The Green Thorne Bed and Breakfast ... With Superheroes.

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    Welcome to the Green Thorne B&B!
    Glorious wonderful bright spring! In the upper North Eastern United States sat the Green Thorne Bed and Breakfast. It was surprisingly peaceful there, with the garden in the back growing various veggies and wild rose vines wrapping around the front of the house in a floral and pink embrace. The drive to the three story home was nice and long, it was situated far back away from the quiet dead end road. No one came out here that wasn’t supposed to be here.

    It had been in the Thorne family for a little over two generations, maybe three. Probably two and a half, honestly. Plus the skip… It was currently occupied by Dominic Thorne who wasn’t always Dominic Thorne. Sometimes he was Griffin. Griffin was a vigilante hero. He wore a lot of black leather and a helmet. Not to mention a long leather coat, it was possibly more for looks than any real use but Dominic liked it because it was neat. Plus it had useful pockets and the new one was just as armored as his suit and –

    Back to the house. Or rather, not to the house but what is coming towards the house. That would be you, by the way. For whatever reason you are coming to the B&B, not knowing that it is the infamous Griff in his civilian attire greeting you. You’re here for a variety of reasons. You’re a young hero, maybe you’re a sidekick, or perhaps you belong to a youth hero group overseen by older heroes like Dominic/Griff himself.

    This is a vacation. Possibly with your teammates. Possibly alone. Either way, there will be young heroes here from all walks of life and all under Dominic’s watchful but soon to be stressed eyes.

    After all, what sort of mad man would sign up for this willingly…?

    This is a brand new alternate universe; the Green Thorne Bed and Breakfast focused on young superheroes. Think Teen Titans/Generation X/Young Avengers. Our young heroes though aren’t part of a large youth focused hero team yet, that’s why they are at the B&B. They have little clue that this ‘vacation’ is actually a teambuilding exercise.

    If you aren’t playing a sidekick, you are at least closely affiliated enough to a mature superhero that when they tell you to do something you’re going to do it. Or perhaps you’ve been threatened with being treated like a criminal because you’ve caused far far too much property damage recently and everyone is over it. Or you lost a battle and someone you know said you could use a vacation.

    Either way. You’re on the way to the Green Thorne Bed and Breakfast for a vacation you may or may not feel that you need.

    You might know your fellow young heroes in costume. You could be friends or frenemies, that is up to you. You probably don’t know each other out of costume and if you do, I’d like an explanation as to why. Your young heroes should be around the ages of eighteen to twenty-one, you can be younger or slightly older but definitely not below the age of sixteen or above the age of twenty-five. Unless you’re helping Dominic with the ‘kids’ (which I don’t expect but hey, things happen).

    If you've played in my B&B before, consider yourself invited! Otherwise, this is an Invite only game.

    Character Sheet (open)

    Names: (In and out of Costume!)

    Description:(In and out of Costume)

    Personality: (If the personality is different between their hero and civilian modes, please describe)




    Who Sent you? A small blurb about the older hero/es that sent you on your vacation.

    Bonus Playlist (open)
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  2. Character Sheeeets.

    Dominic Thorne. The Host and Stand-In Mentor. (open)

    Names: Dominic Thorne A.K.A. Griffin

    Powers: None. Griff/Dom is a perfectly normal human being. He uses a barely there powered suit but mostly relies on his incredibly in-shape body.

    Description: Short ash-blond hair, a peachy skin tone and a softly squared face that tells if he wasn’t so in-shape, he’d probably be a great deal more androgynous. Broad shoulders, narrow waist. Dom is in his prime. He is missing his left leg from above the knee and down after an accident recently.

    As a hero, Griffin or simply Griff doesn’t show any skin at all. He wears what looks like a heavily modified motorcycle helmet that covers his face. The front is red and the back is black. The lightly armored suit that helps him out is black, roughly textured in places and probably made of Kevlar or some high density rubber. It doesn’t scuff easily and it’s not very shiny. Over this he usually sports a black trench coat that is much more than it appears. He also wears a pair of skin tight leggings over the suit for the look and an extra layer of armor. For accessories he wears a belt and knee high lace up boots.

