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  1. You find yourself in a white room, in clean clothes that look like something a patient would where. Perhaps you were kidnapped, perhaps you volunteered of your own volition. Whatever the case, you find yourself here, in this white room with white clothes and white bed. Someone enter the door in a white lab coat and he instructs you to follow him. What happens next would be something you never would've expected...and maybe can't take...

    Alternatively you find yourself in a room of glass overlooking a white area. You've signed up on this job, perhaps for fun, perhaps for money. In either case, you're standing there, overlooking the subject and taking notes, maybe taking it in with disgust, maybe thrill, maybe stoicness. Whatever the case is, this is your job and you're willing to do whatever it takes to carry it out.
    Welcome to the facility! It is here we are working on the Omni project, a project where we will finally beat this corrupt regime once and for all! Though we do have some...human experimentation and unethical bits...Ah, but what does that matter when we can finally overthrow the government and work to make the wrongs right! Some come in, come in, whether scientist or experiment, come in! We'll gladly need your services. And to those that don't know what's going on, we'll explain everything in due time, don't worry.​
  2. Audrey was making her way to the testing area, with Azra in tow. Today's test? To see how Azra interacted with some of the others after a long period of solitary confinement. She grimaced as she remembered his punishment for stepping out of line and not letting that girl take the medicine. A padded room specifically to block out the thoughts of others, it was a nightmare for him. Thankfully it was only one day and now the others wanted to see him interact with whoever else would be in the testing area. She hoped they would be nice to him too. "Will there be any cookies over there?" Azra asked, "I know they're bitter but I want some!" She smiled down at him and ruffled his hair. "Maybe, who knows? Ah, we're here." She moved him into the room and left him alone from there.

    Valerian stood watching Azra from up above, knowing some of the other scientists would do the same. Especially Audrey, she cared too much for the child. He cared too much for the experiments, but he thankfully closed his heart to it so it wouldn't get in the way of his work. He gave the woman a curt nod as she took her place beside Valerian and took up a pen and a clipboard. Yes, she cared too much for the experiments and some of the more hard hearted urged her to change her ways, but she refused. He shook his head to dispel the thoughts. None of that, he was supposed to be watching the experiments below.
  3. Saphira stood in the corner of the room. She kept her back facing the wall since she always felt more secure when she knew no one would cone up behind her. Her eyes had been busy watching a thread that bung loose on her clothes while she tried to pick it off, but when she heard the door open her blue eyes looked up. They locked on to a boy. She had seen him before, but not often enough to know his name. Saphira stayed silent while she watched him.

    Lucas was being escorted out of a private room he was previously tested in. The contents inside the room consisted of heavy blocks, weights, and verious large metal objects. Yet, everything in there was either bent or broken. They wanted to test out his strength. Yet, they also wanted to test his ability to feel anything, so in the corner was a chair with straps on it and electrical wires for shock therapy. He had felt nothing. Lucas walked out the room with a large, goofy grin on his face and made his way to where Azra and Saphira were.
  4. Pain, pain, go away
    Come again another day,

    It hurts. The last test they did on her still hurts. At first, she did not mind since she did not understand but... ever since the day her ability to heal herself faster than a normal person would became more evident; the test became more brutal than what she was used to. Though she did not mind since they told her that she was doing something for the greater good for all mankind... so she did not at all.

    Today was a great day, the young girl thought, since she was going to see her 'friends' again after days being locked and experimented on at the observation room. She was given a day to mingle with them, interact, or if she was lucky, play with them as well. Although the young girl was still in pain after the last test, she still had a smile on her face. She was even humming while she was escorted towards the room where three more subjects were being held.

    Once there the doctor that had escorted her stood in front of the door, holding the doorknob. She looked down at the poor child who was obviously excited to go in and mingle. But before she'd let her in, the doctor was urged to ask, "Are you okay?"

    The little girl looked up to the female doctor with a confused look on her face. At first, the little girl did not understand why the doctor asked her then remembered why. The young girl gave the concern female doctor a reassuring smile and said, "Yes. Everything is fine." After she said that, the doctor let the young girl in. Once inside the young girl breathed in the atmosphere and said, "Good day everyone! Pleaese to meet you! I'm May! Let's be friends!"

    If you don't, I will say,
    Pain, pain, go away.

