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    The year is 2071. Our world is not much different. Politics remains the same while the people change. Nations rise and fall. War is still in our nature. But there are those who fight for something different. For something more. They have no interest in politics, religion, war or self gain. These people fight for a single purpose: To make the world a better place. They are heroes.

    Then there are those who just want see everything ruined. They orchestrate death and despair. Some hate. Some desire. All are dangerous. They are villains.

    Now the darkest hour has come upon the earth. An evil has set its sights on our world and even the strongest among us is too weak to fight it alone. We must unite. Heroes and villains alike.

    There are two sides: Heroes and villains. And they shall each do their respective jobs, saving people or committing terrible crimes. This is the story of their rise. But if they do not stand together it shall be the story of their fall. A darkness, a primordial being that existed before creation, has awoken from its slumber. The darkness has eaten many worlds. It consumes each world's life, its power. A few survivors from those worlds have come to earth to warn its protectors of the impending doom.

    So be a hero. Be a villain. Be an alien. But don't let the darkness in. As each light flickers out the beast grows in power. You can fight on any side. You can even fight for the darkness. But the balance between good and bad can not let the balance between creation and destruction be overthrown.

    Please take into account that this RP includes conflict between Heroes and Villains. Furthermore there are parts of the RP that include violence and cruelty, so far character backgrounds are the most highly noted for this. We will try to retain some control and keep everything bad to a reasonable standard. But there are times when this RP can become concerning for some readers and players.

    1) All Iwaku rules apply.

    2) Don NOT mention rules three through to seven. You will know them when you are ready to know them.

    8) Be friendly. Roleplaying is about having fun and I shall do everything that I can to facilitate that.

    8) While there is a central story (fighting the darkness), you are all welcome to create your own story and plot lines.

    8) Go big or go home. Everything that happens, that your characters do, that is done to them, it has to be epic. Badass. This is about creating a shared superhero universe for us all to dive into and unravel our own stories. However don't make your characters over powered, unstoppable or game breaking. There still have to be difficulties for them to overcome.

    8) Interacting with other player's characters is encouraged. Building teams of heroes or a gallery of rouge's is very much wanted. League's of justice, groups, even armies. The more interaction together then the better it will be.

    8) This RP is set in the future but much of the world and history is still waiting to be explored and defined by you. So create almost anything that you want.

    8) Only use characters that you've made. So basically no one from DC or Marvel or any other comic book universe. Custom characters only.

    8) Use the separate sign up thread (found on the right side of the page) to join.

    8) You can have more than one character but only have as many as you can handle.

    8) If you want to kill a character then ask the for the owning player's permission first.

    8) You probably get bored of hearing this but; no god modding.

    8) Sexy time is break time. If it gets steamy then take it to private.

    8) NO arguing. If I see any disputes getting out of hand then I will end it. But of course you are welcome to discuss anything in a polite manner.

    8) I have the final say.

    8) Character sheets only need basic information: Real name. Super hero/villain name if they use one. Age. Gender. Powers. Of course any part of your character's identity can be kept secret if you want. You can include backstory, personality or anything else or you can chose to let those be discovered as the story progresses. Preferably you should put in what side they fight for: Hero, villain, some other faction, the darkness.

    8) No double posting unless absolutely necessary.

    8) There are no limits with what you want to do. Aliens, go ahead. Anything supernatural or magical, go ahead. Starting wars, go ahead. Plans for world domination, go ahead. Here everything is allowed. Well, almost anything. Just not anything that go against these rules.

    8) Don't touch my crayons!

    8) Never ask why we couldn't make it to rule nine.


    Helena Sky =
    Helena Sky-Anne Tillany / Shadow. Lanalee Desdemonia / The Doll Mistress / The Soul Stealer.
    WitchcraftIsScience = Vincent Dawn.
    Crow = Bayashi / Jumpcat.
    LoveandHate91 = Tosen Armando / Kill Stroke. Nova Rei / Super Nova.
    Almalthia = Magdalena / Tonic.

