The Guardians of Lux

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  1. “The city of Lux was supposed to be a joint effort between the great powers of the world so that they could show the people that they could cooperate with each other. The city was founded in a completely neutral zone, on a large, empty island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, in the year that is now referred to as the Year of Foundation. Many thought that this city would encourage tolerance, acceptance and cooperation, and for the first few years, they were right: Lux was a small, but very-well managed city, which treated its citizens with respect and equality.

    Naturally, people started flowing into Lux, and that was when the problems started. The sudden, rapid explosion in the city’s population could not have been handled by its current government, not to mention the infrastructure. Thus, the city came close to the verge of collapse in just a few months, but the great powers interfered, restoring order and safety to Lux in a matter of weeks. Known criminals were banned from entering the city, the recently-appearing slums were cleaned up, and equality was restored. However, during the crisis, Lux’s government established a regular army, and granted the police force extraordinary authority.

    Of course, none of the great powers would have that, so Lux’s army was disbanded, the police force’s rights forcibly re-defined, thus forcing many people out of their jobs. However, it was at this time that Lux’s slow rise to being one of the great powers begun, as it announced its university project. Lux, with the permission of the great powers, established six universities, and gathered the greatest minds from around the planet to start developing new technologies, and teach a new generation of engineers. The project was a huge success, as in a few years’ time, students of Lux’s new universities surpassed any other in both theoretical and practical knowledge.

    Slowly, but surely, Lux became the educational centre of the whole world, then the centre of technological development for any country or company that could afford its prices. The city continued to grow, and soon, talks begun about the city declaring complete independence of the nations that funded it. The great powers agreed after much negotiation, since they decided that Lux would be unable to function without their funding, and thus, still held a great amount of control over the city. That turned out to be a mistake.

    Within months of declaring independence, Lux secured enough funds to keep itself going without support from other nations, effectively establishing itself as a self-sufficient and considerably powerful state. Naturally, the great powers did not like the idea of their investments going to waste, thus they attacked Lux in the only way they could: using their army. The takeover was presented to the masses as if it was for the benefit of Lux, to defend it against other aggressors, but the university students of Lux knew the true reason, and begun planning how to restore Lux’s independence.

    The solution came with the Image Materialisation System, or IMS, a new weapon, which could turn even an untrained soldier into a war machine. Although the six universities developed slightly different versions of the weapon, each of them was equally effective. When the day of the revolution finally came, Lux was liberated in a matter of days, in no small part due to the strength of the IMS, but instead of being sung as heroes, Lux declared IMS to be an unethical weapon because of its method of construction, and outlawed its use. A more traditional military was established, and IMS-users who wanted to keep their powers went into hiding.

    It is now 104 After Foundation according to the Lux calendar. Ten years have passed since the aforementioned events, and tensions are growing high again. Lux has cut itself off from the rest of the world, refusing to engage in political matters, and stopping all emigration or immigration. The great powers of the world are trying their best to cope with the gap that the loss of Lux has left in their educations as advanced machines starting to fail rapidly around the globe, starting a crisis. It seems like once again, the power of the IMS, and the Guardians of Lux will be needed to set everything right.”

    It has been ten years since the so-called Guardians of Lux were founded, and liberated the city from its oppressors. This highly secret organisation consists of those who are, or were, members of the six universities of Lux, and invariably share a common trait: they are all in possession of a device called Image Materialisation System, or IMS. Despite its potential as a weapon, the use of this device was banned by Lux’s government, however, these people chose to keep them, fearing that the power of the IMS might be needed again.

    Luckily, the IMS have been built so that they can be disguised as everyday objects, but this also prevents the Guardians of Lux from recognising each other. While some members have even worked together on the project, and thus, are aware of each other, others only know of the organisation’s existence, and many members are not willing to identify themselves as such. Needless to say, this is a double edged sword, as while it prevents the Guardians of Lux from recognising each other in public, it also prevents government interference if one of them is discovered, as using an IMS is comparable to treason according to Lux’s laws.

    The IMS

    The IMS itself is a device built to manipulate energy, and has a small fusion reactor as its power source. It attempts to replicate whatever image its user has in mind, and create effects accordingly. While the machine can interpret images on the spot, this takes time, and makes the user vulnerable. Therefore, the Guardians of Lux have created programs, which generate pre-determined effects, and are only associated with a specific phrase, gesture, or a combination of both, thus they do not require much concentration. Effects generated by programs will appear instantaneously, and the IMS will never interpret a command associated with a program if it is out of context. Certain defensive programs can be activated by the IMS itself to protect its user, and a defensive program will always take precedence over an offensive program.

    However, the main weaponry of the IMS consists not of programs, but rather, of so-called Channelled Weapons. These weapons are designed to work with the IMS, and help to focus effects generated through images or programs. They range from melee sabres and simple pistols to Gatling cannons and anti-tank rifles. They are also one of the few devices that can harm an IMS-user that can be carried by a single person.

    An additional function of the IMS is that it comes with a large subspace storage, which can store equipment associated with the IMS. This includes Channelled Weapons and light-weight armour designed to fly, and work with the IMS. However, it should be noted that the armour, while it can withstand continuous fire from most kinds of anti-personnel weaponry, is to be considered the last line of defence that is standing between an IMS-user and a horrible death. Also, every item carried by the IMS may be summoned independently of each other.

    It should be noted that the six universities have created six different versions of the IMS, which are considered equally powerful. These are the following:

    Tiresias University: The IMS developed by this university is focused on tactical and strategic management, meaning that it has an easy-to-comprehend battle interface, which automatically highlights possible threats, vulnerabilities or situational advantages. It is geared towards outsmarting one’s opponent.

