The Hacker's Apocalypse

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  1. -It has been a month since the notorious hacker and tech freak, Scarlett Wallace has broke through America's defense system and set off all nuclear warheads in a personal desire for world domination. 2150 America was going through with major presidential and congress elections. A lot of things were changing and Scarlett Wallace, Army soldier was just promoted to be in the department of defense as their top coder. Scarlett had high goals when she was young, always having a feel for technology. Creating small gadgets at a young age from building vehicles and hacking websites in her teens to creating the most advanced artificial intelligence and machines and most difficult computer security systems as an adult.
    She had a passion for technology because she believed if anything were to give her what she wants, it would be machines. Lately, during the elections, she was working on a personal goal to create a machine that is truly able to think for itself just to prove it could be done and that's what the news bought into. She was working on such an invention but to cover up what she really was up to. She wanted the world to herself. What's the point of running for president to rule a nation if you're only going to be elected back out, or even impeached? She wanted it all to herself with no way of be removed from that position and why not add in the rest of the world by destroying it first? The easiest and fastest way to get it done.
    With her promotion she has new access to new information and with it, it's much easier to hack into certain systems she's wanting in to. With the military filled with machines she created to take the place of infantry soldiers, making it just all the more advantage to her when she decides to strike back. Being in such a high position at a young age, having got there so early from her raw talent, she is paranoid and always sought the safest place. Being a powerful hacker it was also given that she already had an underground base to protect herself from being detected but now she's reinforcing it to withstand nuclear war. In her dragon-like nature, she's greedy and full of pride, frantic about moving everything she owns to this underground hideout, spending much to have it expanded to fit the followers she has gained through religious motives.
    A type of leader of her faith, she wants to rebuild new Earth with her religion as the only religion instead of having Christianity as dominant with others still lingering on other areas of the world. She has been making preparations and stealing information for some time and getting away with it, especially with all the political tension going on but some people were becoming suspicious of her growing paranoia. One day, she was stealing crucial information at one of the national defense bases she needed that would be the end of it. All she needed to know to carry out her plan but in her haste, she was caught by an unsuspecting victim. She pulled out a gun as he realized what she was doing and she shot and killed a lieutenant colonel. Gunshot heard, and alarm sounded and Scarlett had to hurry. First sealing herself in the private room then side tasking on the computer downloading what she needed to know. She hacked her way through multiple computer systems as the soldiers outside the room were trying to find a way in even if it requires busting a wall down but she succeeded. Passing multiple systems on lock down to activate the A.I. infantry bots, setting them to kill. Machines brought to life, all of them in every base killing all in sight and the bots activated in the same building she's in do the same, ending the soldiers attempt to get to her. Now locked inside the building with the downloading complete, she needed to get out.
    With information in hand, she used it to set a timer for setting off America's supply of nukes to each of the world's largest cities, sparing the areas with little to no human population count and sparing areas sharing anything important to her religion. The timer was set. Three whole days. She packed up the stuff she had with her and unsealed the room, having one of her machines programmed not to kill her, escort her around the building to the helicopter pad. Having built a helicopter before she was fully aware how to fly one. As it rose, so did several others with her, escorting her home as the previously stated machine escorted her to the helicopter pad.
    Once home, she had the helicopters surround her home, controlling tanks, having them move from base to home, some in the expanded underground shelter as she needed all the protection she needed. Warning fellow followers and fans to stock up on supplies and take shelter. Three restless days for the young hacker, defending her countdown from others trying to stop it from other sources due to every active military base being inhabited by machines, killing anyone that cross a certain point, making most usable tanks and air force out of reach and having enough firepower to fend off America's allies.
    3 2 1 Detonating nuclear warheads. Smoke shrouded the sky and fire lit it as Earth waited to be blown apart. Families holding each other in their arms. Tears shed, loners counting down the last moments of their lives. Everything so calm in the last minutes of existence unlike the havoc that was going on during the count down. Wiping out the majority of the world's human life, leaving only barely populated and uninhabited areas and those prepared for such an assault alive.
    One month since then passed with Scarlett's nuclear waste cleaning drones working at full capacity trying to make the world livable again as the mastermind herself works on rebuilding her home and a new society with protective gear on. Having her followers deal with most of the rebuilding, she focuses her attention on that machine that could think for itself to make new, loyal citizens for her kingdom. A new day rises, safe enough for people with proper protective gear to reemerge to the Earth's surface to find dark menacing clouds, creation of the recent destruction, all around the world, shrouding it from a considerable amount of light but not all. Ash and dust, crumbled buildings liter the ground and surviviors may find a few cleaning drones out where they are. Completely harmless and just doing their job, paying no mind to life forms unless they are infected with nuclear waste. What with these survivors do next?-
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