The Guild's Revolution (taken)

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  1. The three guilds make up three of the five cities in this great country of Freyden

    The battle guild: Fierce warriors and combat mages. The battle guild resides in the mountains of the west. The castle guards and mercenaries come from here. Workers of the city of Pevensey dig up gems from the Crystal Ford.

    The Illusion guild: Thieves, assassins, and diplomats come out of the fair city of Cirencester. The assassins and thieves came up out of the ground in Cirencester and they reside in the caves on the outskirts of the city. Cirencester is in the woods of the east. Workers provide lumber to the rest of the cities.

    The Creation Guild: Craftsmen, conjurers, bards, and everyone, really, is welcome in Stafford. They create the bulk of weaponry, armor, and everything else. Workers also work in the iron mines. They are based in the frozen tundra of the far north.

    The ruins of Grimsby. When the barbarians of the south came up from their country, Grimsby was burned to the ground and wrecked by them. Blood mages who trained in the dark arts after gaining magic from the three cities settled there. Nobody knows what they do there.

    The capital: This is where the king and all of the richest people in Freyden live. This is where the tyrannical king Ivo Hamond resides in his castle up on the hill. After sending his guards to all the cities with taxes that nobody could pay, he allowed his guards to kill anyone they please. And they did so.\

    Name: Aksel Wilhelm
    Age: 18
    Guild: Illusion
    Occupation: Thief
    Favored Weapon: Dagger and Illusions.
    Reason to fight: His family was executed by guards.
    Personality: Mischievous and has a bit of an ego. Has a face that you want to trust.


    Aksel enters the tavern in the Capital. He looked around, trying to spot his partner in the crowded room. She was supposed to meet him here after exploring the city. He sighs and pulls up a chair to wait.

    Name: Kitten Dupre
    Age: 17
    Guild: Illusion
    Occupation: For-Hire Assassin
    Favored Weapon: Claws or Curved Twin Daggers
    Reason to Fight:
    Kitten has seen the corruption from the inside, her father being one of the generals of the king's army.
    Kitten has a very calm demeanor, even in the midst of an attack. The only instances where she shows anger or any emotion in general is in extreme situations or if her hoodie is pulled down to reveal her ears.
    Assassin Kitten.jpg Assassin Kitty.jpg
  2. A young woman would jump from the window of a large estate, a burly man reaching out to try and grab her but failing to catch her in time. She, however, landed smoothly with a roll once she hit the ground, quickly standing from her crouch and taking off running. With ease, she hopped the fence and found herself running from several guards of the estate. She was supposed to be meeting a contact today, once that would unknowingly help her get away from her father's grip. The woman quickly lost the men, panting softly as she found herself in an alleyway. She looked around a bit before walking into the back door of a tavern, going to meet the man that would help her curse the name of the noble Dupre family forever. She looked around as she entered before walking to the bar, sitting down to wait.
  3. Acksel looks around before noticing Kitten sitting at the table. He walks to the table and sits down. "I heard through the spiderweb that you need some help putting down a diplomat. Defaming is something I can do. With coin and help, of course.
  4. Kitten looked to him before looking back to the bar as she spoke, reaching into her coat and pulling out a small sack of gold coins and putting it down in front of him. "General Dupre... but I don't want him just put down... I want to destroy everything and everyone around him so he can feel the pain of his crimes as the blade sinks into his neck..."
  5. He looks through the bag and places it back down. "Thats a pretty tall order, miss. This will take a few months of meticulous planning and action. We will need to slowly take him out of power to get him away from his guards. It will be done, but I expect better payment when this ends. or a trade. your choice." He turns to look at a group of men basically in rags and nods. They get up and walk out. "Walk with me." He stands
  6. She shrugged lightly, continuing to speak quietly without looking at him. "Don't worry... once we have him out of power, you'll get all the gold you need for the job. It'll be easy enough to break into the safe without all the royal guards..." She looked to him when he gestured to the group of men and she stood with him, putting her hands in her pockets to follow him.
  7. "Here is your part of the work. I need a list of his close colleagues and bosses. People who could run him into the ground if he fucks with them. Next, I need his address and..." He pats his pockets "I need to get my lock picks back." He ducks into the shadows of a building as a guard patrol passes by. Once they've passed, he steps back to her side "can you provide this information?"

    (By the way, he is currently wearing something similar to this)
  8. When the guard passed by, she also ducked into the alleyway, keeping her back to the street. The guards appeared to be more active in searching, and she knew it was probably because they were looking for her. She would glance around as she exited the alleyway with him, pulling a small notebook from her pouch. She held it out to him. "Here... it holds all of the information of every account he has, enemies, allies, and people he's been rumored to sleep around with, as well as family and basic information about him and each family member." She had even put all of her information, but she was the child of a mistress, one of the neko maids within the castle, and she'd gotten all of her looks from her neko mother than her human father, so she had no worry of him finding out she was Kitten Dupre, since she already had a fake name planned for herself.
  9. "right." He pockets the notebook "I must be off to get information circulating. If you need anything or have more information, go to the clock tower." he hands her a paper with a map of the clock tower with a path drawn on it and "thief" written on the bottom. When she looks up, he is gone.
  10. She nodded a bit as she took the map, looking it over and then sighing when she saw he wasn't there anymore. She put the map into her bag and then walked back into the alleyway, heading through the back parts of the city in order to find a hotel she could hide in for a bit.
  11. While you ared walking, a thief walks up to you and shows his guild mark on his hand. "We have run into complications. Follow me. Acksel needs assistance"
  12. She blinked a bit when the man walked up, rubbing the back of her neck lightly. She hadn't officially been accepted into the guild, the mark on the back of her neck homemade in order to look like an authentic thief. She let out a small sigh and nodded a bit, following the man.
  13. He runs off swiftly towards the high district.
  14. Kitten quickly followed behind the man, easily keeping up.
  15. Once they are close to the house, he climbs up a tree and jumps onto the roof of the building. Acksel is there, talking quietly to a group of thieves.
  16. She landed on the roof of the building silently and in a crouch, looking to Acksel. She stood, though she stayed low as she walked towards him, speaking quietly. "What's the problem?"
  17. He looks over briefly and tells the others to get in position. He looks at you. "I'll show you." He takes a running leap off the building and catches the edge of scaffolding on a tower, pulling himself up and starts scaling the tower using missing bricks and decorations to find hand holds.
  18. She blinked a bit and then let out a small sigh, following behind him. She used the footholds and decorations that he did, making sure to keep up with him with a raised eyebrow.
  19. He reaches the top of the church tower and pulls her up. "Look at our Capital. A beautiful and tainted place. That castle is full of corruption and today's king is a disgrace to his bloodline. Taxes are so high everywhere that many cant afford food every day." He shakes his head "And they have the nerve to call US the thieves..." He turns towards the General's house. "Now for the issue at hand." He points to the gate "He has mercenaries posted there. And they wont even let us get close. We nearly lost someone because of it. We speculate that they will allow you to at least get close. Will you help?"
  20. She blinked a bit at his last statement and she looked to her old home, seeing the place had mercenaries flooding in and out of the place. She then looked back to him. "You couldn't even get close, so what makes you think that I would be able to? One group of thieves is just as bad as one assassin, right?"
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