The Green Thorne Bed and Breakfast ... With Superheroes.

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  1. The
    Inn sat picturesque on the manicured green lawn in the late afternoon sun. Birds flew around the three story home with gleaming white siding and a dark roof complete with gables and spires rising up into the blue sky. The wrap around porch was full of people. Young men and women who had been dropped off by bus and taxi and … various other methods of showing up, well, had shown up. By threat or promise or just because they actually wanted to be there.

    As the current man in charge, he wasn't really sure about that last part. He also was considering locking the door to keep them out. Perhaps a bit of time in the sunlight would do them some good. Except they'd probably do something horrible to the house and he'd get in trouble. For the most part, he knew that they weren't too much younger than him. He just felt like he was much older. After all he had been doing the hero business for most of his life. None of the 'kids' knew in the slightest bit just who he was or why he was the one in charge of them. Dominic straightened himself and tightened his grip on his cane.

    On the front porch was a certain young hero amidst the many. Or at least that is how he thought of himself. With his red hair and open face and friendly expression he looked more like a target than anything else. Though it was pretty clear just who he was. There wasn't a lot of young heroes with red hair and an expression of complete idiocy. He was Flyby, a hero who flew and used mental energy made tactile to defend himself. Of course it wasn't that he was floating several inches above the ground and looking so excited that he might burst. Of course not.

    “Hi! I'm Nate!” The redheaded hero finally bubbled breaking the silence. “I'm really happy to meet you all! And this is March, my friend.” he gestured at a surly and muscle bound young man that looked like he could have been a male model. He also looked like he could break a small European car in half. Or at least Nate, which by the murderous glance he gave his 'friend' that was the train of thoughts clearly going through his mind. Nate ignored the simmering glance and he waved at everyone. “I'm really excited to be here and – oh! Someone is coming out!”

    There was a pause before the door cracked open and revealed Dominic Thorne. Short blond hair, a slender but squared jaw, a slender but broad shouldered body. He was leaning heavily on a cane and he stared at the young people on the porch and felt, for a moment, like he was closer to fifty than thirty. Despite the cane, Dominic was dressed casually in well fitting jeans and a plain red tee shirt. “Welcome to the Green Thorne Bed and Breakfast. I'm Dominic. Up the stairs is your bedrooms. You may fight amongst yourselves for whatever rooms you want but if anything gets singed, broken, smashed, dematerialized or … You get the drift. Treat things how you want to be treated. It might save your skin.” There was a huff. “Get up there. Figure it out and then meet me in the backyard.” He stepped out of the way and hobbled rather quickly off into the quaintly decorated B&B.
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  2. Songbird arrived by flying, of course. That was one bus seat spared, or however much gas money saved. Besides, she needed some guidance. Luckily, she had a feathered ally leading the way. The trip was...interesting. The bird went by the name of Gandalf. He was likely the smartest bird she's ever met, too. The African Gray Parrot had intelligent topics that Songbird could contribute so little to. Here and there, he offered simpler conversation with flirty tones to them. Songbird could admit to feeling charmed by the parrot. He spoke fondly of the family he lived with; she felt glad to be taking a chance on this invitation.

    The form she mimicked was of a common blue parrot. While other guests stood on the porch, she perched upon the railing behind them. It was an unusual sight, to say the least. They wouldn't have to worry about her talons scratching their paint, she wasn't careless like the wild fowl. Lynn's weight was no issue, either. In fact, the six foot bird lady looked quite ornamental standing there. She would prefer to be in a tree or on the roof, but this would due. Up high, she might miss out on words of importance.

    Closely, she listened to the instructions of her superiors. They were lucky to be introducing themselves to Songbird, because Rozlynn would have been too distracted to so much as memorize their names. Inwardly, she made a smirk at: "You may fight amongst yourselves for whatever rooms you want but if anything gets singed, broken, smashed, dematerialized..." A soft coo left her beak, as if to quietly promise she wouldn't be the cause of any feuds. She hoped to claim something with a window wide enough for her to fly in and out of. That was the only feature she cared about.

