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    The year is 2071. The darkest hour has come upon the earth. An evil has set its sights on our world and even the strongest among us is too weak to fight it alone. We must unite. Heroes and villains alike. Your story begins here...
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  2. The lazy, dreary, little town of Bien Sombre was drenched in an endless deluge. For three long and miserable days it had poured down from a dark cloud. Peter wasn't sure how much longer it could keep raining for but it showed no signs of coming to an end soon. For over two hundreds years since its founding the town had been bleak, cold, almost barren. But this rain was something else. It had fallen non-stop. Normally the down pour wouldn't bother him. However he had work to do this night. And all night spent out in the cold and the rain would just make him ill.

    "Fine. Let's just get this over with," he muttered.

    Peter pulled up his blue hood and dropped down from the second story window. He landed on the roof of the kitchen, an extension to the house that his father never thought Peter would use to make nightly excursions without anyone seeing him leave. Silently, careful not to make any noise, he moved across the roof. At the edge he lowered himself down onto the stone slabs of the garden below. Then he sneaked through the dark garden and scaled the far wall. A bit of clay rubbed off on his gloves. Quietly Peter dropped down on the other side, into a dark alleyway.

    "This is it," he said, pretty much to himself.

    From within his hoodie he pulled out a metal mask. A chrome hockey mask, meant
    to protect his identity more than his face. Peter removed his already wet hood to put the mask on, then he pulled the hood back up. He wasn't Peter anymore. Now he was the Vanguard: The one who watches over this town. Just him, the mask and a pair of batons against the criminal underground that had built a nest in his home town.
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  3. Sky sat on the roof of the local grocery store, smile on her face. Tonight had been relatively peaceful. The worst thing that had happened was a visit from her eldest brother earlier that day. Other than that. Quiet. Just the way she liked it. She spared herself some time to watch the stars, the moon. They'd always fascinated her. Suddenly a light from below caught her attention. There was a camera crew setting up and a news anchor. "Brittany Ward here reporting from North Lima Ohio where an anonymous tip has led us to the infamous Shadow. The girl who stalks the night."

    Having the light shine in her eyes and hearing the words the anchor was speaking, she could feel panic welling up inside her. With her panic came the shadows. She could feel more than see the lamps lighting the street shatter as her shadows swept the street. "No..." She whispered, climbing to her feet. She tried her hardest to reign them in, to keep control, but it was no use. The camera man flew backwards into the news van as the anchor continued her report.

    "It seems the Shadow is out of control! Taken as a hero, perhaps she's darker than she seems."

    She shook her head, hands clasping over her ears. "No...!" She said again, turning on her heel and taking off. Only once she was a fair distance away did she feel the shadows settle down once more. She leaned up against the back of the post office, breath coming in harsh pants. Slowly she let herself slide down the wall until she was sitting on the ground. Now what would she do? That would be all over the news in the morning and her family would know what she had been up to. The one good thing in her life... and now she'd have to leave it behind. Unless.... unless she left this place behind. Moved onto some place new.

    "So, Miss Shadow, did you enjoy your interview?" Black eyes stared out at her from the darkness and slowly a red headed woman emerged. She wore a black hoodie and jeans, hands hidden in her pockets. A grin was spread across her lips.

    Sky slowly looked up to meet her gaze. "Janessa.... I should have known it was you who told them where to find me." She muttered, feeling the shadows stir merely at the woman's presence.

    Her grin widened. "OF course. Who else? Have a nice vacation, Miss Shadow. I think I'm going to have a bit of fun while you're gone. Maybe I'll even follow you. Who knows?" She laughed, disappearing from sight in the blink of an eye leaving Sky alone in the dark once more. What would she do now?
  4. The rain would ruin the hoodie. Maybe he should wear a waterproof outfit. Peter trudged through the rain, he was making his way for the Bien Sombre train station. Based on what he had learnt from working over thugs and dealers these past few nights; the train station was being used to import illegal wares into the city of Columbus.

