The Guardian

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  1. The wind blew softly through the trees that surrounded the large ruin of an ancient temple. The stone temple's walls and pillars were chipped and crumbling, vines climbed up the few still standing, and grass and small plants peaked out from the cracks in the broken tile floor. Rays of sunlight filtered through the surrounding trees and shone onto a raised platform in the centre. On the platform was a giant alter and on top of it what would have appeared to be a statue, except for that the face was was not covered by stone. A large amber gem was located on the centre of the stone encased man's forehead and sparkled in the sunlight. The man looked to be sleeping quite peacefully. Even though the ruins looked very old, the man looked as if he had been put there yesterday. Falling leaves seemed to avoid him and the birds that flew nearby did not touch him.

    Students rushed out of their classrooms as the last bell of the day rang through the school. Many were eager to get outside to enjoy the rest of the afternoon, for the weather was near perfect. Not a cloud could be seen in the sky and the Sun's rays were warm and inviting. Most of the students were so lost in their thoughts or in conversation that they were oblivious to a strange hole floating in the air at the side of the school.

    The hole was not extremely large and not in position where most would see it. It could only be seen if one were to pass by on the bike path that led through the park. The hole was hidden by a few trees and also hard to notice because on the other side of the dimensional rip there were more trees. Once in a while though, rays of sunlight from the other side would escape from the hole and shine through to the other world. If one were to look very closely at the hole they could even catch a glimpse of the ruins on the other side or see the occasional bird fly by.
  2. Aleya stretched out her arms above her head and let out a yawn. She forgot how tiring school can get but no matter. She grinned knowing this was her last year. Father made it a point to keep her grades up so she can get into University. Important as it was to her or her father she didn’t know what to major in, not yet at least. Research. That was the answer to everything.
    About to set foot on her way home she noticed some sort of void at the side of the school. It took her by surprise; she rubbed her eyes thinking she must be exhausted. Blinking a few times to gain her focus it was still there. Looking around she noticed no one else was paying attention to the hole. Without thinking she slowly walked toward it, tip towing and peaking around it in case anything would jump out and scare her. All she could see were more trees and the occasional bird flying by. It didn’t seem dangerous, but... curious. A light tug at her heart, something was compelling her from within. Careful not to fall in she looked closer inside. It appeared to be an ancient ruin. Plants and rocks covered the marble floor and walls. Absolutely beautiful she thought. Mesmerized by the sight her foot lost its place and fell in.

    Aleya gave out a short scream before hitting the ground, hard. She winced at the pain in her ankle. Great, lost inside an unknown ruin. Who knows where she is now. Looking up she saw the rift had disappeared. Tears pricked at her eyes as worry set in. Her eyes then fell on the face of what appeared to be a statue. She gasped thinking it was a human being buried here – a tomb of all places! But something didn’t fit. He looked sombre, like he was sleeping. Pulling herself back onto her feet, carefully with her left, she hopped over to get a closer look.

    He’s beautiful, she thought as she touched the jewel on his forehead.
  3. When Aleya's fingers touched the jewel on the Guardian's forehead a blinding flash of light erupted from within it, sending a shock-wave that lifted small leaves and scared birds nearby into the air. Glowing symbols appeared on his skin and the stone that encased his body started to crack and shatter. The Guardian's eyes flew open to reveal glowing amber irises, and the stone that had been covering his head fell to the ground to reveal stunning white hair that moved like fire. As more pieces of stone fell from his body more of his markings and amber jewels were revealed. On top of each of his hands were small amber jewels that glowed like the one on his forehead, and another lay embedded in his neck. His markings connected together to the different stones on his body and surged with energy. On his body he wore a simple white tunic with intricate gold designs embroidered into the fabric, and gold coloured chain mail.

    The Guardian slowly rose from the altar and raised himself off of it. As he stood the glow from the amber jewels on his body started to fade, as well as the markings that connected them. His hair moved more slowly as if from a slight breeze, though there was none. He blinked slowly then turned to face Aleya, his powerful gaze seeming to look into her soul.

    "My Lady," he said, his voice sounding ethereal, slightly distant, and echoing, as if he were speaking to her physically and telepathically at the same time. As he spoke he bowed down low, though even when crouched down power could be felt radiating from him. "I am the guardian of the Sunkin, " he said to Aleya "and it is my duty to protect you." Before standing up again he looked at Aleya's sprained ankle. Concern and worry briefly spread across his face. He placed one hand on her ankle, and while he did the jewels on his body started to glow once again. Energy could bee seen flowing from his markings towards the hand placed on her ankle. The warm glow of energy quickly healed the injury and the Guardian stood up once again as the glow faded away from his body again.

