for this time at least. "You should do well to return to your dorm, Miss Trist." He never spoke her real name, her first name. Severus deliberately refused to see her anything other than a student. Even if her bright eyes are the most beautiful shade of green he's ever seen. She's far too young for such thoughts of his to be appropriate. "I trust you don't need an escort?" He wasn't offering, just making a statement.
  6. Atropa felt her heart drop as he talked to her.
    She was in trouble, as expected.
    Although he was a family friend, if she broke the rules, he still had to reprimand her.
    Sighing, she bit her lip for a moment.
    "Sorry, Sir. I was... Err- I saw you leave and I... Nevermind. I'm sorry Sir."

    She should be heading back to her dorm now, hopefully to stay out of trouble.
    "Yes, Sir, I'll go to my dorm right away."
    She hung her head in shame.
    The first night back, and she was already in trouble.

    "N-no, Sir, I don't need an escort. I'm fine."
    She smiled at him, meeting his eyes.
    They were dark, so unlike her own bright emerald eyes.
    "Thank you, and goodnight, Sir!"

    She turned to leave, hoping he wouldn't give her detention.
    Her face felt a bit hot, and she realized she was blushing.
    But, why?
    It couldn't be that she fancied him...
    He was... He was Severus Snape, for God's sake!

    George was happy to walk Helena to her dorm.
    It was later than he'd thought, so everyone else would fill the halls soon.
    Just having this moment alone with her was nice.

    Usually, Fred was with them, and although they all had fun together, he also enjoyed having Helena alone.
    Looking at her from the corner of his eye, he noticed, once again, how graceful she was.
    Although Fred and George weren't exactly clumsy, they weren't graceful.
    It always made him feel odd when he thought these types of things.

    "Ah, I think I have Herbology too. I'm sure Fred does as well, since we're typically in class together."
    He smiled.
    "Although that's never a good thing, with us. We're always causing some type of problem."
    George laughed, and squeezed her hand tighter.
    His face was slightly flushed- although Helena usually did hold hands and such with both the twins, George always got butterflies when she did it to him.

    He'd never tell anyone this, of course, but he was glad anyway.
    No one knew about his feelings, and no one could crush them.
    It was for the best.
    Out of the twins, George was more quiet, and thoughtful, although he too enjoyed pranks and laughter.

    Looking at Helena, he cleared his throat, and flushed again.
    Not sure what to say, he felt that the silence was a bit awkward.
    "Excited for Quidditch?" He asked.
    This was a safe subject.
  7. "Of course I am, George!" Nothing excited Helena more than a rousing game of Qudditch. Positioned as the Hufflepuff's Chaser, Helena was required to be agile, fast, and perfectly balanced while in flight. All of this skills, she excelled at. However, during the very beginning of her first season, Helena developed a fear of heights and nearly vomited after each match. Thankfully she's learned how to endure the sickness that accompanies her while flying. Helena and George rounded a corner, the Hufflepuff dorms not much farther away.

    "Oi, George?" Helena dropped his hand, suddenly hesitating to take another step. "Could you use Lumos on your wand, please?" The night sky was void of moonlight, the bright orb hidden behind a collection of thick clouds. With the surrounding darkness creeping around them, Helena felt consumed and her fears skyrocketed. She clung desperately to George's arm, holding him for protection and buried her face into the smooth fabric of his sleeve. Although she was more than capable of producing a Lumos charm on her own, Helena still requested George do it instead.

    Ever since childhood, Helena hated the dark. At the Burrow, she shared a room with Ginny and absolutely would not go to sleep without a nightlight. Thankfully, Ginny was understanding and this never caused problems, though. No one, aside from Molly and Arthur, knew why Helena had this fear. She'd awoken as a baby in complete darkness, the night her parents had died. Subconsciously, it birthed a fear and paranoia inside her infantile mind.