    Picture Time! (open)


    Personality: Originally Dom’s civilian personality was soft spoken and shy but his time as Griff started to change how he acted in both of his lives. It was harder to keep a lid on his anger even though he knows he needs to in order to keep his secret identity a secret. Dominic is frank about everything but his feelings. He doesn’t consider himself ‘shy’ but does consider himself antisocial, he’s not really as antisocial as he seems. It’s an act to keep his feelings from getting trod upon.

    In costume, Griff is even more stand-offish and angry, barely keeping a lid on his boiling anger issues.

    History: Born to the wealthy Thorne family, Dominic is the youngest son with two older siblings. The brilliant aggressive businessman Noah Thorne (to whom the B&B belongs) and Philip, a businessman who’s real love is for showing up Noah and being an engineer. The Thorne family is a highly competitive household and Hero work has been in the family for at least two generations.

    Dominic started being Griffin when he was in his late teens. He managed to attend Highschool and then college, now he owns a coffee shop that he lets a friend manage for him. It’s his cover story and a minor passion for him. There isn’t many things in the world that Dom loves more than a cup of coffee or a muffin.

    Goals: Dom wishes to return to hero duty as soon as possible or at the very least be back in the city helping out at the coffee shop.

    Quirks: Dom is nothing but quirks.

    Who Sent you? A small blurb about the older hero/es that sent you on your vacation.
    Dom is the older hero! :D And he is living at the B&B. For the moment. Until he heals up. He does not care about turning a bunch of young heroes into a working team and is very cranky he’s been saddled with this job.

    Flyby! (open)

    Names: Nathan Porter A.K.A. Flyby

    Powers: Flight and Energy. He can use energy to form shields around himself that enables himself to fly at high speeds and deflect most things away from him. He can shape the energy into weapons as well.

    Description: Short red hair and incredibly pale skin littered with freckles. An infectious easy going grin that seeps into his eyes, there is nothing dark about Nate. He appears to be around nineteen or twenty, full of energy and eagerness. Nate’s fashion sense can be summed in very few words; FRIENDLY. LOOK AT ME. I’M SO FRIENDLY. Nate’s back is covered in a fairly impressive lightning strike scar pattern known as a Lichtenberg figure. Flyby’s skintight suit is all white, a bright orange belt is fastened around his waist more for looks than any real need. The boots he wears looks to be built into the super suit.
    Picture Time! (open)


    Personality: Nate wears all his emotions on his sleeve. He couldn’t keep a secret if he tried. Flyby is just Nate with a mask on. His core happy go lucky ditzy personality always shines through. Everything is an adventure. He’s watched too many Disney movies. Party boy with a heart of gold. Nate can always find something fun to do.

    History: Nathan’s Mother left when he was five, Nathan’s Father tried to continue on with their child but he couldn’t handle and ended up moving in with his Mother to help with Nathan. When Nathan was ten, Nathan’s Father left so he could hunt down Nate’s Mom. Nate got letters from his Dad and money as well. Growing up with his Grandmother and getting letters of adventure from his Dad made Nate’s childhood interesting. There was plenty of times when he was so furious at his parents for abandoning him but he loved his Grandmother. Nate managed to get through school by the skin of his teeth. His Grandmother is elderly now and she has frequent Doctor’s visits, Nate doesn’t like being gone so long away from her but she insisted that if someone else was paying the bill he should definitely have this vacation if she doesn’t know what it’s for. Which is a lie. Grandmother definitely knows what it is that Nate does but Nate doesn’t know. He’s not very bright.

    Flyby has been a superhero for about a year and a half now. His teammate Bruiser found him getting his ass kicked and decided to help him out.

    Goals: Having fun and finding his parents and taking care of his Gran. A job wouldn’t be a bad thing either.

    Quirks: Beyond being that super friendly guy, Nate absolutely hates rainy days. He becomes depressed and mopey when it rains, a complete personality shift. Nate’s also afraid of storms, that might have something to do with the fact that he flies around and shoots energy. Or the fact that he’s been struck by lightning.

