The greatest weapon ever

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  1. So I took a Doctor who sonic screwdriver (9/10th doctors' version) and my green lantern ring.

    I slid the ring onto the sonic screw driver.

  2. you sir, now hold the power of the gods in your hand.

    use it well.

    And by that I mean use it to get bitches
  3. GGWP.

    Please have mercy on us all.
  4. I'm going to get all the other lantern corps color rings.

    Then I take over all of Iwaku. And I will bring Neverland Farms to the ground.
  5. That's nothing. Have you looked into this "Friendship" that's been felling evil for centuries? I've been looking into weaponizing it and possibly giving it nuclear properties. Or just put it on the end of a stick.
  6. The Lanterns Possess it. The Star Sapphires for example control love with their violet power rings. The Blue rings channel hope, and Indigo is compassion.

    I think my Corps can stand up to friendship, whether or not you have the ponies to back you up.

  7. Green Lantern < Dr. Manhattan

  8. 1. That is Parallax Possessed Kyle Rayner. He's a demigod imbued with the embodiment of fear itself. He won't be going 'pop' so easily.

    2. Its a matter of overcoming fear. That, and Willpower plus Imagination. If A Green Lantern Corpsman has more willpower than Manhattan, the ring's strength is limitless.

    3. Manhattan had it easy in a world where he was the only superhuman.