    Odysseus University: The IMS developed by this university is focused on speed and manoeuvrability, meaning that it is able to adjust the acceleration, velocity and direction of its user nearly immediately, allowing for seemingly impossible moves. It is geared towards hit-and-run operations.

    Helen University: The IMS developed by this university is focused on the strength of attacks, meaning that it has an extraordinary amount of control of its Channelled Weapons, capable of maximising the effectiveness of every attack, and surpass the limits of other IMS. It is geared towards endurance.

    Antigone University: The IMS developed by this university is focused on defence, meaning that it has the ability to create very strong defensive barriers, reinforce the strength of any material, and generate wide-area protective shields. It is geared towards defensive operations.

    Helios University: The IMS developed by this university has the ability to disrupt the operation of any device near it, including other IMS, and has a built-in stealth system that hides the user from the eyes of almost any kind of detection. It is geared towards espionage.

    Selene University: The IMS developed by this university has the ability to absorb a small percentage of any kind of energy that comes near it, meaning that it can reduce the strength of incoming attacks, or disrupt the coherency of any material its user comes in direct contact with. It is geared towards support.

    The city

    The city of Lux is divided into several sectors. These are the following:

    Tower Sector: The most iconic sector of Lux, and the symbol of the whole city, this sector is located in the centre of the city, and is dominated by a single skyscraper, which is over one kilometre tall. This skyscraper is called “The Tower” by the people of Lux. It houses the administration facilities of the city, so it is protected by many checkpoints, a large security force, and the presence of the military. While this sector is considered the safest place in the city, it is also heavily monitored.

    University Sectors: These sectors belong to the universities of Lux. There are six of these sectors, each of them belonging to a university, and they are governed completely independently of the city. They have their own security force, and enforce a strict “no violence” rule on their grounds. Anybody caught using physical force on the university grounds will be immediately excluded from the university. However, defending oneself with physical force is allowed, if physical force is used against them. Also, each university has its own colour, which students must display on their person in some form: Tiresias’ is blue, Odysseus’ is yellow, Helen’s is red, Antigone’s is green, Helios’ is white, and Selene’s is black.

    Residential Sectors: Residential areas are defined by their relatively pleasant atmosphere. Instead of blocks of flats, residential sectors are made out of large, multi-storeyed complexes with small gardens on every level. However, there are also some traditional houses with larger gardens. Residential areas near the six universities are also home to the dormitories, but are not considered a part of the university.

    Industrial Sectors: Highly industrialised sectors filled with factories, but what really makes them special is their transportation system. These sectors have the best public transport in all of Lux, and are connected to every single residential sector in multiple ways, and other sectors in at least one way. If one wants to lose one’s pursuers, they should seek one of the industrial sectors, for the transportation system of any industrial sector is a literal maze.

    Agricultural Sectors: Large, artificially fertilised plains located both on the surface and underground, with light redirected towards them at all times using various methods ranging from satellites with reflective mirrors, to ground-based mirrors, and stored light particles. The light supply of these sectors only gets cut during night-time, or when it would impair the natural cycle of plant growth. The roads here are built so that agricultural machines can navigate them easily, and thus, these sectors are a bad place to hide.

    Financial Sectors: Sectors dominated by huge skyscrapers made out of concrete, metal and glass. Many buildings often contain reflective surfaces, and the streets are crowded during the rush hours. However, in other hours of the day, traffic is not as big as in other sectors, but still it remains a relatively easy place to hide in. Military troops are also rather squeamish about entering these sectors, as a bad shot can easily injure innocents in the crowd.

    Research Sectors: These sectors are where most of Lux’s research takes place. Normal citizens are not allowed in unless they have special permission. However, university students and professors are allowed to observe unclassified experiments with supervision, and if they have permission, they may assist or take part in researches. Military personnel may request the cooperation of these sectors, but require permission to enter the actual sectors except in cases of emergency.

    Military Sectors: Simply put, sectors dominated by a military base. Only members of the military are allowed in these sectors without special, explicit permission, and they are protected extremely well. Monitoring devices are present in every area surrounding military sectors, recording any activity. It is recommended to avoid these sectors and the immediate areas around them unless one has urgent or critical business. University students and professors are especially distrusted in these areas because of their connection with the IMS-users.

    Forbidden Sectors: Not much is known about these areas, except that only very few people are allowed to enter them. They are usually guarded by a large military force, and appear to be completely empty. Regardless, citizens who come too close to these areas may be subject to questioning by patrols and random searches.

    Character Sheet


    Age: (Please keep in mind that IMS-users are university students at least.)


    Appearance: (Your character’s everyday appearance)



    IMS Sheet

    Type: (Which university developed your IMS?)

    Container: (Tell us what everyday item contains your IMS.)

    Armour: (Tell us what your battle armour looks like.)

    Channelled Weapons: (Maximum four)

    Programs: (I will not put a limit on this, but please be reasonable)

    Other equipment: (No weapons here, please)

    My character:

    Name: Akiko Mizushima

    Age: 21

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: She is of Japanese heritage, and thus is shorter than an average person. To make up for that, she is more muscular than your average person. She has shoulder-length, black hair, brown eyes, and a round face. She keeps her hair out of her face with a black hairband at all times, as that is what she uses to represent her university. She is usually seen wearing comfortable and practical clothes as she does not like to show off her body.

    Personality: Akiko can be best described as friendly and cheerful. She makes friends easily, and has a wide area of interest, so she can talk about almost any topic. She places great value on her friends, and is usually there for you if you need her help. However, she is not afraid to challenge you if she thinks you have done something wrong, and has a tendency to jump to conclusions. She is also too honest for her own good, and can sometimes come across as invasive.