    Who Sent you? A small blurb about the older hero/es that sent you on your vacation.

    After a rescue attempt went wrong and Flyby crashed into a building owned by a large corporation, there was a petition to get the young hero under control. An older hero group stepped in and told Flyby he need a vacation and to just get out of town and not destroy anything for a while.

    Those heroes were Dominic/Griffin’s teammates.

    Bruiser (open)

    Names: March Jonathan Brighton A.K.A. Bruiser

    Powers: Super strength and Tough Skin. (March is brilliant but it’s not a superpower, he’s just that damned smart)

    Description: Neatly trimmed brunette hair, straight off Preppy Handbook, heavy lidded eyes and tanned skin. A smirk curving his lips up, a ‘go get fucked’ expression permanently settled on his face. March looks like an asshole bodybuilder who likes weights and protein shakes more than people. He looks older than he is and is actually only around twenty-one. March’s civvies are designer jeans and well fitting tee shirts, he thinks his build doesn’t look too good in much else.

    Bruiser’s suit is mostly black with gray accents. The sleeves are short, mimicking his daily wear. Around his waist is a stolen belt from Flyby in ‘look at me!’ orange. Bruiser’s pants/tights/leggings aren’t nearly as tight as Flyby’s and have a lot more give to them. Currently he’s not exactly set on his footgear and switches it up depending on his mood. A brown leather bomber jacket sometimes comes out to play as well.
    Picture Time! (open)


    Personality: Complete and total jerk, both in and out of his costume. March’s ego is a lot more fragile than it looks and he can’t take the heat when things get personal.

    History: March had a miserable home life until he was taken away from his drug addict parents when he was ten. He was put into the system and stayed there for almost a year when he finally got fostered out. His Foster parents had several foster kids and were only doing it to get money out of the government. March hated it almost as badly as he hated his parents. After a couple of run away attempts in his early tweens, March was once again put back into the system. He spent the rest of his time drifting in and out of foster homes, at one point his parents tried to get custody of him back and he refused. March has always took care of himself…

    Goals: College. Being a hero started accidentally and he doesn’t really understand why he keeps doing it…


    Who Sent you? A small blurb about the older hero/es that sent you on your vacation.

    Bruiser was asked to go along with Flyby, he originally turned them down but once he heard just where the boy blunder was going he just HAD to go along.

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  3. Name
    Richard Brian Kennedy / Dirge

    5'9 . 230lbs . Rather Burly

    ~Out of Costume~
    (Also mixes it up with casual and sometimes even athletic)

    ~In Costume~

    (Has different colored colors to mix and match)

    On the surface, the mask changes who he is almost entirely. His friendly, joker demeanor tends to diminish and Rich become much more quiet and standoffish. He still make think of things to say or smiles at something funny, but the need to be the center of attention is all gone. This is mostly due to trying to keep his identity, because he does have a rather distinctive voice. (Singing or otherwise) It is almost as if the mask is a shell and pushes down who he is any other time but brings out the sense of justice underneath. At times, he forgets which is which and it consumes him to the point that it affects sleep.

    Even since Richard Brian Kennedy was a boy, he knew that great things were going to happen. It was just a feeling he had. Then again, there wasn't much else to do where lived besides dream and hope. Little did he know of the future that behold.

    Growing up his main hobby was singing. He loved it. His family recorded many concerts on vhs. Rich would always watch them and pretend that he was there. Chorus was a great help in terms of getting the mechanics for a good singer. It was his dream to be the very best that no one ever was.

    All throughout highschool, he always played at coffeehouse, lounges, etc. for tips. After doing this for such a long time, Rich though it was time to take it on the road. The young man took his talents all across the country. Not once was he lucky enough to play when a record label showed up.

    On his 21st birthday, it was time to take a break from his self-proclaimed mini-tour. Rich wanted to settle and get himself together. The first town he moved to was here this whole thing started to look weird.

