The Grimm Wars: Winter is Coming

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  1. Autumn.

    The Queen of Autumn sat on her throne, in Arendelle her touch was everywhere. The air was crisp and clear, ice floated freely in chunks in the rivers and the sea where workers moved to disable for fear of accidents. The leaves were gold and red and crunched underfoot by giggling children who's job it was to rake them. Harvest had finished and summer had blessed the land with a bountiful harvest, in addition to trade. The sun-kissed fruits of Corona, the grain of Somnium, the sea harvest of Port Habe....Arendelle was a blessed realm indeed. Its rulers beloved by all....As were their daughters.

    Princess Elsa and Anna, like night and day yet forever embracing the other. In recent times, they had withdrawn from the public eye which puzzled those who knew the girls. Whispers began to circulate...Some mentioned the idea of a curse. Others of darker things, demonic attributes and so much more. Perhaps in anticipation of this, the Rulers decided to do the following.

    And so a Tournament was declared. 'Come one, come all!' All were invited, even the twisted beings of wood and stone, provided they promised to behave. And so it went and Arendelle opened its doors to all.

    First to arrive were the Norsemen tribes in their longboats. Their sea serpent heads leering at the shores as they landed. Rough cousins to the more civilized Arendelle Kingdom, nevertheless their Thain acknowledged the King and Queen of Arendelle and embraced him as a friend. To the Kings Right hand, he laughed for in times past, the man they called Ned Stark proved his worth in battles against them for there is nothing they appreciate more then a warrior. He too, was befriended by them.

    The Elven conclave of Arendelle arrived next, small in numbers but instrumental in their ceaseless patrol of the deep woods. To the King and Queen, they bore gifts of bows, as finely honed by their craft as they could. The trolls followed, bearing a 'thought-puzzle' of which they presented with great dignity. The Dwarves with marvelous crafted works as their skill could muster- They had flourished under the rule of the King and the mines were rich with the earthly lodes in which they made their living.

    And all the kingdoms followed after.


    "Your highness's? Its time to get up."

    "Zzzzz....M'dun want any. Zzzzzz...."

    Princess Anna. Eighteen years old, currently entangled in her comforter and sheets alongside her cousin. Her hair was made up in the most complicated looking braids, testament to last nights slumber party with relations and the only thing that spoiled it was the absence of her sister. Poor Elsa...Even with Rapunzel, she refused to come out. And so the two wandered off where they could talk and do such things as they could, before the big day. One thing led to another and so we came to where we begin our story, with braided hair for Anna and smeared make up for Rapunzel. Both the picture of exhaustion, which is sure to change once they realize what day it is.

    At least two are happy.

    In her room, Elsa sits alone. Lovely as the winter whose power lingers in her hands, she slips on her gloves as she carefully looks in the mirror. Behind her, she sees the image of her mother and father on the wall. A family portrait that she likes to see to remind her daily that her family cares for her. Not that you couldn't interpret their knocking as anything else. But it was safer this way. She wouldn't hurt her sister....Nor would her parents be killed by accident, as she feared they would on the voyage to Corona. But they returned safe....Perhaps her worries would prove remiss as well today.

    She prayed to the Winter-Smith, All-Father and his queen, in whose line her family were descended by. Let the gates be open.

    Let Arendelle show the world they had nothing to fear.


    The Harbor

    The ships sailed in, with masts like a forest of sails as the flags and standards of many kingdoms fluttered in the wind. Down descended those who chose the sea as their mode of congress, from Calormen to Port Habe. With them came merchants, transporting their goods for the tournament and accompanying carnival for all that it would present for those who made their fortune in such things.

    Busy and full of descending passengers, excited for the times to come- People would be hired on the spot to assist with various merchant transport and goods, hefty half-orcs carrying barrels of mead on each shoulder, halfling explorers agog at the tumult. And everywhere, the clink of coin as it exchanged hands for services.

    The Procession

    Like a caravan of splendor, the procession approached the town. Added on by other kingdoms, they rode and marched one after the other, displaying their colors proudly.

    Severus ignored it all, sequestered in his coach. Though he was wearing the latest fashion of Somnium, nevertheless there was a certain shabbiness to it which comes from one who hardly ever takes his suit out. Black was the primary color, stylish and sleek this was less the black of the fashionista and more the black of one who doesn't care to decide long on what he'll wear that morning. His shoes at least, were shined. In his hand, a cane with the head of an eagles beak rested at his side...Another reason he had little interest.