    Backstory: Akiko’s father was a well-known professor at Selene University, and naturally, he wanted his daughter to follow him in his footsteps. Thus, her life revolved mostly around studying and staying ahead of the subjects in school, and she had little time for herself, or her own interests. As a result, in her early years, she was a bit shy, but started gradually coming out of her shell, and paying less and less attention to her studies.

    Her grades started dropping sharply, so her father increased her workload, which did not alleviate the problem, however, then came the invasion of Lux. As her father was involved with the IMS project, Akiko was more free than she ever was, but after almost failing a year in school, and her father gave up on her, telling himself that there was no hope. As he fought for the liberty of Lux, though, Akiko started gathering herself once again, and by the end of primary school, she was studying again, with better grades than ever.

    When she got accepted into Selene University, her father passed the burden of the IMS to her, saying that his time was over, but instead of accepting the responsibility, Akiko rejected her father. She even considered reporting him to the authorities, but found that she could not do it, and after a year of continuous pressure, she finally caved in to him. She hopes that she will never have to use it, though.

    IMS Sheet

    Type: Selene University

    Container: A small, barely noticeable, metallic bracelet on the left hand. It is thicker than an ordinary bracelet, and is hard to remove.

    Armour: A white-coloured armour with a black, rose-like symbol on its chest. It has rounded edges with no sharp surfaces, and is unisex, thus hides the user’s gender. The joints are covered by overlapping armour plates, which limit the user’s range of movement, but not by much. It has large wings attached to its back, with four boosters.

    Channelled Weapons:

    2x Heavy assault rifles: Modified from standard issue military rifles, these weapons have had their magazines removed and replaced by IMS-compatible systems, so they are not capable of storing traditional ammunition. However, their barrels have been modified to be able to accommodate any programs, not to mention that they are significantly lighter, and thus can be wielded in one hand.

    1x Bulletbane: Large calibre, slow-firing, shoulder-mounted siege weapon. Due to its extreme size, this weapon can only be fired on the ground, and takes several seconds to properly set up. It requires its own ammunition, and is not compatible with all programs, but has supreme devastating power. However, the recoil of the weapon is so powerful that it can cause serious injury even when set up properly, and can be outright fatal in other cases.


    Heat burst: Both Heavy assault rifles are charged with fifty heat bullets. Heat bullets vaporise everything in a straight line towards the target, melting through most kinds of armour. However, while the effect of heat bullets is instantaneous, they also heat up the assault rifles, and can eventually melt the weapon if fired too rapidly.

    Grinder burst: Both Heavy assault rifles are loaded with a single traditional bullet taken from subspace storage, and their accelerator coils are overcharged. When the trigger is pressed, the bullet explodes towards the target with supersonic speed. While not quite as powerful as a heat bullet, this ability can be used more often.

    Perpetual grinder burst: A variant of the grinder burst which does not overcharge the coils of the rifles, and automatically reloads both weapons after each shot so they can be fired rapidly, but each shot is less powerful.

    Lance burst: The air around the user is charged with electronic energy, and the Heavy assault rifles are charged with a single, focused laser shot capable of ionising the air. The laser beam serves to guide the electronic current towards the target. While this attack can be very powerful, it takes time to set up, and has a short range.

    Heat storm: Projects an area of extreme heat in front of the user. The heat vaporises any traditional projectile that comes into contact with it, and the sudden localised change of air pressure scatters the particles harmlessly.

    Electric lock: Creates an extremely potent electromagnetic anomaly in the path of an incoming projectile, which deters the projectile from its course. This program may be activated by the IMS in case of danger.

    Bullet catcher: Using the special properties of Selene University’s IMS, the energy of any incoming projectile is absorbed by the device, causing them to fall on the ground or lose their power. Because using this program strains the IMS, it can not be used frequently, however, it may be activated by the IMS in case of danger.

    Stabilise the nightmare: The command used to automatically set up the Bulletbane without interference from the user.

    Prepare cartridge: The command to load the Bulletbane with a standard, unmodified bullet, and lock the weapon onto the nearest target. A small impact barrier is also set up around the user, and all safeties are enabled to protect from any injury.

    Purge: The command to fire the Bulletbane without any modifications, launching a huge projectile at supersonic speeds.

    Devastate: Both Heavy assault rifles and the Bulletbane line up towards the same target. The Heavy assault rifles fire two heat bullets each, and the Bulletbane launches its projectile simultaneously, without any restrictions enabled. While the power of the weapon is increased, the knockback also increased, thus using this program is just as dangerous for the user as it is for their opponent.

    Other equipment:
    Ammunition for both the Heavy assault rifles and the Bulletbane.

    If anybody has any questions, feel free to ask them in the thread.

    List of characters, IMS types and codenames:

    Akiko Mizushima (Lstorm), Selene, Codename: Yami
    Dayton Dowl (Timbolonian), Antigone, Codename: ​Skyline
    Talos Kin (Ashaekin), Helios, Codename: Hellstorm
    Isaac Frandle (Stohlen), Helios, Codename: Ghost 42
    Lusio Altaran (unanun), Tiresias, Codename: Minerva
    Serena Talbot (The Returner), Odysseus, Codename: Light

    Important Rules:

    1.) You are not combat experts. No, seriously, you might know a little bit of it, but you are bound to make a lot of mistakes.

    2.) You may know each other, but no one knows that the other is a Guardian of Lux, and your identity as one should be your most guarded secret. If your identity gets revealed, expect to get at least a life sentence in prison for treason and the use of unethical weapons.

    3.) There are no slums or slum-like areas in Lux. The whole city is very high-tech and maintained with excessive labour. While there are poorer sectors, the police keep a very strict order, and even the worst-looking sectors are decently maintained and cleaned.

