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    The Guild of El'yssi

    The Synopsis

    For centuries on end, the human race has survived and evolved past the harsh realities defined by mother nature. Across this time, many species have come and gone; however, it stands true that our kind remains paramount in light of the world that we know. It is without a doubt that our finest accomplishment has been the colonization of the four continents which define the realm of El’yssi. Yet even with such feats bestowed upon our species, we remain but an insignificant speck in the grand scheme of the unknown.

    Five percent.

    This is the fraction of the world that has been documented across the six great nations of the four continents.There exist thousands upon thousands of species ranging from mere bacteria to the greatest of beasts which roam our land, yet all of this remains but a meaningless feat, To some, the prospect of such triviality is a fearful thought; however, for many, the fantasy of the unknown spurs a greater sense of purpose.

    Glory...Fame...Wealth...Knowledge...Decades of expeditions into the unknown have been fueled by the conflicting passions of great figures from our past. Yet in light of such differential purpose, a single emotion has remained consistent across the generations of our kind. This emotion is curiosity. It was curiosity which gave us purpose to explore the world that we now come to know; it is curiosity which spurs us back to the time of our ancestors as we wonder the origin of our kind; it is curiosity which forces us to look ahead and wonder what potential awaits us still; it is curiosity which forges the key to Pandora’s Box and lights the torch for our journey into the darkness.


    The Roleplay Information
    Due to the complexity of this roleplay, all roleplay information is stored on a Wikia made specifically for this roleplay. Joining this roleplay does not require you to help contribute; however, it is much appreciated, especially as we start getting into aspects of exploration. In addition to roleplay information, the Wikia acts as a database for all fauna, flora, relics, and items uncovered throughout the story.
    The Wikia can be found HERE
    (If nothing shows on mobile, scroll to the bottom of the page and select "View Full Site." This should fix it.)

    In addition, this roleplay utilizes a secondary OOC through the Skype client. It is not mandatory to join this OOC; however, the experience is well worth the effort. It is a quicker and less spammy alternative for roleplay questions and planning. In addition, getting to the know the cast is always a fun experience. By joining this OOC, you understand that all rules of Iwaku still apply and failure to follow will result in immediate dismissal from the chat.
    If you wish to join, please add me at Branden.Tenbrink


    The Character Sheet

    Character Information



    Trinity Arts
    (Please do not start this section until your character is accepeted into the roleplay.)


    [Points to spend: X]
    • Character Level: X
    • Guild Level: X
    • Guild Rank: Trainee
    • Heath: Will be calculated upon completion of formula.
    • Force: X
    • Mind: X
    • Spirit: X
    • Stamina: X




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  2. Just gonna repost my CS after already being in Arc 1, then. Hopefully we'll get some more players (we've currently got 1 new player and 3 players from the first arc including myself.)

    Kula Aolani

    "These weren't the trials I was promised. The dream I left my family for. ...If I could go back, I would. But there's nothing left but to go on, is there?"

    Character Information
    Forename: Kula
    Surname: Aolani
    Race: Southern Sári
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Appearance: Kula's body is long and slim, and her figure radiates a form of elegance. Her pampered scaled skin is a silvery-grey color that reflects iridescent tones of turquoise in the sunlight. Her head is slightly narrow and well-formed, with a pair of low, long, and droopy fin-like ears, studded with various platinum earrings. A long wrapping of half-transparent, gilded blue silk covers half of her face, hiding her right cheek and right eye. This wrapping appears deliberate, as pulling back the silk reveals a collection of deep and ugly bite scars that coat the right side of her face, likely inflicted by a shark of some sort. She can still see out of her right eye, but it remains in a permanent half-closed manner due to the scars below it. Aside from the covering, the rest of her face is young and pretty. Her lips are long and narrow, with well-set nostril slits above. Her visible eye is wide, and coloured a vibrant bright turquoise. Her deep silver hair is made from various little fin-like spines, studded with rings of gold and silver. After Arc 1, her hands are covered in a strange black 'curse' that reflects no light whatsoever, and a splatter of ugly black goop resides in a splatter on her face as well.