    His right leg would forever hold a limp, due to a bone infection operation in his youth. It was an experience that did much to shape him as he was now. Behind a thick book, he held it as a shield against the world and all but glared, not unlike the eagle on his cane at the words which he flicked through unthinking.

    Outside, Lord Bishop Constanze sighed inwardly. Teenagers.

    Gods save him from clever, easily bored teenagers.

    On foot, others would walk on by. Travelers along the same direction as they pointed and smiled at the sight, especially of the town before them.

    And so the story begins.

    Once upon a time....

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  2. Travelers from all over, it seemed. The young and the old. The rich and the poor. The living... and the dead. Amongst the masses of people that were headed towards the kingdom, there was a lone lantern drifting in the air...


    It can be assumed a sorcerer was levitating this lantern around, but yet... this lantern was it's own being. A spirit that was left with a cruel and violent death and fate ahead... No one would've expected that this lantern was possessed by a spirit that went by the name of Hanaise. Strange that a spirit like Hanaise would be wandering off to this area, but yet, she had her reasons for being here.

    Red mask... I... must kill... the red mask...

    Those were the thoughts of a vengeful spirit, hoping to see that she could do her unfinished business... and finally rest in peace. With this many people around, Hanaise didn't want to exactly bump into people with her lantern... especially people that has nothing to do with her goals... They had little to no concern to her, unless they prove to be in her way, she just needed to do this to put herself to rest.

    It's all she ever wanted.

  3. Behind the fae-touched procession of Somnium's Lord Bishop and prince, another royal march with its precious cargo followed in line, the awe-inspiring red and gold of its kingship's banner fluttered in the wind as the three griffons stacked upon it were proudly displayed. Each knight in the procession carried Cardomas's banner to glorify the lord they served and whose daughter they protected, and at the side of the royal carriage rode the most loyal of the ranks.

    "My lady, the journey is near over. Please awaken."

    "Mmm'h... Finally, Kel...?"

    The knight known as Dame Kel nodded as her tired charge spoke to her through the carriage's window. They had been riding since early that morning, and while she was fully clear-headed and alert as was required of her duties, she saw no reason to not allow the princess to simply sleep for a few more hours after the two weeks of travel by sail and by foot to the realm of Arendelle. Perhaps it would have been quicker to go solely by water vessel, but her friend had been against the idea due to fear of sea sickness upsetting the knight's stomach.

    Perhaps it would have been better to not allow her charge to take their friendship into account. However, the lack of a sickening ship's rock certainly had made it a simpler task to don her shined and silvery armor that bore the House of Cardo's griffons in vibrant red the past mornings, and the raven-haired paladin had quietly made her thanks known to the young maiden who had taken it with a demure smile. The two shared the same shade of sapphire eyes and locks though while Keladry wore her hair long and flowing, Kel had chosen for herself a much shorter cut that would not obstruct her view in battle or her attempts to wear a helm as need be. In fact, there were some that even thought the two could pass as sisters.

    "I wonder how the daughters of the king are doing. The two have been in seclusion for a long while if the court gossip is to be believed."

    "Perhaps they simply do not wish to be bothered with awe-struck onlookers that who marvel at the nobility just yet."

    "Perhaps... I do hope they are well though. It would be wonderful to meet them and to know who I shall be speaking to in the future as equal rulers."

    At this, Kel remained silent. Her friend had always been one to think of the future and speak with others to form connections early on, while leaving any trouble to the knight to deal with in the way that only a paladin of justice could deal in. It was the bond that worked best for them, manners of force left to the woman who had trained her whole life to wield a blade in her liege's name.
    Keladry's watched with a gaze of curiosity as her defender's hand fell to her longsword's hilt and followed the knight's eyes to the sight that had set her on edge. The lantern seemed to float with an unearthly power as it seemed to fool all but Dame Kel in remaining uninteresting, a strange sight to be seen during the day.

    "Do not make a scene if it does not approach, Kel. It is best we do not show any sort of bad mark upon Cardomas that might lead to whispers of weakness."

    A grunt was heard from the knight but her hand did not budge, "Understood, my lady." She would not be unprepared if whatever possessed the source of light struck out.

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  4. Unlike other spirits, Haraise was not mindless... While she bore nothing of her living life, Haraise was able to reason to be out of that level. Other than the fact that the desire to act out her vengeance was immense to her own being, the lantern spirit was aware of how some people thought of her. Her afterlife as a spirit stuck in the ground world... she spent most of those days scaring off lost travelers, because she simply had nothing else to do. Now? Haraise truly had something to do, so scaring people as a pastime was not an option at the moment.

