The Grim Reaper's Helper

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    Cadence stood there watching and waiting for it to happen. What is it you might ask? That can only be answered after you find out who or what Cadence is. She isn’t the Grim Reaper herself but a slave of the Grim Reaper. One of his most trusted, highest ranking slaves. Her job is to wait for the people to die and pick them up for the Grim Reaper. Most people believe that is his job, they don’t realize it is Cadence. Once the person dies she takes them to her palace, the place the Reaper gave her to live. She herself has people who work there for her as well. She usually has to explain what happened to the people and let them stay at her place until it is chosen where they are supposed to go. This job can be easy or it can be hard. That depends on if the dead person either accepts his or her death or not. So…now what is she doing. She is watching and waiting for the next person to die. For Cadence she is indifferent to her job, she just knows she has to do it. She doesn’t remember how or why her but she still does what she is told. Does watching the deaths bother her? No one has ever asked?


    ~Basically this is RP is about Cadence and the people who die. You can be anything you want, perhaps the Grim Reaper himself, a worker at the palace, a dead person staying there or even one that Cadence is about to pick up.
    ~I am open to anything that happens during the RP for plot. It’s being made as we go; this is just the main concept.
    ~You can play as many characters as you want and no character skeleton is needed unless you want.
  2. Jacob woke up in his bed and sighed. He rubbed his eyes and slowly stepped out, staggering to the door. He opened it and stepped out into a long corridor. The Palace. He dragged himself to the washroom where dozens of Cadence's workers got showered. As he got into a cubicle and showered, then getting changed into the usual jumpsuit. Some workers liked Cadence, some didn't. Jacob hated her. He had died after shoplifting multiple times and a few attempts at murder throughout his life. And he was only 19. When Cadence had taken him to her palace after he was hit by a bus, he was exceptionally rude and nasty. So when the decision came to the Grim Reaper, Cadence had told him about Jacob's behaviour. As punishment, Jacob was sentenced to work as Cadence's personal slave for the rest of his life. He groaned as he thought about the day ahead...
  3. A person who saw it from afar would think it was meditating. It was in a sitting position, levitating in the air, its hood covering its facial features, its wings and tail hanging relaxed from its body.

    The Reaper's mind was wandering around the Plane. It could feel a person with a heavy death aura. Someone who was about to die. Someone who wanted to die. Someone who deserved to die. It wasn't sure yet.

    A servant came in the room to clean the floor, giving quick, scared glances at it. It payed him no attention. It was focusing all his mind in locating the person it was looking for.


    ((I want to play the Grim Reaper. I'm trying not to make it male nor female, but if it's too confusing, let me now and I'll start referring to it as a male.))
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    Cadence pulled out a pocket watch and flipped it open. She stared at the clock hands ticking. "Late." She whispered. "Can't people just die on time." It began to rain but it didn't affect her, none of the elements did. She wasn't even able to be seem by people other than ones dying or on the verge of death. She hoped to get this over and go back to her palace. She hated to be long, she never knew what those other dead people would do. They could end up making her job harder or cause the Grim Reaper to be anger at her.
  5. "NO! No! No!" Sammie struggled, pulling at her wrist held much too tightly in her father's grip. The cruel drunkard dragged her down the steps to the basement and threw her skinny form to the ground, cracked ribs screaming. His other hand held a bloody knife he'd used on her too many times before. Of course, living in a large house surrounded mostly by open land in Montana, Sam knew it was futile to shriek, but what else could she do? The bloody cuts on her torso were bleeding profusely as she tried to crawl away from the man she was ashamed to call her father.
    "Shuddup stupid brat!" The man yelled, slamming his boot against her hip this time sending his living punching bag rolling on the cement until she reached the wall, tears streaming down her cheeks.
    Apparently distracted or bored with her lack of dramatic reaction, Mr. Crox wobbled his way back up the stairs, leaving his daughter in utter darkness. She clenched her fists, trying her hardest to cope with the agony she had never quite grown used to as her nails dug into her palms. Her lower lip and palms were the only bloody pieces of her body that contained injuries that were self-inflicted.
    Most days, Mr. Crox abuses her in many different sadistic ways and she lives. Little did the man know that he'd cut his way into her abdomen just a little too far. Too many sips at the bar caused his daughter to bleed and keep bleeding until her heart refused to beat for his wretched soul any longer.
    And Sam was free.
    On the inside, she felt like she was floating, like every injury was finally going numb and she cold finally just sleep. The thought of death never really crossed her mind until she found that if she tried hard enough, she could stand. And stand she did, though every movement was heavy, as if her limbs had weights tied to the ground. But soon enough, they too were ripped free and when she opened her glowing blue eyes, she saw a body. A corpse. A horribly, bloody mangled corpse! Sam screamed and her eyes widened until she cut herself off at the sight before her. Too many times had she seen that small body in the cracked mirror upstairs. The vivid red hair and small breasts. The scarred back and bruised hips...the pale, scabbed skin and...this is Sam Crox...Why is she looking down at herself? Damn what a dream..., Sam thought.

