The Guardian {babyLETSplay & Peregrine}

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[BCOLOR=#000000]There are two types of people in this world. A mass majority of the population believed in what their eyes could only see. Living day by day, absolutely oblivious of the truth of what goes on behind closed doors. Only very few, a select few who were chosen from birth, thought outside the box and asked the important questions. The ones who were creative with the gift of pure innocence and knowledge of the truth behind the cruelty in this world. Ones who could easily create great destruction or grant wonderful power for the hope of peace. This world was not as it seemed to those with their eyes closed.

Starr happened to be one of the blessed. Even at the young age of three, she has shown great potential. Her mother, Rose and father Alex were the ideal married couple. They were very much in love and made sure to show Starr the proper affection. However, every fairy tale had its flaw. Rose and Alex were very important people at their jobs and were constantly forced out of town for business trips. However, Starr was never alone. Nana, her nanny, was very nurturing. She would bring Starr to daycare every morning as well as care for her the nights her family were away. Starr enjoyed the company of the others around her age.

To be honest, if Starr didn't have to worry about much. Even though most children her age really didn't know the meaning of worry. Rose and Alex worked hard and had plenty of money. Starr was very social and had various play buddies, as well as a caring family around her. The house she lived in wasn't luxurious by all means. It was just large enough for her small family and it was homey. Starr had her own room that she was quite proud of! She was very insistent on having the room themed around winged angels. Constantly Starr praised them. She has even told Rose that Starr was going to be an angel when she grows up! It was a subjects that once brought up Starr would go on for hours talking about. Rose tried to make Starr express that energy elsewhere by planting a garden and entrusting it to Starr. That's when they found out Starr had more of a 'black thumb'. Starr couldn't wish for anything more. Even so, She couldn't help but feel lonely, no… Different might describe it better.

"Story time children, everyone sit in a circle." The nice lady who ran the daycare. Mrs. Linda was was what everyone called her.

Starr propped down in front of Mrs. Linda, the others slowly began to huddle in as well forming a rather deformed circle. The giggles and chatter didn't calm until Mrs. Linda shhed them to quiet down, threatening them by saying there will be no story time if there is any noise. That seemed to always do the trick. Personally, Starr loved the stories she read to them.

Today's book was about a colorful hungry caterpillar making sure to eat his fill so he could grow into a big healthy butterfly. Starr was able to picture every word without the dashing pictures provided on the pages of the book. There were no need, her imagination was much better anyways. Slowly she closed her eyes and just listened, picturing how he was such a beautiful caterpillar with furry greens and yellows. However he turned into a miraculously wonderful butterfly. His wings glittered blue, purple, red, and yellow. they would gracefully lift him into the air with such strength. Starr imagined the joy he felt as he soared through the air and danced with the flowers. A smile couldn't help but creep upon her lips. however only to frown when Mrs. Linda folded the book in her hand informing them of the end of the book and time for clean up. It was always a disappointment to leave her paradise that was created by simple words off a book.

Starr graciously began to help out with whatever her tiny hands could grip and made sure to place it in it's proper place. It wasn't long before Nana was there to pick her up. Starr's face lit up, smiling cheek to cheek as she ran to her side yelling out her name as a greeting. Starr truly enjoyed her time with Mrs. Linda and friends but as the saying goes, there is no place like home.

Starr a the moment~




Mrs. Linda~
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Once upon a time, Cor Madanath had believed in innocence. He had believed that the glow in a child's eyes could be preserved indefinitely. He had believed that he could protect it. Now? Now he knew better.

He had not expected to find another one so soon. Once it had taken him years of roaming the world after finding one to find another. Now they seemed to be appearing in ever increasing frequency. He had found the last one only a month ago, in a broken-down house in the slums of Chicago. The boy's mother had been on a drug-induced stupor. She hadn't even questioned the short, brown haired man with a broken nose, weasel-face, and unbalanced eyes who appeared without warning in her living room and gently picked up her four month old son, cooing to the child until his wailing subsided slightly. His cry had echoed around the room for the last half-hour, which was what had convinced Cor the place was empty. Considering the young woman's state of mind it might as well have been. When the child had been cared for and settled back into its crib with a clean blanket around it Cor had brought the woman a glass of water, a bucket, and another needle. The only thing she had eyes for was the drug. Moments later she had passed out on the couch once more.