    Mental Driller =
    Damien Crane / Barracuda.
    OnI6470 = Miguel Belasco / Legion.
    Viral = Cassander Senwick / The Confessor.
    LoveandHate91 = Riken / Arsenal.
    XxDreamingxX = Madison James Kaiser / Damned Mistress.
    JamiMonster = Cassandra Stirling / Catastrophe. Claire Norcross / Myriad.
    Nano = Kyuria / Necrocharmer.
    Deathbringer = Jacob "Jake" Norcross / Nightmare.

    Helena Sky =
    XxDreamingxX = Felicity Mae Parkington / Enchantress.
    Viral = Tanner. Jagger.

    Servants of Darkness

    HellHoundWoof =
    Argus Forebear / Lupus.
    Crow = Melissa Howard / Feder / The Birdkeeper / Dinosaur Kaiser.

    James Turner / Agent Turner.
    Agent Young.
    Peter Euryale / The Vanguard.
    Leona Kirk / Lionheart.
    Ayo Magoro / Phantom Marksman.
    Max Mantel / Specter.
    The Father.
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  2. @Xytheus

    Your character seems to just be having fun at the moment. But such a classic style villain, and the only villain so far, you need to start making plans. An evil plot. Not to mention that now Specter has met some heroes you have an enemy to focus on, someone fun, someone to challenge you.

    Your Lex Luthor has found his Superman. Your Joker has found his Batman. Your Sinestro has found his Green Lantern. Your Black Arrow has found his Green Arrow. Your Captain Cold has found his Flash. Your Green Goblin has found his Spider-Man. Your Magneto has found his Professor Xavier. Your Abomination has found his Hulk. Your Black Hand has found his Life Entity. Your Black Manta has found his Aquaman. Your Crimson Dynamo has found his Iron Man. I can keep going but you get my point.
  3. I have a few ideas.
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  4. @WitchcraftIsScience

    I thought that I would go through your last post and show you how I think it could be improved. Don't worry, you're doing fine. And you don't need to edit the post. Just look at the changes and see if you can make similar changes to your next post. What I change will be highlighted in red. So here it is:


    After almost several minutes of running towards the town like [BCOLOR=#ff0000]a[/BCOLOR] psychopath, Vincent noticed that no one [BCOLOR=#ff0000]had[/BCOLOR] chased him and stopped. [BCOLOR=#ff0000]The[/BCOLOR] town was very near, so he could see it in detail. But he still felt like someone [BCOLOR=#ff0000]was[/BCOLOR] looking on him. So he [BCOLOR=#ff0000]thought[/BCOLOR] about searching for place [BCOLOR=#ff0000]a[/BCOLOR] to rest. Raindrops [BCOLOR=#ff0000]fell[/BCOLOR] on him, slowly returning him to [BCOLOR=#ff0000]a[/BCOLOR] relaxed mood. And [BCOLOR=#ff0000]already he[/BCOLOR] was calm. He walked to nearest building with blinking [BCOLOR=#ff0000]a blinking sign that read:[/BCOLOR] "Hotel". [BCOLOR=#ff0000]Once inside Vincent went over to the receptionist.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#ff0000]"[/BCOLOR]Hello, how much is [BCOLOR=#ff0000]a[/BCOLOR] room for one night[BCOLOR=#ff0000]?"[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=#ff0000]he asked.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#ff0000]"Ninety nine[/BCOLOR] dollars[BCOLOR=#ff0000]," [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#ff0000]the man answered.[/BCOLOR]

    Vincent looked for money inside his backpack [BCOLOR=#ff0000]but[/BCOLOR] he didn't have any. [BCOLOR=#ff0000]"[/BCOLOR]Please can [BCOLOR=#ff0000]I[/BCOLOR] stay for free, [BCOLOR=#ff0000]I[/BCOLOR] don't have any money[BCOLOR=#ff0000]?" he asked.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#ff0000]"[/BCOLOR]No, now get out, hobo[BCOLOR=#ff0000]!" the man answered angrily.[/BCOLOR]

