The Guardians of The Elements

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  1. Hi, I'm Infinatis, Infin for short. So this is my first very own roleplay. 5 000 years ago the great creator made the elemental dragons of Fire, Air, Water and Earth. With all of them forging the earth with the creator making life with his light turning himself into a dragon. but an evil element forms. The element of Darkness! The humans that lived on earth had to fight the new enemys and for it to happen 4 distinct warriors had to harness the power of the elemental dragons. After the shadow people were trapped in a prison dimension. But now the evil has been released and the descendants of the elemental heroes must band together to collect 4 elementall stone to soummon the dragon of light to slay the shadows for good

    So here is the rules: No swearing, No Gore and No nudity

    Here's the template for your character to be on.

    Name (Something medievally):
    Age (16-30) :
    Element(Water,Air,Fire or earth. dont use and element somebody already used):
    Weapon(Try to make it fit the element):
    Skill(Any skills or abilities that'll make you usefull):
    Appearance(Height, clothes and looks):
    Extra Details(Optional):
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