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  1. (Listen to Stength Of A Thousand Men (Dubstep Mix) by Two Steps From Hell)

    We are the chosen ones for this journey. You all have been chosen to fight for the world. You are the Guardians of the Fallen. You shall rise after we fall. If you have received this, you are chosen for such an incredible journey to Galaxies, other Worlds, defeat creatures you've never thought could be real. Your imagination will rise. Put your strength and skills to the test, push them over the limit. You will be joined by others as of such. They shall and will become your family, your team. Take heed to my words as I speak to you. Accept, for you are the chosen.

    This is a Medieval Fantasy Action and Romance Type rp. This is my first one ever made like this, I usually don't make these types but I'm willing to give it a try. Here's the rules, no bullshit or any of the like. Post regularly, if possible, don't keep others waiting, I don't care how long the posts are just don't make it ridiculously long, that's retarded, we are in a rp, not a book. No god modding, don't kill off any characters, unless given permission by the player. Warning: Their will be blood and gore as well. Such as Romance,Drama, Jealousy and such. I want a equal amount of woman and men. I really want to do this rp, I have also selects certain songs to go with the fight scenes and such. PM for more info or if you want to ask any questions. Make a CS and I'll check it out. :)

    (Damn, I messed up, look for this in the Sign ups section to post the CS. Do apologize)
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    Arashi took a look at the letter she received a few days ago that announced that she was the second chosen. After receiving the letter from the messenger, she read it calmly. Thinking it was some sort of joke she spoke to the messenger that sent her the letter, but to no avail, he didn't reveal anything besides restating the contents of the paper. After putting a lot of thought into it, she decided to go to the location the letter had stated the chosen should go. Without knowing anything else, she departed from her home town and thus, arriving in a completely different location to where she was supposed to meet with the other chosen ones.

    Every movement of hers was graceful as she walked towards the gate, not seeing anyone who seemed to be who she was supposed to be looking for. When she asked the gatekeeper if anyone beside her had arrived, they shook their head, staring at her in awe and surprise from her strange politeness. Deciding to wait patiently for the others arrival, she stood on the sidelines and fixed her traditional, demon-horned mask, straightening out her kimono and brushed her hand through her long, raven-black hair. Crossing her arms, she leaned back, against a tree to be shaded from the sun and waited for the others arrival as she listened to the spirits of the dead in the new town speak to her.

    (I didn't have an understanding of how the chosen were supposed to meet >_< so if I did anything wrong, please tell me so I can edit and fix my mistakes ^^)
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  3. "Go. Ashitek calls."

    The flames diminished, then they were embers in the fireplace. Serei turned and walked to the dresser at the other end of the room. On top of it was a large piece of leather, three dimensional, as if some sort of item were inside it. She picked it up and tied it with thick rope to her back, awkwardly position between her wings. A light click noise signified that the glamour had been cast, and an elegant hand waved slightly, extinguishing the three candles lighting the dim room.

    "Athkreal slovorna laeken korekiil..."

    The words were hollow, and they echoed like dull thunder through the room. A trained ear could make out that the side wall was an illusion, and it was this wall that faded now. What was behind it was much stranger. A pentagram had been painted onto the wall in a thick crimson liquid, and the elemental symbols for fire, air, earth, dark and light had been painted, one in each spike.

    The room lit up slightly once more as the shadows drew themselves into a mimic position over the rune, then exploded with a black light. She stepped towards this.

    Somewhere, in a town, a black cat wandered seemingly out of a wall. It paused, and observed it's surroundings. Of notable interest were a person in a demon mask, who the cat assumed to be a street performer, and a large gate, which the cat assumed to be the main entrance.
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  4. Liam heard his door bell go off and instantly jumped up. He didn't say anything but just quietly walked over to the door and put on his coat which covered his face. He opened the door and two strange men opened were standing their. "Liam Anderson?" the man side. He looked at them and was about to close the door but the guy stepped his foot in front of the door and blocked it. "We are in a need of your assistance. You are the chosen one. You are the first to be receiving this. We know who you are and what you are. We've traveled from all over the galaxies to find you. We've been watching you." he said as the other man gave him an envelope and he opened it and read it. He looked up and was about to close the door. "We already have your things and what you need. You have to come, you have no choice. The universe and the world needs you." he said. Liam looked at them and then around, he looked down and his big fat fluffy cat loved on his leg "Oh, we forgot one." the man said and picked it up and within a flash, he warped and then came back. Liam just stood their and then nodded as he closed the door and locked it. The walked to a limo and got it. "We are honored to be in your presence, the Chosen One." he said. Liam didn't say anything but nodded.