    One night, on stage there was a common drunk heckler. The whole (short) performance this man was yelling curses to several people, in the lounge. There were no bouncers to speak of. After the second song cover, Rich stood up. It was about enough. Unable to see the man he challenged him to possibly GTFO. The crowd roared as the drunk ran to the stage. Brief words and shoves were exchanged before a punch was thrown. It floored Rich. Never was he disrespected like this, in his life. There wasn't a present reaction to give. The drunk starting yelling into the microphone. Rich was so angry that he just let loose. For angle the audience had, all that was heard was a bellow and the drunk flew off the stage. A table broke the fall and blood started spewing everywhere. Over come with shock, he ran all the way back to the stupid apartment.

    That night, the innocent musician was gone. It was time to go evolve, even if it meant becoming a whole new person. And, mostly due to the experience, Dirge is what came out. After fashion a nice little interchangeable costume, he decided to go out and try to see what he could do with his power. Seemed like a no-brainer, when it fell on masked heroism. After getting involved in a few crimes in progress, an older super hero decided to try and guide him to this vacation/bed and breakfast. Rich heeded the advice and made his way there.

    To get a handle on what having these powers mean and how they will change his life forever.

    Become a successful musician, once goal one is reached.

    Sometimes screams, like a girl, when extremely scared. - Usually only eats one thing at a time, during a meal. - Touches himself, for no apparent reason. - Makes random sounds, for no reason. - Uses song lyrics for different purposes.

    Who Sent you?
    An older female hero, by the name of Contagion. She helped him a little in the beginning and pointed out

    Former home
    Olean, New York

    The powers center around his voice and intent. However, they are very limited at this point. First, Rich found out that the sound waves could by turn into straight force. For now, the best he can do it knock a van to its side. After a few arrests, alongside Contagion, he has found that he can use his voice to make allies fight at a quicker pace. The next few are, at this point, undiscovered. Second, his voice can cause a person to forget a portion of time in their life (at most a day at this time). Thirdly, he can use a designated note to project either flames or frost from his gullet. Lastly, the sound of hums can heal wounds (nothing major for now).

    Some training should help boost these things tremendously.
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  4. Nikita Zharkov


    Codename: Mirage

    Powers: Telepathy & Telekinesis

    Description: Five foot eight, wiry build. Medium-short, light brown hair, usually styled wildly. As a civilian, Nikita prefers neutral and earthy tones for clothing, fitted pants, pricey shoes, and a comfortable top. His eyes are blue. As a "super" Nikita against his will wears a full-black outfit complete with fitted slacks, gloves, and a double-breasted military jacket. He wears a parade cap with a black veil that extends down to cover his face, stopping just above his mouth. Nikita can see through the veil perfectly fine but no one can see through it from the other side.

    Personality: Very tight-lipped about his past. It's a painful subject for him, though he's most likely to act as though you're being annoying if you attempt to ask him about it. Nikita has a tendency, see, to act tough, even when he's hurting. Be it emotionally or physically, he doesn't like showing weakness. Despite all of that, he's actually quite friendly, if a little bit mean and teasing. He likes to think he's witty but really he's just a smartass. And although he usually keeps friends at arm's length, once someone worms their way up to his side, he is protective and loyal. Unfortunately, because of events in his past, he also has quite the temper and a ferocious loathing for subjugation.

    History: Nikita grew up with both parents and several siblings, living in a tiny town in West Russia. Despite their location, both parents were highly educated and they were living in the town because his father's work had brought them there. At an early age, Nikita and his siblings were taught not only Slavic but English as well, and the boys were enrolled in a nearby military academy.
    The school of course had strict rules but it was a survivable time thanks to his roommate, who quickly became his best friend. It was around this time that he began to notice he had a gift, an intuition about people and their intentions and feelings and eventually their thoughts themselves.
    And then an unfortunate event unfolded, leaving Nikita alone and angry. He self-destructed, letting his anger control him. This was when he learned he could move things with his mind. He was eventually arrested for eight counts of Assault & Battery and was forced to serve the community or face real jail time. Well, when he was arrested, he spent a night in the cell at the police station and he shared it with a very peculiar man who really has no importance in his history other than that the man suggested he start fresh somewhere else, that he just leave everything that angered him behind. So he did.
    Abusing his powers, he managed to gain entrance to the United States and made his way to Vegas where he put those powers to good use, cheating casinos at their own cheating game and winning enough money to "get by".
    Only problem was that even before he left Russia, there were eyes on him...

