The grim darkness of the 41st millenia...

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Medieval, fantasy, furry, slice-o-life.
So, I want to do a warhammer 40k type role play. Now I don't know how many would be interested, let alone how many even know about it. I will say it will probably focus around an inquisitor's retinue... any ideas?
You might talk to Vay. He's been working on a Dark Heresy game, and if you were interested in playing instead of running, or if you want to run and wanted to look for players for your own game, he, TheNeverThere, and Ozzie Chanter are probably the ones to talk to. They know the Warhammer 40k crowd.

Now, if you are interested in running a game, you may want to talk to Vay anyway. He and the others I mentioned are invaluable help. You may also want to join the Table-Top Tyrants group if you have an interest in WH40k in general.
*power armored boots stomp in*


@Edit, also Revi, I'm going around this site with a fucking angry marine as an avatar and I'm not insult me.
@Karsikan, only cause I checked Archailfire's profile and noticed you on his friends list. I figured he already knew of your wonder and awesome.
By the Emperor's shiny golden fecal material! That's a lot of replies... 0.o well I suppose I should start brainstorming then.

I like all 40k stuff. Any faction is fun so I'm up for everything.
Fyi, this is a role play, not a game of dark heresy... I don't even bloody know how you would do that on here...
You mean a freeform RP since DH is still a roleplaying system.
Im new to RPing but id love to join a Warhammer 40k RP that table top game/book/Video game/Story is amazing. i play the table top as the Blood angels.
Alright, well we could run this as a group of Imperial Guard, think Gaunt's Ghosts... or we could run this as an inquisitor and his retinue.

Also, I am a weeabo player :P
*heaps dirt over the bodies of previous D&D and 40K roleplays*

My appetite is never dulled.
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