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  6. "Finally. You're late, you know that?" Cadence said, she had appeared behind Sam. She was still looking at her pocket watch. "You're five minutes late." She made a pause and put the watch away. She looked up at the girl with her glowing red eyes. "Come on now, since you are late I have to run through this faster than usual." A black portal appeared behind Cadence, you could see nothing through it. "Follow me, Sam. You're dead." It seemed like that was something that someone wouldn't be able to say so easily but Cadence had done and seen it enough for it to become a habit.
  7. Sam jumped when she heard a cold voice behind her. She turned to see a white-haired girl with a black cloak staring up at her. She seemed younger than her age, 17, but old enough to know exactly what her purpose is here. How strange..
    Late...what could she be late for? The younger girl gazed at her pocket watch impatiently and Sam narrowed her eyes. Maybe her mind was mixing dark characters into her life along with a bit of Alice and Wonderland. She supposed it would make sense. Especially after the stranger's last comment. Dead. Yeah she knows her mom is dead. The black cloaked girl expected Sam to follow her. She laughed a little. "This is a pretty frikkin weird dream.."
  8. Finally, it had pinpointed the aura it was looking for. It let its mind wander at full speed until it could see the faint, distant presence of its little servant, Cadence. Entering her mind, it talked to her in a deep, deformed voice. It didn't sound human, but it wasn't unpleasant either. "That girl's father. Keep an eye on him. He isn't supposed to die yet. As things are going on now, he'll die tonight. Prevent that from happening."

    After leaving that message for her, it made its mind go back to its body. It stopped levitating. With its feet on the ground, it stood at three times the height of the tallest of humans. It began walking through its palace halls, wondering if it'd be a proper time to visit its servant.
  9. Cadence heard her masters words. This meant she was going to have to take this girl back to the palace and come back to watch over the father. Perhaps she could get Jacob, one of her servants to show the girl around. "Dream? This is no dream, you Sam are dead. Now please follow me." She said calmly to the girl. She motioned over to the portal of black. "Come now, I do not have all day. I have much more to do."
  10. Jacob stomped down the stairs reluctantly as he was handed the equipment for cleaning. He immediately got to work when he reached the bottom floor. In the middle of the giant room, there was a huge crystal ball locked into the floor. It was to show when the servant's Mistress, Cadence, would return. Jacob looked inside to see Cadence and a skinny, young girl. He noticed they were about to come back so he tried to clean as fast as possible along with the other servants.
  11. Okay this is getting kind of morbid. Sam thought, looking back at her own corpse by her feet then back at the girl with the bright pink eyes.
    "I'm not dead. Just dreaming. And you're just a figment of my overactive imagination. I can do whatever I want here. It's my head. So why don't you go back into..whatever that is and get to your nonexistent important tasks. You look busy." Sammie smirked, gesturing for the stranger to go back to the swirling dark thing she conjured.
  12. Cadence made a sigh. "Another one of these. Why do they always think it's a dream." She said to herself though able for Sam to hear. She raised up her hand for Sam to talk. "Come with me and find out. If this is just a dream then you will wake up from it." Cadence had found it was easier to 'play along' with these kinds of dead. As long as she got them to her palace everything would be alright, they couldn't go wandering around. In fact, if the girl did stay she would end up feeling worse wandering when she realized what was really going on.
  13. Sam narrowed her eyes at the little know it all. Who does she think she is? Who knows? Sam always has bizarre dreams...yeah sure this one is a little more straightforward then most, but surely she couldn't be dead. She didn't feel dead..what do the dead even feel like? Sammie sighed at the cloaked girl's reasoning. "Sure. Fine, whatever." Maybe this dream will be more entertaining. That way she won't wake up to her horrible reality as soon. That'll be painful when the time comes. So she reluctantly followed her into the dark void waiting for her, grimacing at the cold touch she felt when she entered. Almost instantaneously, Sam entered a large room of a home. Who does this fancy house belong to anyway?
  14. Cadence followed her through the portal to the palace. She noticed Jacob still cleaning. "Jacob, good you are here." She said as she appeared. "This is Sam. I want you to show her around. I have more business to take care of." Cadence said. "Can you do that for me?" There was no emotion in this, she never showed the dead her emotions, though she did have them. To them they probably thought she didn't, perhaps a cold, heartless person in their eyes. She just never wanted them to see her emotions and the truth that she was terrified of her master, the Grim Reaper.
  15. The Reaper, making use of its powerful magic, desintegrated its body and made it reappear in Cadence's palace, the home it had given to her. It appeared right in front of Cadence, a little girl, and one of Cadence's servants. It looked at its slave, the red glow of his eyes visible through the shadow of its hood, a menacing sight.

