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    Lochlan Romero, a religious studies teacher was not normal. No he wasn't a drug kingpin, or a pedophile, he was something different. He was a man who had a fantastic talent. At one point during his life he found that he could change the way he appeared, like a shape shifter. At will he was able to change his appearance and take on another persona. He kept his name, but never his appearance. For many years now he had been using this form, and he enjoyed it. Attractive yet cultured. He had worked at Attidton University for six or seven years now. Lochlan usually like his job unless he had a more than annoying student in class. That was what really made his job difficult, the people. Being a religious studies teacher he would always get odd questions with even odder answers to them. He could never grasp their understanding of what he was tying to teach. All of them were looking for answers in some way and in that way they were like him. Lochlan never understood his powers, and he didn't know if he ever would.

    It was around the end of the year now and Lochlan had assigned at paper about one of the religions they studied over the year. Lochlan wasn't lazy, he just didn't want to assign something that would make him slowly deteriorate after reading a hundred papers. It was Friday and the paper was due Monday. As a favor to the students he stayed after school in his office for them to ask him questions.
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    Savannah Smith, was a student at a college. She was a hard worker. She sighed thinking as she looked around. She tilted her head as she walked around the campus. She needed to check to see if she had done well and what she needed to do better. She glanced around and sighed. She ran a hand through her hair as she fixed her skirt. She went to her professor's door, knocking, " Professor Romero." She said softly. She then opened the door, seeing it was just him, she came in and closed the door. " I need some tips on my project." Se said softly. She went over to him and gave him her project. She looked over at him, " Please I would like to make it the best I can but I need some tips." She said to him. ​
  3. Lochlan looked at her and twirled a pencil in his hands. Today he was wearing glasses, even though he didn't need prescription, just to look different. "Well you just need to take the research this year, compile it, and then make something beautiful. I'm sure you can figure it out." Lochlan stood up and put out his hand to shake hers. He knew who Savannah was, but he never really had the time to talk to her. She seemed like a promising student wit ha bright future and that made Lochlan happy. Savannah was the person who didn't both him in class, and that was why he showed promise. "Remember this project is due Monday." Lo​
  4. Savannah smiled softly. She had curled her hair today, and she was wearing a tight skirt with a light blue blouse. She tilted her head thinking. She said, " Alright." She went to move towards him as she saw his hand out. She grabbed his hand, and smiled. She said, " I'll try my best." She said to him. Savannah smiled lightly at him before she nodded. " Yeah, I do remember. I have gotten it almost done." She said softly. She went to try and get her project out of the bag. She then handed it to him. She smiled, ' Is it good so far?" She asked him.
  5. When Savannah grabbed his hand his shift fizzled. Lochlan froze and then continued to shake her hand and take her paper. He wasn't sure what happened, he had never had his shift dissipate like that, it was mysterious. Lochlan read over the paper quickly to be able to get Savannah out of the room. Her stay may be short, but he needed to figure out what had happened. "It's good Savannah, but I'd add some more content so I can really connect with this paper. Also I would spell check it." Lochlan kept a straight face hoping she didn't notice.
  6. Savannah bit her lower lip. She knew that she was different from other humans. She had some powers that humans shouldn't possess. Like maybe she has something in her blood that made her special. She felt a weird... She tilted her head and raised an eyebrow. She then looked over at him, as she waited for his opinion. She smiled lightly at him and said, " Thanks so much Professor." She then grabbed her paper work before she headed over to the door, " that was all, " She looke over at him and smiled. She felt her heart racing. She nodded at what he noted though she will do that as soon as she gets home.
  7. Lochlan sat down in his chair and exhaled heavily. He knew she wouldn't notice what ever caused his shift fizzle. It was odd, how did his shift fizzle and what caused it? Lochlan went to the mirror in his office and stood in front of it. What did it look like, how did it exactly happen? For a few moments Lochlan fazed between a couple of normal shifts and then he watched each shift's pattern. It seemed that every time he did shift he last one fizzled, it was almost like Savannah had a power over it. Lochlan wasn't sure what had happened, but he would have to look into it. After pondering he tided up his office and went home, it was going to be a long week next week.
  8. Savannah sighed softly, she was in her car now. She made sure that everything was in order. She tensed as she thought about things. What was that? Why did she feel weird when they touched? She gulped she didn't know what was wrong with her. There had to be something wrong, though. She looked up thinking. She was glad though to talk to her teacher. She then saw him come out of the building. She was scared and shocked to face him. She was weird and strange. Not like anyone here. She soon buckled up and made sure everything was in the car before she started to drive off to her house. She was happy that she can go home and relax before finish her paper and relax even more.
  9. Lochlan got into his car and sat for a moment, he was still in shock. Did she really not see what he truly was? He felt like he had been exposed, like a gazelle being seen by a lion. Lochlan started the car and drove to his apartment. His apartment was close enough to the school that he was able to wake up late enough to get there just in time to start class. It was a studio apartment with a bedroom, two bathrooms, and a living room with a kitchen. It was standard, but it was cozy enough for him, and maybe a visitor every once in a while. Lochlan got home and sat on his couch with his mind still swimming in imagination. He got up and went to his computer then began to search. "Savannah Smith."
  10. Savannah sighed softly, she got to her place, which was a apartment with the living room separate from the kitchen by a wall. She had a bedroom and a bathroom near the bedroom but then in the living room area she had a bathroom, she also had a office room. Savannah smiled sweetly as she looked over at her computer and started to work on her project so she can stop this. Savannah sighed softly, she tilted her head thinking. Savannah didn't know what to do. Savannah didn't know what to do. She got up and went to get some orange juice. Savannah smiled tilted her head thinking. Savannah was unsure of what to do.
  11. "Savannah Smith, student....." Lochlan didn't find much, she wasn't in any trouble. What was so special about her then? She must have been some science experiment made by the government to be able to track people like him. He shook his head to be able to stay on track. "Who is she?" Lochlan walked to his bed and laid down. His shifting ability was as much apart of him as his genetics were. He had never had trouble with it before because he was cautious. What made someone like Savannah so special?
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  12. Suddenly Savannah's cell phone started ringing. No one had called her this late before, except her parents. Savannah was so scared. Savannah quickly shifted and answered it, " Hello?" Savannah heard her mothers voice, ' Hello my dear... anything strange going on?" Savannah leaned back against the wall thinking. Savannah was unsure what to do. Savannah raised an eyebrow. " Wait why would you be asking this?" Her mother sighed and said, " My dear, Savannah we aren't like them... your friends or people around you.. I just wanted to let you know so I can help you." SAvannah didn't speak, she was confused. " My dear we are witches... those that have special powers, and tries to hunt demons down." Savannah blinked. Thinking a few times. Savannah sighed. ' Oh we are?" She was so confused. " Mom it's late.. Can I call you tomorrow i have lots to do.." She said softly. How could her mother not tell her until now?! She suddenly started crying before she tried to calm down. She headed to the computer room to turn off her computer, she was tired and needed time to think. She then smiled thinking, her teachers face was in her mind... She soon went to go to the kitchen bringing her orange juice and went to her bedroom. She got into bed and soon laid down after changing.
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