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  1. Hello!
    I'm looking for some fun!

    My name is Luminosity, but you can just call me Lumi. I've been roleplaying ever since I was just ten years old. As you can probably tell, I have a deep passion for writing, even since before I was a teenager! I have a lot of interests in different genres. But first, you should know a little bit more about me.

    Preferences and Boundaries

    - I like to call myself an advanced RPer. I have nothing against those who only post one or two lines every time they write in-character, but I prefer not to write with them. I just find myself with no way to reply to them. My preferences are that my partner write out a well-written paragraph at least, and, well, beyond that, it's anything goes.

    - I require that there be romance in my roleplays. I only do MxF and... I must ask, please leave out smut in our RPs. Things can get a little raunchy, so I require my partners to be 18+. I also prefer that I play the female in our RP, but we can double!

    - I like plots! But I don't like being the only one guiding them along. Please, I prefer that my partner guide along the plot as well!

    - I prefer that my partner to post at least once a day. Once every two days is fine as well. However, when it starts to become once every three or four days... that's when it becomes an issue.

    - I do not roleplay canon characters. Only original! I pray that my partner do the same.

    - I have both original and fandom plots I would like to put into play! But before you begin to look at them, please make sure that you have read all of the above, first. I am flexible with many things, but I don't think I'll be able to RP with someone asking for FxF or MxM or someone who comes saying "hi u wanna rp???".

    - If you do not like the plots listed below, you can suggest similar ones, the same one with some changes, and even a whole other fandom plot (as long as it falls under the same fandom)!

    - Have fun! Communication is key!

    * = plot that I am very interested in doing.
    (scratched out) = plot that has already been taken.

    Amber = fandom plots.
    White = original plots.

    The Warden and The Lady *
    Dragon Age RP
    The Grey Wardens need more recruits in the wake of recent signs of a new Blight. Your character, a young man, is sent out to search for possible volunteers. Stopping at Redcliffe, the Warden finds himself a potential recruit-- the daughter of the local lord. Taking her in, the Warden begins to fall for her... but courting her in such desperate times, full of corruption and betrayal, is easier said than done. I really want to do this plot.

    The Templar and the Mage
    Dragon Age RP
    A Templar must choose what is most important to him-- his feelings for a certain mage lady or his loyalty to the Chantry.

    Survival Instinct ****
    Pokemon RP
    A very mature and dark Pokemon RP where we play Pokemon in the wild. Will you survive?

    We're Not As Bad As You Think!
    Pokemon RP
    We play as a pair from Team Rocket. But I'm talking about real bad-guy, murdering, mafia Team Rocket.

    Medieval Fantasy
    I don't necessarily have a plot for this, most likely because I've done so much already. If you really want to do a medieval fantasy RP with me, then PM me ideas.

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  2. Hello, Is this still open? Because I'd like to do The Warden and The Lady.
  3. It is!
  4. Coolio! Want me to PM you? I'd love to set it up :D
  5. Sure! Go ahead!
  6. I'm still looking for RPers. :)
  7. Added three more ideas.
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