    4.) IMS devices are able to communicate with each other with a very secure, text-only method. You can use this to contact another Guardian.
  2. I am somewhat (<- sorry, that sounded rude) interested. To clarify, the IMS is a way to grant pseudo-omnipotence? I also assume you will be looking for 6 players total?
  3. No, in its current form, the IMS does not grant pseudo-omnipotence, but eventual versions may be able to do that. Currently, it is just a tool that is very powerful when compared to other tools. The number of players is not limited, though, multiple players can come from the same university.
  4. I really like the concept of this RP. I want to know what my limitations are as far as programs. Like if I picked Antigone for instance, am I limited to shield based programs or can i have something similar to your characters (not saying that i want all the same abilities) that enhance my weapon or my own physical abilities?
  5. Name: Isaac Frandle

    Age: 23

    Gender: Male

    Shoulder length layered brown hair that comes to grouped points, 5’05”, sturdy build, wears long sleeved henleys with the sleeves pushed up to just below his elbows, jeans that are too long for him and bunch at shoes, wears a white bandana somewhere on his body at all times (could be on his wrist, neck, head, arm, leg, ankle, anywhere he can find a place for it that day), he has a watch that is also a GPS guided map of Lux in great detail on left wrist facing his palm, and a white wedding band.

    Self centered, but will pretend to care if he thinks he will benefit from it. Makes friends with only those that can help him in one way or another, apathetic towards other’s feelings and property (except his wife), but won’t damage either on purpose. Great at lying to cover his tracks.

    Married when he was 21 to the woman of his dreams who was 35 at the time, however, recently they are going through a rough patch and he takes long walks through the city to blow off steam. This is how/why he acquired his watch, which he specifically asked to have a GPS put in. His wife was a part of the IMS program at Helios University and had two IMSs made into their wedding rings, this was a secret she kept up until recently, which is where the “rough patch” started. Isaac wasn’t sure if he wanted such responsibility but is slowly accepting that it has been done and he can’t do anything about it. He has been using these "walks" to familiarize himself with how the IMS works and has tested it extensively, everything came naturally, as if his wife knew.. "So she really does love you." he thinks.

    IMS Sheet

    Codename: Ghost 42

    Helios University

    His white wedding band made for him by his wife, worn on left ring finger.

    The armour allows for easy movement with very little sound, it is armoured on all body parts, with breaks at the joints as well as breaks in the torso and back areas for maximum flexibility. In between these armoured parts is a stretchy chain mail like connection holding it all together, the armour is very defensively effective against all attacks. It has 6 boosters: 2 on the bottom of the feet under the heel, 2 on the palms, and 2 that pop out of the shoulder blade area that pivot to allow strafing in the air, all are very silent when in use for sneaking past security. It is the color of night with different shades of grey and black that make it hard to see his human shape in shadows or darkness in general. The helmet is snug to the head in the back, the front is molded in a round fashion that is about an inch from his face to allow for a roomier “hud” of what’s going on around the IMS. For easier infiltration of buildings near the ocean, the suit is entirely waterproof.

    Channelled Weapons:

    1 and 2:
    The right and left forearms (top side) open up and activate a heat energy saber that acts like a lightsaber from star wars. The saber glows a very dim dark blue. The only visible sign of this (when not in use) is a thin rectangle on the forearm piece.

    A “pouch” on the small of his back that opens outward and can be accessed by both hands, programs control what comes out. The only visible sign of this (when not in use) is a rectangle outline on the small of his back.


    Mirror Mirror: Turns the outward appearance of the suit to be invisible by showing what is on the opposite side of itself from any perspective all at once.

    Electric Burst: Causes a burst of electricity that shuts down all electrical devices within a 50ft radius for 10 seconds.

    Password Decrypter: Hacks any system to allow the IMS access.

    Energy Burst: Charges heat energy around the IMS which explodes outwards, basically making the user a giant grenade.

    Sonar Locator: Uses sounds around itself to provide x-ray like effects through walls and surfaces.

    Reflection Projection: Shows Isaac what is behind him (in his helmet’s “hud”), this program activates instantaneously when needed and shuts down just as fast.

    Martial Mastery: This program is constantly running, it allows the suit to react to any sort of hand to hand combat in a martial arts format (most effective style is used for each attack/defense move). The palm boosters are utilized here where the suit has been calibrated to use a small palm burst instead of a punch to either knock the enemy down or push them away, also the suit will extend and retract the saber for killing blows if necessary.

    Heat Hinder: This program is constantly running, it hides the heat signature given off the IMS user's body so they are undetectable by thermal detection.

    Sound Hinder: This program is constantly running, it hides any noise the IMS user makes inside the suit. This is program allows the user to communicate through a microphone at regular speech levels without fear of being heard by threats.

    Sound Bubble: Creates an invisible sphere that surrounds the IMS in a radius up to 10 feet that does not allow the sound inside to escape. This is so the user can run from hiding place to hiding place without fear of being heard (can be used to help others move silently if they are close enough). Also useful for silently taking out a target.

    Pouch Programs:

    Energy Disks: Packs heat energy together (to be thrown by the IMS user), disk shapes are about the diameter of the hollow part of a roll of toilet paper. Produces them in the pouch (for both hands to grab) without limit except energy limitations. Each disk can destroy a car if placed at its center. These energy packs stick to surfaces like walls and ceilings. The packs can be detonated at anytime by Isaac himself with the simple command “boom.”, they have the same glow as the saber.

    Energy Balls: Packs heat energy together (to be thrown by the IMS user) in a ball fashion rather than disk (same radius) and produces them in the pouch (for both hands to grab) without limit except energy limitations. Explodes on impact with any surface, they have the same glow as the saber. These can be pushed together to form a bigger and bigger ball if the user so chooses.

