The Guild's Revolution

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  1. The three guilds make up three of the five cities in this great country of Freyden

    The battle guild: Fierce warriors and combat mages. The battle guild resides in the mountains of the west. The castle guards and mercenaries come from here. Workers of the city of Pevensey dig up gems from the Crystal Ford.

    The Illusion guild: Thieves, assassins, and diplomats come out of the fair city of Cirencester. The assassins and thieves came up out of the ground in Cirencester and they reside in the caves on the outskirts of the city. Cirencester is in the woods of the east. Workers provide lumber to the rest of the cities.

    The Creation Guild: Craftsmen, conjurers, bards, and everyone, really, is welcome in Stafford. They create the bulk of weaponry, armor, and everything else. Workers also work in the iron mines. They are based in the frozen tundra of the far north.

    The ruins of Grimsby. When the barbarians of the south came up from their country, Grimsby was burned to the ground and wrecked by them. Blood mages who trained in the dark arts after gaining magic from the three cities settled there. Nobody knows what they do there.

    The capital: This is where the king and all of the richest people in Freyden live. This is where the tyrannical king Ivo Hamond resides in his castle up on the hill. After sending his guards to all the cities with taxes that nobody could pay, he allowed his guards to kill anyone they please. And they did so.\

    Name: Aksel Wilhelm
    Age: 18
    Guild: Illusion
    Occupation: Thief
    Favored Weapon: Dagger and Illusions.
    Reason to fight: His family was executed by guards.
    Personality: Mischievous and has a bit of an ego. Has a face that you want to trust.

    Aksel enters the tavern in the Capital. He looked around, trying to spot his partner in the crowded room. She was supposed to meet him here after exploring the city. He sighs and pulls up a chair to wait.

  2. (Hope you don't mind a neko, since this is a fantasy roleplay.)​
    Assassin Kitten.jpg Assassin Kitty.jpg
    Name: Kitten Dupre​
    Age: 17​
    Guild: Illusion​
    Occupation: For-Hire Assassin​
    Favored Weapon: Claws or Curved Twin Daggers​
    Reason to Fight:
    Kitten has seen the corruption from the inside, her father being one of the generals of the king's army.​
    Kitten has a very calm demeanor, even in the midst of an attack. The only instances where she shows anger or any emotion in general is in extreme situations or if her hoodie is pulled down to reveal her ears.​
    Kitten yawned as she walked through the town, looking around a bit before walking into a local tavern, her hands in her pockets whilst she looked around. She sat herself down at the bar, adjusting her hood a bit while looking around with her cat eyes.​
  3. (oh, I dont mind at all ^_^)
    He sighs and looks around at everyone's face. This place was full of rich people. And one who looked native to his guild. He took a seat next to her with a quick look to see if she had anything he could take easily.
  4. She had nothing out in the open on herself, everything hidden within the jumble of clothing she had on. She had a pouch on the back part of her waist, though even if it was stolen, the thief would find nothing but papers in it, papers that had given it its stuffed look. The girl spoke, however, before he could even attempt anything. "Put a hand on me and you'll find yourself in a world of pain, sir..." She looked over at him with eyes appeared to be emotionless and calm, but deadly at the same time.
  5. He offers a slight smile. "You are far too perceptive, miss." He gets himself a drink "I don't plan on stealing from a sister of The Guild." He holds up his hand with the guild symbol branded onto it.

  6. She looked to the mark before looking forwards again, leaning against the counter a bit. "Then you're good on my terms..." She pulled back the neck of her hood a bit, showing the same mark on the back of her neck. She then adjusted the hood, the ear of it appearing to twitch.
  7. He looks around, then glances at her briefly with a mischievous smile. "You up for stirring up some trouble?"
  8. Kitten looked over at him, raising an eyebrow. "Excuse me? Stirring up trouble? Sorry, but I'm more of the sudden-death-from-the-shadows type..."
  9. He rolls his eyes "That does not mean good times cant be had. If you are interested, meet me in front of Brookstone manor in the Castle district. Meanwhile, I will make some good coin fighting drunks." He pays for his drink and hers and walks out.
  10. She shook her head a bit as he left, looking to her drink and sloshing it around the cup a bit before sipping at it. "A manor, eh... Well, maybe I could stand to anger my father to the extreme this once..." She quietly laughed as she thought about her father, one of the king's generals. She had left as soon as she could, having seen the corruption directly. Kitten placed down her drink, leaving the bar and heading into town, taking a path that would lead her through the market place to the manor.
  11. You can see him moving silently past people and taking things from pockets/off belts.
  12. (Hello!! idk if there is an OOC thread but I'd love to join!)