    It seems like hours before he arrived a the train station. Although it had only been around ten minutes. The poor weather was leaving him in a poor mood. How was he going to be able to fight with heavy, water-soaked clothes? Though all of his efforts had been futile; the train station was empty. He the people who Petricus interrogated lied to him? From his perch on the glass roof he could all of the station and the tracks, as well down into the station house below. Not a soul to be seen. Peter was about to leave.

    "Wait. Was that a light?"

    It flicked on then off. What was it? Some sort of signal maybe. It had come from further down the tracks. Then he thought he could see movement below, inside the station house. Through the glass and through the darkness it was too difficult to see clearly. But Peter could make out dark shaped, like people, below. They were moving. It seems that something was happening at this train station.

    "Don't move," said a voice as something hard was pressed against the back of his head. Even through the hood Peter could feel that it was the barrel of a fun. "You chose the right spot to watch the entire station from."

    "Who are you?" Peter asked as he raised both hands up in the air.

    The man chuckled. "I haven't had a name for a long while. My contractors just call my the Phantom Marksman."

    "Because no one ever sees you before you strike? Catchy," commented Peter.

    "No. Because I only leave ghosts behind when I'm on a job." The gun was lowered. "You are the vigilante that everyone has been talking about. It would be a shame to kill you now when there is no one pay me for it."

    From beneath his mask Peter smiled. "All of this rain on a glass roof. The water reduces the coefficient of static friction between us and the glass." He spun around, one leg out to sweep the Phantom Marksman off his feet. But he was gone. Vanished

    "What you mean is that the rain makes the glass slippery," once again the voice came from behind him.

    Before Peter could turn the unseen man pushed him. This Phantom Marksman was right; the glass was slippery. Peter fell. Hard. The glass cracked. When he looked up his assailant was gone. Once again he had vanished. He could hear the sound of cracking glass, a fissure had fractured the roof and was spreading. Soon it would not be able to hold his weight. Typical. Just his luck. When it rains it really pours. It wasn't bad enough that this guy, this Phantom Marksman, had shown up and made a complete fool him. But now he was also going to plummet to what could very well be his death.

    "Just give me a break already."

    The glass broke. Peter descended through a storm of shattered crystals and jagged panels. Over thirty feet. He didn't have time to register to cuts and lacerations from the broken glass. He hit the floor. Heard another crack, this one like the sound of a head hitting a stone floor. Then everything went black.
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  5. Vincent lightly looked in side of some town, filled with peaceful light, making town look more beautiful. Rain was coming, but it wasn't a big problem for him, since he got his power, water was like friend to him, helping him when he was down, and fighting on his side. He looked around, no one will see, first raindrops started to lightly fall on road, Vincent concentrated, he slowly moved his hands up, and quickly clenched his fists, raindrops around him slowly stopped, floating in air. He fully moved hands up, making all raindrops form in big ball of water, that started to protect him from rain. He said
    - Finally it worked - And then walked in the way to town, there was kind of sign on left side of the road, he walked to it, and slowly red what was wrote on it
    - Welcome to Bien Sombre - Strange name for town, he thought. Walking away from sign, and continuing his travel to town, he already was nervous, he thought he heard a ...
    - ... Car? - he turned around and finally noticed red car, driving in way of his, very fast. Maybe driver didn't see him, or maybe have seen, but Vincent worked on pure instinct, he moved his arms in way of car, making mass of water deform into big wall of water, he concentrated, everything was very slow. Here car slowly drives to him, suddenly wall of water started to freeze, and now was fully a wall of ice. Car smashes into it, and flies off the road. Wall exploded intho many ice shards, as they started to fall on Vincent, he screamed, and moved his arms out again. Now he heard only his heartbeat, eyes slowly opened by themselves, ice shards were floating in air. Vincent got up, as ice shards slightly land on the road, and ran in the way of car, he said loudly, when finally got to the wrecked car:
    - Are you okay ?! - no one answered, Vincent started trying to open the door, but it was locked, he said to himself
    - Your power can do good, you power can do good ! - last words he said loudly, and did wavy movement with his arms, water drops around him started spinning, until they formed in water ring, then he did fist punch move, in the way of car door, water formed into ball, freeze, and shot in the way of car door. Door deform, and lightly fell of car. Vincent now finally noticed that, there was no one in car. He checked all car, opening baggage door. But no one was there. Vincent looked around, and ran in the way of town, not noticing some strange dark figure near the car, watching him.
  6. Retreating to her small apartment, she began throwing clothes into a bag. She had to get out of here before that news cast came on. This town was no longer safe for her. As much as she hated running, she had to. She'd hurt more innocent people and this time it wasn't in the privacy of a school hallway. Her brothers would surely reveal who she was and soon the whole town would be knocking at her door demanding answers. Once she got everything she needed, she slowly removed the black cloak and lace mask, tucking them last into the the bag. She didn't bother with her clothes. She usually dressed in black anyways. There was only one thing that was going to present a problem....