    * * *

    He watched her, patiently and silently as Atropa stepped forwards and continued down the hallway. Severus did not remove his eyes from her direction until she turned a corner and vanished from his sight. Once Atropa was gone, Severus stormed off with only the waves of his black robes following from behind. He joined the staff dorms, ascending the stairs to his own private domain. Severus locked his room, enchanting the door so it was secure. He hated the openness of Hogwarts, everyone so willing to share their lives with others, even his own Slytherin house.

    Severus preferred to be a recluse, avoiding all communication and contact with the outside world. When he finally retired to his bed for the night, Severus was tormented by the memories which seemed to haunt his every slumber. Shaken from his sleep only ten minutes in, the exhausted male decided to visit the kitchens. It wasn't exactly open at night, but Dumbledore allowed his staff to go there and collect food whenever they hungered.

    A kindly elf greeted Severus, asking what he'd like.

    "A pumpkin pasty," he demanded, not bothering with pleasantries. Once the self supplied him with the delicious treat, Severus began his return to the dorms. Along the way, he happened to cross paths with Atropa. She apparently had not reached the Slytherin dorms yet. "Miss Trist?" He rose a brow curiously.
  8. Atropa had fumbled through the dark castle halls for a while.
    She'd explored this place quite well, but it always held surprises.
    Plus, she'd gotten a bit turned around, since it was so dark.

    Sighing, she turned a corner, and then remembered her wand.
    "Lumos!" She said quietly, and was happy when the tip lit up.
    She wasn't fond of the dark.

    Jumping and letting out a little yelp, she turned to see Professor Snape behind her.
    "O-Oh! Professor! You scared me!"
    She held a hand to her heart.
    "I'm sorry, Sir, I was heading to my dorms and I got kinda lost."
    She blushed furiously.
    "I tend to daydream, Sir, and I wasn't watching where I was going."

    George grinned at Helena.
    "Me too. I think it'll do me some good to hit something heavy at people."
    He laughed and thought about Quidditch, which he'd missed very much.

    When Helena stopped and snuggled into him, George's heart raced.
    "O-Of course." He replied, and the tip of his wand lit up.
    "There we go." He whispered, grabbing her hand tightly.

    George knew of Helena's fear, and he didn't mind it.
    Truth be told, he didn't like the dark, either.
    Looking down at her, he realized he wanted to protect Helena from whatever scared her, or wanted to harm her.
    He grabbed her and hugged her to his chest.
    "I'm sorry. I didn't realize how dark it had gotten."
  9. Once George ignited the tip of his wand, a bright source of light filled the hallway and illuminated their faces. Helena released her grip, but suddenly discovered that George had embraced her against himself. She smiled, knowing that he was merely trying to comfort her. At least, that's what she believed to be happening. Helena snuggled herself comfortably around George, allowing them a few minutes to enjoy their company and the warmth of a shared embrace. However, as four minutes passed on, Helena began to feel slightly uncomfortable with the prolonged contact and tore herself away. She still remained at George's side, but walked forward without any further contact.

    That was weird, she thought in silence. Helena and George finally reached the large barrels and the Hufflepuff emblem hung proudly above. Approaching the vinegar filled barrels, Helena knocked in a specialized pattern and suddenly the barrels shifted which allowed a large tunnel to become present. Helena smiled, turning on her heel and faced George with a wide smile. "Thanks for walking me back, George." Helena waved, then walked inside and the barrels re-positioned themselves.

    * * *

    Severus wore a frown, his lips smeared with the orange past of his sweet-treat. "Come along, Miss Trist." He commanded, walking ahead of her and illuminated his own wand, holding it high and waited for Atropa to join his side. Severus escorted Atropa to the Slytherin dorms, opening the door and motioned her inside. "Class starts early tomorrow, be prepared and don't come to my class late." He warned, not wanting to have any trouble with the schedule.

    "Goodnight," he whispered, shutting the door behind him and returned to his own private chambers.

    [You can skip to the next morning. :) ]
  10. Atropa nodded, and went inside the dorms.
    She changed into her pajamas, and fell into a deep sleep.