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  5. Its been over seven months since Anna woke up in captivity. With not much to do, most of Anna's time was spent on bed rest. But she still walked around to stretch out her legs and hopefully exercise a little bit. Four more weeks until she gives birth as well. However, from what she could tell, the Scientists who were holding her captive were looking for a way to accelerate her pregnancy so she can give birth earlier then expected. Due to a lot of chemical compounds and other substances being very harmful to the baby while it is in the womb, the scientists were left with very limited options. What they wanted to do with the baby, was what she was afraid of.

    Currently, she was just in her room, which felt like solitary confinement. At least they gave her something comfortable to wear while she is in there. It sure beat an Orange Jumpsuit or the Usual Hospital Gown. She was astounded by how big her belly had gotten. Hopefully the experiments they were conducting on her weren't affecting the baby's health. But overall she felt healthy. Since she didn't have much to do, she just took up bed rest, occasionally looking out the window...The small, tiny window that she had in her Room...There was also another window from the inside that scientists look through in order for them to observe her, but it wasn't often she looked through that window since there was nothing there anyway.
  6. Azra stared with wide eyes at all the older people in the room. Wow, they usually played with kids! So this was rather interesting for the child. Hi hi hi! he greeted telepathically, running to all the people and shaking their hands without much though, I'm Azra! Who're you all? He stared in awe at the man that just came in. You have pretty hair! That's so cool! He made his way to the girl around his age. Honestly, he was more comfortable like that, but that didn't stop him from wanting to meet other people. He wondered if the older people here that were also experiments were just like him. Probably not, but worth giving a try, right?

    "Audrey, you're needed elsewhere," Valerian said after a while. She frowned, tapping her pen on the clipboard. "Oh? Where." He flipped through the sheet and sighed. "You can't watch over the child every single test, you know," he said, "Go see to the pregnant woman, she might need you." "Her name is Anna," she said before sighing, "Alright, I'll go. Have someone take my place." She put the clipboard and pen down and made her way out the room. She had seen him care for the experiments once, before something made him change his mind and made him act cold. What happened to him? She didn't know, but it was irksome to see him act standoffish towards the experiments. At least he wasn't cruel like some of the people here. Ugh. She sighed and opened the door to Anna's room. "Hello, Anna, how are you today?" she greeted gently.
  7. Compared to the other scientists, Audrey was the only one who was nice to her and not as cruel. Because of the baby, they seemed to be paying more attention to her. As she was resting in bed, Audrey came into the room and greeted her, gently as always. Anna herself just held her swollen belly before taking a deep breath. "I've been doing great...Ever since I gained thirty pounds. Not to mention all the heartburn, insomnia and backache. I never thought that bringing life into the world would come with so much baggage." She said, gently caressing her belly before looking at the Scientist that was in her room.
  8. "Waah! It's Rapunzel!" May spoke as the boy around her age made his way towards her. She had seen him a few times whenever she was escorted to one of the labs, he was always so quiet. Whenever she got the chance to see him through the hallways she'd try to greet him but somehow the doctors wouldn't allow them to interact with one another. She loves his long platinum hair and even wish her hair could be as long as his but whenever she tries to out grow it the doctors would cut it whenever it gets too long. "I love your hair. It's so pretty and long." she said as she finally had the chance to speak with Azra. "Can I touch it?" she asked sweetly, eyes sparkle at the sight of such beautiful long locks. Ever since she saw him she always wanted to touch it.
  9. Azra grinned and nodded. Yeah sure! they responded, promptly sitting in front of the girl to let her play with their locks. They loved loved loved meeting new people, and she was very friendly so that was a start! They giggled to themselves, wheezy breaths from underusing their voice box. The other two in the room seem to have no response to his antics so they wasn't really sure what to make of them. Older people, foo! They'd honestly only seen older people a few times before, other experiments that is. It was like they were in another section of the building, doing teenage or grownup things. Something something something they didn't know. They kind of wanted to meet more people, but it seemed like they were the only ones here. Oh well.

    Audrey smiled and laughed at the other woman's sense of humor. "I can't imagine what it's like, having children. It must be tough," she sympathized. The checking up was done, but she wanted to stay and talk to Anna. Poor girl, she was pregnant for crying out loud! Why did she have to go through the trials and tribulations of an experiment? "Especially with the birthing process. I'd be afraid to go through with it, even if the others would help me along." She paused, tapping the pen on her clipboard. "Don't worry, once the time comes, they'll make sure that you won't feel any pain as you give life into this world." A messed up world, but it was their world. That was the goal though, to change the world so that things can be set right.
  10. During the check-up, Anna was weighed, measured in terms of height as well as measuring the size of swollen belly as well as how much her ankles have swollen as a result of pregnancy. Afterwards, there was an ultrasound to examine the baby. Lastly, Anna's Blood Preasure, Heartrate were also noted as well as the Doctor feeling around her large stomach.