    Energy Blanket: Creates a blanket (sheet) of heat energy that can be manipulated like a physical blanket that can be thrown in the air and envelope incoming projectiles and destroy them. Blanket size varies by need, thick enough to contain all possible damage from the projectile it has enveloped. Can envelope my IMS as a shield if necessary.

    Access subspace storage: Allows access to the subspace storage unit in the IMS for the user to place things in or take things out on command. When placing things in, the user must give them a name (only the first time the object is being placed in). This is so the IMS can recall that certain item to the pouch to be taken out.

    Saber Programs:

    Saber length programs: There are 6 programs that control the length of the saber(s). Each program extends the saber 1 foot for it's corresponding number. R0/L0 makes the saber just the length from his elbow to his wrist, 1 foot past wrist for program R1/L1, 2 feet past wrist for program R2/L2, etc. up to 5 feet long. R programs are for the right forearm, and L programs are for the left forearm.

    Negative saber: Extends saber behind the elbow 1 foot (most useful during martial arts fighting). Can be activated in sync with length programs.

    Saber shield: Extends the saber from elbow to wrist and then makes it wider to construct an ovular shield that's height is twice its length. Can be on both forearms if need be.

    Electric Shot: Shoots a contained electric burst (shape and size of a tennis ball) out of the right and/or left forearm that will shut down any electrical device it comes in contact with for 5 minutes. First contact absorbs the whole shot (can't hit multiple targets). Not able to penetrate shields (unless electric based).

    Saber shot: Shoots a heat energy ball (same as pouch energy ball) out of forearm (accurate up to 100 ft). Used for when enemy is too far for thrown energy ball.

    Other equipment:
    A GPS navigation system for the character to know exactly where in the world he is. Even his height off the surface of Earth is displayed.
  6. Character Sheet

    Name: Dayton Dowl

    Age: 20

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Dayton is little under 6 ft tall with short dark brown hair and green eyes. He has a reasonably toned physique. He wears a green hoodie in representation of his University Antigone, along with dark wash blue jeans and sneakers.

    Personality: Dayton is somewhat stubborn, hot headed, and often acts without thinking things through. He’s a born fighter and openly challenges people when he thinks he’s in the right and always willing to stand up for a friend. He really likes collaborative efforts though and tries to work with others because he knows as trained “Warrior” he should maintain a level of discipline.

    Backstory: Dayton grew up to be very much like his father in the aspect of fighting. Dayton was actually under a training regimen before his dad died 10 years ago in the whole sha-bang as Guardian. His father was a loving and thoughtful man and had already taken the proper measures to ensure his family’s security and future well being in the event of his death. In his last Will, Dayton was left all of his father’s equipment and the golden leaf pendent, which holds IMS, that was retrieved from his Father’s body.

    Dayton’s mother couldn’t handle the loss and broke down leaving Dayton to fend for himself in terms of school, money, and general feeding of himself. To keep his mind off the struggle he continued his training with a friend of his father’s, Jordan, who took him under his wing. Jordan was actually on the developing team of the IMS Dayton has and taught him the basics of the system in secret. He continues to work with Jordan in his college years while he attends Antigone University.

    IMS Sheet


    Type: Antigone University

    Container: Dayton’s IMS is contained in the leaf pendent he wears as a necklace.

    Armour: Dayton’s armour is a dull shade of gold with a green leaf emblem on the left shoulder. The suit is relatively flexible due to the nature of the IMS shielding abilities. The chest is broad armor leading down into sectioned masculine shaped torso. The rest is relatively form fitting yet sturdy. The helmet is rounded in the front and comes to a blunt point in the back with a black face shield that dissolves and rematerializes. The arm and leg armor are also sectioned along the main muscles. All sections are connected by a dense knitted black mail that has the appearance and texture of fabric. The suit is equipped with a booster along each calve with reverse thrusters on the shins, two under each shoulder blade that pivot to allow for flight mobility, and two main thrusters along the rear most top part of the shoulders.

    Channelled Weapons:

    Guardian Javelin – This two handed weapon is utilized as a spear, bow staff, or any other elongated weapon. It is made of a rare dense alloy giving it a pretty moderate weight but making it extremely resistant to heat, cold, pressure, stress, tension, and overall damage.

    Missile Launcher – These long ranged mini missile launchers sit on the top of his shoulders in a three-shooter mini cannon. Don’t underestimate their size; they can pack quite a wallop with each single missile capable of totaling a full sized tank. There are many different types of missiles with varying effects that can be loaded into the launchers that include defensive abilities as well.


    Javelin Shield: Guardian Javelin is flipped over its self and released in front of the nearest threat. As it rotates the Javelin glows green creating a floating circle of heat energy that absorbs the oncoming attacks. To be used as a quick defense. The circle can float around him independently to block on coming attacks. Can only be stopped manually by thought or by physically grabbing it. Physically grabbing it initiates the Energy Shotgun. Mentally disabling it stores the energy for later use.

    Energy Shotgun: Activates only upon Dayton physically grabbing the Javelin out of the Javelin Shield. It is a counter used when the Javelin is removed from the circle. The energy breaks from the center out to the rim creating a hundred different sized beams of energy. The beams fold in from the center and then burst out from the point in a hundred different directions (forward away from Dayton) this is uncontrolled direction with no point of aim of fire.

    Guardian Rain: Activated when Dayton launches the Guardian Javelin into the sky. Several green beams of electrical energy rain down on a designated area for a short time to which the Javelin returns to Dayton after the assault.