    "Snowball...?" She called softly, creeping around the apartment. "Come here you giant ball of fluff." No response, as expected. Sometimes she swore that cat was too smart for her own good. "Treats?" She offered. Still nothing. "Oh, come on! I'll let you sit on my favorite sweater....even though you know I hate it when you do that..." After searching most of the apartment she returned to her room... only to find the fluffy white cat curled up on top of her bag in her cape. "I hate you sometimes." She muttered, sweeping the cat into her arms and getting the hell scratched out of her for it. Finally she got the cat in the carrier and closed her bag.

    Sparing a glance out the window to make sure no one was there, she made it out the door and into a cab. "Where to?" He asked her, looking over his shoulder.

    Sky merely sighed. "Anywhere but here." She replied softly.

    He seemed to understand and drove off, taking the Shadow and her cat with him. What she failed to see was the sly grin on the cab drivers face.
  7. @Helena Sky

    Specter flew through the night. His smoky form glided across roofs. It was midnight in Lima Ohio. He landed on a balcony that overlooked the main road. He looked out for potential targets. Drivers, hitchhikers, maybe a homeless person. Soon, he saw a taxi. It was headed out of town. The street lights weren't bright enough for him to see inside. He turned back into smoke and flew towards it.

    Specter flew overhead. He struck the streetlights over the cab and drained them of their energy, making the bulbs dim and die. Chuckling slightly as he did so. After that he dropped down and looked through the window. There was the cab driver and a girl with a cat. "Ooh, let me guess. This one is running from trouble." Specter moved infront of the car and squeezed in through the cracks in the windshield. His dark smoke prevented the driver from being able to see. The driver started to inhale the hallucinogen. Specter audibly chuckled. He began to absorb the vehicles electricity. Small bolts of lightning erupted from the dashboard and into him. Any batteries in the vehicle started to die. It was a display that intended to scare the passenger.
  8. The driver cursed under their breath and merely vanished from the car. Janessa reappeared in her normal form a ways away from the car. So much for her plans. Oh well. It didn't matter if it was her who got to Shadow or someone else. Visions were flashing before her eyes and she mentally cursed. Looks like she wouldn't be going anywhere for awhile. So, she leaned against the wall of what she hoped was a building behind her as she found herself face to face with the friend she'd killed, looking at her with white eyes. His mouth was moving, but no words came out. Instead black blood dripped from the corners of his lips. Janessa found herself on the ground, furiously rubbing her eyes. "He's dead... he's dead..." She kept repeating to herself. "He can't hurt me."

    Sky's eyes widened before narrowing into a glare. Praying the shadows would listen to her, she threw out her hand, pleased when the darkness pushed the door to the cab open and safely removed Snowball from the cab. Stepping out into the night air, she turned her dimly glowing eyes to the cab and the being within it. The driver had merely vanished. It must have been Janessa. At least that was one problem handled for her. The darkness swirled around her, tossing her black hair in an unnatural wind. "I'm afraid that you picked the wrong person to scare." She said, voice showing more confidence than she felt. How long did she have before the shadows slipped out of her control?
  9. He felt light. Was he being carried? Peter's unconscious senses caught the muddled sounds of voices. He couldn't open his eyes. He couldn't move. No control, he was too weak. Just the fiery pain that flooded his body. There was no cold or rain. Was he indoors? Was he still in the station house?