    After the check-up was finished, Anna was back on Bedrest. When Audrey commented on her sense of humor and then sympathizing about childbirth, which was in four weeks. "Well, I want to be able to give birth naturally. Like with little or no medical assistance. Though I heard the Epidural will pay off. I'm just saying no painkillers or other medications...And I don't exactly want a Cesarean Section either." As she relaxed, Anna began holding her belly protectively. "And because I've been here for so long...What exactly is so special about the baby inside me...?" Instead of rubbing it or caressing it, she just held it, cradling it. "I kind of have the right to know..." She said, sounding both scared but demanding at the same time.
  11. Isaac Whitman

    A subject was laid back on a bed with his left arm extended perpendicular to the rest of his body. A scientist was at work on the arm, which was obviously synthetic. Some soldering and probing were in order this time, as some of the fine motor functions of the hand had malfunctioned during their most recent test. The subject's eyes were closed, as he had been instructed to shut down the conscious part of his brain. He didn't mind it, after all his cybernetic left arm had no feeling or nerve attachments to the rest of his body. The only way Issac could ever know it was damaged or malfunctioning was if a malfunction alert popped up in front of his eyes. Once the procedure was done, the synthetic skin was reattached almost seamlessly. It would take a professional, or the subject himself, to find the incongruity in the skin.
    "IS2828, reactivate conscious and higher brain functions." The scientist said, watching as Isaac's vibrant eyes opened up in response. "Report."

    "Fine motor function has been reestablished. Running diagnostic." Isaac replied before moving his arm back to his side and sitting up.
    He did a simple test of touching his thumb to the rest of the four digits before extending all fingers. He made a fist and re-extended his fingers before moving his wrist around in the manner in which it was supposed to function.
    "Fine motor functionality restored to 95 percent." He finished before looking at the scientist.
    "95 percent isn't that bad. 100 percent would still be better." The scientist commented before standing up. "IS2828, we are going to run field diagnostics on you today. You will be escorted to the main room where the other subjects mingle. Observe and compile a complete report on each subject."
    Issac stood up and responded with a simple nod before following his escort to the main room. He hadn't been introduced there yet and all along the way, his positron brain was gathering and compiling data on the pathway taken through the facility to the room. If he was allowed an uplink with the system later, he'd be able to create a better map to orient the room's position relative to the rest of the facility. Isaac stepped into the room, his vibrant eyes immediately scanning and recording the number of individuals there. 4. Two male, two female. He eventually came to a stop at a table and sat down at it, steadily observing the others as he had been instructed to do.​
  12. Audrey checked to make sure that the woman and her soon to be born baby was still healthy, checking their vitals and all that. Once that was done, she sighed and tapped the pen on her clipboard. How should she answer her question? "Don't worry, we going to make sure the baby is healthy," she said, choosing her words carefully, "And that they'll be safe from harm." Truthfully, she wasn't paying attention to the gender and had to guess, not wanting to say it. "As for what's special? We don't know, they'll have to undergo testing for that." She shrugged, trying to be sympathetic. It was always hard breaking the news to them, she honestly didn't know how to put it well.

    Azra turned their head to the sound of someone else coming. "Hi hi!" they greeted, though the smile faded away into a puzzled look. Cybernetics? A cyborg? His eyes looked unnatural too, what was he? A cyborg like in stories? "What are you, Mister?" they asked telepathically, waddling to him after the girl was done playing with his hair. They poked the arm once and shivered. "Cold~" More pokes before they poked the other arm. "Warm~" They put the mechanical arm on top of their head and giggled. "Can this one pet me?" they asked.
  13. Isaac Whitman
    Isaac hadn't been observing the others long before one came up to him. They seemed...excited? This one didn't talk much, or if this one did it was through psychic means. All that Isaac could pick up was bits and pieces, like when a cell phone was losing connection while going through a tunnel. He didn't react to the pokes in his left arm, as his positronic brain was trying desperately to compensate for the influx of psychic communication. The only words that managed to get through were what and pet. The recognition of these words caused a spike in his brain activity, causing him to be slower in physical response to stimulus. First, Isaac responded to the word "pet" by patting the blonde one on the head a couple of times before returning his left arm to his side. Secondly, he responded to what by speaking.
    "I am IS2828." He said, assuming this was exactly what the other wanted. "What are you and why don't you speak properly?"
    If too much psychic activity interfered with his positron brain, it just might overstimulate the subject.​
  14. Although the answer from Audrey wasn't very clear, Anna figured that it was better then nothing. Obviously these scientists were hiding something. Hopefully she'd live long enough to find out. With dispair, she looked down at her swollen belly and began holding it, rubbing her thumbs back and forth. She sighed before finally relaxing herself.