    Just like that, they were dismissed. Songbird turned her head towards Gandalf, who looked about ready to take off. He probably had other places to be. With a ruffle of her azure feathers, she made an appreciative squawk at the snarky parrot to wish him a kind farewell. Somewhere in there, she asked something along the lines of 'Can you make sure there's an open window for me?' Gandalf agreed to do her this favor, but with some reluctance. Obviously, the parrot wanted to take a nap. With an amused croon, she watched him take to the skies.

    Now, what she needed to do, was change back into a normal girl. That, however, required some privacy. With her wings partially unfolded, she hopped down from the railing to land onto the grass, where she left her suitcase. A talon wrapped around the handle so she could carry it into the air. She left behind a breeze once she flapped her wings, lifting to the second story so she could find the window left open for her.
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  3. "This place is really hidden away, hm? It's been so long since I've seen so many trees~" Kam spoke through a grin as he stared out the passenger window. His sister was driving him to the Green Thorne Bed and Breakfast, where he was to spent some time relaxing, as per her request after a certain... incident.

    "That's right. No tall buildings, no loud bustling of the city, and imagine all the stars you'll be able to see out here." She said shortly after slowing the car to stop in front of the path that led up to the B&B. Kam was in agreement about needing a vacation, but he was fairly sure there was something to this Green Thorne place Kaja wasn't telling him....

    "Alright kiddo, text me when you're settled in~" was all she called out before peeling down the road. Kam watched the dark green vehicle disappear down the road before turning towards the lovely three story house. Carrying his bag and pulling a rolling suitcase, he took his time taking in the scenery as he strolled towards the group gathered outside. Odd, were they not open yet or somethi-- wait. Yeah, that guy near the door was definitely hovering.... Not to mention bird-girl perched not far away.

    "So this was her little secret..." he muttered to himself. He'd walked into some little get-away spot for 'Supers.' Talk about exciting! But oh, time to claim a room. And it seemed he didn't have a reason to avoid drawing attention to himself so... off he went, lifting his rolling bag up to hold under his arm as he ran towards a tree. His momentum helped him get far up enough to grab a branch and swing onto a lower part of the roof. Kam then opened a window and hopped into an unclaimed room.
  4. The repetitive chopping of the helicopter blades could be heard for miles. It probably wasn't often that this quiet forest experienced this kind of noise pollution and birds took flight, scattering in panicked directions as the aerial vehicle passed overhead.

    "You'll be staying at the Green Thorne until we contact you again, is that understood?" It was Commander Cyclops (or so he was jokingly called by one blue-eyed Russian) who had shouted over the noise of the helicopter. The Russian made no effort to respond, even if he was listening. "Is that understood, Mirage?" the battle-scarred man repeated, this time quieter and with a hell of a lot more edge.

    Didn't I agree to play nice? Mirage replied, though his lips hadn't budged at all. Instead, those blue eyes of his locked onto the one uncovered, functional green eye that was staring him down. What was the point of this childish staring contest, he wondered. Maybe it was to intimidate this man, to force Captain Eyepatch to look away. He was just a brat to the man seated across from him but Mirage saw himself as a dog on a short leash and oh how he hated it. But as mad of a dog as he was, his efforts were in vain because after just a few seconds had crawled on by, the cold, steel wall his mind kept pointlessly clawing at started to push him back, back, until he tore his gaze and mind away completely.

    The rest of the ride was uncomfortable and void of conversation.

    The helicopter landed in a nearby clearing filled with wild flowers that danced and stooped under the gust of the propelling blades, the same gust that tugged at Mirage's clothes and hair as he stepped down and took his suitcase. When he'd cleared the helicopter, it took off into the sky again, leaving him alone with only a "that way" and a finger pointing to tell him where to go from there. A ten minute walk through the woods left the young super feeling uncomfortable, though not from the sweat beading on his skin. And then finally, finally the trees thinned out into freshly mowed lawn and flower beds and he paused to adjust his suitcase on his shoulder like a sack of potatoes one last time before climbing the lawn to the porch.