Cor had remained in that house for exactly two hours, caring for the child, giving it the attention for which it had so long starved. Two hours, until the world around Cor shifted. It was as though another lair had been plastered over everything, showing the flow of the world around him. He could see the wires in the walls, the electricity flowing through them. He could see the way that the fan in the air conditioner stirred the air, and the way the cold and heat mixed together. He could see the beating heart of the child, of the mother, and of himself. It was completed. The Blessed One had accepted Cor as his Guardian.

The ability was a particularly powerful one, and Cor had known he was going to miss that one more than he missed most, but it had only proven the absolute necessity of Cor's job. The child had gurgled, placing a tiny hand on Cor's scruffy, pock-marked cheek as the man picked him up, wrapped in the soft blue blanket that he had brought in from the car outside. Then he had walked out of the building, child in hand, and stepped into the car. No one had seen him leave. With the ability that the child had granted him Cor had no doubt of that. In the end, though, it wouldn't have really mattered if someone identified him. Cor had been identified before, but no one had ever found him. He was far too experienced at hiding, especially in plain sight.

They would never find the body of the baby boy, who had been buried with great care in a quiet forest, so that no animals would ever desecrate his resting spot. As he had gently laid the infant's body to rest in the narrow, deep hole, curled around the little blue blanket as though sleeping, Cor had allowed himself to feel a pity for this Blessed One, and even more for his mother. Cor knew what it was to lose a child. Maybe the woman would remember what had happened, and would clean herself up before her inevitable next child was born. Maybe not. What Cor knew, though, was that the Blessed Ones could not be allowed to reach the age of Awakening. Most likely this child would have died anyways, under the care of a different guardian. But there was a chance that he would live, and would Awaken.

No child could live eighteen years in this cruel, cold, bloody world and still retain innocence. No matter what the Guardian believed, if this boy Awakened it would not be an Angel who greeted the Guardian, but a Demon. And then chaos would spread, plunging the world into another dark time. The world already balanced on the edge. One more Demon might tip it over. Especially one as powerful as this boy would have been.

Cor had thought he would have gotten over the trusting brown eyes of the child as he had smothered him with his own little blue blanket before he found the next one. He thought there would have been enough time to lay the memory to rest in the graveyard of his mind just as gently as he had laid the infant down for its final sleep in the forest. There wasn't.

He had been driving across the state of Wisconsin, heading to a meeting with a friend of a friend who had a job for someone with Cor's unique talents, a job which promised to pay very well, when he had felt the tug. At first he had passed it away as fantasy. It couldn't be. Not so soon after the last one. But as he found himself making turns he never intended to take, heading in a direction he had not wanted to go, Cor knew it was true. He had found another Blessed One.

She was a beautiful young thing, he had to give her that. She looked to be nearing three years of age, and it was quite a miracle that no Guardian had found her yet. Perhaps it had to do with the fact that she lived far out in suburbia, in a house with a backyard so large that it was hard to see the neighboring houses from the back porch through the distance and the trees. Then again, that hadn't stopped him.

A sweet looking older woman had just let her loose on the yard, and her short little toddler's legs were doing their very best to keep up with her torso, which was gaining more and more momentum as she ran away from the porch. She sat down heavily in the green grass in the center of the yard when her legs could no longer keep up.

He had crept in through the band of trees that separated the neighboring houses, which was thick enough to offer him protection from the eyes of both the old woman and her neighbors. Cor sat down, waiting and watching. This was going to be harder, since the girl was older. She would have already developed a close bond with her family, and for her to accept him as a Guardian she would need to be willing to relinquish her bond to her family.

