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Scifi. Fantasy.

The year is 2071. Our world is not much different. Politics remains the same while the people change. Nations rise and fall. War is still in our nature. But there are those who fight for something different. For something more. They have no interest in politics, religion, war or self gain. These people fight for a single purpose: To make the world a better place. They are heroes.

Then there are those who just want see everything ruined. They orchestrate death and despair. Some hate. Some desire. All are dangerous. They are villains.

Now the darkest hour has come upon the earth. An evil has set its sights on our world and even the strongest among us is too weak to fight it alone. We must unite. Heroes and villains alike.

There are two sides: Heroes and villains. And they shall each do their respective jobs, saving people or committing terrible crimes. This is the story of their rise. But if they do not stand together it shall be the story of their fall. A darkness, a primordial being that existed before creation, has awoken from its slumber. The darkness has eaten many worlds. It consumes each world's life, its power. A few survivors from those worlds have come to earth to warn its protectors of the impending doom.

So be a hero. Be a villain. Be an alien. But don't let the darkness in. As each light flickers out the beast grows in power. You can fight on any side. You can even fight for the darkness. But the balance between good and bad can not let the balance between creation and destruction be overthrown.

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