    After healing Aleya the Guardian rotated his head to look at the ruins that surrounded him. He looked slightly confused. The last time he had been awake the temple had looked brand new, now it lay pieces. He did not dwell on this long though, for it did not really matter to him what had happened. All that mattered now was protecting Aleya. That was his purpose.
  4. A sense of fight or flight triggered her survival instincts as she watched the statue crumble to life. The throbbing pain from her ankle reminded her that fleeing was futile considering the statue's height ... or whatever this thing was, could definitely outrun her by just a few strides. The Guardian faced Aleya, his eyes seemed to look passed her almond brown eyes and into her very soul. She blushed and tore her eyes away from his, and crossed her arms over her chest. No one had ever looked at her with such intensity before, she felt almost naked even with clothes on.

    He spoke to her, his voice was commanding yet soft, it held her attention and couldn’t help but face him again. When he bent down and put his hand over her injured ankle, Aleya didn’t flinch like she thought she would. A sense of calm and security washed over her as she felt his power coarse through her ankle, healing it completely. Surprised, she moved it with ease and gave the guardian a warm smile. His actions made it clear she could trust him. He was like the Gentle Giant she used to watch as a kid.

    His face fell slightly at the sight of his surroundings. “What’s wrong?” Aleya asked, concerned. More questions arose from the first time he spoke to her. She picked herself up, dusted herself off and proded further. “Protect me from what? What is your name?” Looking around what seemed like a beautiful sanctuary, a more important question came to mind.
    “How do we get out of here?”
  5. The Guardian turned his head to face Aleya as she questioned him. "The world has changed much, that is all." he said calmly, not seeming overly worried about the situation. As Aleya continued to question him though he became slightly perplexed, for the answers to her questions seemed quite obvious to him. Shouldn't she know more about the Guardians already?

    "I am to protect you from any danger that you may face," he replied to Aleya "And Guardians do not have names... it is not necessary." Names are for masters, he thought to himself.

    Something was strange about this new master of his. The only reason he could tell that she was related to his old masters was because he could sense their energy running through her veins. Her appearance was quite different from theirs; it appeared that more than just his surroundings had changed, but his thoughts did not linger on the subject for much longer. He followed her gaze as she looked around the ruins, then focused his attention back to her when she questioned him once again.

    "Get out? Where do you wish to go?" he asked her, as if he were waiting for a command. While waiting for her to reply he continued to monitor their surroundings for anything strange. He closed his eyes and let his energy expand outward, sensing for any dangerous auras, the amber jewel on his forehead glowing softly as he did. Everything seemed to be fine. Then suddenly, it was not.

    Not far away from the temple he sensed a dangerous aura. It had appeared out of nowhere, which was very odd. Normally an aura would gradually feel stronger as someone approached, but this one had just suddenly appeared; it did not bode well. The aura was also becoming stronger now, meaning that the source was coming towards them. He would have to act fast.

    The Guardian's eyes suddenly jolted open and the markings and jewels covering his body all began to glow. His once calm expression changed very serious and his eyes looked filled with desperation. Without saying a word, he swept Aleya off of her feet and held her in his arms, quickly, as though she were as light as a feather. Only a minute before she had been asking him of his name and other simple questions, but he had no time for her questions now; they had to get out fast.
  6. Changed much? And any danger? Strange choice of words, it made Aleya wonder just how old he really was and hoped the place she was at now was completely safe.
    A frown tugged at her lips, how could anyone not give someone a name? Even pets have names. This weighed heavy on her heart.
    "Well then. I will give you a name." Aleya walked around him, studying his frame. She understood the importance of a name probably more than people back home. It was then she realized how intimate a name really is to a person's personality. Better give him a worthy name.
    Walking around him slowly she noticed the tattoos interconnected with all the amber jewels on his strong body. She resisted the urge to touch them, being different was no excuse for lack of respect for one's space. She stopped in front of him, head tilted up to look into his intimidating, yet inviting amber eyes. If it was a name he was missing it seemed best to name a person from their eyes, something personal for the one owning it.