    45 minutes later, they arrived at this big place. It looked different, he could sense it. He looked up and then around the huge building. "We are here. Ah, the others are here. Splendid." the man said. The got out and the man walked on Liams side and opened his door "Chosen Once?" he said as he got out and saw the other people looking at the same. The letter said that their are others that are chosen, but he was the first. He walked up toward the building, passing the others. No one could see his face but his hand nearly lit up as he saw the gatekeeper. "Calm yourself, my Chosen One. You are the key to opening this gate." he said. He looked back at the others and the two men standing just a few feet away from him. They nodded. Liam lifted up his hand and wind began to pick up as a shine of light shot to his and the gate unlocked. The gatekeeper smiled. The rest just nodded their head. "I was right...the world and universe depends on you and the ones that shall arrive." he said as he sat his hand on his shoulder. Liam didn't like to be touched but the gatekeeper didn't seem like a threat but he stepped away anyways. He chuckled as he saw Liam move "You'll do just fine." he said as he looked at the others. "Do come inside. We must get this started, we have a very very long journey ahead of us." he said as he looked up and smiled. Liam followed as he looked back and stood away from the others as far as he could. 'Chosen One? I hate this..' he thought to himself. 'I wonder who else may be coming.' he thought once more.
  5. ((Doesnt it say MEDIEVAL fantasy as both a tag and in the OP? I was under the premise that it was just that. No doorbells, or limos.))
  6. (I changed it. It's both and by the way, if you read it correctly, I said "From Other Galaxies and of the such")
  7. 'You have been chosen.' The man repeated as she looked up at him. All she could do was make small mewing sounds at him as he stretched his arm out towards her. He held out a small envelope to which she cautiously grabbed from him. How had her day turned out this odd? She had been hunting a small mouse in an alley way when a large, threatening looking human towered over her.

    The man looked quite pleased as she took the envelope from him and opened it. 'I'm the fifth?' She smiled at the sight of her lucky number as the man nodded at her, offering her his hand to help her up off the ground where she sat. She gladdly took it as she followed him closely behind. Never had a human showed such kindness to her. She pulled the neck of her jumper up over her cheeks to hide her whiskers as they walked throught the streets, uncertain of when she was headed. The humans stared at her, regardless of her attempts to hide her face but with the man protecting her nothing was said, nothing was done, no one dared to hurt her.

    She arrived at a gate where others stood, her face still hidden by ther jumper incase their intentions towards her would be hostile. She turned to nod at her escort and he nodded back as she walked up to the humans, stopping at a safe distance away.
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  8. Liam looked around and saw a girl with eh escorts 'She must be pretty important as well. Her and I seem to only have escorts on our side..' he thought as he looked at her curiously. One of her escorts nodded at him, like he knew something. The Gatekeepers stopped in front of the door and turned around. He looked at the the other gatekeepers and then at the Chosen Ones. "Welcome, my Chosen Ones, for I am what you call a Gatekeeper or for the real term of such is a Guardian." he said as he looked at Liam and then at the other girl but back at Liam. "Liam....would you please, open the door." he said as Liam looked around again. "Go on.." his escorts said.