    Personality: Kula is a reserved, thoughtful, and well-spoken girl. She prefers to keep her thoughts to herself, though she won't shy away from conversation when approached. She speaks in a very civil tone and her manners are impeccable; whilst she enjoys a nice chat with just about anyone, there are few people she'll truly warm to. She keeps a level head in combat and a focused face, and only the most dire of situations will cause her to lose her cool and run for her life. She dislikes being mocked for her posh manners and speaking style, and can her attitude can turn nasty if she's provoked too much, though she's rare to become truly angry. Her upbringing makes her more used to comfortable environments and having things done for her, though she isn't afraid to get her hands dirty and now knows independence. Whilst her curious nature somewhat pushes her to be an explorer, the true reason she's here is on behalf of her family name, and she'll do anything to uphold their expectations.

    Personality (After Arc 1): After witnessing the murder of many and being forced to take many lives, Kula's personality has become less trustworthy and open, and it's become more rare for her to take a calm demeanor and speak with the grace sh previously did. After being coated in the black goop that is supposedly a 'curse', Kula lives in constant anxiety of the things that could happen to her, her few allies - particularly Caris - keeping her from potentially breaking down. The family name is just a faint recollection to her now, and now she's willing to act on her own morals instead of thinking what her parents would want best.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    History: Kula was born into the royal and famed Aolani family, where she was the first and oldest daughter to her mother and father, Akela and Haku. Not only are the Aolani thought to possess royal blood, but they are also in charge for a lot of the more expensive exports around the world, such as pearls, rare corals, and most importantly, fish. They own only a few islands of the many inhabited by the Southern Sári, but the Aolani family is still one known by many Sári. Because of this, the Aolani family are proud, doing many things to uphold their family name. They are skilled in the ways of Spirit Arts, using their royal blood and natural talent to control and create water at whim. Though many Sári can do this, some of the Aolani people have set the standard for this in the past.

    As Kula grew up into a life of luxury, a lot of things were done for her, though she was expected to be educated daily. Even at a young age, Kula shown the promise of being very intelligent, and even at a young age, she shown promise of using the Spirit Arts. Despite being clever, Kula was a curious child who wanted to explore rather than learn, often climbing out of her lecture room to go and play elsewhere, getting her in quite a bit of trouble. Kula matured quickly as she grew up, but still remained wanting to know more about the outside world.

    It was only when Kula was about twelve, when 'The Guild' and the world's hunger for knowledge truly began to spread around the world. Many able people sacrificed life and limb to contribute to the ever-growing knowledge bank of the human race. Her mother and father grew too old by now to go theirselves, but they still wanted to bring fame and honour to the Aolani family by sending in one of theirs to explore. Being the oldest of the three daughters of the Aolani family, Kula was the first to be chosen, expected to learn everything she needed to succeed within The Guild. Her life switched around completely, and whether she was happy about going to The Guild herself was mostly unknown. All she wanted to do was as her mother and father wished, so she agreed to have tutoring in the ways of combat, and learn the basic of Faunology.

    Kula's combat tutor was a man named Dex; a warrior of the Northern Sári, hired from far away to teach everything Kula needed to know about strength and weapon handling. Kula disliked her tutor Dex at first, as he often poked fun at her posh and soft nature, and was a tough and unforgiving tutor when it came down to training, pushing Kula to the limit. As time passed, however, Kula understood that Dex truly wanted her to succeed and be strong, and that was why he was such a harsh master. Years passed, and the two grew very close to each other, slowly understanding their ways. Kula had become proficient in using a trident before long, and had even gained enough muscle and acrobatic skill to be decent in Force Arts, though her true skill layed in the Spirit Arts. Because Dex was limited to Force Arts only, Kula often liked to poke fun back at him because of this, often earning herself extra laps across the island.

    The time had soon come, however, for a 'Final Assignment' for Kula's training. Her task was to successfully hunt a Mako Shark, a feared beast deep within the ocean, and bring it back under Dex's watch. Kula had prepared all she could, so she was confident about the task, fearlessly heading towards the beast once she'd eventually found it. Her fight with the shark was long, and her graceful and strong fighting style proved to be efficent. However, Kula grew overconfident whilst fighting it within the ocean, swimming closer when she should've dodged. Too far in to correct her mistake, the shark landed a potentially fatal blow on the right side of her face, biting deep into her cheek and just below her eye. If it weren't for Dex intervening, the shark could've ripped her very head off.