    "Leave him... " said the first voice. "But first ... Look under ... Hood."

    "Stop whining," replied the second. It was still too difficult to hear properly. "We need to get rid of ... Evidence. He's a dead man. Just looks ... this blood."

    "So ... Put him in a ... on the train," said the first.

    "A box? ... The train?" asked the second. "Fine. He'll be found dead in another city." His hearing was coming back. "Let's just dump him on the train then and leave. This night's gone on long enough."

    There was no more talking for a while. The pair carried Peter out into the cold. So he had still been in the station house. He felt the cold rain fall upon him once more. The two people carrying him didn't seem to be in any rush. Neither did they have much care for Peter, bumping him against walls, doors and now the train tracks. They shuffled at a slow pace as they both struggled with Peter's weight.

    "Help," muttered Peter.

    "Well, look who's alive," said the first voice. "Should we help him?"

    "We agreed on putting him on the train," said the second, almost complaining. "Fine. Let's just ditch him here. By the time he is fully conscious we will be long gone."

    They put him down, laying him on the tracks. Peter heard them both run away. So they were just going to leave him here to die, out in the cold and the rain. No. Peter wasn't going to die. He couldn't, there was still so much that he had to do. His first priority was to move. Staying out in the cold would kill him, his body temperature was already plummeting. Move. Move, god damn it! He strained, every muscle screaming out in agony.


    He rose. Slowly, painfully, he rose up until he was stood on both feet. Now keep moving. Walk. One step at a time, he began making his way back towards the station house. He made it only a few feet before tripping on the train tracks. Back down to his knees. It hurt too much, he couldn't keep going, not like this. But what choice did he have? None. First his left leg, he pushed, then his right. Once again Peter was back on two feet and walking. Walking towards the station house. He didn't know how much blood he had lost. His eyesight was blurry, his body tormented with pain and each leg almost too heavy to move. But Peter persisted. Finally he came of the tracks, up a ramp onto one of the platforms and towards a set of doors.

    "Hello. is anyone there?" Peter called out. But it was the middle of the night and no one was around. Even the criminals had left by this time. "Anyone? Help. I need... "

    No good. He was going to feint. He had to get inside before he did. Peter pushed the wooden and glass door open and trudged through. He was still wet. But at least he wasn't outside. He was in the waiting room. At the center of the room was a seas of broken glass, where he had landed. Peter wanted to give up. Let himself rest now that he was indoors. But if he gave up now then he would bleed to death in the night. So through the station house he walked, like a zombie in the night, all the way searching. He had to find a first aid kit and stitch up some of these larger cuts. After no small amount of searching he found it in a storage closet, just off the main waiting room.

    Peter found himself a chair to sit down on and placed the first aid kit onto an adjacent chair. Inside he found rolls of bandages, plasters, scissors, tape, wipes sterilized in alcohol, plastic gloves, needles and nylon sutures. This was going to hurt.
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  10. "I know he sent me here... But he's still my dad, he only wants what's best for me." Leona whispered, back against the outside wall of her best friends dorm room, speaking into the open window.

    "Ok fine fine... I'll come with you, just keep the noise down or they'll hear us!" Said George quietly, putting on a jacket and slinging a duffel bag over his shoulder before climbing carefully through his window.

    The duo proceeded to creep through campus towards a chain link fence in a fashion not unlike a scene from a prison breakout movie. Slipping through the campus security they managed to get on a coach out of town without much trouble, even though their bags had École de Rios emblems on (a private boarding school) and it was the dead of night.

    "That was almost too easy." Said George shoving his duffel bag into the overhead storage.

    "I've never been to Ohio before, I was hoping I would go there for a good reason... Like a holiday... Or.. S.." Leona trailed off, tears forming in her eyes as she put her hands up to her face.