    Liam stepped forward but looked at the girl with the hidden face, it felt like slow motion but then as he looked at the door, it felt strange. He stuck up his hand once more and a beam of light shot to his hand once more but this hurt more than the last one. "Mmmmmmmmmph........hmmmmmmmph.." he groaned as his body began to heat up, smoke floating off his body. His hood kept his face hidden really well. The door opened as Liam fell to one knee and then stood up and shook his head. The Gatekeeper smiled "You are strong...can you continue?" he asked. Liam didn't say a word and stood on his two feet and nodded. "Good." he said but he looked at the girl with the hidden face "You, my dear are the only one that can open the last door. Free your mind and heart. You will not be harmed here. Lets move on." he said as everyone walked behind him. His escorts followed Liam and kept watch. From the outside looked creepy but from the inside looked totally different. It wasn't like anything worldy. Like..more high tech. Creatures walked around and little Orcs did as well. 'What is this place?' he thought to himself. Then a man walked up from above "Howdy ya'll." a man in a suite. 'The President?' he thought as his eyes widened.

    "Welcome to Guardians of the Fallen." he said with a big smile.
  9. She watched as the one who had been called 'Liam' opened the gate, which seemed to have taken a tole on him as he fell to his knee but quickly regained himself. She narrowed her eyes at him as he looked at her, she didn't want to draw attention to herself. The man who had introduced himself as the 'Gatekeeper' adressed her, though his reasurance didn't make her any less cautious about this situation. She stayed close the her new companion, though she felt odd she didn't really know anything about him. 'Why are you here?' She whispered up to him, unsure as to why a human like him would be protecting something like her. 'I am just here until you can control yourself.' She didn't really understand what he meant by that but felt as if that was all he was willing to say.

    The building was quite eerie, casting a dark shadow over those who approached its doors. It looked as though it may be quite an old building, like those out of a horror movie where there are monsters and... These thoughts were awful and she slipped behind her companion, hiding incase there were actually monsters inside. The large doors opened to reveal an almost futuristic room, completely contrasting to what the outside was. she peeked out from behind him and stood in awe.
  10. riddick was on the planet taria. he was a great warrior and was serving the high priestess when he was handed the letter from her and told to go. he took the jump portal. after going through the jump portal he ended up in another dimension and noticed some one opening a portal. riddick hid in the shadows.
  11. Arashi stood in the distance, leaning against the tree she was standing at and watched the group of people silently as the gatekeepers spoke, explaining the situation. One of the gate keepers was speaking to the boy named Liam and another girl, telling them they were able to open the gates. As she listened to their conversation, Arashi decided to stay where she was and closed her eyes, listening to the voices that surrounded her, belonging to none of the living. She was used to the voices by now, it was all she ever heard the day she was born and most of them were unfriendly, begging her to save them as others taunted her. crossing her arms, she heaved a sigh and put a hand on her ear to signal to the raging souls that she did not want to listen to their pleas of reviving back to the world of the living.

    As she was distracted by all the voices muffled in her ears, she was unable to distinguish the one's of the living that were around her and did not notice that they entered a portal, for her eyes were closed as she was letting out an aura to calm the spirits and to make them leave her alone.
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  12. (Sorry, but the gatekeeper was tallking to Nekos character :( and Wolfs Rain, go set up a CS in the Jumpin Discussions before you post any further, please and thank you.)

    Liam saw the man speak to everyone and looked at Liam and Neko "We've been expecting you two. Especially you, Liam." he said as he walked toward him. Liams hand opened a little and was stepping back. "Don't be alarmed. I won't hurt you." he said as he smiled and put his hand on his shoulder. He looked at everyone "As all of you know, you have been chosen to be Guardians of the Fallen. Protectors of the worlds and galaxies. This won't be a easy task nor will it be impossible. You will put your skills to the test and push them over the limits. You will be a team. Think of this as...the military but you get paid a hell of a lot more." He said as he looked at Liam and waved him over. As Liam did, everyone in the building stopped in their tracks and watched him, it was awkward, very. He stood close to the president and looked at him. Soon a door began to form, it was something out of a movie. He didn't know what to think. It finished forming and it stood almost as tall as a 20 story building. He looked up at it. "You are the key to this door. This door way to other galaxies and worlds. Show us that we chose right." he said and stepped back behind Neko "Wait and you will walk up beside him and open this door with him. You are also the key." he said.