    Returning to her home with a bleeding face, passing out from the pain, Kula's parents were horrified when they found her in this state, woken up to the reality of what could happen to her if she went to The Guild. They instantly blamed Kula's tutor, Dex, for the accident, condemning him to imprisonment. Despite Kula pleading her parents not to, screaming that it'd been her fault and not Dex's, Dex still took the punishment, thinking he'd failed her. Now wearing a covering around the side of her face, with a permenant mark of what can happen with the slightest misstep, Kula truly learnt what it meant to put your life on the line that day, and has been more mature and serious ever since, never underestimating even the smallest of opponents.

    Kula's new tutor taught her more on the academic side of things, but was nothing compared to Dex's tough and efficent training; Kula hated every second of it, though she didn't show any signs of it, and didn't complain. Despite her parents pleading her not to after the incident with the shark, Kula still wished to go to The Guild to become an explorer. She hadn't got her scar for nothing, and she hadn't got Dex within a cold prison cell for nothing. Not wishing to put a second of her training to waste, and wishing to bring the honour that her parents so greatly desired, Kula gave a tearful goodbye to her mother, father, and two younger sisters, leaving for The Guild to reach the dream of becoming a famed explorer.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Trinity Arts

    TBD After Arc 1

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    « »
    Akumai Strike
    Orientation: Force
    Type: Active
    Stamina Cost: 1
    Status Effect: Tag on successful hit, 40% chance on land / 80% chance on water
    Description: Kula takes a quick, strong jab at the lower body part of an enemy, causing them to lose their poise for a moment.

    When an enemy is tagged, the next attack from one of Kula's allies that hits them will do an additional 50% damage, then the 'Tag' debuff will be removed until Kula uses Akumai Strike on them again.
    Koa Waveride
    Orientation: Spirit
    Type: Active
    Stamina Cost: 2 on land / 1 on water
    Status Effect: Reposition (up to 15m), Heal on land / Reposition (up to 30m), Strongheal on water
    Description: Summoning water from thin air, Kula makes waves come from the ground, swiftly transporting herself and one ally of her choice (optional) up to 15m away. As she/they are transported, the pure water of the waves soothe and rejuvenate their skin, healing wounds by a small amount.

    If Kula/Kula and her chosen target is floating in water, the waves are much more potent, allowing traversal of a much larger distance, and a stronger healing effect. Those healed by the calming waves must wait a turn before being able to be healed again.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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  3. WIP​
    Forename: Caris
    Surname: Jarasia
    Race: Northern Sari
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male

    Show Spoiler



    Caris as a person is a loud and amiable, someone you likely can hear long before you can even see them. Talking to others is a second nature of sorts, and his attitude is hopeful to the point one could almost call naivete. Somewhat Brash, Caris has a tendency of acting first and thinking about the consequences much later than tolerable for important choices. Despite being a very emotional person, Caris actually has a very thick skin, and can tolerate more verbal abuse than he'd like to admit. When he is pushed over the edge however, Caris' anger burns brightly and quickly. If there's one thing that can push him over the edge with enough prodding, it's speaking ill of his grandfather's legacy. Caris believes in his grandfather's tales whole heartedly, and his primary reasoning for becoming an explorerer besides his wanderlust is to prove to the world that his grandfather wasn't just some crazy old fish who concocted some old wives tale.


    Caris is the youngest of three children to be born into the monster hunting family of the Jarasians. A well respected but small clan who hunt large beasts and take their hide and bone and other such parts and turn them into useful parts. From a young age Caris had always trouble keeping up with his siblings, who were always much stronger than him and were the pride of the family. It wasn't that he was ignored, it was just that his siblings constantly did things...better.

    There was one exception to however, Caris' grandfather always seemed to give the young Sari comfort, encouraging him not to try harder, but smarter. Besides this, Caris' grandfathered told the boy tales of the great land of Vry'chios, a forgotten realm that his grandfather claimed existed despite all the critics denying any such world existed. Vry'chios was a land far beyond the distant sun, far beyond the horizon. His grandfather claimed to have seen but a glimpse in the underground and underwater ruins he himself had explored as a guild member in his youth, as he had been one of the earlier members of the organization. His colleges however, had laughed him out of the institution, insisting such a world couldn't exist. Caris always believed his grandfather and even to this day, wants to find CVy'chios and prove it really did exist.