    "Hey, its going to be okay Leo," George said, quickly sitting down as the bus set off, "We'll find out who did that to your father." He finished reassuringly, putting an arm round Leona and resting her head against his shoulder as their transport made its way to Bien Sombre.
  11. Specter hesitated after the driver disappeared and the passenger stepped out. This might have been more than he bargained for. He continued to swirl inside the cabin while watching the girl. "Ah, a shadow manipulator. Perfect." Specter rose through the lining between the windows and the door frame like steam. Electrical sparks still crackled through him. The smoke came to together on top of the car to form the shape of a humanoid creature with no defining features, not even a face. He stood, arms crossed, looking down at the girl. "Oh, I think I've chosen well. Heroes..or villains, with powers like yours are typically very brave. It would be a new highscore for me." His voice was like a serpents. The smokey figure lifted off the roof of the car and floated towards Sky with an arm extended. "Tell me what is your name? And what makes you shiver!?" His face, or lack there of, began to swirl counter-clockwise. Specter was being very theatrical. He posed very little physical threat to someone like this.
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  12. After almost several minutes of running towards the town like psychopath, Vincent noticed that no one chased him, and stopped. Town was very near, so he could see it in details. But he still felt like someone is looking on him, so he thinked about searching for place to rest. Raindrops falled on him, slowly returning him to relaxed mood. And he already was calm. He walked to nearest building with blinking words "Hotel" and asked:
    - Hello, how much is room for one night - man answered:
    - 99 dollars - Vincent looked for money inside his backpack, as he didn't have any money, he asked
    - Please can i stay for free, i don't have any money - man answered angrily:
    - No, now get out, hobo ! - Vincent walked out, trying to keep his face in normal mood. Raindrops didn't fall on him, they falled around him, but didn't fall directly on him, like if around him were invisible shield. He muttered to himself, chenching his fists
    - Concentrate, concentrate, concentrate.. - but he couldn't hold himself any longer, 7 hours before he arived in town, in another town, no one let him inside, no one ever let him to rest inside, or helped. So it was difficult to keep good mood inside him. Now, it was too much for him. He moved his hands up, and shot them down in direction of ground, raindrops far around him, momentally froze, and fell on ground, like thousands of bullets. They crushed into ground around him, some spreading cracks around themselves, and some even cracking threw asphalt. Finally it stopped, he looked around himself. Big amount of ice shards were laying on ground, some sticked in the ground, and looked like arrows. He then said to himself
    - Why did i do this, why i ever do things like this, WHY ! - he got feeling that he is watched again, and walked away from this place.
  13. @Xytheus
    @Helena Sky

    "Almost. Done." He breathed a sigh of relief.

    All of the worst cuts were now safely stitched up. Peter put his shirt down and slipped the hoodie back on. For a few minutes he sat there, doing nothing. He felt so heavy. Even breathing was difficult and painful. But sitting here wasn't going to help. He needed medical attention and soon. As Peter stood up a sharp pain shot through his spine. In the fall he had hurt his back, along with almost every other part of his body. It was time to go.

    The train station was on the edge of the town and the fastest way back would be the highway. It would still be a long walk. The main entrance of the station house lead Peter directly onto a road that would take him to route 46. He pulled his hood up. The black asphalt was hard beneath his feet, the pouring rain was heavy on his head and the frigid wind pulled at his clothes. But Peter walked. Into the night he went in hopes of making it back by morning. Maybe he would a car would pass by and he could hitchhike. Yeah, right, as if his luck could ever be that good.

    It was at times like this that Peter regretted not bringing his mobile and a pair of headphones. Each step hurt. Each breath brought in the cold. Each new gust of wind wrapped its icy fingers around him and threatened to throw him off balance. He pushed on. Looking back, the lights of the station house were twinkling in the distance. Looking ahead he saw the lights of a car. It had stopped in the middle of the road. Peter couldn't see anything else, it was too far away. The more he walked the windier it got. As he approached the car the wind only picked it up. It seemed that the very darkness of the night was shaking. Peter thought could see two people ahead.