    The next morning, after she woke up, she took a quick shower, gathered her things, and went to breakfast.
    Looking around for Helena, she decided she'd sit and eat a bit before anyone else showed up.
    The breakfast table was full of food, so Atropa took a fried egg, a piece of toast, and some milk.
    Her usual breakfast- it was full of what she'd always been told was good food for school work.
    Sighing as she ate, she realized she'd have to leave a bit early to make it to her first class.

    Her first class was her favorite subject, and the one she was best at- Potions.
    That thought cheered her up a bit, so she finished her breakfast and began heading to her class.
    She was the first one to class, as usual, but it was only a few minutes before it began, so it wasn't a big deal.

    She took her seat and took out her books, quill, and parchment, waiting for the professor.
    Since it was their 6th year, Potions would be harder, and more challenging.
    Something Atropa was looking forward to.

    George Weasley had woken up a bit late that morning.
    He barely had time for a shower before first class was beginning.
    Sighing, he grabbed his bag and left the dorms.

    Herbology was his first class, as well as Fred's and Helena's.
    Fred had left a bit early, and hadn't woken him up, which was odd.
    George was the last one to class, and only a few minutes before he was late.

    He took a seat beside Helena, which she'd most likely been saving for him.
    Smiling, he took a deep breath.
    "I didn't even get to have breakfast."
    He pouted, rubbing his eyes.

    Breakfast was a very important meal in his life.
    He was rarely ever fully awake in the mornings, and a bit of toast did him some good.
    He'd have to wait till' lunch to eat now, and he was typically grumpy when he didn't eat.
    Sighing, he knew it was going to be a long day.
  11. Luckily for George's empty stomach, a Hufflepuff has rather easy access to the kitchens. Noticing that George was definitely hungry, Helena reached into the left pocket of her robes and sneakily passed two slices of buttered toast into his lap, her hand concealed underneath their desks. She smiled, dusting the crumbs off on her skirt and sitting up straight in her chair. "You really should have woken up sooner, George." Helena scolded, playfully. The dark-haired female knew mornings were often difficult for students on the first day back to Hogwarts. Including herself, Helena hated having to wake early. She much more preferred to be active at night or even the late evening.

    Already prepared with her notebook, quill, and yellow shoulder bag dropped at her feet...Helena anxiously waited for Professor Sprout. She loved Herbology, sharing this passion with a Gryffindor lad, Neville, as well. Helena's robes were messily worn, the fabric slipping from her shoulders and dropped to the crook of her elbows. The yellow t-shirt underneath visible to everyone's eyes. Helena's sleeves were middle length, black and lacy. Her t-shirt was modest, but clung to her chest and the dip of its neckline making certain angles not decent. Considering her height was fairly close to the twins, still a few inches shorter, Helena's black skirt dropped to just above her knees.

    "Good morning class!" Professor Sprout greeted, welcoming everyone as she walked over to her desk. Helena grinned excitedly, grabbing her white-feathered quill and positioned it eagerly to the paper. "Today we'll be working with Foxglove." She produced a large chest with the violet colored flower bulbs. "These are a staple in Potions such as Living Death. Now, I want each of you to properly prepare these bulbs for brewing." Professor Sprout handed out a bulb to each student and accompanied them by leather gloves. "Can anyone tell me why this plant is essential for brewing Living Death?"

    Immediately, Helena raised her gloved hand and waved it.

    "Yes, Miss Rycin."

    "Foxglove produce a fairly transparent power from their petals and if absorbed through the skin, it can result in spontaneous heart-failure and convulsions."

    Professor Sprout clapped her hands together happily, "Very good! Ten points to Hufflepuff!"

    Helena and the others were instructed to peel the petals from their bulbs of Foxglove and correctly extract the poison powder into labeled tubes. Having no trouble in the beginning, Helena already filled a vile completely when suddenly Fred began sneezing. "Are you alright, Fred?" She asked, glancing to her left, where he stood, curiously. He seemed to be inhaling deep breaths and accidentally consumed some of the poison. Helena, realizing what happened, panicked and called for Professor Sprout.