    Hearing the conversation between the two individuals that had noticed the spirit's presence, Haraise stopped in her tracks, and to them, the lantern would simply halt it's motions. The lantern would slowly turn it's attention towards them, allowing the spirit in question to silently look over to the individuals that were alarmed by her presence. Most others were fooled that her lantern belonged to someone who possessed magic, but they seemed to see through that facade...

    Despite feeling the tension simmer up by the sight of a sword, Haraise was not mindless enough to jump into conclusions. The sword she saw here... it was distinctly different from the one used on that night of her death. The knight bore nothing that was alike to the red mask... and thus, this was not her killer. She had no business to deal with here.

    For a second, it seemed like a pair of eyes could be seen on the lantern's flame.

    "N... ot... th...e ... one... loo...k... ing... for..."

    A chilling whisper was said with a raspy voice, as if gasping for life in some way. It was faint, but no doubt that the knight and the princess would've heard these words. The eyes soon disappeared from view of the lantern flames, and the lantern continued on its original path as if nothing happened. Unless Haraise found something about her killer, she wouldn't be giving much mind or attention to anyone else. Though, if people were able to identify a possessed lantern wandering about, Haraise could think of a way to stay out of sight, but then she would be unable to be up close and personal with her killer there...

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  5. So it was looking for someone among the crowd, and it held no ill will towards them if the voice that whispered in the women's ears spoke the truth. However, Kel had held the eyes' gaze for a few moments and continued to glare at the spot she suspected would hold the back of the head of whatever spirit possessed the lantern, before finally turning her head back, "Let us hope it does not cause any trouble while the tourney goes on or harm any innocents. It would be best if we were distracted from our purpose here..."

    "Kel, please, you worry far too much. It has passed for the moment, and I have no worry that the King and Queen are both prepared for whatever may come during this event. Besides, I doubt anyone would cause trouble when both the Norsemen tribes and the head of the Stark family are rumored to be in attendance."

    "You'd be amazed at how many of the most ambitious in this world are also the most foolish, my friend," With a sigh, Keladry turned her head away and the dame knew that her friend had given up on convincing her to relax. Some may have been concerned that the knight had gone too far in their debate with this result, but she knew better. The two understood each other well enough to have understandings of when there needed to be silence between them so as to focus on the tasks ahead. Speaking of which...

    "So then, are you prepared for your chance, dear?"

    After a minute of silence and taking in the crowds and festivities (watching any threat to the royal procession for Kel), the carriage's occupant finally spoke once again and Kel huffed as if offended, "My lady, I have been prepared for months now. If I was any more so, some would expect I was born training for this spectacle."

    "Really, you weren't swinging a blade and shield as you were blessed by Aslan to be born into this world?"

    "As much as you were curtsying to the wet nurse, Keladry."

    "Ah, and so the lioness snaps back?" The maiden giggled at the comeback while the dame allowed a slight upturn of the lips to smirk before her charge turned a critical eye towards her, "Perhaps if you perform well, the nobles of this land will be impressed with more than just your martial prowess..."

    "I do not expect to find one worthy of my time here, my lady. To be married to a little-known foreign noble will not show well on my position"

    "Oh, come now, dear, you've refused many an offer back home, when will you ever consider one as worthy of you?"

    "When I decide that my sword and shield deserve a rest from their duties."

    Another sigh poked itself into Kel's ear as the procession continued to drag on, "Then it seems the bells will wait many a year to ring for you and whatever stubborn man you are betrothed to."

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  6. Many were the most famous names and minds of Somnium were traveling in the procession. Lord Bishop Constanze, the Drow-Slayer. Alongside the Elves that made the woods their home in the kingdom and the armies, his tactics and sword had inspired and gained many victories. He would be one of many knights representing Somnium in the tournament.

    Severus found himself uncharacteristically more annoyed the more closer they got to the kingdom. He had never been a knight type...Never a knight. He was far too frail of body, weak from the sickness that had plagued his bones as a boy. All the magic in the world could not eradicate his lingering illness, in the form of the limp. It certainly made jousting and the like an impossibility in the beginning. And later on, it seemed too far out of reach to attempt. So he studied. The throne would go to his brother, so who needed him in politics? The birds of the air were his escape, their flights one he yearned in his heart of hearts to emulate one day. The old philosophers and wizards became his tutors, their words echoing through time in the books they left behind.

    And all the while, his mother saw a darkness that lingered on and tried to do her best to bring him to remembrance. He was not alone, he was not a singular man. Alas though, Severus was born brilliant and proud. Had his body matched his mind, he would have been a great leader. Instead, it gnawed at him incessantly, the weakness one he despised constantly and skewed his private ideas of how he viewed himself.

