The Hacker's Apocalypse

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  1. Tell me if you want to join. The beginning of the story is in the Sci fi forum, I just posted this because I'm dumb and I don't know what I'm doing.
  2. A link to the IC would be helpful! :)

    How about an introduction to the story? :D (You can get some tips here
    How to write good introductions~ or some advice from here: Workshop: Attractive & Readable OOCs

    A good intro to the content of the roleplay, what kind of characters you are looking for and your desired character template;
    This is the mini bio template. You may not want all of the fields :)

    The way that roleplay and the sign ups work is like this:

    -potential player goes to sign ups and sees this thread.
    -reads the posts here to find out what the plot, conflict, characters, setting, themes are like.
    -signs up to roleplay.


  3. keeping it simple is a good idea !

    but you don't want players to sign up or create characters?

    then, maybe your roleplay should be a jump-in?