    * * *

    Potions is a mandatory subject for all students to complete, but that doesn't mean Professor Snape tailored the class to be easily passable. In fact, quite the opposite. Severus, a former student of Hogwarts that had excelled in Potions, structured his class to be challenging. Many students would often make claims that he absolutely refused to pass anyone that wasn't gifted with the magical comprehension required for such a difficult field of magic. However, this is not the truth.

    Severus just excepts excellence from his students. Starting the lesson right on time, Severus appeared at his desk with a following trail of black robes at his feet. "Turn to page 679," he commanded from the podium. Today the class would be excepted to brew a successful draft of Poly Juice potion. "The first five people to accomplish this Potion correctly, shall be rewarded 100 points to their house."

    Which such a reward at stake, everyone hurried to the cauldrons and began reading through their textbooks. Severus waited, observing his students from the podium. His eyes drifted towards Miss Trist, curiously wondering if she'd be able to produce a potion of high quality.

    [Sorry Snape's was kinda short. I didn't want to write too far ahead and skip over your character.]
  12. Atropa began to make her potion, carefully taking out each ingredient, and measuring it.
    She looked at everyone around her, and they seemed to be having some trouble.
    But she wouldn't let that worry her.

    Although the instructions in the book were clear to her, Atropa had her own way of doing things.
    Much of her free time was spent practicing potions, and thus, she'd learned that some things worked better than others.
    Her potion was coming along nicely, she thought.

    Most other people were a step or two behind her, which incouraged her a bit.
    Although she was typically the kind type who helped others, she really needed to focus.
    Pushing her hair out of her face, she worked harder, glancing at the clock.

    Her Potions class was a two hour long double class this year, since she'd signed up especially for it, and had the grades.
    One hour in, and she was done with her potion.
    She was the first.
    Atropa smiled happily, noting that the color of her potion was the exact shade it was meant to be.
    "Sir? I'm finished." She said, raising her hand.

    George had taken the toast gratefully, and ate it quickly.
    He felt much better after eating it, and was happy that he had such a smart friend.
    Smiling at Helena, he turned back to the professor to listen.

    Although he and Fred usually caused some type of commotion in class, in Herbology they never did.
    It was dangerous, and also, Helena loved it, so they didn't want to ruin it for her.
    Today's lesson was dealing with Foxglove, which was particularly poisonous.

    Being extra careful, George began his own planting, when he heard Helena yell for the professor.
    Turning, he saw that she was looking at Fred with fear.
    He jumped up and ran to him, panic filling his stomach, making his regret his toast.

    "What happened?!" He yelled to Helena, eyes wide as he tried to see what exactly was going on.
    He knew that Fred was very careful in this class as well, so he didn't understand what was going on.
  13. Professor Sprout immediately came to Fred's aid, gently lowering the ill Weasley onto his back and cleared a space around where he now rested on the floor. She began examining him, then called for Madam Pomfrey. Helena, her face having gone pale with horror, stepped back in fear. She collided into George and instinctively reached for his hand, lacing them together. Madam Pomfrey shoved her way through the crowd which had gathered, kneeling down to Fred and checked his vitals.

    "He has inhaled Foxglove powder," she announced, detecting the cause of Fred's sickness. "He needs to be treated right away!" Madam Pomfrey and Professor Sprout lifted Fred's rather lanky body between them and carried him to the infirmary. Helena and George were forbidden to follow, despite trying. The class was overseen by a Ravenclaw Prefect, demanding everyone stay in their seats and not cause any trouble.

    "I should have kept a closer eye on him," Helena scolded herself, dropping George's hand and wrapped both arms tightly around her stomach. Catching her friend's dismay from across the room, Hannah disobeyed the Prefect and came to Helena's side.

    "He'll be alright, Helena." She tried to assure the distressed female. A few strands of Helena's hair turned white, which puzzled Hannah, but she said nothing. "Just relax, okay?"