    He snapped the book closed and stuck his head out of the coach window. In a tone to brook no argument, he spoke.

    "I'm walking. Its a lovely day. I'll catch up."

    Lord Constanze, recognizing the imperious mood merely directed two from the party to escort him. Severus descended, cane striking the ground as he moved to the side of the road and began his slow, if steady march towards the town.

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  7. Keladry could hear the small commotion up ahead, of some lord wishing to leave the safe confines of his own carriage, and sighed while thoughts of it being some decrepit man who simply to be awnry formed in her mind. However, as she peeked out the window to gaze upon the fellow who was now guarded on both sides by soldiers, she was struck by how youthful he appeared to be. Though there was a limp and a walking cane to go along with it, it seemed no gray locks or facial gauntness had taken the young man just yet and that he was even handsome by many standards. She had heard of a visitor to the realm with his appearance during their travels, but for the life of her, she couldn't place a finger on his name.

    "Somnium's youngest, my lady. The coat of arms and his limp and appearance tell the truth."

    "Ah, Lord Severus the Magister, is it?" The knight nodded and the lady returned the nod as thanks. It was always an advantage to know an equal's name before you meet them, as a name told you much of one's reputation. Even her guardian cared little for said reputation, Keladry knew the rumors that the young man who now walked along the procession line was quite the inquisitor of the sciences, seeking greater knowledge of the world. However, none of them spoke much of him as the person rather than the image, and perhaps knowing who he truly was would change some of those rumors.

    "I wonder if he wished to walk simply because of others in his carriage, and if he would like to join another less boring carriage..."

    "Understood, Lady Keladry."

    With that, Kel turned the steed she rode upon to the side and cautiously rode towards the man who had caught her lady's attention. Keeping a distance from the trio in order to keep from spooking them but close enough for the lord to hear, she turned her head to Severus and began to call out to him, "Lord Severus of Somnium, my lady wishes me to invite you to join her in her carriage."

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  8. Inquisitor Haskel Logarius sat in no carriage. He rode no horse, and he had no bags. Sitting in a carriage or riding a horse was slothful. Sloth was a sin. And sin begets heresy. So Haskel did neither of these things. He walked alongside the procession, fur-rimmed cloak hanging loosely off his frame, iron helmet on despite the peaceful conditions, and sword clanking noisily at his side. Just the way he wanted it to be.

    He didn't like lords, or ladies, or knights, or dukes, or duchesses, or marquis, or any of the other random titles they gave to people who were born into their power and given their righteousness. More often then not, they were worse than the commoners when it came to sin and heretical deeds. Too many parties, too much free time. So Haskel didn't talk to those he couldn't recognize on the journey, as a matter of principle, and even those he did know from stories and prior travels he said a spare few words to.

    No matter. He was here representing the Cathedral. He was here representing the Allfather himself. This was enough for him. No matter his feelings for them, guarding lords and ladies was indeed righteous work, and he was glad for it. Whatever he did once they reached their destination was another matter for another time.
    So he kept walking, heavy boots on loose gravel, taking light notice of a young man in a predominantly black outfit walking as well. Additionally, he appeared to have a cane, despite his youth. Ah, a kindred spirit, perhaps? One who felt much the same way about all this nobility and slothfulness? Perhaps, or perhaps not. It didn't matter much to Haskel. Despite how little he looked like it, he was aching a bit for a little human interaction after such a long, sullen journey, and he subconsciously gravitated towards the man with the cane, silently cursing once he heard a maiden invite the stranger into her carriage a few meters away.

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  9. Jack snickers to himself, bounding between the crow's nests of various ships, a wide grin on his face as he looks down at the quaint streets below. This place was just like home, if a little cheerier, and with less rain
    "What fun to be had in this brave new land!" he coos mischievously "What fun indeed~"
    Leaping from the mast, he'd come to rest atop a street lamp, smirking to himself as people went on with their everyday lives, he quickly leaps onto the sign of a nearby tavern, hanging down from it as a young lady stepped outside, his massive grin and the blue flames that licked from between his teeth making her faint as he laughs with glee, kicking off the sign and soaring through the air, landing on the middle of the road with a deep bow, bending at the hips so low it was almost unnatural

    "What on earth is that?" he murmurs, spotting a floating lantern. His curiosity captured, he skulks toward it

    "Hello?" he murmurs, tapping a clawed finger against the glass of the lantern. He'd chosen to hide his own body in a thick, black cloak for now, but two things could be see, his clawed fingers, and his gleaming eyes

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  10. After that short interaction, Haraise was starting to realize that the people around here... there was more and more coming this way. She wasn't that smart to know what would become of her if someone found her to be quite out of place... being in possession of a lantern. But, she didn't exactly want to lose her chance of killing her murderer too. It was just that it felt like there was too much possible attention that will guided towards her, and she didn't want to deal with that and get sidetracked from her one true goal to clearing up her unfinished business in the living room.