    Goals: Get through this "training" stage so he can get to the good part - beating people up and getting paid for it. Plus, he's only scratched the surface of his powers and he's eager to master it all.

    Quirks: Literally pushes people away by their face when they get too close. Serious weakspot for money. Want him to do something? Offer him money.

    Who Sent you?
    The Mysterious Agency
    When he asked who they were and what they did, Nikita was answered with: "A group of gifted people who strive to make this world a friendlier place." So, what, like..the X-Men? Sure, he thought it was cheesy and at first he didn't believe "Professor X" at all. At least until one of his lackeys subdued Nikita by simply whistling.
    From what he gathers, this agency is a group of supers like him who go around fighting the bad guys and they want him on the team.
    Thing is, Nikita isn't sure whether they want him for his powers...or just to keep him from joining the wrong side.
    Regardless of their reasons, they deemed him in need of some serious training and dropped him off at some seasoned super's place to learn all the tricks of the trade and promised that if he's a good boy, he'll get paid handsomely.
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  5. Hope I didn't go overboard. I get too excited about superpowers. ><

    Rozlynn Mims, "The Songbird"

    Avian mimicry/physiology

    The power allows her to turn into something like a harpy. She can grow the physical features of a bird species of her choice. She'll also have their language, beak, tail, wings to fly with, claws, and their colorful patterns of feathers. Their abilities are inherited as well. Songbird is an excellent flier, singer, hunter, and distraction. Her bones are hollow, she has sharp senses, and her agility is hard to match.

    Unfortunately, because of the beak, she's sacrificed her ability to speak English. Luckily, she can still understand you perfectly fine. You just won't get more than a tweet or a screech in response. She can sing beautifully, too. Sometimes so beautifully that it lulls people to sleep or melts their stress away. Feathers can be turned sharp and sturdy to be thrown as if they were knives.

    Lynn/Songbird is a glass cannon. High damage, high speed, low defense.

    Rozlynn is lanky, fragile, and thin. Her hair changes color depending on what species of bird she last turned into. She's 5' 5" in height, 95 pounds in weight. (Yeah, this girl eats like a bird. LOL GET IT?) Unless it's a warm summery temperature, she's always wearing long sleeves because she's always cold. Her footwear is usually sandals because she hates shoes. If she must of course, she'll wear what's necessary for bad weather. Her eyes are big and brown; they stay that way no matter what form she takes on. Even though she's 20, she doesn't look any older than 16. She's pretty sure she'll be cursed with this for many more years...

    Her alter ego, Songbird, doesn't have much of a costume per say... Lynn has the ability to take on a form similar to any species of bird she's familiar with. She'll grow another foot taller, her feet turn to talons, she becomes lightweight enough to fly, her arms turn into wings, her hair is replaced by feathers, she grows tail feathers, her mouth is replaced by a beak, and her body will create colors and patterns to look like her bird of choice. Since she tears through clothes in this form, she learned how to grow feathers around her private areas that are thick enough to keep her warm too. She prefers to go into fights without armor so that it won't slow her down.

    Rozlynn spends too much time daydreaming. She never could pay attention in class because she was lost in her own little world. Lynn believes she belongs in the sky with the birds, seeing the world and helping those who can't help themselves. The girl is so high on life that you wouldn't believe that she's not on drugs. She's always calm and quiet with a toneless voice (to protect her secret identity, whose voice stands out a hell of a lot), but always in a positive mood. When Lynn is sad, she sneaks off to be solitary because she's used to being teased for crying. If angered, she'll drop out of an argument before it goes too far. Lots of damage had been done during her rages, so she actively avoids drama.