    Helena exploded, screaming at the top of her lungs with arms now raised high in the sky. "Fred's hurt! It's my fault!"

    "How is it your fault?" Hannah questioned, furrowing her brow.

    Helena fell silent, deciding she didn't want to answer any more questions and hugged George around his waist. She buried her face in his chest, her entire body shaking and did not seem to care that other students were watching her curiously.

    * * *

    Sharing his student's astonishment at Atropa's remarkably fast completion of the Poly Juice Potion, Severus approached her desk and inspected her cauldron. Snatching her ladle from the desk, Severus gave the mixture a gentle stir. He lifted the soaked, wooden, object and surveyed it suspiciously. "Correct texture," he commented, taking note. Next he checked the color, finding it a perfect shade of burnt grass with a slight orange undertone. "Color is perfect." Severus finally decided to sample a very small taste, dipping his finger into the bubbling pot and placed a single drop onto his tongue.

    Allowing the flavor to completely absorb on his palate, Severus's eyes widened in amazement. Not a single mistake. An advanced potion that has often caused many students to suffer from destructive anxiety and yet, Atropa mastered it on the very first attempt. Befuddled with her accomplishment, dark eyes fell on the talented witch and watched her closely for many minutes. "Let me see your textbook." He scanned through the pages, searching for cheats or tips that might have been written before class. However, no such writing was present.

    Atropa's knowledge of Potions would always shock Severus, her skills almost appearing to be inherited rather than learned. Finally conceding to her abilities, Severus announced Atropa the winner and awarded her house one-hundred points. As the class came to a close, Severus was busy organizing his shelves when he called out to Atropa, just as she was about to leave the room.

    "Miss Trist," he spoke sternly, his eyes narrowed and arms crossing. "I've never encounter a student, besides myself, that was able to brew a perfect Poly Juice potion on their first try. It's quite admirable, but I must wonder, have you attempted to create this potion prior to class?"
  14. Atropa watched as the professor examined her potion.
    As she thought, it was perfect.
    Smiling happily, she looked around at the shocked, and a bit angry, faces of her fellow students.

    Then, it was time to clean up.
    As she left the room, she heard the professor say her name.
    Atropa walked up to his desk nervously.

    Her stomach clenched at his question.
    "No, Sir, I haven't practiced this particular potion. But I have practiced some other potions, and they require some of the same steps, sir."
    She looked down at her feet.

    "Am I in trouble, sir?"

    George watched, scared, as they took his brother away.
    He clenched his fists, and hoped that he would be fine.
    When Helena said it was her fault, his stomach rolled over.

    "How is it your fault?" He asked as she cuddled into him.
    He wanted to comfort her, but he was also curious now, and a bit angry.
    If she'd had anything to do with it, he wanted to know.

    Pulling her back and looking her in the eye, George asked again.
    "Helena, how is it your fault? Did you do something to Fred?"
    He wasn't rough, and his voice wasn't mean.
    He just needed to know.
  15. Startled by George's accusation, Helena narrowed her eyes and they seemed to darken instantly. "How could you suggest such a thing, George!" She snapped, practically growling through clenched teeth and a tightened jaw. Noticing that the situation between her friend and a certain Weasley twin was starting to take a dangerous turn, Hannah immediately grabbed onto Helena's arm and held her back. The furious Hufflepuff raised her free hand, not even showing the slightest hesitation as she slapped George across the face. This roused a collection of gasps and widened eyes from everyone that had witnessed it.

    Helena has never showed anger towards the twins and now she was basically exploding with fury. The white strands of her hair, which only Hannah seemed to notice, had turned a burnt-red in color. Hannah stumbled backwards, dragging a struggling Helena along. "You stupid moron! I'd never do anything to hurt Fred, he's my friend! You dare insinuate such a horrible thing!" Helena screamed as Hannah managed to force her outside into the hallway. "I hate you! I hate you, George!"