    Liam stood directly in the middle. He felt stronger for some reason. He spread his hands apart and soon his entire body took aflame. He spread his arms, and a beam of light formed and as soon as he put his hands together, the light zoomed straight into his hands. It burned and the fire on him built and built. The door lit up and a shield surrounding it started to crack. The beam was beginning to way him down. "Mmmmmmmmmaaahhhhhh!!!" he yelled as the fire built up more around. Then his flames began to change colors, and the build more. " is your time, he needs you, Neko.." he said and stepped away.
  13. (Gah! Σ(゚д゚lll)I'm so sorry _| ̄|○ I probably didn't read carefully. Don't worry, I already fixed and edited my post (^_^)ゞ)
  14. Oh OK. Just because its other galaxies doesnt make them more or less developed. If anything that makes it sound futuristic. Either way, expect me to drop out at some point if I feel I don't like where it's going. I'm also confused as to what exactly is happening now. I imagined I was in some sort of 1200-s style area, but reading your descriptions it sounds like you're in a modern day area so mind if my char meets you like in the area between dimensions/galaxies/realms?
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  15. "M-Me...?"
    How does he know who i am...?
    She looked over at the one called 'Liam' as he spread his arms apart and was engulfed in flames. The flickering fire sparked something deep within her mind as she held her head, the pain growig stronger within. As if she were a different person she regained herself, standing by Liams side as she mimiced him. Her flames danced over her skin, never burning. THIS was her element and it would not dare to harm its wielder. She kept this up, clearly not in any pain though her energy was expending fast.
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  16. (It's fine :) and ok Raitonigu. And that can happen, you were traveled through time or something by them be creative with your mind but if you drop out you drop out.)

    Liam felt like he was getting stronger but at the same time it burnt and hurt him. It wasn't the fire around him that burnt it was the beam from the door that surged through his body. Soon all was lifted and was equal in his pain. He looked to the right of him and saw a the girl, Neko, standing next to him and doing the same as his. Their fire combined perfectly "Amazing...just amazing." the President said as he looked at the others. Them got stronger and stronger as the shield began to decrease and was no more. The beam made a zooming sound and got louder and louder and then it exploded around Neko and Liam. It was the power of the door that led to other places. They unlocked.

    Liam stood their like he just got done fighting a whole country. Steaming floating off his body. The flame around his hand was calm and surging around his whole hand, both hands. He breathed in and out, his breathing was rough and rasp. He looked a Neko and just stared at her. He nodded as he saw the same to her hands. He was about to say something but someone spoke before him. "Beautiful! Just beautiful!" a man said but was a little Orc looking thing. He walked over to Neko and Liam. "Such power you have. You two formed perfectly with unlocking the door." he said as he looked at the others, "Now, I am Dr. Orchina, I will be analyzing your skills as we put you through training. You have 2 days before you will be sent off to defend what can not do anymore." he said as he smiled. "Now, I will be putting you and another person to train and then fight against each other, see them as another enemy. Test your skills, don't get cocky." he said as he looked at Liam and Neko "You two will be up first." he said with a big smile. "Now, all of you follow me to the Training Room." he said with a giggle "This will be fun." he snarled as he rubbed his hands together.
  17. The cat watched as the buildings dissolved around it. The tiny particles of brick floated off with the breeze, and the ground was replaced with a strange, illusory material. Far below the cat, stars twinkled. Actually, all around the cat, stars twinkled, and yet, the ground was solid material. Now that it thought about it, the cat realised it was a cat no longer, and had resumed it's normal guise. "What is this place and why cant I do anything?" The voice was frustrated, it knew it was powerless here. Another voice answered it, echoing deep through the area, a breath on the wind and through the cliffs.

    "welcome to hell..." a booming laughter thundered through the sky. "I will be your guide today. And to answer your question, you cannot do anything here because in this realm, neither light or darkness exists. We are in a gap, a glitch, a fault in the universe. Somewhere that was never intended to exist, and yet, here it is." The owner of the voice appeared. It was a slight form, constructed of what seemed to be a faint grey, clear gel substance. "From here I can observe the birth and death of any number of galaxies, look there." The grey thing pointed a finger. It's target was a relatively close by planetoid. It was a bright orange in colour, with yellow and red parts. "The lighter colour indicates where the fire is hotter. If you listen carefully, you can hear the people scream."