    Piercing Shot: Dayton tucks the Guardian Javelin under his arm as if it were a gun. The point of the spear glows green and can fire a single ionized shot at a time. After which it takes time for the Javelin to recharge. This shot has an incredible amount of recoil and can blow the user back a considerable distance, injuring him in the process if he isn’t careful. The shot explodes on contact and can devastate a large area of land. It should be used with caution and careful consideration.

    Load General Missile: Program that loads and targets enemy for Launch

    Launch: Launches missiles that head to last position of target with slight tracking ability.

    Load Ballistics: Program that loads the correct ammunition for Ballistic Barrage and targets area to be assaulted.

    Ballistic Barrage: Fires 6 missiles that somewhere along the way detonates releasing several smaller missiles that head to the last targeted area. Each mini missile is considerably weaker than a regular missile in “Launch” but still damaging if it lands a hit.

    Load Firewall: Program that loads the correct ammunition for the Firewall program and sets distance of detonation.

    Firewall: Five gas capsules fire out and detonate a set distance from the shooter immediately followed by a missile that explodes igniting the gas with enough force to push the wall of fire forward. Used to repress enemies and help gain distance. Lasts until all the gas is burned up. The gas burns relatively slowly.

    Load Shield:
    Loads and targets spot for Shield Missile to deploy.

    Shield Missile: Can be fired one at a time. The missile lands and generates a small dome like shield with a radius of 15ft. Used to protect small groups of or independent people or objects. The shield lasts 15 minutes.

    Containment Sphere: Dayton curls up into a ball and generates a spherical barrier around him. It protects him from moderately damaging attacks.

    Tough Skin: His Armor becomes virtually impenetrable. Dayton usually has no control over the activation of this. Usually activates when the IMS senses immediate collision with any attack or surface. Dayton still feels the impact and is not guaranteed leaving the assault without a mark. He can transfer this effect to other surfaces by placing both hands on it.

    Safe Zone: Activates when Dayton stands the Guardian Javelin in the ground (or in front of him while in flight). It generates a dome like barrier (spherical if flying) that can encompass an entire football stadium. He has control over the size and can make it smaller if he wants to, but this must be done after it is already made. It is only uncrossable from the outside, all manner of people and objects are able to leave or be pushed from the space. The shield will crumble under extreme or continuous firepower. He has to maintain a decent amount of focus and can't use other programs while this one is running.

    Other equipment: Launch Missiles, Firewall Missiles, Ballistic Missiles, Shield Missiles
  7. Stohlen: Your character is okay, but there are some minor issues with your weapons and programs. First of all, while your beam sabre in itself is not a problem, it can only work if you have a program controlling it. Conventional science is not advanced enough to replicate the effects of the IMS yet.

    Secondly, you state it is an "energy" sabre, but you do not state what kind of energy it uses. Is it electronic energy? Heat energy? Mechanical energy? Or something else entirely? If you do not state it specifically, I will assume it to be a chaotic energy weapon. The same applies to your Energy Disks, Energy Balls and Energy Blanket programs. Just be aware that manipulating chaotic energy is much more taxing for the IMS than manipulating energy with a form, meaning that it will be prone to overheating due to extensive processor use.

    Thirdly, your Electric Burst program needs some tweaking. Permanently shutting down all electronics in a 100 ft area without any warning is too powerful, especially when coupled with your Mirror Mirror program. Either you need to include some kind of sign that lets others know your program is about to be activated, or you need to include a cooldown.

    Finally, while you can include solar panels in your armour, they are redundant as the IMS has a built-in fusion generator. You can keep them if you want to have an additional source of energy, but if they are incorporated into your armour, they will make you more vulnerable to attacks.

    Timbolonian: Your character has no problems at all. Just be aware of what I told to Stohlen: If you do not state what kind of energy your programs use, I will assume it to be chaotic energy, the use of which puts a lot of stress on the IMS.
  8. I've been interested in this for so long. Finally, I'm going to send an app.
  9. In the interest of adding diversity, I'll post a profile with Tiresias University's IMS.

    Character Sheet​

    Name: Lusio Altaran
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Trim. Neat. Dressed in formal attire - suit jacket and pants, dress shirt, but no tie. The suit jacket is unbuttoned. Hair is often slicked backwards, but there is always a strand or two that has escaped his attention and falls over his eyes. On closer inspection, sometimes a shoelace is untied, sometimes the shirt is not buttoned properly - his appearance is that of one who perpetually fights against disorder, entropy.

    Personality: Although one might come to the conclusion of meticulousness and strict adherence to form from first impressions, there is often more than meets the eye. He is very hard to get a hold of - when he does not want to be seen or heard, people looking for him often miss him by minutes or seconds. However, he has a direct personality and does not beat around the bush.

    Combat philosophy
    : "Everything is a weapon, dependence is failure."

    Backstory: Lusio is a very typical product of the island's societal, educational, and cultural norms. He grew up in a moderate environment, was somewhat precocious for his age, and showed a good aptitude for science and mathematics. Following entry into Tiresias university, he distinguished himself as a bright student and conducted rather outstanding research into complex data sorting algorithms. Soon he was hush-hushe'd into the project. Although he feels a great responsibility for the powers that are granted to him, he also has his own ideas of how to handle the crisis that is threatening to eclipse the city.

    IMS Sheet

    Type: Tiresias - 'Minerva'

    Container: The frames of his pair of glasses. They are thick, black, and appear to be made from anodized aluminium.

    Armour: A shimmering, almost imperceptible field around his body. His armour takes the form of a kinetic barrier. The greater momentum a projectile has, the easier it is stopped when it comes into contact with the bubble. So long as he is in contact with a surface through which the excess momentum can be bled (resulting in craters, cracks, and other depressions in the surface he is standing on) it is able to shrug off most kinetic projectiles. It is not adept at stopping blades or energy weapons. Essentially, the more 'force' damage he takes, the more effective he becomes.