    * * *

    Severus felt his throat dry as Atropa asked if she'd gotten herself into trouble. Her voice so innocent, annoyingly so. Alas, even if she had done something to justify a punishment, Severus could never force a detention or worse on his favorite student. Yes, she is his favorite. Although, Atropa would never know that to be fact. Severus sighed, relaxing his arms and merely turned away from her.

    "No, you're not in trouble, Miss Trist."

    Suddenly a frantically running nurse came to the open doorway, she quickly explained that Fred Weasley had inhaled Foxglove poison and was currently suffering from total paralysis. "We need the antidote, Severus!" She cried, tears building in her eyes.

    "Understood," Severus answered, reaching for his ingredients. This cure would require some assistance and knowing no one else more qualified, even the fellow staff failed to compare with Atropa's knowledge of potions, Severus called out to his student. "Atropa!" He motioned her over, not even realizing he'd used her first name. "I need you to crush these and extract the liquid from these.
  16. She was glad to not be in trouble.
    That was the last thing she needed.
    Sighing in relief, she turned to leave, but the door swung open suddenly.

    One of the Weasley twins was in trouble- they were best friends with Helena.
    Startled, Atropa jumped into action when the professor called her name and asked her to help.
    She was honored, but now wasn't the time to say so.
    (sorry, it's a bit short)

    George glared down at Helena.
    She was the one who'd said it was her fault in the first place.
    What exactly was he supposed to think?

    "You said it was your fault. Don't get mad at me for thinking you did something. I never said you did it on purpose.
    I assumed it was an accident. Next time, instead of slapping me, make sure you know what I mean."
    He turned, grabbed his bag, and left the greenhouse.

    George was fuming as he made his way back to the Gryffindor dorms.
    How dare she slap him?
    He was worried about Fred, and now angry with Helena, and he didn't care much about class.
    Deciding he needed to sleep, he crawled into his bed.
  17. Hannah finally surrendered her grip on the furious female and stepped backwards to avoid suffering a slap as well. "What is going on with you?" It was not like Helena to exhibit such rare anger. Sure, Helena was emotional, but never violent. Something was happening to her and Hannah wanted to know what. Helena groaned, suddenly overwhelmed by a massive headache and raised a hand to nurse her forehead. That's when Hannah caught the following brightening of Helena's eyes, they turned blue!

    Helena's natural eyes are hazel, a mixture of gold and green, but never blue! "Helena?" Hannah's voice stayed kind, not wanting to upset Helena further. "Have you been feeling alright? Anything...out of the usual?"

    "I..." Helena began, then suddenly her eyes rolled back and she collapsed to the floor.

    Unable to catch her, Hannah screamed as her friend crashed, painfully hard, to the ground.

    * * *

    George most likely wasn't expecting to find Ronald hovering above his bed, but that's exactly what he got. His younger brother roughly grabbed him by the shoulders and shook the elder awake. "George! Helena passed out, she's at the infirmary! Hannah found me in the hall and asked I inform you."

    * * *

    Several minutes passed before the antidote was ready. Severus would have smiled, if he was the sort to do that, when he witnessed Atropa's talents with working under such pressure. Pouring the antidote, which was a brilliant shade of blue and smelled rather foul, into a bottle, Severus handed it to the awaiting nurse. She bowed her head, praising Severus and Atropa for their hard work.

    "Aren't you friends with Miss Rycin and the Weasley twins?" Severus questioned, not entire sure about his information. "You are free to go, if you'd so wish." He knew she didn't exactly need permission, but he felt inclined to grant it to her anyway.

    * * *

    The nurse returned to the infirmary, handing the potion to Madam Pomfrey and poured the liquid down Fred's throat. He'd be alright, just needing some rest to recover. Meanwhile, Madam Pomfrey and the nurses now were faced with an unconscious Hufflepuff that seemed to be suffering from a horrible fever.
  18. "I am friends with Helena, Sir. But I don't know the Weasley's very well.."
    Atropa sighed.
    "I doubt that Helena would want me to bother them."
    Shrugging, she picked up her bag again.