    Must... find... sec... lusion... from... cro... wd...

    Not exactly deviating away from the path towards Arendelle, the lantern would begin to shift away from the crowd and into the covers of the vegetation and what not in this area...

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    Despite attempting to distance itself away from the crowd, someone still bothered to come up to her physical form, her lantern. Haraise wasn't the slightest bit of amused right now. Judging by how this individual, as weird as they may seem to be, the spirit just wanted them to go away. Due to the nature of this spirit, this cloaked figure would feel an immense feeling of hatred that stemmed from the lantern's flames. As that feeling would become clear to him, a distinct pair of eyes and a mouth appeared within the flames of the lantern.

    An inhumane hiss came from the flames, showing that the spirit was not grateful for his presence. Not at all. Coupled with the distinct hisses, a faint whisper could be heard, directed towards the figure.

    "... go... a... way... now..."

  11. "Oooooo~" Jack recoils in mock horror, as if to taunt the spirit more "Not just a floating lantern, but a spooky ghost. I'm shaking in my spring heeled boots~"
    Taking a few steps back, he'd sneer, blue flames finally revealing the long, sick smile that hid in the shadows all along "I'll leave you alone, for now"

    "But don't worry, you'll see more of me~"

    Slipping away from the lantern, he vanished among the crowd, ducking and dodging by the various knights of religious sects, knowing they'd cut him down for being a 'demon' before they'd so much as ask his name or even where he was from. Truth be told, he was rather sad the only other supernatural being he'd met so far wasn't the kind for civil conversation

    "Typical ghost, they're always either obsessed with revenge, or moaning really loud late at night to keep people awake. No sense of humour in any of them" he murmurs to himself "What a waste of an afterlife"

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  12. Lorie Fisher (The Little Match Girl)
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    Once upon a time... In a town far far away, a little girl match girl tried her best to keep the cold at bay.

    Once upon a time, a stable went up in flames, and only she knew why.

    Once upon a time, a girl fled her hometown, and she was cold no longer.


    Like many others approaching Arandelle within the procession, a lone ranger traversed the roads, at a distance... If the leaves had been greener, she would have almost blended into her surroundings; her clothes resembled the colors of lush, green forest leaves. Though one thing that set her apart from the others in the procession, was that she didn't seem cold at all, and despite the chilly autumn winds nipping at her cheeks, they still seemed warm, and full of color. The chilly autumn air didn't seem to bother her, but, there did appear to be something on her mind, considering a rather intense look that seemed to dominate her facial expression, so much that she didn't seem to pay the others much attention just yet. A mysterious aura seemed to surround her at the moment, along with a strange sense of warmth, felt by those near her, like there was a flame burning somewhere within her.

    After a while, she seemed to look around for the first time... Taking in her surroundings at last, and that was when she noticed a few distinct individuals gathering around... A paladin from an unknown land, a strange spirit, hungering for revenge... An Inquisitor, and perhaps the strangest of all; a creature of the night, who seemed not to be very fond of light in general, she would have to keep that in mind, especially if she were to use any fire magic right now... But, she saw no need, nor reason to do so as of yet. With a sigh, her gaze seemed to wander again, this time to the forest around her... It wasn't anything like the forest she had come to know, but it still brought a sense of respite to her, and eventually, even a smile to her face. She autumn was taking it's toll on the lush green color of it's foliage, but all the same, this forest looked like it would life on for many generations... She hoped it would stay that way.​
  13. As Kel waited for the young prince's response, she noted the armored man who watched them and seemed upset that Severus might join them. For some reason, the man stuck out to her for more than just his need to be so well-protected even compared to her, and it was the strange mish-mash that the armor seemed to be. Furs like those of the Norsemen seemed to be a favorite of the warrior, and yet he also wore the plate and chain of men of the sword from Cardomas or Arendelle. It would be safe to say that the man was well-traveled, and with his rather distinctive dress, spoken of in association with it. In fact, if the knight had to hazard a guess at the man's identity...