    As a result of his grandfather's guidance, Caris began to do his best to educate himself and develop tools to help him fight. Instead of relying on pure muscle and strength to help with the hunts, Caris became a maker of poisons and he poltice's to heal and cripple friends and foes alike. The poisons he applied to his trident and used them to slow down his foes. Taking down giant beasts in raids and saving allies alike. When not in use, Caris' brews can be found along the bandolier on his chest. Caris also studied tactics, using brains over brawn in combat in order to get teh edge. He wasn't afraid to fight dirty if need be, using his natural northern Sarian strength but enhancing it with strategy and smart maneuvers. Caris also studied ruins and architecture that his father had always been telling him about. Hpoing to one day plunge into the depths of the world his grandfather had explained.

    However, Caris did not want to spend the rest of his life risking it in raids against seamonsters like the rest of his family. He knew his tricks would fail him eventually and his grandfather's stories of history and ruins filled his heart. determined to follow in his Grandfather's footsteps, Caris set out from his home to become an explorer.

    Trinity Arts
    (Please do not start this section until your character is accepted into the roleplay.)


    [Points to spend: 9]
    • Character Level: 3
    • Guild Level: 1
    • Guild Rank: Trainee
    • Force: 5
    • Mind: 4
    • Spirit: 0
    • Stamina: 1



    Create Lesser Toxin

    Orientation: Mind
    Type: Active
    Stamina Cost: 0
    Status Effect:
    Poison has a single use per dose, 40% to take effect on the enemy, which grants a 10% chance to stun.
    Caris spends a short amount of time putting together a light toxin, used in application with weapons

    Poison Jab
    Orientation: Force
    Type: Active
    Stamina Cost: 1
    Status effect: 40% chance to apply poison, 10% chance to stun target

    Caris applies some poison to his trident, then strikes the enemy with a staggering blow​
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  4. I like what I see. Consider yourself accepted.
    You are free to start the Trinity Arts with the following stats.

    Points to Spend: 12
    Character Level: 4
    Guild Rank: Trainee
    Guild Level: 1
    Force: (Max 4)
    Mind: (Max 2)
    Spirit: (Max 8)
    Stamina: (Max 4)
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    You will also have to complete the skills and the orientation diagram, but I recommend leaving these for the completion of the Trinity Arts section.
    That being said, every 4 skill points in an art determines a skill, so keep that in mind when allocating your stats.
  5. Alright, thanks!

    What's stamina for, by the way? I didn't see a description for it previously. Is it a stat separate from the three main trinity arts?
  6. It is a stat that I forgot to consider when I made the sheet last night.
    It is separate from the Art stats, and does not play into any formulae apart from limiting actions.
    Skills affect your stamina as to prevent one person from spamming a meteor strike every other turn.
    Its not necessary to always allocate into, but depending on your play style it might be worth considering an extra point here and there.
  7. [BCOLOR=transparent]Character Information[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Forename: [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Reylla[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Surname: [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Stonearm[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Age: [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]26[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Gender: [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Female[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Reylla is known for being cheerful and engaging around her village of Lingivik. She always has a friendly word or a kind gesture, and tries to remember the lives of those around her. Reylla is patient when working with animals or children, but does not suffer fools. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Reylla is stubborn, and doesn’t like to admit when she’s wrong. She’s also highly competitive, and will sometimes pursue proving herself to the detriment of her other duties. She strongly believes that any obstacle can be overcome with hard work and determination. [/BCOLOR]

    ref pic (open)