    Songbird is upbeat and wild. Unlike her human counterpart, she speaks with a melodic tone of voice with dramatic gestures to match. When on the battlefield, she's vicious. The feel of digging her talons into someone else's flesh is exhilarating. If she's transformed into a predatory bird, she's known to hunt for mammals and reptiles to eat; just as well, she'll prey on bugs and worms. You can trust Songbird true and through, though! She'll watch over her allies like a mother bird and obey her superiors without complaint. Songbird is also more focused than Rozlynn.

    For as long as she remembered, she'd been the day dreamy sort with her head always in the clouds. Kids thought she was really weird because she would just lay on the grass and stare at the sky. All she wanted to do was fly amongst the birds. Playing here on the ground with these children wasn't fun to her. She had no interest in writing, reading, or even drawing. Minimal effort was put into her schoolwork when she got into high school, passing with mostly Cs. Her parents weren't the sort to push her into getting straight As. They loved her enough to tell her that as long as she was happy, she was a success.

    Rozzy was fifteen when her powers awakened. It all started with a dream while she took an afternoon nap in her tree house. A voice spoke to her, speaking some nonsense about her having a free spirit, a beautiful soul, and love aplenty for her fellow humans as well as the birds. In her dream, she agreed to be a guardian to both sides. This gift would also allow her to satisfy her desire for adventure. It seemed like a win-win!

    Only when she dreamed did she learn more secrets to her powers. Once these secrets were revealed, she could apply then to some hands on training. In a variety of locations, she practiced flying, fighting, hunting, and singing. It wasn't until she turned seventeen that she officially started working as a heroine. Her parents were used to her leaving all the time, and they didn't get suspicious or worried unless she went a whole day without calling them.

    Now, the planet as a whole is her home. Quite a few countries are familiar with Songbird because she's either saved them or visited them; or both. Her parents don't know she is Songbird; them being blissfully unaware will keep them safe. She's not uncomfortable with being her normal human identity around other heroes, because they're bound to learn at some point in her opinion. Plus, not everyone wants to talk to a bird lady who's over six feet tall and can't speak a word of English.

    Rozlynn's goal is to learn everything about all kinds of birds. To do this, she likes to live amongst different flocks. No better way to learn than to experience their lives for herself.

    She also wants to become a better fighter and develop her own fighting style that goes well with her abilities. So far, all she can do is peck eyes out and rip things with her claws, like a savage. She's also interested in learning if there's some kind of lightweight armor she can use that won't interfere with her flexibility or flying.

    With all of these skills, Lynn hopes to become an idolized heroine who rescues innocents all around the world. That includes her bird kin, especially the endangered ones who she intends to save from extinction.

    Yep, she's a big dreamer...

    Spaces off way too much, can be seen outside looking for worms to eat, prefers to make a nest out of blankets and pillows instead of using a bed, makes a goofy squawk if she gets spooked, cannot resist shiny objects.

    Who sent you?
    A little birdy told her! Seriously. A certain bird named Gandalf the African Gray Parrot was basically like "Hey, bird lady! Check this place out! There are people there who are just like you." Eagerly, she followed the bird to the B&B instead of visiting Ireland. This looked like a chance to learn more about herself, and others. Her animal instincts tell her that she needs a flock made up of something other than birds.

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  6. I smell a sing off coming on....
  7. Name: Kameron "Kam" Saito

    Alias: Shrike

    Powers: Is general badassery a power?

    Out of Costume (open)
    Brown, almond shaped eyes, and red/brown hair that slightly curls up at the ends no matter what he tries to make it stay straight. His right eye is a little lighter than the other, but you'd have to get pretty close to tell.

    In-Costume: (open)
    A sleek black two-piece outfit, with matching athletic shoes to help better his mobility. He carries a modified crossbow, which he keeps strapped to his back when not in use. He also keeps a pair of light weight, short blades on him, along with several throwing knives. He uses a simple black mask to hide his identity.

    Personality: Kam is a perfect example of an overly friendly guy. He just likes to make people smile, especially when it looks like someone could use a laugh. Not shy in the least, he never hesitates to speak up or attempt conversation with an interesting person, even if a complete stranger.