    "Help," he called out. "Please."

    As he neared he saw woman, a remarkable young woman, stood beside the car. Atop the car stood a tall man. In the dark it was too difficult to see his face. Or even his clothes. Or anything about him. He seemed to be made of the darkness itself. The same darkness that shook all around him as though it was ready to burst. The shadowy man floated from the car and reached out.

    "Hey! Leave her alone!" shouted Peter as he stumbled forward.

    No good. Peter wasn't even able to run, never mind fight this shadow man. He tried sprinting forward but only felt pain. A warmth. The warmth of blood pooling against his clothes, he had torn open the sutures. But the girl. She was being attacked by that man, that something. Peter couldn't help her. Not like this. He was weak, injured. Both hands went for the metal batons strapped to his right leg. With his weapons drawn Peter prepared himself to fight.

    "I said, leave her alone!"
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  14. "A new high score? What is this, a game to you?" She hissed in response, shadows shuddering as the unnatural wind picked up speed. "If this is a game, then I have the cheat codes. Prepare for game over." Her hands tightened into fists as she glared him down. Suddenly she heard a voice calling out for help. Her head whipped in that direction and the wind faltered for a brief moment, the shadows flickering in and out of existence. When she heard him calling out to the figure, she realized he intended to try and fight him off. She couldn't allow that. Not in his state.

    Sky looked between the shadowy figure approaching her and the bleeding man the was trying to protect her. She could feel the darkness swirling at her finger tips, eyes giving off a brighter glow. "I suggest you listen to him." She chimed, using all her will to stop the shadows from lashing out. "I'm not exactly a person you want on the bad side of." The only thing she could think was that she couldn't let this already injured man get hurt worse because of her and the darkness welled up inside her. With that her control snapped, the shadows swirled and spiraled out of control, not only taking out the cab before her but heading straight for the man of darkness.

    Her eyes were almost iridescent in their glow as the shadows spread across the ground, consuming and destroying all in their path. There was no reigning them in now. Not until the threat was dealt with and her heart quit thundering in her chest.
  15. @Helena Sky
    @Jack Ethan Doyle

    "Why yes. It is a game to me!" Specter prepared to pounce but stopped suddenly. He cocked his head to the left, examining the wounded "Hero" that had come to his victims aid. "Why is it that the chivalrous heroes are the stupidest." As he talked he floated closer to the wounded man. "You are no match FOR ME-" Specter was cut off a shadow flying right through him. The darkness cut his smokey form to ribbons. It didn't stray far from where it originally floated. It took a second for him to reform. The shadows were ravaging the immediate area around the girl. "Woah." He began to back off. This was something he had no experience in. He held his arm up to protect his face, despite being invulnerable in smoke form.
  16. He watched as the darkness lashed out against the man. The car was knocked aside like a toy, the entire night was swirling around them. Shadows raked at the ground and sought out the man of darkness. It was a storm. A storm of shadows. The girl's eyes were glowing, a swirling vortex of blues and purples that changed as he pushed closer. Was this all her doing? She had lost control, she needed to stop or someone would get hurt. Peter walked forward. The darkness around had the intent to kill and he was afraid. But she needed to stop. She needed help. Peter looked around for the dark man but couldn't see him through the chaos and pitch black of night. It was as though he had turned to smoke.

    "Hey," called Peter as he tried to get her attention. He didn't know her name. "You have to calm down." It was impossible. The havoc that the shadows reaped was proof that she could not remain calm. "You need to focus on something. Something small." But what? It was the dead of night on a road in the middle of nowhere. There was nothing for her to focus on. Except... "Listen to my voice. Listen to my words. You can do this. Just focus on me. I'm going to talk you through it." If he doesn't feint first. "I have had one hell of a night. Seriously. And I was ready to give up. But I saw you and that reminded me of why I do this. I want to help people. Right now that means you. I'm here to help you. But I can't do that if you don't calm down and get control of this." He was still walking forward. "You can do this. I believe in you. I trust you." Finally. He was close enough to reach out and put a hand on her shoulder. "It's okay. I've got you."