    As soon as Aleya was going to name him his expression changed. Perhaps he doesn't want to be named? Before she could do anything he took her into his arms and before she knew it, they were on the run. His body was strangely warm for a creature of stone, probably to do with the energy coursing through him. She gasped lightly at the speed he was going and held onto him. Terrified at the sudden change in events she asked with a wavering voice, "What's going on?"
  7. "The Shadowkin have found us," echoed the Guardian's thoughts "We must get away from here.". He did not want to waste any energy on speaking so that he could instead focus on running as far away from the temple as fast as possible. Twigs and branches seemed to move automatically out of his way as he ran through the woods, as if a small invisible shield was covering his body. Some of his energy he also used to detect the aura of their pursuer, so that they wouldn't end up running into them. How did the Shadowkin find them, he wondered. His knowledge of the Shadowkin was limited, but what he did know was that they were an enemy of the Sunkin, and that the one that was following them right now was not up to any good.

    While running the Guardian sensed a second aura. The aura had the unmistakable feeling of the Sunkin's magic; he ran in its direction. Soon they arrived at a small clearing with a stone arch in the centre. All along the sides of the arch were amber jewels like those on the body of the Guardian. He recognized what it was. It was a Home Portal.

    "Aleya, I need you to think of home,"
    he said urgently as he placed a hand on one of the jewels on the arch. At his touch the stone lit up, then it's glow spread to the others as the portal started to activate. In the distance he could feel the Shadowkin coming closer and closer. Time was running out.
  8. Aleya's head jerked around her and then realized she heard his voice in her mind. Telepathy. It was all starting to make sense now. She must have fallen and hit her head on something when she looked into the "void". Still, she wondered why he was running from his own kind.
    "What, are the Shadowkin your mortal enemy or something?" Aleya asked sarcastically. The Guardian seemed to pick up the pace that made her hang on tighter. Then they stopped, he spoke to her again before touching the stone that started to glow.

    "Honestly, why are we running away?" Confidence filled her realizing this is all just an amazing dream, the best she's ever had. Aleya had control over her dreams most of the time and when she didn't, she could always wake herself up. As much as she enjoyed being in his arms she needed to stretch, shook herself free from his grasp and gave him a cocky grin. "Show me what you got, and if we start losing then I'll wake myself up." She shrugged.
  9. The Guardian was surprised when Aleya slipped from his grasp, though he was even more surprised by what she said. His eyes opened wide and he stared at her for a moment dumbfounded.

    "Wake up?" he asked, clearly confused "But mistress, you are clearly awake." He looked back at the arch then back at Aleya, the jewels on his body gradually glowing brighter as he felt the threat grow closer. "Mistress, you must get to your home now before it is too lat-"

    Before the Guardian could finish his sentence a giant sphere of black energy rocketed towards them, just missing Aleya by a second. The Guardian had grabbed the sphere of energy just in time, inches away from her face; it vaporized in his grasp. He then gathered light in his hands which materialized into a crystal shield and sword. He put himself in front of Aleya to block anymore attacks on her. "Touch the jewels on the arch and think of your home." he said to Aleya in a commanding voice. She clearly had not realized soon enough the direness of the situation. As he spoke another sphere of dark energy shot from the trees, but it simply vaporized when it hit the Guardian's shield.

    From the shadows of the trees a voice spoke "Remain where you are girl, and nobody will get hurt."
  10. When the black sphere was stopped by the Guardian's hand, her hair blew as she felt the air around her shift. Her dreams never did that before, at least none that she could remember. Suddenly whatever was going on here became very real. Terror ripped through her as Aleya realized she could very well die. She slumped on the ground, defeated and dumbfounded as the Guardian had been. I'm awake? But....
    The Guardian pleaded with her to touch the stone and think of home. She hadn't even notice he had summoned a sword and shield.
    How could all this be real? Too many questions. Fear pulled her out of her trance and did as he commanded her to.

    As she touched the stone a voice shook her to the core. "Remain where you are girl, and nobody will get hurt."
    A bit late for that, she thought. Not a minute ago there was a black sphere that bolstered toward her face! No one would get hurt? Not likely! Like in her dreams she took control of herself and thought of home. She thought of the only place where she felt at peace. Her own home.
  11. The Guardian looked at the portal as it began to activate from Aleya's thoughts. One jewel after the other began to shine brightly and the air below the arch began shimmer until an image of Aleya's home appeared. The Guardian blocked another sphere of energy with his shield before picking Aleya up and stepping towards the portal. Before had stepped through he felt dark energy attempt to pierce into his mind. Trying to break into his mind was futile though, but then he realized that Aleya might not be so strong.