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Reylla is fair-skinned, 7’ 3” tall and has a large, muscular build.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]She has light blue eyes and very long, very messy blonde hair.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]She has an oval face, slightly droopy eyes, a narrow nose, and a pointed chin.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Her clothes are heavy and made of fur. A notable feature is her white, sparkly teeth.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Lingivik is a small village in the mountainous region of [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Oúntra[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Reylla was born into a herding family. She was raised with her younger sister Jodhe by their mother, Halla. Her father Frike died when she was very young, accidentally falling from an icy peak. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Reylla was a self possessed child. She enjoyed guiding the herd herself, spending days in the fields with the yaks, finding the sparse patches of grass among the hills. She and her sister would often wrestle, leading to a lifelong love of close range combat. They sparred whenever they got the chance, getting pointers from people among the village. Their playing could occasionally turn mean, but the girls always made up in the end.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]On her 17th birthday, as is tradition, Reylla was given a dire wolf pup, one of the pack belonging to her family. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]As she got older, Reylla met and courted a boy called Kelle Orleikson. Kelle matched her in speed and strength, and could practically read her mind they were so in tune with each other. Reylla had her life planned out perfectly. She would continue the herd with her family, marry Kelle, and start a family in Lingivik.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Tragedy doesn’t care about anyones plans, however. Reylla was far in the fields when she saw the smoke pouring above the village. Reylla could tell that this wasn’t chimney smoke. As it began pouring out above the trees, flames started licking at the sky. She ran her way all the way back, hoping to assist with the effort to put it out. By the time she reached town the fire was out, but her life would change forever.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Kelle had been nearby when the fire started, and hearing the screams of those trapped inside, ran to help. He had managed to free several people, but had gone in for others and had not returned. They searched the wreckage, and found Kelle’s body.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]After the death of her betrothed, Reylla’s outlook changed. She felt too restless in town, every area reminding her of him. She knew that she needed to get out. Her mother, worried but supportive, gifted her the family crossbow, and her sister promised to protect the herd in her absence.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Her perfect life would never happen, so she needed to figure out what her new perfect life was. The Guild sounds like a good place to start.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Character Level: 3[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Guild Rank: Trainee[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Guild Level: 1[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Force: 4[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Mind: 0[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Spirit: 1[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Stamina: 4[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~[/BCOLOR]


    Orientation (open)


    Switch Hitter
    Orientation: Force
    Type: Active
    Stamina Cost: 2
    Effect: if hit is successful target is staggered and reduced damage is done, followed by quick bonus damage.

    Reylla precisely hacks at the opponents vitals, staggering them and doing reduced physical damage. Initial attack is quickly followed by a precise close range shot doing bonus damage.

    items (open)

    1. [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Backpack[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
    2. [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Crossbow[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
    3. [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Bolts[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
    4. [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Hand axe[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
    5. [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Waterskin (ale)[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
    6. [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Waterskin (water)[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
    7. [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Dagger[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
    8. [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Trail rations[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
    9. [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Heavy fur coat and cold resistant outfit[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
    10. [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Locket on gold chain[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
    11. [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Bedroll[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
    12. [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Cooking pan[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
    13. [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Small journal with pencil[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
    14. [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Pipe[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
    15. [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Flute[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
    16. [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Smelling Salts[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
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  8. Looks good to me.
    Here are your stats.

    Points to Spend:
    Character Level: 3
    Guild Rank: Trainee
    Guild Level: 1
    Force: (Max 8)
    Mind: (Max 2)
    Spirit: (Max 3)
    Stamina: (Max 4)
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Like I told Jakers, it is recommended waiting until the completion of the Trinity Arts section to determine skills and orientation.
  9. @Tsu - I had a crack at making Kula's two skills; could you make sure they're both balanced? I wasn't sure if healing was a thing in this combat system.
  10. I am fine with Akumai Strike overall. But if you wanted to lower its stamina cost, you could make the tag effect happen on a certain percentage such as 30-40%.

    I am also fine with Waverider; however, it needs just a little bit of balancing.
    In my opinion, I feel the stamina should cost 2 on land and 1 on water.
    Other than that, healing magic is perfectly fine since you seem to be setting up a support-type character.
    Just expect the heal to be lower at the start and gradually increasing towards the end. Don't want to have your character capable of full healthing every other turn, haha.

    Also in terms of the combat system as a whole, I have not forgotten about an explanation. It will come once I finalize the formulae. As it stands, combat won't be an immediate event in the roleplay, and I want to ensure we have a fun and balanced system.
    The last thing concerning combat that you should know is that skills will be given a base power once I see all of our characters and their skills (for balance).
    All of this and your character's health will be provided once I am done on my end.

    Finally to anyone making their character sheet, focus on developing your initial skills well. You will have plenty of opportunities for more skills later on; however, they are going to follow a similar trend underwhich your character is developed. What this means is that if you start with a support archetype, your skills are likely gonna develop in this manner.
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  11. Heya, just posting here to say I'm interested and will have a CS up once inspiration strikes.