Perhaps this was a child he could simply leave. Without a Guardian one of the dark things would find her soon, and it would lead to her death. Cor need not do it. Not so soon after... No. He would stay for a few days and see how quickly the natural bond between them grew. He was good at bringing in the Blessed Ones. He'd had a lot of practice. If she still rejected him after a week then he could leave, without concern that another Guardian would find her and bond to her.

The disposable phone in his pocket buzzed.

"Yeah?" he asked softly, voice rough and husky. In the yard the girl looked up. Their eyes met. "Something's come up. It'll be a few days."
[BCOLOR=#000000]The CD skipped so many times it was difficult to actually make out the song. However, Starr didn't seem to care. Her voice was loud and clearly off key as she sang along to the stuttering music. Her miniature hands waved at each passing car then giggling when someone would actually return the wave. Nana could only smile to herself as Starr chattered about the passing scenery between her horrid melodies. So excited about the large trees and dancing love birds of the everyday life, knowing the beauty of the world that most would miss.The drive didn't last long before nana pulled into the curved driveway, getting out before grabbing Starr. Nana's trembling aged hands seemed to engulf Starr's delicate but supportive grip. With hand in hand, side by side, they guided each other up the cemented hill and into the comfort of what they could call home.[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#000000]The temptation of impatience seemed to get the best of the little Starr. Once through the doors she didn't wasted a moment of time to ramble on to Nana about her playtime today at the nursery. Starr's explanation of the frail caterpillar's extraordinary evolution was spoken in a carelessly detailed mess. It was as if her mouth moved faster than her brain could process her next sentence causing her usual stuttering words of excitement.If allowed, Starr would continue her jumbled speech for hours. In a desperate attempt to keep her sanity after several never ending minutes of circling the same subject, Nana finally decided to turn to her last resort. [/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#000000]The older woman dipped to Starr's level. Her voice was smooth and convincing, almost manipulative in the vest of ways. "how fascinating! Why don't we go explore the jungle, I'm sure you can show me all kinds of pretty butterflies there. They have been waiting for you to play with them all day!"[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#000000]The purest of joys exploded into Starr's expression. With a silent smile of excitement her little legs raced with an ungraceful pace into the wilderness of the jungle. No doubt. no hesitation. Only a child full of innocent imagination.To a young child such as Starr, even a small yard would seem like a wild adventure! However every time she roamed out into her enormous yard it was as if entering a whole new world with so much to discover! The imagination of a three year old was impeccable. [/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#000000]Those tiny legs struggled to keep up with her body as she chased after some flying bug that flapped it's wings desperately trying to get away from the playful child. Finally, Starr admitted defeat by plopping on her bottom exhausted. A rustle in the bushes caught her attention. No. That wasn't truly it. There was no audible sound. It was more like an intuition, a pull in that direction. Curious, Starr followed. That's when her big green eyes met with his sad desperate gaze. silence filled the air as their connection only deepened. Starr wasn't scared or alarmed however, she kept her distance from the trespasser. She felt like she knew this stranger. it was a tortured glare Starr has seen many times in her dreams. [/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#000000]After long moments of silence Starr spoke, "Don't worry… There is no need to be so sad anymore." Her voice was so full of confidence. "Your smile will be just as beautiful as the butterflies! I've seen it!" A smile crept across her lips as she held her arms out wide as if showing just how large his smile would be. "The angels have shown me. Don't you have faith? 'cuz we believe in you…" Starr's head jerked back to the sound of Nana's panicked voice as she yelled out to Starr. "You better hurry." With such an angelic smile Starr turned, almost skipping her way into Nana's worried arms that soon embraced her tight.[/BCOLOR]
Whenever he had begun to doubt, over the next several days, that he would be able to bond with the Blessed One, all he had to do was think back to that smile, that sweet, innocent voice, and something in him would reaffirm that it was possible. Normally children that made it to this age without finding a Guardian would never bond with one. They loved their parents, the people around them, far too much to let it all go and fully accept a Guardian. In a few more years she would be old enough for the darkness to start being drawn her way, and then she would die. She would die, slowly and painfully. Better to save her from that.