    The force field is less effective against directed energy weapons. In reality, it is a strong E&M force field - the 'emitter/collector' is a near 100% efficient antenna that is able to collect the fluctuations in the field upon impact with matter. Therefore it will also work with plasma-like weapons that throw masses of superheated material, but is not as effective against lasers and other heat-based weapons that throw out strongly perturbing E&M fields of their own. Under these situations, the field will exhibit distortions and become more visible, fizzling like TV static, and will not be able to perfectly dissipate the energy into nearby sinks. The user may suffer minor to severe whiplash.

    When the armour is engaged a mask is formed from the optical distortions caused by the force field. It is a silvery and translucent, like pan of molasses that is continuously being stirred. To date no one has identified him as being the one and same Tiresias IMS user.

    Channelled Weapons:

    - Kinetic fists: The defensive barrier can also be used offensively. When surrounding the regions of his body that are used to deliver martial arts blows, the barrier is reconfigured to be a repulsive force, lending enough strength to easily crack concrete and dent steel.


    - Systems control: Since Lux is highly automated and digitally controlled, the IMS's primary, if not only, ability is to tap into the city itself. In short, the city becomes his eyes, ears, and playground, although it does not have much offensive - or defensive - capability.

    - Slim cannon: The kinetic field is able to dump stored energy into any pistol or thrown projectile, easily doubling or tripling its momentum. The amount of available energy available to boost the projectile depends on how much was absorbed prior. For example, if the barrier previously survived a 50 foot jump (terminal velocity of a human is sufficient to activate the barrier) or a large piece of falling concrete, it is able to dump more energy into a throwing knife than if it had absorbed 20 bullets. There is a limit to how much 'tension' that can be stored in the system, and it will bleed excess into the ground. Objects that are not sturdy enough to be thrown at such high velocities may explode in his hand, with a significant probability of self injury.

    - Sudden escape: The stored energy in the field is pumped into a sudden impulse at his feet, allowing his to traverse small distances quickly. This, combined with his kinetic fists, makes him a very formidable close combat fighter.

    Other equipment: A random assortment of pointy, throwable objects. The entrances to his subspace are configured to be the pockets of the clothing he is wearing.
  10. Name: Talos Kin

    Age: 24

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Shaggy, midnight black hair. Black tank top and loose fitting jeans with max air nike's. Lean, fit, around 5'5" - 5'6"

    Personality: Upbeat and quirky. Loves to laugh and makes others smile. Creeper (foreshadowing :p).

    Backstory: Talos' father worked at the university of Helios and was a prodigy himself. His dad helped on the IMS project for the university and has passed on his knowledge to Talos. Though Talos is smart and knowledgable, he never fit in at the university. Always getting bad grades and getting in trouble after his father died. He lives with his grandmother, who, in spite of blood, doesn't care much for him, choosing to sulk then to take care of Talos. Talos soon moved into the dorms of the university and is on his last year.

    IMS Sheet

    Type: Helios university for stealth.

    Container: Talos' IMS unit has taken the form of dragon pendant that he wears around his neck or wrist.

    Armour: His armor is military standard stealth suite, pure black. His breast plate has a faint sign of a dragon in a lighter shade. Armor is suited for maneuverability and stealth. Can take up to small and medium rounds of damage before faltering. Boosters are set at the heels to allow quick burst of speed without initializing other programs, in the hands to use as defense, and are silent for sneaking around.

    Channelled Weapons:
    *Energy rifle built for long range with a built in silencer, versatile in rounds (limit 50 caliber), and semi-automatic. Comes with 10 clips of 5 rounds per magazine. 30 caliber armor piercing rounds. Converts energy to heat and places inside rounds. Explodes on contact. Uses up a lot of energy, and if fired in quick succession, overheats.
    *Silenced electro-energized pistol with built in silencer, versatile in round size, can switch from automatic or semi-automatic. Converts electric energy to pure electric rounds. Comes with 5 clips of 9. Used to stun enemy but fired in succession, can majorly injure or kill. Uses up smaller amounts of energy and can melt the gun if used too many times in quick succession.
    *Double edged energy dagger. Hilt is made of pure adamantium (had to use a marvel reference). Converts quantum matter into pure energy (still unknown) When it comes in contact with any material, disintegrates matter. Takes up minimum energy, but overheats fast. Used for quick kills.
    *Energy Bow and Arrows. Quiver is equipped with 20 arrows. Bow is made of pure titanium. Inside the body of the arrow, heat energy is converted to electric energy. Tips are explosive, using a liquid compound. When the tip breaks, it releases the compound and the electricity ignites. Used for opening or breaching for infantry. Uses a medium amount of energy, but can explode mid-flight.

    Initialize Systems - allows to execute programs.
    Initialize Systems_Visor - renders left eyes useless, but sends signals to brain to allow HUD, enhanced images, and easier access to system.
    Initialize Systems_Booster - initializes boosters to be ready.
    Initialize Stealth_System_Mirror - Invisibility cloak.
    Initialize Stealth_System_HeatSignature - Processes HUD to show thermal images.
    Initialize Stealth_System_ArmorHealth - show's damages to armor and systems on HUD.
    Initialize Stealth_System_Jam - Jam's radar, radios, and small electronic devices.
    Initialize Stealth_System_HeartBeat - HUD shows heartbeats in the vicinity.
    Initialize Stealth_System_HackerSV2 - Hacks nearby systems, organizes items and codes in HUD, and displays.
    Construct Rifle - produces rifle from subspace.
    Construct Pistol - produces pistol from subspace.
    Construct Dagger_True - brings dagger handle from subspace.
    Construct Bow_and_Quiver - brings bow and quiver from subspace.
    Construct Energy_Field_Dagger - transfers energy to dagger.
    Construct Armor - brings armor out and automatically puts armor on person.
    Construct Magazine_Energy_Rifle - brings out clips from sub-space.
    Construct Magazine_Silenced_Pistol - brings out magazine for pistol.
    Construct Arrows_Transfer_Quiver - brings out arrows from subspace to quiver.
    Command Increase_Velocity_Speed - allows faster movements.
    Command Increase_Capacity - increases physical endurance.
    Command Increase_Strength - allows to carry heavy artillery, heavy blows, and increased physical abilities.
    Command Decrease_Weight - allows better maneuverability.
    Command End_Process_All - ends all programs.

