The Guardians Rise Anew

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  1. With Pitch defeated around Easter the children of the world believed again. And for a long while things were at peace, until a new enemy rose. Now the five Guardians of the children need help now more than ever! New Guardians will be born, some spirits may lost to the dark, but either way it will usher in a new era.

    The date is January 20th, Manny has called all non-guardian spirits to the humble home of Shiro Aikomura, the White Day's Cupid and "little sister" of the original cupid Cue Valintine. She had a large Japanese style mansion as her home up in the mountinous countryside of Japan which made the perfect meeting place for all spirits that were to be gathered there. She and her doves were busy setting things up to be proper hosts to everyone.

    Receiving word from the Man in the Moon exactly what needed to be said, that last time around he was mistaken letting the five guardians take care of things by themselves and it was only a mere miracle that the world's children still believed. But he had sensed a new evil was coming, or rather it was already here and about to make its move. The spirits of world had to gather, a conference of sorts, and come with a plan to try and stop this new evil before things got bad again.
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  2. Happy had gotten the message about the big meeting and how important it was to get there. She wanted to get there early to make sure it looked just like a fun party, that should help keep everyone calm while they planed what to do. With a click of her fingers Happy had a hat in hand and jumped right in.

    There was a popping noise in the room when a hat popped out of thin air with Happy jumping out of it. Landing with a little trouble, she looked around the Japanese like home.

    "Hello! Happy here and I have no idea where anyone else is in this pretty house! My hat popped me in the wrong room!." Happy called as she began to walk around looking for anyone who could point her in the right direction.
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  3. Henry Cavill The Chief of Presents, olive

    Henry Cavill the man of presents, who made dreams and wishes come true couldn't believe he was invited to be a Guardian. Henry had a long flight from America to Japan. Luckily he was fast enough to make it in no time. Henry loved to fly by homes and see the joy on their faces and the family affairs and the beauty of it all. Once Henry got to the Mansion he was astonished. The place was magnificent, it still could use his magical touch of course. He would ask Shiro if he could redecorate for her sometime. Once he made it into the house he saw Happy, if anyone loved to be happy and joyish more then Henry it was Happy. Henry snuck up behind her, he created a red and gold box present. The inside was assorted colors of confetti and paper dolls. It was Henry's way of saying hello. "Hey Happy! Here's a present for you!" Henry popped open the present box and the confetti and dolls flew out. The dolls dance around the room as if alive thanks to Henry's magic. Henry just had to wait for everyone else to show up so he could give them their presents.
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  4. Mina and Nami were both in the Amazon at the time the invitation came in. Of course, they had long felt the shift in energies and were expecting something like this, but the request to come to the gathering and discuss a plan to face the new evil was a surprise.
    To say the least, Nami was against it, but that was to be expected from the shy girl.

    She had glanced at her sister wordlessly, but Mina always knew what she was saying. She rolled her eyes at the girl clad in white and shook her head.
    'Yes, I know you don't like being among people, or spirits for that matter, but you know as well as I do that they need all the help they can get.'
    Nami threw another wordless glare that made Mina snort.
    'So you don't feel the shift then? You know damn well stuff is going to get ugly and we're going to fix it, why not be there right away?'
    With that being said, Nami's shoulders slumped in defeat and she just send a pitiful look her sister's way, causing her to grin and brush through the girl's short black hair. 'I'll make sure nobody has to talk to you, kay?' she smiled.
    Nami weakly nodded and got up, obviously not happy about the situation, and made her finger light up with a small orb before drawing a circle in thin air. Once the circle was completed, it was a white portal Nami stepped into.
    Mina didn't particularly like the bright portal much, so shadows simply curled around her body and she vanished, reappearing in front of the house with Nami next to her.
    They both walked up to the house and simply knocked on the door out of respect.
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  5. True Blue Aussies, orange
    Blue truly loved the sun.

    Stretched out on the hot sand of a small beach, she smiled contentedly and shifted on the squeaky sand, hearing the cheery caw of the sea gulls around her, as they occasionally fought for the thrown hot chip of tourists and locals alike. The wash of water across the Australian sand, the gentle sigh of the waves and whispering of the wind. This was the place.

    This was home.

    Among the gums and the heat and the sun and dry heat of an Australian summer; this was her home. The water was warm but refreshing, drawing away from the heat of midday sun and attracting the sweet chime of children's voices and the soft murmur of older residents, down to the water. Answering the siren's call to the waves, to give life and laughter and joy. This was what she lived for, to bring friendship and joy and companionship and the warmth of the winter.