    *flash of inspiration*

    Well, I'll need some time tonight to think it over but I'm plotting a smart(er?) Thari character.
  12. Character Information

    Forename: Ninian
    Surname: Deoria
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female
    Race: Synthi

    Personality: Ninian always carries a small and mischievous smile on her face, and tends to greet strangers with inappropriate physicality. An expressive girl as a child, she loves to give and receive extreme, often unnecessary emotion. In her adulthood, she has pulled back a bit, and while she still loves to talk and hug and cuddle, these are often accompanied by an appropriate emotional distance. Most of the time she seems happy and contented, often pulling lighthearted jokes and pranks on her friends. However, there is a subtle solemness that rests beneath the surface of her happy expressions, which often comes out when she is fighting, or sees intense flames.

    Appearance: Ninian is short and lithe, with dexterous fingers that seem to be too long for her hands. Her most instantly notable features are her hair, white, and long, and her left arm, partly covered in a black, thick leather glove and with a wicked burn scar that splinters like lightning down the lower length of her arm. Her legs are both completely covered in metal, and it's clear that they are being augmented by technology - if she's moving, they tend to make quite a bit of whirring and hissing (though if she's still they're perfectly silent). She is toned and swift, moving quickly and with quite a bit of grace, even through rough terrain. Her clothes include many metallic bits and pieces, but not many singular, large metal portions - this allows her some minor protection while still letting her keep her speed and agility high. She always has a long, well-kept rifle slung over her back, fitted with a removable scope and a steam-powered firing mechanism, as well as many small pouches across her person.

    Reference Image (open)

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    History: Ninian was always fairly intelligent - a fast learner, someone who ravenously gobbled up every piece of information she could find, be it from books, word of mouth, or just by taking apart old machinery left at her parent's repair shop. Lust for knowledge was never a problem for her. But despite her desire to learn and discover, she still lagged behind her peers as she grew and learned more about the technological world around her. Memorization was the problem for her. For every new piece of knowledge she would pick up, she would leave most of the previous lesson behind her. She had to work twice as hard as anyone else to succeed in her classes and lessons.

    Ninian was born to two parents who loved tinkering. Running a successful repair shop in Pokos, they were well known for taking any sort of technology, pulling it apart, and putting it back together in perfect working condition. They were very loving and tolerant parents, never turning anyone away and never making anyone pay for something they couldn't repair (though that was very rare). They taught her to be kind and affectionate to all those she met, and she learned from their example that she could never be too friendly.

    Still, this did not mean that they were pushovers. On more than one occasion they were threatened or had attempted robbery forced upon them, and if negotiations failed, they pulled out their weapons and scared the thieves off. But they never stopped being good and amicable to others around them. When she was 7 years old, they started teaching her about tinkering, happy about their daughter's curiosity in all things. She took to it well, and retained the information better than most of her other pursuits.

    Her long and thin fingers were perfect for tinkering with gadgets, and before long she started building her own. She kept dozens of reference books, some purchased, and some written with notes by Ninian herself, and each of the, helped her remember the ways things worked. Most of her early work was crank powered, using a lot of patchwork gears to create some small movements - mostly useless. But then she started working with combustion.

    When she was 16, she became fascinated with the destructive possibilities of the machines she could make. Guns were her most pursued topic, examining different forms of bullets and propulsion, but she was also interested in grenades. This did not last long - while her parents rapidly dissuaded her from working with such dangerous materials at such a young age, she would hide the explosive components and pull them into the workshop to experiment when her parents were away. Unfortunately, this ended in disaster - the components exploded and set the house and workshop ablaze, sending her reeling and burning over half of her body away. Barely able to walk, it was a miracle that she walked away from the house at all.

    She hated herself, and though her parents still loved her, she could tell that their disappointment and the loss of their shop had cut them deep. She was bound to a wheelchair for the next 4 years and spent all of them trying to find a way to walk again. Fortunately during this time, her left hand healed, though it was not quite as dexterous as it used to be and had a wicked scar running down the length of it. She could still hold it steady, and that's what she needed. After years of work, she had managed to make mechanical legs - they were slow and clumsy, but with a hand-charged battery, they could effectively run in perpetuity.

    As the years passed she returned to weapons as her primary focus - she wanted to make a less dangerous way to pull the trigger, and she wanted to make her new, robotic legs better. Less noticeable, more functional, even stronger than her legs were before the incident. She wanted to leave, to get away. It didn't matter the years that passed, she couldn't take her parents sidelong looks of disappointment and sadness. She needed a change of place, and she wanted to see things that no one else could see, explore the world, and make her parents proud again.

