The Guardians of Lux

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  1. “The city of Lux was supposed to be a joint effort between the great powers of the world so that they could show the people that they could cooperate with each other. The city was founded in a completely neutral zone, on a large, empty island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, in the year that is now referred to as the Year of Foundation. Many thought that this city would encourage tolerance, acceptance and cooperation, and for the first few years, they were right: Lux was a small, but very-well managed city, which treated its citizens with respect and equality.

    Naturally, people started flowing into Lux, and that was when the problems started. The sudden, rapid explosion in the city’s population could not have been handled by its current government, not to mention the infrastructure. Thus, the city came close to the verge of collapse in just a few months, but the great powers interfered, restoring order and safety to Lux in a matter of weeks. Known criminals were banned from entering the city, the recently-appearing slums were cleaned up, and equality was restored. However, during the crisis, Lux’s government established a regular army, and granted the police force extraordinary authority.

    Of course, none of the great powers would have that, so Lux’s army was disabled, the police force’s rights forcibly re-defined, thus leaving many people out of their jobs. However, it was at this time that Lux’s slow rise to being one of the great powers begun, as it announced its university project. Lux, with the permission of the great powers, established six universities, and gathered the greatest minds from around the planet to start developing new technologies, and teach a new generation of engineers. The project was a huge success, as in a few years’ time, students of Lux’s new universities surpassed any other in both theoretical and practical knowledge.

    Slowly, but surely, Lux became the educational centre of the whole world, then the centre of technological development for any country or company that could afford its prices. The city continued to grow, and soon, talks begun about the city declaring complete independence of the nations that funded it. The great powers agreed after much negotiation, since they decided that Lux would be unable to function without their funding, and thus, still held a great amount of control over the city. That turned out to be a mistake.

    Within months of declaring independence, Lux secured enough funds to keep itself going without support from other nations, effectively establishing itself as a self-sufficient and considerably powerful state. Naturally, the great powers did not like the idea of their investments going to waste, thus they attacked Lux in the only way they could: using their army. The takeover was presented to the masses as if it was for the benefit of Lux, to defend it against other aggressors, but the university students of Lux knew the true reason, and begun planning how to restore Lux’s independence.

    The solution came with the Image Materialisation System, or IMS, a new weapon, which could turn even an untrained soldier into a war machine. Although the six universities developed slightly different versions of the weapon, each of them was equally effective. When the day of the revolution finally came, Lux was liberated in a matter of days, in no small part due to the strength of the IMS, but instead of being sung as heroes, Lux declared IMS to be an unethical weapon because of its method of construction, and outlawed its use. A more traditional military was established, and IMS-users who wanted to keep their powers went into hiding.

    It is now 104 After Foundation according to the Lux calendar, and once again, tensions are high. Lux has cut itself off from the rest of the world, refusing to engage in political matters, and stopping all emigration or immigration. The great powers of the world are trying their best to cope with the gap that the loss of Lux has left in their educations as advanced machines starting to fail rapidly around the globe, starting a crisis. It seems like once again, the power of the IMS, and the Guardians of Lux will be needed to set everything right.”

    So yeah, this is an idea that has been in my head for quite some time. Basically, characters would be IMS-users who have to hide from the government of Lux, while protecting it at the same time. I have not worked out how the IMS would work, but I am thinking of something like weapons storage, or possibly a weapon that creates weapons out of thoughts. Anybody interested?
  2. GOOD IDEA. - w- I like it.
    I probably can't play.
    But! I wish you luck. <3<3
    > w<
    I clicked it because I saw 'Lux' and thought League of Legends.

  3. The idea itself is awesome, I would be very interested in playing a part in this roleplay.

    As for the IMS, I'm curious how you intended it to effect people. Was it more in the sense it offered them a superior physical and mental capacity or did it actually give them a certain 'power'?

    Let me know, it's really a great idea.
  4. A very interesting idea and one I would be interested in RPing with. :)

    As for the IMS, could it possibly be some technology with the capability to allow a user to learn the methods of war, defense, weapons, tactics etc., through mental osmosis? Meaning information ran would imprint on the brain giving full knowledge to the user? Or even a 2-stage process...the mental side and physical enhancements. But in order to sustain said abilities, the user needed to consume a small elixir of sorts? And part of the underground movement is creating said elixir to restore the IMS users?

    Just some of my thoughts, but it sounds pretty cool! Let me know if you start it up and I would be interested in joining! :)
  5. Hey there,

    I'm still pretty new here, but I really like this idea as well. :) I would definately join.
  6. All right, that is a small, but decent group. I will attempt to post the OOC tomorrow.
  7. Sorry for the delay, but as always, real life has intervened. The OOC thread is now up in Sci-fi roleplays and signups!