Cor became a constant shadow of the child's life, a presence that was outside her window the moment she woke up, followed her to daycare, along the roads wherever her family took her. Never once did the adults suspect that someone was watching their beloved child, and that he was drawing closer to her with every minute they spent within each other's presence. It shouldn't have been possible for her to bond to him without some sort of direct contact, contact that was completely impossible due to the watchful adults that surrounded her at every moment, and would inevitably cry foul if they saw an ugly, shady man approach her, but Cor didn't allow such small matters to worry him. He was confident that, of all the Guardians to have walked the earth, he had bonded with more of the Blessed Ones than any of them. He knew the way the bond worked, knew the way the pull could begin, and how best to build upon it once it had begun.

He left little gifts for her in the backyard, a butterfly made out of flower petals and fallen leaves, a magic wand with a knot of wood perched on the end that looked like a fairy, the kind of simple toys that young children could find hours of entertainment playing with. At the same time, he began to sew descent in the household. He left a lipstick stain on the collar of the father's white shirt, in a color that would not suit his wife's pale complexion. He stole one of the expensive bottles of alcohol that was in the cabinet, only to mix some of it in to the bottled dark herbal tea that the grandmother drank every evening. Around the house, things that had worked perfectly for years began to break, leaving the man short-tempered as he set to work trying to fix it all.

Whenever all the noise in the house grew to be too much, Cor would be waiting outside for the Blessed One, with a pair of soft and forgiving dark eyes that promised everything in the world would be alright.

All the same, he was running out of time. It had been a solid six days since he had first found her, and there was no way of knowing how close he was to winning her over until the moment actually came. He had said he would leave after a week, that if he couldn't do it in a week it couldn't be done. Yet he wanted to save this child from the suffering that would await her if she did not bond with a Guardian. Her innocent face deserved at least that much.

He had to be close. One more day would be enough. Wouldn't it?
[BCOLOR=#000000]Soon Starr had found herself looking forward to the strangers company. He had introduced himself as Cor, but she still called him mister. What seemed like a perfect life was quickly taking a turn for the worst. Starr didn't exactly know or understand the details however, she could understand things were bad and getting worse each day. [/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#000000]Rose and Alex fought constantly. Every night Alex was confined to the couch and Rose was left to cry on her own in their room. Starr didn't understand why her dad didn't comfort her like all the other times. Then again, why wouldn't her mother let him when he tried? Nana began to act different as well. She would rather sit and watch, sipping on tea, instead of exploring the jungle with Starr like she used to. Starr began to arrive late to daycare. Occasionally she would be home before the sky changed colors. It didn't take long before the sweet teacher told Starr that story time would have to wait a while and that she was sure Starr could return soon. As young as Starr was, she knew better.[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#000000]Everything was all wrong! Starr knew she had to be strong, if not for herself, then for her loved ones around her. She felt as if she had to be the rock for her family. If it wasn't for her new found friend she would probably go a little crazy as well. It seemed when it was impossible for Starr to smile he would surprise her with a gift, or just lend an ear. Even though Starr has never opened up to him about what was going on or about how she was feeling, she would always chat away.Their conversations were usually random. Could be about the shapes of the clouds that day, angels, or most of the time just her expressing the beauty she saw that day. Starr rather enjoyed his company and slowly started spending more and more time with him as things got worse. Even so, something told her she should be cautious which kept her from completely opening up.[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#000000]Alex and Rose yelled non-stop in the front of the car as they drove home from picking up Starr from her last day of daycare. Starr stared out the window trying to zone them out as much as possible. The last thing Starr remember was the sound of a loud horn blasting then the sound of the truck colliding into their car. The sound of glass shattering frightening, and the smell of iron in the air was confusing. It all seemed to end in an instant. Starr's head throbbed as she looked up her parents limp and bleeding bodies. The sound of Starr's door being forced open caused her to look in that direction to see Cor. An exhausted smile formed on her lips as her small shaky hand reached out and touched his cold cheek. "You're here too mister? It makes me so happy you are okay…." Her hand then fell limp as everything went black.[/BCOLOR]
He'd heard the crash from several blocks off, and new instantaneously what it meant. What were the chances it was her car? In a city of so many vehicles, it had to be so incredibly improbable as to basically be impossible. And yet, Cor knew it was hers all the same. Disaster and carnage were drawn towards the Blessed Ones, in the same way the Guardians were. It was her car. The only question now was what the wreck had done to Starr. The bond was so weak. Either she was unconscious, or she was dying. Those were the only options.

