The GuessWhatIAmDoingBesidesRoleplaying Game!

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  1. So I know most of us here like to multi-task (e.g. Roleplay while listening to music, roleplay while eating a cookie, roleplay while chatting in skype, and the list goes on... Etc. etc.)

    Anywhooo... O,o
    I thought it would be fun to play a guessing game with it. Because, why not?

    1. You ONLY need (3-5) things (name, place, animal, thing, senses) to describe what you are doing. It has to be a close description, yet subtle enough.
    2. You only need to answer the person above you. If you have an answer, describe what you are doing for the person below yours.
    3. To those members that have answered your description, provide them your answer on your next post. If they can't answer it correctly, describe it again but differently from the one that had yet to get an answer.

    Primevere : Movie, Coins, Rome and Love

    Person below: Watching When In Rome
    Hot, Black, Steamy, Bitter

    Person below: Drinking coffee~

    Well, you get the idea.


    I'll start!

    It's Music. It involves Robots. A heart. Its Sad. Vocaloids!
  2. Kokoro!

    Ash, cartoon, funny, monsters, battle
  3. Correct~

    Hm, its either you are watching or playing Pokemon.

    Lead, wood, colors, lines, shapes
  4. You are drawing with either pencils or pencil crayons!

    5:00 pm, hugs, kiss, coat, tired
  5. Did you just get home from work?

    gowns, lights, tv, corny jokes
  6. Are you watching some kind of awards show?

    Water, basket, drum, fabric, spin.
  7. I was indeed. The Golden Globes.

    You're doing the laundry.

    Red hair, names, boards, questions.
  8. Some sort of trivia game?

    Dog Park, Weather, Night