    The Australian Spirit was in true Aussie mode at the moment, as the day that commemorated everything she stood for quickly approached and everywhere, she saw the flag that meant so much to her, rippling in the wind like it was freedom in solid form. But her day was interrupted, as she felt the strange ripple of energy she recognised as Manny's influence- and it was headed from Japan.

    Pulling to her feet, she grabbed her towel and with a brief shake and snap of her wrists, grinned as the rough fabric transformed into the the Australian patterned sun dress she had come to love over the years. She slipped the colourful dress on and then with a breathy laugh, allowed the warm air of the ocean to carry her up and to where her creator called her to be.

    Which ended up being the house of a spirit she knew at least a little, the Cupid of Japan's White Day. With a grin, and a little shiver at the coldness of the air in wintery Japan, she alighted at the door of their meeting place, where she saw two spirits who were so twin-ish, it was so easily obvious. With a bright smirk, playful and happy, she rapped on the door as well.

    "'ow's your arvo goin? You two would be the equinox sheilas, right? Man, you guys just had a busy season and now you're both flat out like a lizard drinking."

    Sheila= girl or woman
    Flat out like a lizard drinking= to be busy, flat out
  6. Reaper clutched her scythe. She was in a graveyard, sitting on the shoulder of a large concrete angel that stood guard over a grave. She knew what was happening. Something in the darkness was stirring. It frightened her, since she always assumed fingers would automatically start pointing at her. Reaper girl took a deep breath, clutching her scythe to her chest. She slowly pushed off the angel. Before her feet touched the ground a large black skull appeared below her feet and began floating up. She but her bottom lip nervously.

    'Why bother visiting them? One look at your scythe and they're gonna think your evil. They'll assume your the one going evil.' Said the voice in her head. She moved a hand to her forehead and closed her eyes tightly. "Shut up. I'm not like you, they won't assume that. I'm.. good. I'm nice.." She whispers softly.

    It didn't take her black skull too long to get to the new Cupids home. Her skull was actually very fast. It had to be so she could get to peoples deaths on time. Once she arrived to the large mansion, Reaper Girls skull disappeared in black smoke and her feet landed delicately on the ground. she looked at the three others already outside the house. She clutched her scythe tighter out of nervousness. 'They have their backs turned.. they wouldn't know what's coming... You have your scythe. Do it!' Her eyes widened as she took a few steps away from them and into the shadow of a tree. She didn't dare go near the three.
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  7. Mina had looked up at the sound of a voice with a thick Australian accent, too obviously the spirit of the country itself. Nami had swiftly, but smoothely, stashed herself behind Mina, placing her twin between herself and the new arrival.
    Mina glanced at the Australian spirit and gave a casual wave and a soft grin. 'Well hi there. Yes, I'm Mina and behind me is my sister Nami. You got the message as well?' she asked.

    She could feel Nami tense up slightly as Reaper arrived. Nami felt kind of excited, Mina noticed, at the arrival of the spirit of Death. It seemed she enjoyed the presence of another spirit upholding balance, though in a slightly different way.
    She brushed past Mina's shoulder and her twin nodded in return.
    'I noticed her Nami, shall we go greet her later?' she suggested, receiving a shallow nod from the shorter haired girl.
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  8. Jill was in her hometown, roaming around her old neighborhood in which she lived in when she received the invitation to the big meeting. The spirit of April Fools was asleep on a very old yet stil surprisingly still standing tree in the park; the place was practically her home since she usually stayed there most of the time when she wasn't out pranking people. When she heard that she was going to Japan, she was excited. She hadn't been there in a while since April Fools was only a one-time thing every year. Almost immediately after hearing the news, Jill had leapt onto her feet and jumped into the sky. She hurled herself, using the small gusts of wind she was able to create, and head for the mansion in which she'd meet all the other spirits that Manny had summoned.