    Other equipment: com unit (for missions that are obtained through anonymity and requires more than one units), 5 spare clips of 10 50 caliber armor piercing rounds (regular munitions), 3 spare clips of 10(rounds per clip) 20 mil rounds 3 spare clips of 10(rounds per clip) 9 mil rounds, and 3 spare clips of 10(rounds per clip) 45 mil rounds, 10 spare explosive tipped arrows, arm guard (for bow).

    Does this look good?
  11. Alright, I made my modifications. Please let me know if they work.
  12. I have modified my IMS sheet, let me know if I missed anything.

    I took out the solar panels, put in programs for the saber length and installed a program for a "saber shield" (I didn't know what else to call it).
    The energy used is plasma energy, so it is hot, making them an easy to spot target with thermal goggles.
    I don't know how else to describe the energy a light saber uses, if that's even the energy used by them.
  13. Timbolonian: Your modifications are fine, however, you can not have a literally impenetrable shield. I know this is nitpicking, because you probably intended to use it figuratively, but unfortunate wording can result in unfortunate consequences. You can have a very tough shield, but it will eventually collapse under the firepower of your enemies.

    Stohlen: I would say that plasma energy equals heat energy, since plasma is basically just really hot material. You may want to check the description of your gun, though, because it contradicts itself right now. Your Electric Burst program is still a touch too strong, having your electronic equipment disabled for ten minutes is outright fatal in combat as a few seconds can be enough for a lethal strike. I would suggest that you separate it into two programs: one that has an area of effect and disabled electronics for a few seconds, and one targeted ability that requires preparation so it could be avoided, but can disable equipment for as long as you like.

    Ashaekin: First, I would like to ask you to double-check your formatting, because your post is all bold. Second, you seem to have misinterpreted how Channelled Weapons work, as you have included relatively standard military equipment that happens to come with the IMS, instead of equipment that is specialised for the IMS. While Channelled Weapons can work without the IMS, they are designed to be relatively ordinary weapons without their programs. Also, you have five Channelled Weapons, as a dual-wielded dagger would technically count as two weapons, and I have no idea what you consider to be fusion energy.

    As for your abilities, you describe that you materialise clips and arrows, which is implying you create them on the spot. Frankly, this is impossible, however, you can take ammunition out of the subspace storage of the IMS. Your Decrease_System_Output program is a program that could only be handled properly by a Helene IMS as it is influencing the strength of your attacks, and as such, will be only able to make crude adjustments to your output.
  14. Ok, so just to clarify before I make further changes, our sub-space storage is huge and can be accessed with programs correct? Our energy capacity is very high and rarely runs out if ever? And as a personal question, how would you describe "lightsaber energy" from the star wars?
    If yes on the first two questions, I will probably revamp my IMS quite a bit.
    Or I may just start from scratch keeping only a few ideas.
  15. Alright made modification to the safe zone tell me if that's better.
  16. So, I made changes. But I like my military stuff, though they are designed for the IMS. No rifle or pistol is built with a silencer. Though the rifle and pistol can take regular ammo and not overheat. Also, I changed the wording.
  17. I've edited one of my posts with a profile. Still WIP.
  18. Stohlen: Yes, the IMS does have a large subspace storage, but it should not be the primary means of combat as it can not store ordinary weapons. As for your energy capacity question, because the IMS has a fusion reactor, it is capable of near-unlimited operation when not in combat, but because of the complexity of the IMS, its operational time and maximum output is limited. It will likely not come up in combat, especially if you disable your armour after an engagement, but if you use it for too long, it will shut down automatically to prevent damage to the system.

    As for lightsaber energy, I would probably describe it as a massive amount of heat energy.

    Timbolonian: You are good to go.

    Ashaekin: All right, but as I see most of your weapons will be still quite dependent on the IMS. However, your Double Edged Dagger says it disintegrates matter and converts it into energy, something which would leave you with simply impossible amounts of energy. If you remove that from the description, the weapon is good to go.

    Your Command Decrease_Weight has similar issues to the previous program in its place, while you can have something like that, it will be crude at best if you are not using an Odysseus University IMS. You may also want to include ammunition in your "Other Equipment" tab.

    unanun: Your character is looking good so far, except that the Channelled Weapons you describe function like programs for your IMS. If you want to have programs like that, it is fine, but they do not count as weapons. The Systems control program works okay with the condition that it does not allow your character to access military equipment or equipment with tough security. You will be able to detect movement throughout the city, but monitoring Lux in its whole will put a large amount of stress on your IMS, so you can not do that for too long. Focusing on certain individuals or certain streets will not represent a problem, though.

    EDIT: On second thought, your Kinetic Fists as a weapon has no issues because it is just an offensive mode of your armour, but Slim cannon still looks like a program for me.
  19. I made the changes. I don't mind if the decrease weight is crude. I added munitions of regular rounds.
  20. Fiddled with some stuff, and I agree with the limitations on 'systems control'. The most aggressive use I was thinking was using construction or cleaning robots.