    Peter didn't even know who she was. He eyes, a strange shade of purple that only seemed bright now that he was stood in front of her. She was nothing short of beautiful. He almost felt lost looking at her. So fragile, pale, soft. And yet this incredible, but dangerous, power was hidden within her.

    "Hey. Look at me," said Peter as he stared at her eyes. "We can fight him. Together. You just need to calm down."
  17. "I-I can't." Came her broken reply as she tried to pull the shadows back under her control. They continued to spiral and spin, creating a beautiful dance of darkness. "They don't listen to me."Her arms wrapped around herself as she closed her eyes. Normally they didn't get this bad. Then again, the strangest person she'd faced was Janessa. She'd never been in real danger before... or at least what the shadows had perceived as danger. Even though she was listening to him and trying to reign in the chaos, the shadows continued their assault on the smoky man and anything around him.

    It wan't until she felt his hand on her shoulder. At first the shadows crept up his arm, prepared to fling him away from her. The black trail left an unnatural coolness in its wake. Finally however, her eyes snapped open and everything stopped. Slowly the shadows inched back towards her. What ever the shadows had in their grasp was dropped to the ground as the chaos calmed to a light breeze. The only thing that remained was a ring of shadows that circled the man of smoke. "Thank you..." She whispered, making sure only he could hear her. Her violet eyes shown with an odd emotion for her: happiness.

    Finally she turned her steely gaze back to the man who had started it all. "Now, would you like to try that again, or would you like to give up?" She asked him, raising a slender brow.
  18. His hand still felt cold. When she opened her eyes he just stared. Until her gaze turned to her attacker. This was the first time Peter had met someone else with superpowers and he was scared. Of the both of them. But she seemed like a good person, she didn't want to hurt anyone. He on the other hand. This shadow man had come to cause pain, or fulfill some twisted idea of entertainment.

    "Seriously. You should get out of here while she still wants to let you go," said Peter.

    Pulling his hand away from her shoulder, he readied the batons in both hands again, ready to fight should this man of darkness not be so wise. Where was his mask? He had left it at the train station. Maybe neither of them would recognize him as the Vanguard, they didn't seem to have yet. Not important. Right now he had to focus on helping her and fighting him, if he was forced to do so.

    "It would be a mistake not to get away now."
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  19. Max stood up from behind the wrecked taxi, a angry grimace on his face. The shadows had torn his smokey self to pieces and forced him to become human again. He had cuts, bruises and scrapes all over. He spit some blood onto the pavement. He advanced towards them until he was standing over a grate in the concrete. "You've won now. But fair warning, theres something coming. And It's bigger than all of us." He looked directly at the girl. "It'll take more than a few uncontrolled shadows to defeat it." He then turned to the wounded guy. "And you, you won't even live to see the end of it." Max willed himself to turn into smoke and sink into the grate to make his escape. But he couldn't look away from the male. He couldn't move at all. "Wha...?"
  20. As the bus turned on to route 46, Leona awoke to George nudging her side, "Hey get up, we're only a few stops away".

    Leona murmured and wiped her eyes, quickly sitting upright as she realised she had been sleeping on her friend's shoulder the whole time. She gazed out of the window and onto the streets of Bien Sombre. Most of the coach passengers were either asleep or had their respective curtains drawn and so didn't see what Leona saw.

    As the coach turned right off of route 46 and her eyes adjusted to the darkness, Leona noticed an unbelievable scene as the rest of the route came into the view of her window.

    "... George... Ge.. George..." She stuttered, taking off her seatbelt and pressing the bell to get off.

    "What are you doing Leo, our stop isn't for another 2 miles?" George said, also 'de-belting' and getting up slightly to move out of the way as Leona shimmied straight past him and headed for the door.

    "Hey you forgot your bag..." George trailed off as he saw Leona already getting off the bus and running back towards route 46. Quickly, he grabbed both their bags and went in pursuit.
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