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America is no longer the great nation it was once; war torn and overthrown, the land of the free and the home of the brave no longer exists. It is now territory. 1947: the Cold War between Mother Russia and the United States of America, still taught through history classes, no one thought such an extreme issue would occur again - but history repeats itself.

[ Year 2216: The Second Cold War. ]

Political tensions were at an all time high, a third World War had just occurred and nations were strained from the aftermath, connections were failing and allies were parting ways - the United States and Russia had broken their treaty of peace that had been established in prior years. A second Cold War erupted between the two great nations, though it didn't remain cold for long. History forgets who fired the first shot, who unleashed the first missile, history isn't even sure if it was one of the two nations that burst first or if a third party ignited the tensions. Regardless, a horrific war was unleashed and resulted in the terrifying defeat of the United States. It was no longer its own country, but occupied territory of Russia.

[ Year 3908: Present Day. ]

The land is run by communism, people trade goods in order to survive as what once were Americans are placed under prejudice and discrimination, treated unfairly and attacked despite the many years that have passed since the war. Americans, regardless of their race or birth ethnicity, are branded in order to eliminate them of their humanity - hatred runs deep in the veins of all the people. Russian born and elite trained guards wander the streets of what was once America, keeping the integrated citizens at peace, demolishing uprisings, eliminating under-ground deals, and many other 'illegal' activities. The reformed world is unsatisfactory for many.

Most guards and law enforcement are told not to pay any mind or attention to Americans, to simply do their job and keep everyone in line, don't affiliate with anyone beyond what you need to. An officer comes across a small shoppe being held up by Russian youth, it seems as though it isn't worth the trouble, but it's the guard's job to disburse the conflict. Upon entry, they realize it is an American owned shoppe - the labeling outside the building makes it clear. The youth are scarred off rather easily by the guard due to their high status; that is when they meet the shoppe owner. A beautiful person with a grateful and pleasant personality. After words of thanks and offering of the shoppe's famous home-made bread, the guard can't keep the American from their mind. They can't help but come back despite the possible retribution they may be subjected to for their actions.

[ This will/can possibly include: ]
Mxf and/or Mxm
Multiple main and minor characters
18+ Characters
Forbidden romance
Dark fantasy
Love triangles
Law enforcement
Age differences
[ Feel free to add suggestions and share kinks you may want to include later on! ]

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