    After many hours of soaring through the sky, the green-haired teen had finally made it to her destination. She noticed that there were a few other spirits at the front doors of the Japanese style house, so she decided to greet them with a sweet, innocent smile on her face. "Hiya!"
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  9. The spirit of Easter was busy painting eggs, creating baskets and all around preparing for Easter when the summon came. He then started down a tunnel and in a short amount of time, a hole opened up in the front yard of the mansion and a pair of light blue ears came out checking if it was clear of any hostiles before he jumped out standing at 6'4" and shivered slightly before he said "could we hold our meetings somewhere warm every now and then?" He obviously wasn't a big fan of the cold since Jack frost's blizzard on Easter Sunday a few years back and his trip to North's castle to see what the commotion was about when pitch made his move.
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  10. Happy jumped when Henry surprised her, turning toward him she saw the paper dolls floating around her. Happy had a big smile on her face at this, Henry always had nice surprises whenever that got together. It was extra fun when a kid had a birthday on Christmas, 'cause than the two could work together.

    "Henry! You got a letter too? This is awesome, with the two of us we can make this place homey for everyone! Now, where is that present . . . " Happy started to look in her hat, sticking her whole arm in there. Then she felt it, Happy pulled out a brightly colored box with a big bow on top.

    "Here it is! Welcome to the party to be, Henry! Happy sang a bit while she handed him the box.
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  11. Henry Cavill, olive

    "Yeah this is going to be great!" Henry grabbed the box from Happy. "Thanks Happy, this is nice!" When Happy opened the box confetti popped out in the inside it was a beautiful flute, Henry had a thing about flutes he loved to collected every type there was. Henry flew around the room playing the new flute, he played Christmas Carols. "Wow Happy this is amazing thank you so much." Henry heard the door, he didn't know where Shiro was, she wouldn't mind if Henry let the other spirits in would she? Henry flew to the front door and swung it open. "Hey ladies and gentlemen! I don't know where the beautiful host is, she'll hopefully be down greeting us later." Henry ushered everyone in still playing his new flute without a care in the world.
  12. Reaper looked at the flute playing elf and ducked her head as she entered the home. Once inside, she separated from the others, keeping her distance yet still staying part of the group. Too many people made her anxious and unsure of what to do. She took a deep breath and looked about the home, releasing the air. The air that came out her mouth was ice cold. That happened a lot with her. She may not be a winter guardian, but hee body temperture was as cold as one. "What a lovely house.." she said in a small voice. She looked over to the two twin guardians. The guardian's of Balance. She was relieved to see Nami there. Nami made her slightly less nervous whenever she meet the guardian. She wasn't exactly sure why. Though she never questioned it. Why should she? She was just happy she wasn't completely nervous around everyone. But Reaper girl made no move to greet her. She didn't know how to greet her, since Reaper has a sever lack of social skills.

    Reaper bit her bottom lip nervously and turned her back to the group to gaze at a few knick-knacks on the walls. They were interesting. The glances around the entry room they were in and made her way to a vase of flower. She tugs her gloves on her hands to make sure they don't slip off and holds her breath as she looked at the flower. She learned from experience she could accidentally kill house plants by breathing on them, and she didn't want to give her host a bad impression. She gazed at the flowers as long as she could while holding her breath before she was forced to move away from them and renew the air in her lungs.
  13. Solider's Honor, Blue [​IMG]
    Being recognized once a year, the spirit of Veteran's day could hardly believe she was being invited to Japan. Despite being overseas on missions several times, Navii couldn't contain the excitement of being called on to help. As a human she worked herself hard to be recognized. Since she became a spirit, she learned not everything had a standard. The way people acted and dressed to change with the times. So as a spirit she needed to change too. How to come about this change, she had no clue. Perhaps this meeting will help resolve that issue.

    Using her power of teleportation, she thought of Shiro Aikomura's house. Arriving in Japan had its disadvantages too. Long distances made her feel a little dizzy upon entry. She was taken aback by what she saw. Seeing the architecture of this place was astounding, nothing could compare to it. The difference in the landscape, was staggering. Japan had an air about that Navii liked. She could get used to living here. Hearing a lot of chatter, Navii was pulled out of her thoughts. She came here to be useful. The least she could do was offer some help in exchange of information.