    "But, I know you've got a lot of work to do, and I'm late to class.. So I'll go now."
    She smiled at him, her green eyes twinkling.
    "Thank you for allowing me to help with the potion, sir."

    George opened his eyes and sprang out of the bed.
    "Helena?" He said, looking at Ron.
    "Is she okay?" He asked, pulling his shoes on.
    He'd slept in his uniform, so he didn't need to change.

    Without waiting for an answer, George ran from the dorms, and to the infirmary.
    "Helena! Fred!" He called as he entered, running to their beds.
  19. At the infirmary, the nurses discharged Fred, he'd suddenly regained consciousness and awoke precisely as his twin arrived with their younger brother. With Fred awake and fairly alert, Ron and George were allowed visitation and could even escort Fred back to the common room, is so desired. As for the infirmary's newest patient, Helena remained under the supervision of the nurses and Madam Pomfrey.

    "What happened to her?" Madam Pomfrey questioned the only witness, Hannah Abbott.

    The sandy-haired girl merely gestured with her hands, struggling to explain that Helena had simply collapsed to the floor. Considering the Weasleys are basically her adopted family, Madam Pomfrey had no problem with letting them stay in the room. She asked Hannah to leave, though. Explaining that only family or relatives are permitted to be in the patient's room.

    Hannah nodded, accepting the rule and politely went to be seated in the waiting area.

    * * *

    Severus watched his favorite student head out of the room, his hands tightening involuntarily. Atropa's company, surprisingly, is the only one, aside from McGonagall, that Severus does not actually dread, and yet they were restricted to the limitations of educator and student. Having waited until she was entirely gone from view, Severus returned to his shelves and began organizing the potions.

    Suddenly McGonagall came through the open doorway, she stood with crossed arms and raised a brow as Severus failed to acknowledge her presence. "Severus," she announced, coming closer and finally catching the male's attention.


    She offered a small smile, uncrossing her arms and dropped a hand on his desk. "Your student, Atropa Trist, has been selected to preform in a series of advanced testing. Should she pass, Dumbledore is considering allowing her early graduation and immediate placement in the Ministry."

    This news was not expected, but Severus knew in his heart that Atropa would be an excellent fit in the Ministry of Magic. Not to mention her skills are extremely developed beyond the standards of most other students.

    "What does this have to do with me?"

    McGonagall smirked, "You are assigned to be her instructor, another words, her tutor until the exams at the end of this year."
  20. While Atropa was making her way to her next class, to which she was very late, a fellow prefect came up to her.
    "Atropa, Dumbledore asked me to give this to you."
    He walked away, leaving her with a scroll.

    Sighing, thinking she was in trouble, she opened it, and was surprised to find she wasn't in trouble at all.
    Reading it and re-reading it, she sighed again.
    Dumbledore was pushing her school year, having her graduate a year early.
    And she was to be sent to work in the Ministry.

    Really, she'd been hoping to stay here and help Professor Snape teach Potions.
    She'd have to make an appointment to speak with Dumbledore.
    The letter instructed her to return to Professor Snape's room and ask for further instructions.

    Turning around, she made her way back to his class, and knocked quietly before entering.
    "Hello? Professor?" She called out, not wanting to intrude.

    Fred was fine, thank God.
    Now Helena was the one to worry about, no matter how mad George was with her.
    The Weasley's sat beside her bed, worrying.

    Quietly, Fred told them what had happened to him, and then George filled them in on what had happened after.
    "She kept saying that it was her fault."
    He whispered, looking at her.
    "So, I asked what she'd done."

    He sighed and rubbed his head.
    "She slapped me. And I got angry, and left."
    Letting out a breath, he looked at her again.
    "I didn't mean to accuse her, but really, what did she expect? She kept saying it was her fault."
    He bit his lip.

    Maybe she'd wake up soon, and they could all be friends again.