    Inquisitor Logarius, quite the righteous figure within the Cathedral of the Allfather and just as feared. The bow of her head to the man was one of deep respect as she heard of many of his acts of valor and piety for his faith, and though they were at times excessive, the knight had to give the man credit.

    "It seems the Cathedral wishes to make quite the impression sending one of your stature here."

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  14. Jane Watson had really tried to be excited for this assignment. Really, she had. Here she was, a simple captain in the somnium military, riding just a wagon behind the Lord Constanze and one of the princes of the kingdom. Entrusted to their well being should ill tidings befall the caravan, along with that of the small regiment on foot behind them. It was a highly honorable and envious position a lot of her fellows back at the academy would have killed for, not the least of which for how safe and unlikely to get her killed as it probably was.

    But good gods above was it honestly boring.

    In her defense, she had started the trip in a sour mood. Her mother had still not come around to endorsing this little outing, but thankfully stopped short of her threat to go to Lord Bishop herself. But it meant weeks of dour faces and curt words exchanged between the two as they saw to their patients, a far cry from the warm and peaceful feeling the clinic used to give. There had been no warm goodbyes or even passionate arguments between the two when she finally had left, just a quiet acknowledgement that they would not be seeing each other for a long while.

    And while the position itself was certainly prestigious, there was simply no excitement to sitting in a wagon with the officers of a regiment she didn't know and who simply hadn't taken to her or vice versa during the short trip so far. It seemed they didn't quite know what to make of her. Women were becoming more and more common in the Somnium military, especially after the rise of the Wolf of the Wall, but it seemed that along with her limp and dry tongue had them completely unsure of what to make of her. Conversations happened but didn't include her, save an awkward laugh at some passing joke not even meant for her ears or the like. The occasional landmark or sight would give a brief respite of wonder or respect, but it felt as if those were lost over the horizon almost as swiftly as they were found and much of the other scenery varied little, even once they crossed into Arendelle. All it really amounted to when you came right down to it was her sitting in a wagon as the world rolled by, occasionally passing out a healing draught for a sprained ankle or stubbed toe. Her mother's had been less dull.

    That is not to say however that she wasn't surprised when Lord Constanze gestured to her of all people to follow Prince Severus.

    She blinked once or twice and gave a hesitant glance on either side of her, but no one else had even noted that Lord Constanze had glanced at them, and when she looked back that kind but stern gaze was still staring her down expectantly. She was... well... well she was honestly a bit incredulous. Both at the idea of someone of her rank, impressive for her age as it was, being asked to personally guard the prince, and for being asked to walk with him when she was... well... you know...

    She gave a quick salute and reached down to snag her cane from next to her in the wagon with an unseen harrumph, before she ever so carefully edged herself off the side of cart's side and stumbled slightly onto her good leg. She took a deep breath and hobbled off after the prince, doing her best to do so quickly and with as little noise as possible so as not to attract the attention of her fellow soldiers with her crippled gait​

  15. There were many an individual with renown accordingly as per stature, feats, origin, some combination of the aforementioned, and more. All were tendered invitations in welcoming fashion, the wondrous kingdom of Arendelle open for all to attend with the caveat that they behaved their best. Such circumstance would see a multitude of representatives from near and far, of various countries and organizations, streaming in infusing the pomp with unique air thanks to blending of the nobility, the common, and in between.

    Really, it was an event of fantastical qualities.

    A shame, for such appreciation went amiss for a certain member of the whimsy fae. Eyes of mulberry, that seemingly grew darker as light illuminated them, flickered over the members of the procession in rapid fashion. There was a glint in them, a quality of bewitchment indicating the squirrely faery's intrigue. A knight escorting her charge with an air that belied friendliness, a lingering lantern erratic in movement, a stuffy inquisitor, a man fond of leaping about, and a girl that seemed... too warm. The fae'd flighted over all, sighted them for herself and found them a tad bit wanting, failing in passing muster and the like. That saying was interesting, passing muster!

    But, there was one. Always the one. Slightly different from the rest, the rest she'd encountered before. Oh their type, their kind, not the persons themselves for she knew not everyone, just a few. This one, he seemed that he could hold her attention. Entertain her. Illuminate her. Befriend her. He seemed darker than the rest? Or brighter? The meaning would be obscured, who but Oracoah Cinol knew the meaning behind her thoughts?

    Oh... maybe the warm girl counted too.

