The Guardians War

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  1. The morning air was thick with fog the day of the registration. The kingdoms' leaders had come to the decision that if they wanted the lands to be kept safe, more of the youth would have to stand to protect. With the older ones away at war with the advancing dangers, the home front was left open. Kale had barely slept with anticipation for the morning's ritual.

    The land encompassed miles unknown. Each kingdom was different and although the fights between then were not witnessed by the youth, the hatred for the other was bred into their blood. Maybe if the kingdoms hadn't been so busy keeping war away from their neighbors, the Dark Lord Erebos might not have climbed to such heights. Now just the mention of his name caused chills to rush through any being and have them looking over their shoulder. The Lord was not named after the shadows for no reason. The dark arts he had perfected could travel without end and his army of demons and the likes could appear as quickly as the batting of an eye lid.

    The multitude gathered in the Kingdom of Faol. Kale stood beside young men and women alike as their King spoke. The older man looked so frail yet his voice commanded silence and respect.
    "My dear people. The sad day has arrived in which our youth must offer themselves or so be chosen with the burden to protect the lands we live on. The Dark Lord grows stronger each day and as our reserves battle on in far away lands we are left with the fear that he just might spur the arts our way. It is sad to see our youth enter in such a perilous contract but I would not ask of you all what I have already given into. My own two sons stand beside your brothers, sons and husbands as we speak."

    The King continued with his speech and when the time came the multitude seemed to almost vanish when the King asked for volunteers. Standing alone stood Kale and a younger boy of maybe fourteen. "My sons, your names?" the King asked. "I am Cyan Frost your highness," the boy said with waivering voice as he bowed unsteadily. The King nodded and locked eyes with the older male. "Your highness, I am Kale Remington, son of Liam of your courts." Kale bowed his eyes centering on the hardest frown his father wore. He had not even laid eyes on his son in over a decade and it brought Kale a droning rush of pleasure to see how unwelcome he sat in his own father's gaze.

    The king stood oblivious to the interaction between son and father and asked the males for their abilities. The younger shook and with tremendous exhaustion shifted into a gangly wolf. The crowed applauded at the showmanship and all gasped as Kale turned effortlessly into a large growling black puma. The king smiled widely clapping his own hands twice. "My my, I see such ferocity in our youth! That will surely keep us feeling protected." The crowds cheered for the selected males and watched as they both turned back into their human forms. "My sons, from this day forward, you are guardians..."
  2. Amalia smiled as she inhaled the scent of the forest, of flowers, moss and dampened earth. She closed her eyes and listened, to the chirping of the insects and the call of the birds. This was her home, and she'd be dammed if she was going to let the dark lord take it from her. She opened her eyes and looked around, she was in the forest on the border between Melonia and Faol. She had been ordered to watch for either Erebos's soldiers, or other guardians from Faol.

    She was supposed to have two other guardians with her but they had wandered off, not that she minded. She found it much easier on her own, as they were loud and inexperienced. She was perched high up in an ancient tree which provided excellent camouflage, as well as a clear view of the distant kingdom. She thought back to yesterday morning, when the king and queen had announced the registration.

    Everyone who was left had gathered in the town square, including the royals and the members of court. Almost all of the men were away fighting Erebos on the front lines, the only ones who were left were either too old or too young. But now the fight was coming to them and they needed to be ready, so the king called for the young to do their duty and protect the kingdom. Amalia had volunteered immediately, her father was old and ill and she was determined that he would remain safe.

    She snapped back to the present as she heard the crunching of leaves, but she relaxed when she saw it was just a rabbit. She didn't really understand the need for to be watching this border, she figured that Erebos would attack from the north or south. She didn't really believe the people of Faol were a threat, though she had been repeatedly warned about them. It was true they were strong and powerful, but she believed they'd keep their focus on the war with the dark lord. Or at least, that's what she hoped.
  3. Kale's grandmother placed a soft palm on her grandson's chest as he slept. He woke jumping up into a sitting position startling her. "Sorry." he murmured running a hand through his hair. "I want you to be careful out there. I know most think the dark lord would never send some of his soldiers and demons this way since he's fighting elsewhere, but there has been some sightings. I hope you don't end up like your brother." "Better than ending up as my father." The words stung the older woman and she removed her hand nodding her head. There had been so much disaster within their family. "Just keep your eyes open and stay focused. It's not just Erebos you need to worry about. I know how much you young ones dislike our neighboring kingdoms, remember the fight is not with them. Don't go picking one either." Kale smiled at his weathered grandmother and nodded. "I will be safe."

    Kale made his way to the edge of the city and looked at the massive forest he was about to enter. The younger boy who had registered as well turned into the wolf before even entering the woods. Kale raised a brow and shook his head. Aren't you going to change? The boy said mentally. Kale merely glared at him causing the young boy to let out a small whimper before scampering off into the woods. The forested land was thick with massive trees and bushes. The sun crept through the canopy in certain areas but mainly, it was damp and semi lighted. Kale walked listening to all the sounds around him, getting to know his new home. He knew that they were probably going to come into contact with guardians from Melonia more often than those from the Kingdom to west.

    The sound of the wolf yelping snapped Kale back to reality. He ran towards the sound to find Cyan being pelted with rocks from behind a tree. "Come out come out wherever you are?" Kale called standing beside the wolf. He wasn't one to care for anyone especially a young kid with no ties to him personally. From behind the large tree came peeking out a young boy as well although in that instant Kale knew he was from Melonia. Cyan growled stepping forward the animosity between kingdoms obvious. "Easy." Kale said placing a hand out to block the wolf from the stranger. He's on our land! the boy growled. Kale merely raised an eye brow noticing that the boy was not by merely a step or two. "You might want to watch where you step... I wouldn't want you on Faol land with a wolf you just happened to throw rocks at." The Melonian boy just shrugged acting uninterested in the idle threats. Kale merely smiled and walked back. The wolf stepped forward as if to fight and Kale shrugged, it wasn't his fight.
  4. Amalia tilted her head slightly, as she heard the faint sounds of growling. She frowned and carefully climbed down the tree, she began to walk towards the noise. As she got closer she heard voices, "You might want to watch where you step... I wouldn't want you on Faol land with a wolf you just happened to throw rocks at." She sighed, "what have those idiots done now?"

    Up ahead she could see one of the other recruits, she thought his name was Peter or something. As well as a wolf and another boy, both of whom were obviously guardians. She emerged from the trees and stood in front of Peter, careful to stay on Melonian land. She glanced at the wolf before addressing the boy, "greetings." "Might i inquire as to your names?"

    Her voice was quiet and calm, she didn't want to use force if she could help it. She hoped she could calm the wolf down, the boy seemed not to care one way or the other. She wondered what his form was, something about him suggested something feline like herself.