    As he arrived, a fiery redhead was introducing himself and his Hercules of a friend. Sounding just a little short on breath, the young Russian wasted no time in replying with, "Nikita," and thumping his luggage down on the porch floor. He didn't get to say much else before they were being ordered around, which had Nikita lifting his chin and looking very displeased with Dominic's attitude as he entered the B&B the normal way - through the front door. He climbed the stairs with the intention of finding the room with the most space. He liked space. Who wouldn't after living life in cramped and most often shared quarters?

    Standing in the doorway to his chosen room, he sighed and leaned against the doorframe, the suitcase back on his shoulder, his arm wrapped around it. "Well it's not a penthouse suite in Vegas...but I guess it'll do," he muttered to himself.
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  5. Rich leaned against the railing, taking a gander at the other patrons of The Green Thorne Bed & Breakfast. Most of them looked friendly enough, except for Studmuscles McTwelvepack. He had him pegged for a tank the moment the two came into eachothers' sights. They were pretty common is superhero culture. That didn't stop him from loving it when one of them smacked a bad guy with a dump truck. The others did not seem to be very obvious with their powers. At least, other than the Avian girl up on her railing. One thing is for sure, this group wouldn't bore him too much.

    "Nice to meet you. My name is Rich."

    He gives a friendly nod to everyone, before turning to listen to The Hobbler. So they would be going outside once the the rooms were claimed? Better get a move on then.

    "Lets do this. Leroooooyyyyyyy."

    Even though the others had more efficient ways to claim their rooms. Rich had to haul his belongings and his ass up the stairs. That wasn't fun. So he took a room on the other side of the ones taken by the cheaters who could fly and shit. His room had more than one bed, but who knows if he woulf end up with a roomate. It was a big, accommodating place. He threw his clothing bag on the bed and set his other things beside it. Couldn't throw this music stuff after all. After which, he stood in the doorway and waited for others to get done with their plotting.
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  6. It had been a long drive, the inhabitants of this time had been kind enough to put him up in a secure facility and assigned him a mandarin speaking guide while he was there whose first job had been to explain where they were in relation to mainland China. Qu's mind had boggled, these people truly believe that they had explored the entire world and had preserved art and literature from thousands of years ago. That text he was allowed access to had been strictly controlled but he had learned their language, a tongue called English quickly enough as if he had known it once before but had somehow forgotten. Qu's theory was that the divines wanted him to learn it so that he could complete whatever mysterious mission they had sent him to this far flung time to do.

    Right now he was in a black iron wagon, a car as they called them being driven by some of his caretakers. They wished him to go to a place where their yonge heroes were gathering and were very insistent that he go even though he withed to venture out and discover his mission.

    hey had been in the car for two hours now and the sun was shining brightly through the darkened window, a single sun blazing in the sky. "Play well little bird, play well." he muttered as through the trees a white wooden building came into view, it seemed to be a style common to this culture, a construction of wood and richly furnished.

    "We are here Qu, I will not be accompanying you." her Chinese was flawless even in she had the round eyes of this land and turning back to her Qu bowed, as best he could in in the cramped confines of the armored saloon. "Thank you for allowing me to stay with you and teaching me so much about this place." he replied as the car came to a halt and he opened the door, his silk robes shimmering in bright red and deep blue catching the sun. He had refused their offered gifts of more contemporary clothing and only carried a bundle of clothes, his bow and a quiver of arrows with him now. "If fortune should bring us together again I will find some way to repay you."

    He arrived just in time to hear Dominic's greeting and bowed his head as he passed him and followed the crowd up the stairs, taking the first unclaimed room he could find and spreading his robes over the bed, laying out the unstrung bow and arrows and examining them to make sure they remained undamaged.
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  7. Meet in the backyard. Those words were committed to memory after Songbird arrived in her room. Failing to do so might yield unsatisfactory results; Rozlynn's mind had a tendency to wander once she shed her feathers. The luggage was dropped with a light thud before she landed on her feet, a leg stretching towards the window to close it halfway.

