The Guardians of Twilight

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  1. Hello, my name's Caramon, and I'm in need of some assistance on something I've been trying to work on for a long while now, but I never could get other people to help me with it, so I'm here asking if anyone would be willing to help me bring one of the worlds I've created to life.

    The world I wish to show you now is a world set in our time, where the descendants of the Nephilim, the people who married the Fallen Angels, are slowly becoming aware of the great powers locked away inside them, yet they are unable to control them without the aid of little beings from the Veil that refer to themselves as Guardians.

    "The Guardians of Twilight are a small race of gentle beings that live inside of the Veil, the dividing line that separates the Light from the Dark, in which other beings of darker intent dwell.
    This is where we too exist.
    The Guardians do not possess much power on their own, and so must use mediums that are able to harness the energies of the Veil, and train them in the use of said energies.
    Very few are able to harness, or even manifest these energies in our plane of existence, as the omniverse is protected from the energies of the Veil, and only when there is a tear opened on this side may those who have the potential to become human Guardians be summoned to defend their reality." -Jaiece Valarius, Head Master Guardian, The Guardian of Twilight

    If anyone's interested, please post below, and I'll get to work on the introductory post as soon as I have enough people to get this going.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this, and please post any comments or ideas you may have so that I can try to make this as enjoyable as I can.
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  2. I think I'd be interested :)
  3. Alrighty, I just have to figure out whether this should be a !Jump In! thread or not, then I can decide whether or not I can start it now.