    'You're eight minutes and thirty seven seconds late. Hurry up." it hurried Cadence. It was a patient being, but time existed to be worshipped and respected from before the first clock had been invented by humans, and it demanded punctuality.
  16. Sam took a few steps back, widening her eyes and gasping at the black cloaked monster that appeared before her escort. It was extremely tall and slender, with blood red eyes that glowed beneath its hood. At its presence, a numb tingling coursed through her chest, as if something was missing. Like there was a hole where her heart used to be. "This is quickly turning into a nightmare..." She mumbled, gulping at the menacing creature before her.
  17. Cadence looked up at her master. "Yes, I'm sorry Master." She bowed to the Grim Reaper. "I apologize." She looked up at him, her body wanted to shake with his presence but she knew she couldn't. She had to hold it in. She motioned over to Sam. "Jacob will take care of you, I have work to attend to." She said as she walked back to the portal. She stood there for a moment, then pointed the boy. "That is Jacob."
  18. "I warned 'er. Y'all heard it, I told her not to play with them fancy Japanese knives, and look at 'er now."

    "She was talking about killin' herself last week... I guess she went through with it."

    "Oh, Ellis... why...?"
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    Ellis stared down at her body in dull surprise, her mind not quite able to comprehend what was happening. The corpse looked almost peaceful if one ignored the wakizashi jutting out of its neck and the pool of blood beneath; her expression was something of a mystery, somewhere between eternal shock and a sad smile. The incident had been quick, a result of her practicing actually swinging one of the swords from her collection and tripping over her own feet.

    "This is a problem." Ellis said, still shocked that she was actually dead... and yet, somehow able to look down at her own dead body. She sort of felt good that her family seemed to at least care that she was gone, but that didn't change the fact that she was dead.
  19. Suddenly Cadence felt another death. It was always so busy for her, now she had to get another one and she still needed to watch Sam's father as her master told her to. "It seems I have another to attend to. I will leave Sam with you Jacob." With that Cadence disappeared into the black portal. She could see the dead girl. "No, not a problem at all." She said coming out of the portal. "It is simple, you died, there is nothing else you can do about it. Now, if you will follow me." She said, she hoped this one would be easier.
  20. "Jacob? Apparently my creepy figment girl is leaving me with you. What's next to occur in this Wonderland of sorts, huh?" Sam said, sarcasm dripping from every word. She gave a glance to the guy named Jacob and walked a little closer to him, trying to ignore the tall creature in the cloak that was giving off such a creepy vibe.