    In the middle of the room, the bird woman began shrinking to the size of a short, petite young lady. She grunted as the beak sank past the top layer of skin on her face, leaving behind a pair of lips that were pressed together. Shifting between forms was mildly painful. Much less so now that she was more used to it, but she had a feeling it would be a few years more until she was completely adapted to it.

    Locks of brilliant azure flowed at each side of her face, the feathers disappearing until there was nothing but peachy skin. With a relieved sigh, she gave a shiver from the sudden chill she felt. She was quick to dig through her suitcase for some clothes to wear. Rozlynn's face turned impassive as her body adjusted to the change in gravity, and using her arms... "Whups," she mumbled around a mouthful of tank top that she withdrew via teeth. Sometimes, she forgot she had hands again...

    "Ptoo." The shirt was spat to the floor while her arms dove in, pulling out a pair of denim pants with a tear in the left knee, and a pullover sweater with pink and brown stripes going across. Patterns of little white sugar skulls were lined up within the thick stripes.

    After flipping her hair from the sweater, she unpacked a pair of simple brown flipflops to slip onto her feet. "Nice and comfy," she said to herself, her blank stare looking to the door. Rozlynn left her room, closed the door, and went on her way to the backyard, using the stairs like a normal person would. Admittedly, she was lazier in human form. There was a careless looking smile on her lips while she let her mind get lost in her daydreams, completely unaware of anything going on in the background.
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  8. Adrian Gainsbury gazed out the window of the Rolls-Royce as it cruised down the narrow road, passing nothing but trees on either side for what seemed like ages. It had been almost an hour since the sleek black car had left the main road and slipped off onto this quiet country lane. The traffic coming from the other direction had grown progressively less as time had gone on, and Adrian was beginning to wonder just how remote this place they were heading to would turn out to be.

    His fingers drummed impatiently against the elegant paneling of the car's interior as he shifted in the back seat, his eyes meeting those of the driver in the rear-view mirror.

    "Something bothering you, Adrian?" Godfrey Silverman knew his former charge well enough to recognize his growing apprehension, even if it was unlike the usually confident and intrepid young man to be so nervous.

    Adrian looked out the window once more, unsure of precisely how to answer. It was true he had been harboring some serious misgivings since they had departed for the Green Thorne. While he had been overjoyed when Godfrey had first offered him the opportunity to spend some time with his superhero associates, it all had started to feel a bit too real once it came down to actually making the trip there. Adrian cared a great deal about living up to their expectations, and he certainly didn't want to disappoint Godfrey.

    "Nothing I can't handle, Godfrey. Just wondering what this place is going to be like." Adrian's attempt at deflecting the question wouldn't fool the butler in the slightest, but he hoped Godfrey would understand that his concern, while appreciated, was not something he wanted to deal with at the moment. He had always welcomed the older man's advice and counsel, but now was the time for him to make it on his own.

    Taking the hint, Godfrey dropped the subject for the rest of the ride. Although a little encouragement probably wouldn't hurt at this point, he opted to let Adrian work through his anxiety on his own terms. The young man certainly had his share of flaws and insecurities, but Godfrey had faith his true character would see him through in the end. As long as he kept a level head and didn't let his impetuousness get the better of him he would be fine.

    A short while later they arrived at the Green Thorne Bed and Breakfast, where Godfrey steered the car into the drive and parked it behind several others. Emerging from the vehicle, he walked around the back to open the trunk only to find Adrian was already there removing his luggage. He slung a travel bag over his shoulder before taking a leather suitcase in each hand and walking over to stand next to Godfrey. They exchanged a brief look, saying nothing but seeming to silently communicate their goodbyes. Adrian nodded at the older gentleman, who then returned the gesture, before walking across the lawn where a large number of newly arrived guests had gathered. He looked back once to watch as Godfrey drove away, the black car gradually disappearing further down the road.

