The guy she doesn't like. At all.

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  1. Lily had recently bought a new apartment. She was so happy now that she had her freedom. Today was also the day she moved in. All her stuff was packed and ready to go. The drive was a long drive in the small U-Haul truck, but she had music to remedy the silence and boredom.

    Once she arrived, she marveled at the nice apartments. It was more a tenet type situation. Kind of like spiderman. The thought made her giggled as she moved boxes. To be a hero in a world full of humans and elementals was a strange idea. She could never save anothers life from danger. She would freak out if she ever encountered a villian. She wasn't scared, just clumsy.

    Once she was all moved in, she said good-bye to her parents and stood in her doorway. She didn't know why, just the thought of standing in her own doorway amused her. And so did the idea of living alone. She could do anything she wanted. Eat all the ice-cream she could hold down, lounge anywhere she pleased, even walk around naked. She giggled at that thought. All in all, she liked the new life she now started.
  2. Harry Styles stretched out on the sofa of his apartment, and watched his roommate Louis Tomlinson do some kind of weird Mexican dance with Niall, laughing the whole time.

    Ok, Harry knew that Louis was.... eccentric to say the least - Harry was also quite unusual, but this topped the list of mad things that Louis had done.

    "Louis!" Harry yelled above the music, "Turn the music down!"

    He glanced out the door, and with interest, noticed that there were empty boxes sitting outside in the hall. "Hey Louis - someone's moved in next door - maybe a hot girl...." He grinned and stood up, making his way out the door.

    He knocked on the door, and ran his fingers through his dark brown curls - the same curls which had helped define his public profile.
  3. Lily had just walked back into her apartment, when there was a knock at the door. She thought maybe the neighbors were friendly. She went up to the door and looked through the peephole. There was a guy standing there, waiting for an answer. She didn't know whether she wanted to open the door or not. But, being friendly was the way to go.

    She opened the door, only slightly. She didn't want to reveal the mess of her room. "Hi," she offered with a warm smile. "What can I do for you?"
  4. Harry grinned at the girl on the other side of the door, and replied, "I'm Harry - my roommate and I live just next door. I just wanted to come and say hi to our new neighbour." He flashed her his trademark Styles grin - guaranteed to woo any girl.

    He leaned against the doorframe, and winked at her. "So, need any help unpacking?"
  5. Lily rolled her eyes as the guy tried flirting with her. He was yet another womanizer. If he thought those cheesy moves would work on her, he was stupider than he looked. "No thanks, I'm good." She said, closing the door on him. She went over to her kitchen area for some food. Just moving in didn't help her food situation. So she just made her a pb & j. She flopped down on her couch, turning on her new tv. She didn't have cable yet, so she just watched the news, hoping something exciting happened.
  6. Harry was shocked when she shut the door in his face, and he stepped back, stunned. After a few seconds, he turned around and headed back into his apartment silently.

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    Harry passed through the apartment, and entered his bedroom, closing the door behind him. How could she have shut the door in his face? Did she not know who he was?

    After an hour's brooding over it, Harry decided that he would try and win her over.
  9. Lily felt her phone vibrate. Reaching in her pocket, she dug out her phone to find a couple of messages. One was from her parents just checking in on her, so she texted them back telling them she was ok. The second was from her friend, wanting to know if she wanted to go clubbing. She didn't answer it, wanting to stay in her new apartment. The last message was from her fire instructor telling her she was late. "Ah crap," she stated to no one in particular. She grabbed her bag and a change of clothes before heading out her door.
  10. Louis looked out the door as she went past, and he offered, "Need a lift?" He smiled warmly at her, wanting to make a good impression. "I'm Louis by the way. Louis Tomlinson."
  11. Lily rolled her eyes at the guy. "Are you stalking me? How do you know I'm not just walking down to greet my boyfriend?" Even though she didn't have a boyfriend, she lied. He didn't know, so she didn't worry. And if it would get him away from her, why not tell a white lie.
  12. "Um no - I think you mean my roommate Harry. I have a girlfriend of my own anyway, so you are safe." Louis explained with a smile. "By the way, welcome to the building."
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    "Oh," she said, a little shocked. It was another guy. Not the one from before. "Sorry. Well, I do need to hurry to my instructor. If its not inconvenient, I'll take you up on that offer." She said, giving a warm smile. "I'm lily." She said, extending her hand. He was kind of cute, and nice. Too bad HE was the one taken.