    "Aaaaleya...." echoed the shadowy voice as it spoke to her "I'll find you both again. Know that by disobeying me you will only put others in danger..." The voice chuckled softly "You cannot hid-"

    Before the voice could finish it was cut off by the Guardian as he broke off the telepathic connection between them. He glared in the direction of the trees before stepping through the portal with Aleya in his arms. As he did, he left one arm on the other side and dropped a large ball of glowing energy from his had, then quickly brought the rest of his arm through the portal. The Guardian's energy sphere exploded on the other side, destroying the portal, and prevented the man from being able to follow them.
  12. Aleya's skin crawled as the icy voice spoke again in her mind. Clearly this was not a friendly presence. It became harder for her to think of home, it became distant and almost forgotten. Never had she had to concentrate on picturing anything in her mind before. Her own mind was being taken over or so it seemed. She shivered in the Guardian's arms.
    His warmth and energy he radiated gave Aleya comfort. Realizing this she concentrated with all she had, her cozy bed, the desk room for school work, the kitchen where she prepared medeocre food and the living room with her leather couch. She knew that to be real if nothing else. Squeezing her eyes shut she prayed, Get me out of here!

    Suddenly the icy voice was cut off somehow. She didn't care what happened, all she cared about was getting back home and far away from this place as possible. Slowly opening her eyes in the direction of where the voice had infiltrated her thoughts, the last thing she saw before exhaustion hit was a sphere of light that the Guardian had created and watched it explode, destroying the portal.
  13. The Guardian carefully placed Aleya on top of her bed. His shoulders were slumped now and glow from his jewels and markings faded. He had used a lot of energy to destroy the portal and in protecting Aleya, and it was now starting to show. Before his movements had been strong and elegant, now each step seemed like it took him a great effort. He needed to regain his strength.

    The Guardian saw Sunlight filtering through the curtains of Aleya's bedroom window, the jewels in his skin glimmering in its light. The Sunlight warmed him and he felt drawn towards it. He trudged over to the wall opposite of Aleya's bed where the light shone and leaned his back against it. Slowly, his amber eyes began to close as exhaustion overtook him. He looked so peaceful while he slept, so surreal. His white fluffy hair seemed to glow in the sunlight and energy swirled in the jewels in his body as they gathered energy from the Sun.
  14. Cackles of the Shadowkin's threat echoed in her mind. Aleya covered her ears as if to dull the noise, but it didn't help. Blackness was all around her. Did she fail to bring herself back home? A dreadful thought occurred to her, she could be dead and now tormented by the Shadowkin. She sank down onto the blackened floor, drawn her knees close and wept in silence as she desperatetly tried to recall what had happened.

    Suddenly she was back in what she thought was a tomb, her sprained ankle and the Guardian. Memories of what happened raced through her. The Guardian was the one who protected her since his awakening, even from her own stupidity putting both their lives at stake. Still, it was hard to believe this was even happening. The last thing she rememebered was the light in the Guardiam's hand that had exploded destroying the portal. Then darkness came.

    Aleya awakened with a start.
  15. The Guardian walked about Aleya's house, inspecting everything around him. He had woken just a few hours before. Being not fully human he didn't need much sleep. Closing his eyes for a moment, he put his hand against one of the walls and spread his energy outward to feel what was inside. He saw energy traveling on thin pieces of metal, and also water that traveled through long pieces of hollow metal; it was as if the structure were alive; it reminded him of himself. What the Guardian had really seen though was simply electrical wiring and metal plumbing. Aleya's world was a lot different from his own.

    Much had changed since the Guardian had gone to sleep. The last thing he remembered was a great battle and the Sunkin sealing him in the temple. They had said that it was so the Shadowkin could not get him. Why did they want him though, and why did they want Aleya? He had so many questions, but very few answers. If only there were other Guardians that he could speak to, or even one of the Sunkin. It was hard to know how to protect Aleya when he knew so little about the danger they were in.

    As the Guardian walked around the house he felt a shift in Aleya's energy. She must of awoken. He turned around and ran back up the staircase to the second floor, and walked through the doorway to her bedroom, concern clearly shown in his expression.