    She made her way to the steps and saw the twins, The Aussie and the Elf. That's what she called them anyway. Noticing that Henry, the spirit of Presents....Chief of Presents, invited everyone in. She couldn't help but walk inside only to be even more blown away by the decorations inside. Various paintings and vases lined the walls and tables. A flute could be heard playing. Henry was good at cheering people up. Navii felt less bothered about the meeting and decided to talk to Henry. She walked over to him and stuck out her hand. "I see your doing well, Henry. How are things?"
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  14. Henry Cavill, olive

    Henry grew in excitement once he saw Navii, she wasn't the most hyper and exaggerated person like him but she was a great spirit to have around. Instead of shaking her hand Henry gave Navii a giant hug. Henry may not look like the typical strong man type but he was strong enough to take Navii off her feet for a few seconds. "I'm doing amazing Navii!!!! I can't wait to see what we have to do. I hope that with all us together we can take this evil out." Henry looked over at Reaper Girl, they didn't really know each other they were on separated planes literally. Maybe later today Henry could get her to open up; he liked to break down the walls of the shy closed off people. "Anyway Navii what have you been up too lately? Any new spirits from the armies come by you?"
  15. Once they were inside Mina started to look around the house interested. She smiled faintly as she looked at the paintings on the wall and the other decorations. Nami took her chance to escape the crowd somewhat by moving over to Reaper, one of few spirits that didn't cause her to be uncomfortable.
    She walked towards the girl and stood a respectable distance away from her.
    ' Reaper...' she spoke softly, giving the girl a gentle nod of acknowledgement.
    Mina smiled as she saw her sister socializing and headed on through the house.
  16. There so many friends around! Happy was just shaking with joy with having this many spirits in one place. She reached into her hat to bring out even more presents for everyone, each brightly colored with bows on top. Happy handed one to each spirit, saying hello to each of them. When she gave Navii her present, Happy gave her a salute before moving on to Reaper. Happy remembered that when she died that Reaper was there, to Happy Reaper had done her the greatest kindness when her time came. Happy knew that Reaper didn't like to be around others much so when she pulled out Reaper's gift, Happy quieted down as to not bring too much attention the girl of death.

    "Welcome to our get together Reaper. I hope you like it." Happy handed her the box with a kind smile, hoping that the girl would feel welcome.
  17. Once the gates were opened and everyone that had arrived so far filed inside, there were slippers for everyone to put on. A girl in a green yukata , known as the Leprechaun, stood, waiting for them. Shiro had given the child-like spirit the yukata to wear while she stayed with her. "Top o' mornin to you!" she greeted with a wave-salute, "Miss Shiro would like you to take off your shoes and put these on." she said before anyone had a chance to step on the cerry wood floor. She waited for people to follow her orders before leading them to main hall where Shiro was waiting. "Miss Shiro, I've brought the guests that've arrived so far!"

    "Alright, let them in." came from inside the room. Shiro was sitting there in her own yukata tending to a bonsai tree. As she cut a final branch she put her trimming scissors down and stood, bowing before her honored guests. "Welcome everyone, please sit down and my doves will tend to your needs."
  18. Reaper took a hesitant step back at all of the attention she was gaining. She moved her scythe in front of hee as if to attempt to hide behind it. 'They're in your bubble. Give them a reason to stay away..!' The voice said in her head. She flinched slightly at the voice. She didn't like that voice. It got in the way. She nodded her head to Nami as if to say hello without words. She gave a faint and, frankly, pathetic smile at the girl but it left just as quickly as it came. She looked over to Happy the guardian of birthday celebrations. Then her gaze dropped to the box while her hands twisted around the handle of her scythe. "Wh... What's in the present..? I-if you don't mind my asking." She knew presents were suppose to be surprises but she had bad experiences in the past with being surprised.
  19. When Reaper flinched away from her, Happy felt hurt but try not to let it show. Happy didn't normally tell people what was in their presents before they opened them, it ruined the surprise. But if it made Reaper feel better than Happy would what it would take to do so.

    "Its a new pair of gloves, I know how much you like your gloves so. . . . I didn't mean to frighten you. If that is what I did, I'm sorry." Happy spoke softer than before, trying to keep a calm air around her. Happy then put the gift on the floor between the two of them, then Happy went to get her slippers and say hi to the fairy of the green isle. Happy handed her a warped box with a big smile, Reaper would come around when she's ready and when she was Happy would be there for her.

    "Hiya little green fairy! Thank you for leading the way!"
  20. Mina looked up at the girl coming down the stairs and removed her shoes as Leprechaun requested it. To accomodate the slippers they were given her clothing changed to a black yukata with red flowers on it.
    She tied up her hair in a high ponytail and walked towards the room Shiro was in, sitting down while straightening out her yukata. ' Thank you for accommodating us.' she said respectfully.

    Nami had looked at Reaper and the present interested and glanced at the girl that asked them to remove their shoes. She took her sister's example and changed her clothing to a white yukata with blue and light purple flowers to fit with the slippers she was given.
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