    Name: Fane Jumal

    Age: 22

    Guild: Battle

    Occupation: Mercenary/Wanderer. While technically a mage, he only knows healing magic and excels at it.

    Favored Weapon: Fists, otherwise a sword and shield. He fights recklessly, relying on his healing magic to recover during and from the fight.

    Reason To Fight: To keep everyone who isn't wholly evil safe and protected.

    Personality: Kind and protective. When he was young his friends and family were all wiped out by rouge mercenaries. Only his Father and himself were able to escape since they were out of the town at the time.

    (I'm not good with pictures or discriptions. This is as close as I could find to what I'd like my character to look like.)


    Fane had just gotten his newest assignment from the Battle Guild. He was to head to Cirencester to deliver a message to the Illusion Guild. Although he was a mercenary he did not usually take jobs from anyone but the guild. Fane had no idea what the message said and the guild didn't say anything, but none the less he carried on his mission. He had set out days ago on foot and would arrive within one day. He had not encountered any attacks surprisingly, since he was on his way to a city full of thieves and assassins. He continued walking, hoping he would soon find Cirencester.
  13. Names: Laval Northwind



    Occupation: High ranked guard

    Favourite weapon:Sword or a bow and arrow.

    Reason to fight:Hunting the assassin who killed my family

    Personality:Sly,cunning and smart.Hates most things
    (What i look like apart from the fact i have no accessories on my head)
  14. Laval sighed as he patroled the now dark streets for anything of intrest. He passed a tavern but did not go in reminding himself he had hardly any coin.
  15. The thief Aksel shifts through the market place, keeping out of sight. He picks locks of the stands and tries to find good items inside or, even better, money.

    Name: Miroslav Ozerov
    Age: 16
    Guild: Battle
    Occupation: Assassin
    Favored Weapon: Left hand long dagger, right hand open for spells.
    Reason to fight: Has nothing better to do.
    Personality: Will kill often for the hell of it.

    Miro was waiting in a shrub for someone to come down the path. When he sees him. The way he walked... Merc or courier. Maybe both. He waits for him to pass, then starts following behind. After a few moments, raises rock walls around them. "Hello there"
  16. Fane felt the familar charge of magical energy as the walls of earth raised up. He turned around as someone said hello, "And who might you be?" Fane brought up his hands and balled them into fists, ready to fight. He knew a random person approaching you while on the road, especially when trapping you with magic, was not to be trusted. He examined the man to find it was a boy, possibly in his teens, but could not tell much else. Fane waited for a reply or for the boy to attack.
  17. He watches you through his mask, waiting for you to make the first move. When it never comes, he simply states: "The message"
  18. Fane makes healing magic surround his left hand and he punches the wall of earth. He shakes his hand from the pain, but it is soon gone. A large indent is left where he hit the wall. He quickly turns back to the boy, "I have no message for you. Let me leave or so help me I'll knock you out." Fane didn't feel any evil, per say, from this person but he still wasn't to be trusted.
  19. A ward surrounds you. He stares at you, frightened eyes showing from his mask. "Just give the message over and we wont have any trouble."
  20. Fane notices that fear is in the boys eyes, he decides to sit, close his eyes and get into a meditation position. Healing magic engulfs his whole body, but doesn't look intimidating. "All you have to do is let me go. You seem very capable with magics, but I doubt your endurance is high enough to best me." Whether or not the boy lets him go, Fane is willing to wait him out. He is still ready for any attacks, but honestly hopes he doesn't have to fight.