    Well, it was never fun sitting around, loafing about, better that you leapt into it. Well, in her case flew into it, the thick of it. The gentle breeze among the leaves was ever the friend to the fae. It obscured their movement, hiding their approach, and the rustling of the leaves smothered their wings' soft humming. With a barely audible "Teehee!!!", she dashed so leaping/flighting from branch to branch and before long, kicked her legs out in languid fashion with a stretch and a yawn as she propped against petite arms in comfort. Ora's tiny head would be cocked to one side, peering curiously upward upon the features of one Severus, sitting upon one end of a shoulder of his. Before he would notice, she so loved to time it just before they did as to really compound the surprise(!!!) if any, "Hellooooo! So glum and grim are you Ora decided to balance the scale with the light inside her! Oh oh oh, mustn't forget, shan't disappoint for it's happened before! My name, very important." Perking up in place with the fanciful flourish of an arm, "Oracoah Cinol, the freeking fairy best you'll ever meeeeeet," and, without missing a beat: "You need a friend?" : <

  16. Lord Constanze was a noble man.

    It often surprised rivals, when they realized that behind those stern features was a mind as cunning in its own right as those of his wife and daughters. Watson was not chosen at random, her open role as doctor being a suitable excuse for her to be an escort with the prince.

    Her fellow crippled status and cane use, all but served as a stark reminder that one may command as they liked, but it would effect more then just themselves. And Severus was bright enough to see it, leaning on his own cane as the words to order her back died on his lips. He knew her.... Knew of her, to be precise. Ivonne spoke highly of the Watson's and this one had been patient. How the blazes she got wounded made him curious, but it was lesser to the rising urge to tell Lord Constanze off for this. A reaction that in others might have gave others pause, but Severus was a passionate sort when roused.

    And suddenly, an invitation.

    He took the proffered offer and turned it to his advantage as he smiled at the attractive knight who said so. Not a flicker of his current hurricane of emotions showed as he spoke courteously.

    "Please extend to your lady my thanks and that I and my doctor would be pleased to accept."

    And then Ora came, Severus adding smoothly.

    "Make that my doctor and my fairy friend."

    He liked fairies. It ran in the family and they weren't so complicated. At the least, he felt good enough to snap his fingers in Lord Constanzes face. He would not return, Dr. Watson would have a ride. Pride remained untarnished.

    As for Lord Constanze, he hid his smile with the ease of long practice. He knew the prince would draw attention. And now here he was, away from his dark corners and invited to more social circles in the span of five minutes.

    All in all, a very promising start.

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  17. Haskel was, to some extent, surprised to be addressed so respectfully. The types of people in this procession weren't usually the ones to kindly greet him so. Taking his eyes from off the young lord with the cane, who appeared to be preoccupied enough with some sort of fae that Haskel wanted nothing to do with, the Inquisitor raised his helmeted head towards the voice from the nearby carriage. A woman's, no doubt, but not the usual soprano of a young duchess or princess. A strong, lowdown alto. His eyes came to rest on an attractive woman in shining armor, sitting across from a youngish specimen of the aforementioned type. Well, a strong female knight guarding a younger woman of seemingly royal standing? Not a tough guess, to say the least.

    "Dame Kel, and Lady Keladry. Haskel Logarius, Paladin of the Cathedral, Red Hand of the Grand Inquisitor, and a New Man of Pure Heart and Stalwart Spirit in the Eyes of the Allfather, at your most pious service." His baritone voice started, with a quick bow and a polite dismissive gesture with his hand. "Why, what stature, m'lady? All men are equal in the eyes of the Allfather. I suppose I'm just a bit more experienced than the average church herald concerning matters of the blade."

    Speaking of matters of the blade, the Inquisitor had, to say the least, heard of Dame Kel before. A real specimen of martial prowess, known for her unwavering loyalty to her kingdom. Haskel could respect that, and respect it he did. Her companion, if not famed for her combat skills, was known for her sharp wit and sharper tongue. Still a force to be reckoned with, in her own right.

    "I assume you are here on your own quests? Most likely, martial and diplomatic, respectively?"

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  18. "Understood, my lord, though please, do not invite anymore... guests. The carriage can become overflowing all to quickly if more and more climb aboard to secure passage."

    Polite, something that Kel could appreciate, and unsurprised by her appearance, another aspect she could be thankful for. It seemed Severus had been raised as a noble in the right fashion, or at least raised long enough in it to be prepared for unexpected sights and events. Giving the woman who walked with the prince a glance, the knight nodded her approval for the so-called 'doctor' to join Keladry. The man had every right to have an advisor or guard close at hand, just as her charge had every right to keep her close.