    "Are you alright?" he asked Aleya.
  16. Wide brown eyes flashed open to a starry ceiling. Looking to her left there was a bookshelf, audio set and closet. She let out a deep breath she didn't know she held. Her room was dimmy lit from her window and realized she was home! She sat upright as happy tears pricked her eyes. There was a sound of footsteps on the stairs. Aleya braced herself for what was coming.

    "Liam?" The name escaped her mouth without thinking. Her voice was husky from sleep and didn't think he, the Guardian, heard. "I-I'm fine." Shocked, she managed to answer his question. A slender hand rested against her head. She did feel fine, her head wasn't heavy anymore. His face wore concern. "Really, I am alright." She reassured him. "I'm more worried about you with you... present state."
  17. Liam? Who was Liam, the Guardian wondered. He wasn't completely convinced that she was fine, though he knew at least she was uninjured, for he had checked. Could the Shadowkin have infected her mind perhaps? Could they even do that? What surprised him though was her asking about his own condition.

    "I am fine." he replied, looking slightly confused about her question. "You do not need to waste energy worrying about me. I have already regained my strength." he said, emphasizing the fact that her worrying about him was very bad, as he held up his hands to show her them. The jewels were once again glowing healthily, looking the same as they had in the temple.

    "Are you hungry?" he asked. He had seen food downstairs in the odd looking kitchen. Some of the food looked a little strange, but he knew it was safe to eat since he had tested it to make sure. It was important that he tried any food before his master ate it, for it would be bad if she were to die of poisoning. What if an assassin had sneaked in and poisoned everything? Then they would be in trouble. Luckily though, all the food was safe.
  18. Oh good, Aleya felt relieved he hadn't heard her utter his chosen name. She wasn't quite ready to let him know just yet. It wasn't necessary just yet. "No, no. I mean your present state..." She was afraid she'd offend him. He did just save her life, so he deserved the utmost respect. "... how you look. You can't go outside looking the way you do." She caressed her fingers across the jewels on his hands, glowing brightly. Her lips formed a smile, glad he was alright. What a strange feeling, being drawn to ... something... no, someone completely different from her. Realizing this she withdrew her hand from his.

    A grumbling noise came from her stomach as he asked if she was hungry. Embarassed she huged her stomach to dull the sound. "Now that you mention it." She went down the staircase to the kitchen and opened the fridge and noticed little bites from every type of food. Disgusted and bewildered as to how this could happen, she turned to the only source that remained.
    "Umm... do you eat at all or did you just not like what I have?" She didn't know how to react, he could have been hungry while she was asleep or he really didn't like the food she had.
  19. How he looked? So that was what she had meant... He supposed this appearance wouldn't really work for him in this world. Though he had not yet stepped outside he had seen others as they passed by the windows. If he was to protect her he would need to not draw attention to her. But how should he look? He thought about this as Aleya touched the jewels on his hand. Her hands felt so delicate, fragile compared to his own. As she smiled he felt a bit more relaxed, pleased that his mistress was alright.

    The Guardian followed Aleya downstairs to the kitchen. When she opened the fridge though, she did not look pleased at all. He flinched when she looked at him, a slight pain being felt in his forehead where his amber jewel rested, punishing him for causing his mistress trouble.

    "I do eat, but generally very little. I was checking for poison..." he replied meekly, looking rather odd for cowering before someone so much smaller. He had evidently done something to displease his mistress, but he had no idea what. His large amber eyes stared at her, asking for forgiveness for what he had done as if he were a large overgrown puppy.
  20. Aleya's head jerked in confusion and cocked an eyebrow at him before rediculing with, "Poison?" She put her hands on her hips trying with all her might to look serious, but couldn't contain herself any longer and blurted out a laugh. "Are you for real?" She couldn't stop laughing and her sides began to ache. Once she managed to calm down she saw sadness in his eyes. Her smile faded and held her hands against either side of his face, she could barely reach so she stood on her tippy-toes. "Why do you look so sad?" If she had a weakness it was definitely those kind of eyes.

    A cool breeze from the fridge made her come back to reality, she had to eat something or she'd get hunger pangs. Those were hard to get rid of. Lucky for her she was the only one living in her place, until now that is, so she didn't have much in her fridge. The bits he chewed off she could easily cut around, but the noodle bowl from the day before she might as well throw out. She decided on a banana sandwitch and made that for herself, then noticed he watched her the enitre time. A little creeped out she asked him if there was anything he lilked to do. "You know, you don't have to stand and watch me. I'm safe. You can relax."