By the time he reached the car, a crowd had already started to gather. Many people were on their phones, calling it in. It had been a devastating crash, one rarely seen within the confines of the city. A cement truck had plowed right through a red light. The body of the car was almost completely crumpled, and Cor could see the father's arm, laying in the middle of the street, completely detached from its body.

No one seemed to notice him as he drew close. They were too busy talking to each other or panicking, and it was a talent that Cor had developed. The gift of being ignored. Someone would certainly be recording this, and maybe they'd see him when they finally watched the footage. It didn't matter. Right now he had to check if Starr was going to live.

Not only was she alive but she was, somehow, miraculously unharmed. Her eyes fluttered open when he looked in on her through the window, which was now the ceiling. In that moment, he felt the bond reform as she woke. It was stronger than ever. Only moments away from being complete. He only needed to do one more thing...

"Yeah," he said gently, as the light dimmed from her eyes. "I'm here too." Unconscious again. His hand reached through the window, gently wrapping around her soft toddler forearm, lifting her out from among the wreckage. "Come on, Starr," he murmured softly, as much to himself as the child. "It's time to leave this place. Let's go, hmm?" She fit easily into his arms, and he cradled her gently against his chest, burying her head into his shoulder so that there wasn't a chance she might accidentally see the dead bodies of her parents should she wake again. The bond still wasn't quite complete, even if it was stronger now than ever. It would need a bit more time, away from the memories of her parents and the life she had led up until this point before she would be willing to completely relinquish it. That was fine. He would take this time to get her somewhere far away.

As he slowly vanished from the scene of the accident with Starr in his arms, Cor allowed himself a brief moment of silence to wish that the accident had taken her as well as her parents. It would have spared him having to take her life. But the accident hadn't taken her, and he couldn't simply leave her there. She would be taken away, perhaps beyond his reach, and with the sudden absence of her family it would open up the possibility that another Guardian might find her and bond with her. Cor would have to do it himself. Then again, that had been the plan from the beginning.

He settled her safely into the passenger's seat of his old car, snugly wrapped in a couple of blankets and with a pillow supporting her head while he buckled her in. By the time she woke they would be several hours out of the suburbs that Starr had called home, heading north towards one of the national forests in the northern part of Michigan. Cor turned to smile at her, mouth slightly lopsided as ever. Had most people looked at him, they would have guessed that he had a face that would terrify children, but Cor had long since learned to work with the harsh planes and crooked angles he had been given, and mold them into something that could soften in an instant, transforming into something warm and friendly.