    Her new gun used steam power to rocket hunks of metal at targets - after a few years of dedicated practice, and a carefully made bullet, she could launch them at targets hundreds of meters away (after significant application of heat and water to the resovoir) - although the bullet and conditions had to be perfect. Still, even with a poorly made bullet, she could kill an animal at a medium distance. Her improved legs fastened tightly to the husks of what used to be organic skin, allowing her to flex and climb to find vantage points, search for materials, and learn a little about moving about the world on her own. She felt ready. With nothing but a tear stained note to left her parents, she took her supplies and exited their lives, to venture to the guild and join its ranks.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Trinity Arts


    Points to Spend:
    Character Level: 2
    Guild Rank: Trainee
    Guild Level: 1
    Force: 1
    Mind: 4
    Spirit: -
    Stamina: 1
    « »

    Orientation: Mind
    Type: Passive
    Stamina Cost: N/A
    Status Effects: N/A
    Description: The user can spend a turn overheating the water reservoir. The next attack has an increased power and range of 50%. All bonuses are lost if attack is not performed in the immediate turn.

    Orientation (open)

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Steam-Powered Rifle Stats
    Force: 4
    Stamina Cost: 0
    Mind Requirement: 2
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  13. Look forward to seeing it. If you run into any roadblocks, let me know.
    Smarter definitely isn't out of the question, since they are not survival dumb.
    Probably never gonna see a too brilliant of an innovator though, haha.

    Looks good to me.
    Your character stats are as follows:

    Points to Spend:
    Character Level: 2
    Guild Rank: Trainee
    Guild Level: 1
    Force: (Max 2)
    Mind: (Max 6)
    Spirit: (Max 2)
    Stamina: (Max 2)
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    You Rifle stats are as follows:
    Force: 4
    Stamina Cost: 0
    Mind Requirement: 2

    You are also accepted.
    Your stats are the following.

    Points to Spend: 6
    Character Level: 2
    Guild Rank: Trainee
    Guild Level: 1
    Force: (Max 5)
    Mind: (Max 3)
    Spirit: (Max 2)
    Stamina: (Max 3)
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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  14. Thiiiiiiiiiis looks really cool and I'm definitely interested. It's way too late at night to start working on my character, but I've already got a couple ideas bouncing around in my head.

    I saw in the interest check that the Synthi are more tech than alchemy, but is there some? I think it'd be really cool to make a character that's more utility than anything else. Well-versed in lore, able to pull together a nifty gadget or an herbal concoction or a chemical solution to just about any problem; or able to come up with the idea, at least. Execution is always the hard part. If alchemy isn't a thing, they'd be a blend of technology and... fantastical botany/chemistry, maybe? I'm just spitballing though.
  15. "Alchemy" really isn't a thing; however, like you mentioned, tech mixed with botany and chemistry is a perfectly fine option for the Synthi.
    The only requirement is that you have specific weapons that I can tag with stats for the Mind Check formula. Gotta keep your race balanced with the rest of the world, since they technically have muuuch more utility.
  16. All right, I did stat allocation and pulled out a new ability. Hopefully the numbers/strength sound right, I just kinda threw some out there that sounded right in my head.
  17. Dropping a note that I am definitely interested in this. May take some time to get a character together, working towards a Fytáli currently. Will update this post as things progress, unless it would be preferred I do that in a new post? I'm still not 100% sure how things usually go on this site.
  18. Just make a new post.
    I probably wouldn't remember to check your current one.

    Also, how do people feel about a skype ooc?
  19. Depends how many people have Skype, though I'd be happy for one.

    If you want to add my Skype username highlight here ---> jakersmate81
  20. The skill itself is fine. It could even be something you use for your guns if crafting wasn't an avenue you wanted.
    Something like "Overload the gun, put it on cd for 1 turn, but increase damage, etc"
    If you do stay with what you have, however, I will work out some logistics to make crafting exciting, and then we can retweak numbers at a later time.

    Just so people are aware, I am likely gonna be making a wiki page, so we can store information such as recipes, fauna, flora, etc. There is gonna be a lot of potential for discovering things, and Iwaku doesn't have the best way to store it.
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