    Smiling at how neither of them had been able to break the silence, Adrian supposed it was only fitting given the nature of their relationship. They both knew being apart from each other would be difficult, but in the end Adrian would better understand the role he was meant to play alongside Godfrey after having spent time with the companions of other heroes.

    Stepping onto the front porch, he turned to look out over the lawn. Much of the crowd seemed to be moving inside now, and so he decided to follow suit, taking one last glance at the splendid scenery surrounding the front lawn before entering the house and heading up the stairs to the second floor.
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  9. Nate was absolutely pleased that people were responding to his hello's! Other heroes seemed to be put off by his cheerful upbeat nature. March certainly was. If his feet had been on the ground he would have bounced, as it was he just sorta floated excitedly in one place. Even though Dominic was rude and kinda weird and awkward and - what was with the limp? Was he a hero or not? Nate was thrilled.

    "March, March! Let's share a bedroom!"

    "Go fuck yourself, Nate. Like hell I'm sharing a space with you."

    "March! There aren't that many bedrooms."

    "... I hate you so much right now."

    Nate with March in tow made his way up the stairs and found a bedroom for the two of them. All the bedrooms were light and open and airy with large windows that were clearly original to the house with their wooden frames slightly flaking a bit of white paint. Wooden floors and colorful rugs. The beds were covered with quilts and there were flower vases in every room. But no flowers in any of them.

    Once bags had been tossed on the bed, Nate stuck his head back out the door way with his arms pressing against the frame as he hovered there watching everyone get settled in. "Hey! We're all next to each other. Super cool. And youuuu." He peered into a room on the left side of him. "You're my neighbor!" Cheerful grin split his face and he looked to the right and grinned inside. "And you too! Oh oh! I'm a Nate sammich! This is fantastic! I must be grape jelly and March is peanutbutter and you guys are delicious wheat bread!"
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  10. Rich took great care to look behind him. The rather striking girl was changing, in more ways than one. He stood outside the door, waiting a moment to let him know that it was okay to gaze in the room. When she closed the door behind him, a friendly nod and step out of the way was given. They didn't even speak to each other, but he decided to think she was a nice person. Even if he ended up being wrong, there was no need to throw anyone under the bus. Even if his neighbor seemed to be in possession of a stone heart. As soon as Nate's weird analogy registered in his brain, a smile appeared. He was funny and so was Rich. He started to like him too.

    "Whole grain, my dude, whole grain." He chuckled rubbed his face. "What do you say we take this buffet outside see our first activity is?"

    The musician beckoned those in the hallway and lead who followed outside. He had took off his jacket and was in white t-shirt, dress pants, and a somewhat familiar fedora. Not a bad combo, for the weather, but he certainly wasn't ready for anything over athletic. About 10 seconds after the new roommate made it out, he end up outside.

    "Hey roomie." He smiled.
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  11. Rozlynn was rocking back and forth on her heels, admiring the sky with a dreamy gaze. Even though she flew regularly, she missed it once she returned to the ground. At the very least, she felt like she needed to be in a tree.

    "Hey roomie." The greeting had a ten second delay. Lynn continued to stare at nothing until she registered the words that had just been spoken to her. Slowly, her head turned to the man who was standing next to her. So, this was who she was sharing rooms with? With a curious head tilt, she studied him, and then mimicked the coo of a dove. A friendly smile then lit up her otherwise plain looking expression.

    Remembering the manners her father taught her, she offered her hand for a shake. She had to use her other hand to pull the baggy sleeve up, otherwise he would be grasping a bunch of sweater material. "Cool hat, roomie." she commented in a quiet, alto sounding voice. "I'm Rozlynn."

    Hearing a tweet from up above, her attention instantly moved to catch sight of the swallow flying above them. Needless to say, she was easily distracted, especially by birds. However, once the bird was out of sight, her focus went right back to Rich, the smile still on her face as if nothing just happened.
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