    His alter ego can be quite the contrary. Serious almost to a fault, his focus on a mission borderline obsession.

    History: Kameron was born to the leader of an underground crime organization, who were known for their expert skills in making people "disappear," if you could afford the hefty price, that is. His older half-sister Kaja, thirteen years his senior, defected from the group shortly after he was born. He didn't meet her again until he was nine years old. She had become a lone hero, who eventually was able to assist the government in tracking down and capturing the group of assassins. Many members, like their mother, fled and are still missing. But, with the organization seemingly taken down, Kam was taken in by his sister. He hated her as first, understandably. She'd brought down the only world he'd ever known. However, he warmed up to her over time, and came to understand what it meant to be a hero.

    Goals: Relaxing and enjoying his peaceful vacation to the fullest. Make friends and possibly start a little mischief here and there.

    Quirks: Likes to climb things. He won't hesitate to scale a tree if a branch looks comfy enough.

    Who Sent you?
    His sister, who goes by Kestrel in-costume. Some concerning events on one mission led her to believe her brother was in need of some serious R&R.
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  8. WIP!

    Name: Qu Lou-Xiao

    Alias: Houyi

    Powers: Ki augmented archery.


    In costume (open)

    Civies (open)

    Personality: No matter what the era, Houyi has always done things his own way, impulsive and proud, even if he knows his methods are wrong in the absence of an alternative or someone to stop him he will see things through to the end, believing firmly that he if an extension of the divine's will and that the end justifies the means... but that does not mean he is without regret. Even he can make mistakes but he is willing to accept any scorn or punishment for the greater good.

    All of this convictions lies behind a calm exterior, while not aloof he isn't easily approachable which is only accentuated by his unfamiliarity with modern culture. He also acknowledges that he is unfamiliar with the way wars and fights are done in this era, causing him to reign in his impulsive nature to observe the others in an attempt to learn from them.

    History: In Chinese mythology exists several legends of a time when the sky burned with ten suns. These fearsome three-legged birds refused to obey the gods and so to restore the natural order for the rising and setting of the suns the gods sent a legendary archer to earth. The suns taunted the archer, but his arrows flew true and before long nine of them were dead. The survivor agreed to rise and set on time but the archer was banished from heaven for slaying divine beings...
    "Worth it."

    It is unclear if Qu is the same Houyi from legend but there is one inalienable fact: He is old enough to be though he hadn't used that name in many ages. Many centuries ago the fallen divine found the secret to eternal life, an artifact which allowed him to reverse the passage of aging and taking one lesson with him: that the end justifies the means her set to work. Going by many names he has been the hand behind many events in the history of the far east, his influence expanding deep into China, Russia, the middle east, and eastern Europe. His edict was simple, people cannot be trusted with their own fates. If there was to be an end to hardship, violence... the the price was to be personal freedom.

    This is what brought him to the new world. He wasted no time on approaching supervillians for their talents promising power in exchange for obedience and viciously attacking those who refused, it was only a matter of time before the heros took notice. Seeing only a frail old man calling himself the White Dragon their first attempt was overconfident and easily defeated by the powers gained from such a long dependence on the artifact that kept Qu alive, but they did learn enough to figure out who they were dealing with and know that their opportunity would come soon.

    The ritual to invoke the artifact was a long and complicated process, one misplaces grain of sand while drawign the patterns could prove fatal, and an attack by super powered do goodders proved disastrous. One of the more trigger happy ones let loose and the room was filled with a blazing green light and when it cleared instead of an old man, or one on their late 20s a teenaged lay unconscious before the destroyed stone.

    When he awoke he had no memories past his 17th birthday, which caused debate among the heros. The boy had no memory of the artifact or of anything he had done over the centuries, in fact Qu became convinced that the gods had sent him forwards in time instantly, for what purpose he could only imagine...

    Goals: To find out what transported them to the future and what destiny awaits them there.


    Who Sent you? A small blurb about the older hero/es that sent you on your vacation.