"Hey, Starr," he said softly, taking one hand off the wheel to ruffle her hair. "Your parents have asked me to take care of you now. Is that alright with you?"
[BCOLOR=#000000]The actuality of the accident soon became a lost, distant memory. An extremely vivid nightmare. Starr didn't even know the extent of her misfortune. All she could really recall was Cor's warm embrace protecting her from reality. However she couldn't escape reality forever and soon the cool breeze from the air conditioner reached her heated cheeks. A faint unfamiliar scent filled her nostrils. The sweet aroma resembled apples, reminding Starr of her mother's home made apple sauce. The comforting thoughts eventually caused starr to stir. [/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#000000]Panic began when she didn't realize where she was. But it only took a scuffle of her hair and an uneven smile of warmth to relax her. She wasn't alone after all. He was here. When others looked at Cor they may only see the surface. On the outside he seemed nothing more than a hard, rugged and scary man. That's not what Starr saw when she looked at this misguided man. She saw his soul. He was kind but a bit misunderstood. One who has known the pleasure of joy but suffered the tragedy of hell. But most of all, Starr could see potential. Potential to be a great person with a heart of pure gold. Can she save this man from himself? Or would she lose herself in the process.[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#000000]When he informed her of the arrangement, Starr only greeted him with a crooked smile that had evidence of sorrow. "Okay" She knew what had truly happened. but it was too much for her tiny heart to bare. Denial came almost natural in times like this. Denial. A bittersweet emotion that could very well make things even worse than they already were. Even though she told herself over and over again what Cor said was true, the pain in her chest remained.[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#000000]Starr turned her attention to the passing attractions. The sudden color changes from the passing wildflowers sparked a smile. It didn't take long for that smile to fade. How could the beauty of the world around her seem so dull? Her eyes were now blind to the vibrant purples and blues. Everything around her was the same boring thing. Boring. The thought echoed in her shattered heart. It just very well might be possible that she might lose herself in the process of saving this man. What could a little girl do anyways? No. Starr may be young. But she knew better even at her age. Her soul wouldn't break so easily. This was just a part of life Starr had to experience to become stronger. Expericnce.It was just a circle of life that had to be done. Her determination was firm. She would not lose herself in this war. [/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#000000]In no time at all, the smile returned. Her glance turned to Cor. He was what she had now and she would treasure him. "Hey mister. Where are we going?" She questioned him. "On an adventure?" Her voice was full of excitement when he seemed to agree. "Okay!"[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#000000]The drive seemed to go on for an eternity before he pulled up infront of a small secluded worn down log cabin. The fields of green seemed to drag on worlds across. Was the sun always this bright? It's beams of like accented the sky. Allowing the bluest of blues to shine through. The world seemed so wonderful once again. The strings of grass rose higher than Starr could stand. There was a walkway to the door where the nature did not grow. Cor took her hand and lead the way, assuring everything was going to be okay. She believed every word.[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#000000]Starr's bright eyes examined the place once inside. The environment seemed to be abandoned for most of it's existence. The layer of dust on almost everything around tickled her nose. It was fairly empty, with few pieces of furniture. No photographs, no personal trinkets or trace of importance. No sign of any memories made here. It wasn't much to the eyes but it was what she would call home now and she loved it. The place was indeed small. From what she could tell, it had two bedrooms, one bathroom. A kitchen and dining room attached to a very small living room. It was a change from her old home. but it was good enough! [/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#000000]Cor seemed to apologize from the state of the place, explaining it hasn't been used it a while. Starr only giggled. "I don't mind! I'm a great helper if you need someone to help you make it more like home!" her grin was from ear to ear. It was a long day of cleaning, and in the end they seemed to get a lot done. Starr had a lot of fun as well. However, her young body couldn't keep up with Cor. she ended up passing out on the couch before the sun has dropped behind the horizon.[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#000000]It has been four days since they have arrived at their makeshift home when Cor asked Starr if she would like to go on a sudden adventure. The excitement was overwhelming! Her body struggled to keep up with her rushed pace as she headed for the car. Soon Cor ended up on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere that Starr was pretty sure only Cor knew about. His demeanor had changed. He seemed distant, almost cold and cruel as she stepped out of the car, motioning for Starr to follow. And yet, she didn't hesitate. The walk seemed longer than is was before they reaching a clearing of the tallest trees she has ever witnessed. Cor took her in his arms with an expression she couldn't understand however, would never forget. He proceeded to apologize and explain to her this had to be done. Starr's gaze looked into his hurt eyes and she knew what was next. [/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#000000]A smile formed. A genuine smile as a tear rolled down her cheek. "Okay… Only if you promise this will make you happy, Then i will be happy." In the end she couldn't save him… However, she trusted this was what was right in the end. she trusted him with everything she had.[/BCOLOR]
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