    The fairy, however, were given a stern glare for a moment, as if a silent warning was being expressed. She had heard of the mischevious creatures before, and she did not trust it to not cause some sort of trouble for the entire procession as some point.

    She then rode back to the side of the carriage, drawing the sole occupant's attention to her, "It is done, my lady... Though the prince wishes to bring along two companions. One is his young doctor, the other a fairy, one that I feel may be native to his homeland."

    "A man of the academic fields and a friend of the fae? Interesting... Allow them to join us, Kel."

    "Yes, my lady."

    With that, the princess herself carefully opened the carriage door as the knight moved aside to allow the newcomers to join. Through the doorway, Keladry allowed a smile to grace her lips as she waved for the others to join her, "Come in, Prince Severus, you and your fair companions. I'm sure the discussion and tales to be had will occupy what time needs passing."
    As Keladry began to welcome hopefully new friends into her carriage, Kel returned to Haskel's side, riding alongside him as they walked. She focused upon his dismissal of her praises of him and nodded at his assertion that all were equal before God's eyes. Humble and wise, both worthwhile traits of a servant of the church.

    "Quite more experienced, Lord-Inquisitor. I've read many of the reports of your actions in bringing to heel heretics and savage non-believers, and I must say, you've certainly performed your duties to such a zealous extent that I doubt your acts will be met in magnitude for many generations. You should allow yourself some sort of pride, sir," She paused, pondering his question and how she should answer it. He was simply a representative of the church, not one seeking to harm her charge nor her kingdom, so there was probably little harm in at least speaking somewhat clearly about the topic, "As for my own and my lady's duties... Yes, in a vague sense. Cardomas wishes to make overtures of friendship to this land, while also showcasing its knights in mock battle to deter any who may seek to harm us. She fulfills the former, and I take joy in the latter. In fact, this will be my first tourney and I quite look forward to it."

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  19. Well. Good thing some of that military discipline actually stuck with me. Would have hated it to have been all for nothing, she thought bitterly. As it stood, the short haired killer was able to keep her face composed with a flat look and her fierce temper clamped down and contained as if by a lid. If only barely. These types...the privileged, the rich, the noble, the prestigious. In other words, the self-absorbed. The kind of people that never had to struggle, that want for nothing. She could stomach that, if reluctantly. It would leave a bad taste in her mouth for days but what really incensed her, what made her want to run the edge of her blade over the soft, easily cut skin...was the remarkable amount of judgmental elitists among their number. The idea that they're superior because everything is just gift wrapped for their grubby little hands. Disgusting. Insufferable.

    Still. They aren't the only ones here. Soldiers, knights, servants, others. One that drew her eye, another walker like herself. The thuds of his heavy boots upon the gravel...almost comforting in familiarity. And yet another individual, clad in striking green, eyes flitting through just as mine are. Though hopefully I'm doing better at not being noticed. She spared a glance down at herself, at the dull brown and torn rags she wore now, running a hand through her messy red hair. Just a common street hooligan and nothing else, with more attention paid to actual rats. Or so she had experienced thus far. The look on some faces when she revealed herself...


    Speaking of priceless...she couldn't help but overhear as she trailed along with the procession.​
    Only a foolish man who put his faith in non-existent gods could come with ridiculous titles like that. If nothing else, I'll get a laugh out of this little diversional journey.

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  20. He assisted Watson first. Only after following in, giving a courteous nod of thanks to Kel before he sat down and looked upon Keladry with frank scrutiny. As well as more then a little inward sheepishness. Not for the first time did he inwardly curse the reason he was here and adjusting his cane so as not to entangle up anything, he offered a smile.

    "You do me honor my lady, allowing me and my entourage to join you. But forgive me, you have me at a disadvantage."

    Meaning while she knew who he was, he felt bad that he couldn't say likewise.

    On his shoulder, he was very careful not to disturb the fairy.

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    The caravan as a whole was still a sight to see. Besides the knights and nobility, were other travelers. Merchant caravans who provided supplies along the way at reasonable prices, trolls like living monoliths, rock-skinned and amiable. Dwarven wagons, toymakers of great skill and one, old man in a pointy wide brimmed hat in a covered wagon. All had come and all would be joining the festival.

    In the skies and between the travelers, fairies flitted back and forth with glee.

    It was going to be....An event to remember.

    And in the distance five miles away watching the caravan snake across the landscape, a lone rider watched them. His horse was black and so was his clothing. Hood and cloak covered all but the gauntlets and boots, of dull if intricate metal. Arendelle....

    And with a rattling hiss of cold breath, he spurred his horse around and was gone.

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