    In another Lab, Professor Seto was examining a Blood Sample from Experiment EL1034. He was looking into Elisa's healing factor, wondering how she healed so quickly. With this, the soldiers on the field would be able to heal more quickly while fighting.

    In another room, Elisa, who was now 10 weeks into her pregnancy, was shackled and clamped down on her bed. All she could do was stare at her growing belly. Professor Kilgun had decided to accelerate her pregnancy as punishment for trying to escape. "No!! Please! I'm sorry! Give me another chance!" she yelled. It was tough for her to struggle because her legs were strapped down and so were her arms. Elisa began staring at the needle and syringe in Kilgun's hand.

    On the opposite end of the room, Kilgun dipped the needle into some strange substance inside a vial. After filling the syringe at a certain dose, Kilgun filled a second one with a different substance. She began walking over with a tray of equipment. With the woman's arms tied down, Kilgun undid the ribbon on her robe before revealing Elisa's belly. "Now let's see where the placenta is...If I inject you anywhere else, it won't work..." She said coldly.

    Elisa could only watch in horror as some ultrasound gel was put onto her soon-to-be-enlarged stomach. Kilgun began using the Ultrasound Wand to determine the position of Elisa's placenta. "Ah, there it is." Kilgun grinned.

    Elisa began to cry. "Please!! Don't harm my baby! I'm sorry!" Kilgun spared no sympathy. Picking up a needle with some yellowish fluids, she flicked the needle before walking towards Elisa. "What are you doing!? No!! Please!"

    Kilgun responded by shushing her. She injected the Needle into the belly. "Hopefully next time, you don't try to run off. Well, not that you can anymore." The Professor grinned as she pumped fluids into the placenta.

    A few seconds later, Elisa's belly started swelling up more. The aches and pains came with it as it was swelling up at a more rapid rate then the last two months. Elisa started squirming around in pain, moaning and yelling. The contractions were getting stronger and stronger the bigger her belly got. "And just so your water doesn't break..." Kilgun used another fluid in a different needle to stop the acceleration.

    After the pain stopped, Kilgun hit a button to unshackle Elisa's wrists. "Enjoy your last two weeks. Because that baby's now overdue." Kilgun smirked, gently patting the belly before exiting the room, leaving Elisa alone...

    Elisa saw how big her belly got and was horrified by how the pregnancy was accelerated. She started crying as she held her now very swollen belly...
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  15. Io was cold.

    He was cuddled into the sheets of his blanket, laying on his bed with his appendages wrapped around him. It helped comfort him, but it almost hurt to have them out. It hurt more to summon them over and over, so he decided to make them stay out. Hearing the gentle rumble of red rumble through the thick, opaque limbs. He felt so drowsy, so tired, but he couldn't sleep. He's been doing nothing by lying in bed for hours, over come by silent rage.

    He was irritated from the test he was forced to do not too long ago, testing his endurance until he positively fainted and even further. Io ached all over, his muscles and tentacles screaming. He was made to do numerous physical activities, very tiring after prolonged action. He sighed, miserable. His eyes rolled back from fatigue and eyelids slowly drifted to a slit, before they snapped back awake.

    He stared into the wall, in a mosh of humming limbs so he looked like a ball under a blanket.
  16. Azra would've answered the first question if it weren't for the second question. They opened their mouth to make a breathy noise. "Li...thsss?" he asked wheezily before going back to telepathy, The scientists encouraged me to talk through telepathy. Oh, and I'm Azra! I'm an experiment, duh. Not a human, oh no, those were for special people. They weren't all that special, er, wait. No they were, just a different kind of special from humans. And honestly, they'll never be a human so what was the point in trying, but following them? Maybe a kind god would come and rescue them- oh, right. They weren't human so that was impossible.