    Vincent walked out, trying to keep [BCOLOR=#ff0000]himself in a[/BCOLOR] normal mood. Raindrops didn't fall on him, they [BCOLOR=#ff0000]fell[/BCOLOR] around him, but didn't fall directly on him[BCOLOR=#ff0000]. L[/BCOLOR]ike [BCOLOR=#ff0000]there was an invisible shield around him.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#ff0000]"[/BCOLOR]Concentrate, concentrate, concentrate..[BCOLOR=#ff0000]. " he muttered to himself, clenching his fists.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#ff0000]B[/BCOLOR]ut he couldn't hold himself any longer[BCOLOR=#ff0000]. Seven[/BCOLOR] hours [BCOLOR=#ff0000]since he arrived[/BCOLOR] in town, in [BCOLOR=#ff0000]a new [/BCOLOR]town[BCOLOR=#ff0000]. No[/BCOLOR] one let him inside, no one ever let him [BCOLOR=#ff0000]inside to rest[/BCOLOR], or helped. So it was difficult to [BCOLOR=#ff0000]keep himself in a good mood[/BCOLOR]. Now it was too much for him. He [BCOLOR=#ff0000]raised both hands in preparation[/BCOLOR] and shot them down in [BCOLOR=#ff0000]the[/BCOLOR] direction the of ground[BCOLOR=#ff0000]. R[/BCOLOR]aindrops [BCOLOR=#ff0000]all[/BCOLOR] around him [BCOLOR=#ff0000]momentarily[/BCOLOR] froze and [BCOLOR=#ff0000]then[/BCOLOR] fell on ground like thousands of bullets. They cr[BCOLOR=#ff0000]a[/BCOLOR]shed into [BCOLOR=#ff0000]the[/BCOLOR] ground around him, some spreading cracks around themselves and some even cracking [BCOLOR=#ff0000]through[/BCOLOR] asphalt. Finally it stopped[BCOLOR=#ff0000]. H[/BCOLOR]e looked around himself. [BCOLOR=#ff0000]A large[/BCOLOR] amount of ice shards were laying on ground, some [BCOLOR=#ff0000]stuck[/BCOLOR] in the ground, and looked like arrows.

    "Why did i do this, why i ever do things like this. WHY[BCOLOR=#ff0000]?!"[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=#ff0000]He said to himself.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#ff0000]He[/BCOLOR] got feeling that he was [BCOLOR=#ff0000]being watched again[/BCOLOR] and walked away from this place.


    It seems like a lot of changes but what you've written is good. It just needs a little help. Most changes are to your grammar and punctuation. A few changes are spelling, a few more to the formatting. I hope that it helps you. Keep up the good work. And remember: The letter "i" on it's own (ex. "I am pleased to meet you." "I went outside.") is supposed to be capitalized as "I". One change was an additional sentence that I thought lent more context to Vincent's actions.
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  5. I've put some content warnings on all three of the pages for: Abuse. Character death. Explicit language. And gore.

    MentalDriller's character bio made me consider doing this just as a warning to any potential players. I also did this because I not only predict a lot of fighting between characters on each side but there is a world-eating entity made entirely of darkness that consumes all life. So yeah, the stakes for failing to stop the darkness are the death of every character, person and creature on the earth at the time.

    I just thought that given the what we already have so far in this RP, it could lead down some pretty dark roads. As such I put some content ratings in.
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  6. @OnI6470 Nice post. It's good to see that your villain is building up, starting his own empire. Though there is one thing that I would like you to change. A simple edit will do. You remarked that there was lightning in the night sky. However, after such a long night for everyone, it is now early morning.
  7. I'll get a post up soon. Busy weekend.
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  9. OK, I fixed it, thanks for the advice!
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  10. "But if the Barracuda was stopped then his contract would surely be terminated."

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  11. May I join you guys? This seems really cool and interesting!
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  12. Thanks! I'll get to work on my forms when I can.
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  14. Well, I have some really intriguing character plans up ahead. I'm selecting two from my plethora of plans. Jumpcat, Gryphonglider, Dinosaur Kaiser, oh so many characters perfectly suited for Hero Vs Villain settings!

    I think I'll alter some. I'm definitely going in with Dinosaur Kaiser and giving her some modifications.
  15. Can I have a summary of what has occured in the Roleplay @Jack Ethan Doyle ???

    It looks like something my character can't fly into, so I'll just foreshadow her chance to shine.
  16. Hey do you have any room for more characters?
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  18. Remember that Ravens are all over the damn city.
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