    The heroing community and police are still out on weather they should imprison or employ him, this seems as good a place as any to put him where he'll be safe and they can keep an eye on him.
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  9. Names:
    Adrian Gainsbury A.K.A Golden Boy

    None, although he has been extensively trained in self-defense and hand-to-hand combat.

    5'10, trim build with smooth features and an impeccably groomed appearance. Always stylishly dressed while out of costume.

    Out of Costume (open)

    Costume (open)
    *Art credit goes to Steve Lochran (

    A go-getter and consummate playboy, Adrian exudes confidence and charm in everything he does. He doesn't take no for an answer, and is doggedly persistent in getting what he wants, whether that's in the boardroom or the bedroom. His lifestyle is one of flagrant excess and debauchery that seems to completely disregard the consequences or monetary cost of his actions. People and business assets alike are equally expendable to Adrian, and although this outlook often makes him seem like an asshole, it would be closer to the truth to say that he merely doesn't view most interactions that he has with people as being genuine or truly meaningful. He is constantly suspicious of people's motivations when they become involved with him and thinks most people are only interested in him because of his money. There are very few people that he truly trusts, Godfrey being chief among them.

    While in costume, Adrian tries to embrace the image of a stereotypical "good guy" hero. He goes out of his way to help people and protect them, even if that means putting himself at risk. His costumed persona allows him to be free in a way he usually can't afford to be, an opportunity to discard all the concerns attached to his fortune and selflessly give himself to the cause of protecting and fighting for the innocent. He sees fighting crime as his redemption for the way he has lived most of his life and as an escape from the gilded cage that he is forced to live in most of the time. It also doesn't hurt that he gets to experience all the thrills and adventure alongside his main role model and the one constant person in his life.

    Adrian was born the heir to his parents' immense wealth and grew up in the lap of luxury. His life took a tragic turn, however, when at the age of 8 his father was found murdered and his mother mysteriously disappeared. Left without a family and standing to inherit a multi-million dollar fortune when he turned 18, he spent the next ten years under the guardianship of the family butler, Godfrey Silverman, who became his closest friend and confidant.

    Once he came of age and left to go to college, Adrian began to pursue a life of extravagant indulgence. It's no small wonder that he managed to graduate at all as neglectful as he was of his studies, even though he demonstrated a keen intellect and a mind for business that could have put him at the top of his class. After returning home he took control of a small share of his parents' company which he used to make a few profitable investments, although most of his living expenses were being covered by his now dwindling trust fund.

    It was in this period of uncertainty in his life that Adrian discovered what Godfrey had been up to while he was away. The butler had established an identity for himself as a costumed crime fighter called the Silver Sabre, partly because he had been pursuing leads on the potential whereabouts of Adrian's mother. This all came to light when Godfrey was critically injured after being lured into a trap by a group of criminals who nearly beat him to death. Adrian found him passed out and bleeding in a secret passage connected to Godfrey's room at the family's mansion and was only barely able to get him help in time.

    Once Godfrey had been nursed back to health and was able to explain his clandestine activities, Adrian got very excited about the prospect of being his sidekick. Costumed adventures seemed like just the thing to bring purpose and direction to his life, and although Godfrey at first refused to allow him to accompany him, Adrian's persistence and earnestness eventually got him to come around to the idea. The two began working together soon after that, forming a relationship as a crime fighting duo that has been nothing short of thrilling for Adrian and nothing but frustrating for Godfrey.

    Adrian hopes to become just as skilled at fighting crime as his mentor and to have all sorts of high-flying, action-packed adventures along the way. He also wants to find out what happened to his mother and to find his father's killer.

    He's very eager to please, particularly towards Godfrey and other well-known heroes of his caliber. Also thinks he's much more charming than he really is and can't be convinced to the contrary no matter how many people tell him otherwise.

    Who Sent you?:
    The Silver Sabre- a masked hero named for his signature weapon. His civilian identity is Godfrey Silverman, head butler of the Gainsbury estate and Adrian's former legal guardian.​
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