    Audrey smiled sadly as she watched her cradle the swollen belly with her hands. She wish she could have children, but it was too dangerous in a world such as theirs...and because of her job. She had to be the freedom fighter, and freedom fighting often led to death, so it was useless to find a husband and take care of children in this situation. "Alright, if you need anything, just press that button over there and one of us will come and check on you," she said before walking out the door. She might as well check up on someone else. Hm. The woman wandered around the facility for a littlee bit before stopping at a door. Ah! Wasn't this? She knocked on Io's door for a moment before. "Hello? May I come in?" she asked.
  17. Io's eyes finally drew to a shut, and he felt it. The burning sensation, slowly turning into comfort and his body slumped. Finally, muscles creaking and relaxing, tentacles growing limp, lips parting... It was all abruptly interrupted by two sharp knocks. His eyes shot open once again, frightened for a moment before grimacing to himself. He heard her, a scientist.

    He didn't respond as he slowly peeled his body from his bed. Standing on his two feet finally, he wobbled and walked forward. Pain wasn't imminent on his face as tentacles large and thick, thin and short dragged behind him as he walked towards the door. Maybe they'd give him a little present to make him more lenient. They knew he was always silently enraged, they never knew if he was angry or not unless it was painfully obvious if they did something to him. He liked music and stuff.

    Io opened the door slowly, eyes boring into hers. After staring blankly for a while, he stepped aside to allow her entry. He could have just pushed a button or something, he never really sat down and made use of those thingies. He was too busy being Io.
  18. Anna nodded as Audrey left. With not much to do and the pregnancy going well, Anna was wondering when they'd let her go. She just took another deep breath before relaxing herself and decided to take a nap, feeling a little tired. Meanwhile, Elisa regretted trying to escape, especially after Kilgun accelerated her pregnancy. The Side Effects were what she worried about. Even Kilgun herself admitted that the serum used on her was not perfected. "Well, you grew fast...Now I'll get to hold you in my arms in two weeks." Hopefully Kilgun wouldn't swing by anytime soon. Elise was afraid what the Scientist would do to her. Hopefully the other woman would drop by soon. Anyone but Kilgun. With the newfound heartburn and backache, Elisa was in for some pain. But at least for the next two weeks, she'd have to get used to the enlarged baby bump, since she won't be having it for much longer. In terms of trying to stand, it was a little tough. Walking around felt like a pain, so she just sat down on the bed, apologizing to her baby for the Acceleration.
  19. Isaac Whitman

    Isaac blinked slowly as the other attempted to speak aloud, only to get a wheezy lisp in reply. His positron brain clicked into overdrive again at the influx of telepathy, the shock of it kicking in causing him to move his head backward just slightly before refocusing on the other one. The subject's brain was able to pick out key phrases this time, at least enough to get the other's name, Azra, and why he spoke telepathically. The scientists promoted it, so he did it. That made sense. However, everything else Azra said had gone over his head and had been lost by his positron mind. A glitch formed, causing Isaac's brain to convert to binary in an effort to reconcile all the data.
    "1001010000111010010..." He started, before stopping his speech completely and staring blankly at Azra.
    The subject turned and attempted to walk away, however he only took a wobbly half step to the side before stopping. His left hand began to twitch, but all that was registering before his eyes was a series of ones and zeros.
  20. Azra cocked their head to the side. Huh? They honestly didn't get what the man had said, it was pretty funny though, all those ones and zeroes. Was he doing math out loud? That was really cool! Their smile faded and they began to grow worried as he twitched and did other stuff that people shouldn't be doing. I think I broke him, can somebody here help him? they called out to the others. No response, just staring. ...Anybody? they pleaded. An awkward silence soon followed. This was...talking to others was hard it seemed. Well usually it wasn't but these people were knew, so talking to these new people were hard.

    Audrey smiled and flinched slightly at Io's glare. "Did I disturb you? I'm sorry," she apologized, coming into the room, "I'm just going to run a few diagnostics on you, okay?" She checked to make sure that his vitals were working properly, then tested the tentacles he had to make sure those were working properly too. It was awkward, to say the least, she wasn't used to seeing extra appendages. "Alright, you should be good to go," she said after she was done, "That's all for now. I'll leave, unless you want to talk a bit?"
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