    He gestured again, this time to a section of a distant asteroid belt. "Watch as birth comes out of death." a smaller asteroid collided with a large one, and so did several others. "Those asteroids used to be a planet too. If I remember correctly, they had almost discovered lightspeed travel. A shame really. Anyway, look here. This is our destination." They walked towards a blue planet. It was quite small, and it looked rather insignificant. "I have gifted you with the knowledge you will require to understand this world in time. You have two days." With that, Serei found herself standing at the end of a corridor. A man in a suit walked towards her, followed by 2 other people. According to the databank, this man was called the "president".
  18. She felt as if she were about to pass out, her body drained. Once it was over she slumped a little, her white hair falling over her face as she panted. The flame in her palms were controlled, shaped in a perfect orb as it continued to burn blue in colour. She clenched her hands i to fists, absorbing what was left of the flame and raised get hands to pull her jumper down from her face. She took in a deep breath and sweapt her hair back behind her with her hands. She couldn't remember the last time she was more human and able to control her fire.

    "Beautiful..." An unfamiliar voice spoke, making her straighten herself up as she listened i tensly to the short, ugly creature. He reminded her of something from a fairytale. "You two will be up first." The ugly creature gestured to her and the one called Liam. She looked at him before taking a step away, putting some much needed distance between them. She hadn't realised how close they had been standing until now. "...Follow me..." The creature continued, a smirk spread across its face, making it look even uglier. It sent shivers down her spine. With no other choice she followed the creature slowly, wincing with each step she took.
  19. Arashi, opened her eyes realizing that the two people who were near the gate, were gone. Sighing, she walked towards the gatekeepers that she talked to previously and asked them where they went. The two gatekeepers gave her a strange look, wondering why she wasn't with them, but shrugged at each other and told her that they passed through a portal. Not giving her much information, Arashi decided to rely on her ability with communicating to the souls that were wandering around her. Going to a location where she was not visible, she spoke to them. After all, it would be starnge for people to see her talking to herself. Agreeing to her request to be sent to where the others were, a black shadow from below her engulfed her as if she was swallowed by the ground and emerged into a room that looked as if it was for training. Looking around, she saw two people that she saw earlier in flames and another girl standing on standby.

    At the moment, her presence was unknown as she approached the girl standing on the sidelines and stood a few distance away. Arashi wasn't particularly bothered by being unnoticed, she found it quite reliable at times for having a weak presence and was usually thankful for it. Silently watching what was going on, she didn't need to hear an explanation as to what was happening since the voices whispering around her, had told her what had happened. Crossing her arms, she watched the scene before her and quieted the voices that surrounded her.
  20. Liam and Neko followed the little Orc into the training room. "Now, you two stand on the platform." he said as he did so. He looked around and a force field surrounded the arena. He looked at Neko and the the Doctor. "NOW. I want you two to fight. Test your skills. Don't worry, you can't kill one another. This is a training exercise, not gladiator." he said. Liam looked at the doctor baffled and shook his head. He doesn't fight woman, let alone hurt them in any way. He wasn't like that. He spent almost his entire life watching that when he was growing up. He doesn't like that. The doctor looked at him and chuckled "Oh?You don't want to fight her? Clearly you are hell of a lot stronger than her, Mr. Anderson. I mean come one. You opened 3 doors. Fight her and prove to your skills that you are worthy. She isn't as strong as you." he said as he looked at Neko. It wasn't true, he was just saying that to see what she would do. Agitate her, prove she was stronger. Liam still shook his head. He looked at Neko and shook his head "No..." he said and that was all he said, nothing more. He saw a stance and flopped his head back 'Damn it....' he thought into his head. He looked at the others who stood and watched. He didn't want to fight her but than again he had no choice. Dr. Orchina smiled "This will be fun to watch." he said as everyone gathered around to watch the fight.
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