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  1. Serenity was sitting there in her apartment...on her sofa in front of the tv munching on snacks, you know...a usual day when she decided that she wanted to make a story!
    The beautiful and young superhero grabbed her phone and started dialing excitedly!

    "Audry! Darling! Baby, listen I wan't you to make me a story!...not tommorow, not in three months like regular nerds do, I mean now!"
    The woman then held the phone even closer, "got it?" she said in a deadly tone.
    Serenity, your not well known enough yet! We would have to call Marvel...
    "Screw Marvel, what have they ever done for me...." she then pondered a bit, "ooo I hope that doesn't come to backfire on me..."
    Serenity! We won't be able to do that!
    "Hmm, I'd thought you might say that Audry...oh well, I'd try doing it the nice way..."
    The woman then hung up and grabbed a button, pressing it excitedly a building three miles away exploded, she just sat back and watched the movie as people were screaming.

    Suddenly the phone rang again and Serenity picked up, "Hello?" she spoke in a sweet, kindly manner.
    Okay, okay, we will do your story! Just please, no more blowing up buildings! I beg of you!
    "Yayyy!" she squealed, hanging up the phone, "I get my own story! Who will be in it? Evil guys, handsome men that save me? Oooh I can't wait!"

    Suddenly there was a knock on the door, Serenity grabbed her shotgun and slammed it open, aiming her gun at...a mailman?
    The poor guy just stood there shaking with a box in his hands, "p-p-p...."
    "Parasites? Persians? Pacific? Paid? C'mon spit it out you sexy mailman you!" the woman said, cocking her shotgun before aiming it at the man again.
    "Package for Serenity..." the man whimpered.
    "Package for me!" The woman squealed and dropped her gun, "oh Johnny! You shouldn't have!" she said, yanking the package out of the mans hands, "unfortunately I am single and not looking sooooo no package for me..." she laughed slamming the door in the mailman's face before ripping the box open.

    Inside were two revolvers and a bow and arrow as well as a dagger. The woman put them on giggling in a slightly crazy way. She then gasped when she got a black suit with a zipper all the way down, past her tummy. "Nothing more revealing? I'm sad now," she said stripping and putting the suit on as well as the boots to go with it.

    (This is Serenity)
    amazing_sexy_woman-t2 (1).jpg

    (This is her suit)

    This is a superhero Role Play, please make your own superhero

    Name: Serenity
    Personality: Crazy, sexy, loves weapons
    Power: Completely indestructible in every way (I wanted to have super strength but NOOOO! I can't die! Now nobody will take my suicide seriously!)

    (Remember all you wonderful superheros you! None of y'all can have the same powers! So in this case I chosen indestructible? THAT'S MY ONLY POWER LAY OFF)
  2. (Idk what to say about this, but hey I'm up for a crazy rp)

    Name: Thomas (Tommy) Benjamin
    Age: 20
    Personality: Fun, but quiet, hype, and can be seductive at times.
    Power: Manipulation of electricity and technology.
    Occupation: Music Producer/DJ


    Tommy slouched over his laptop with his headphones on over his ears. The only sound he heard were the bass drums, snares and cymbals he'd just added to a new instrumental he was working on. In fact, the sounds were so loud, that he didn't notice the building next door to his had just collapsed and was now nothing but bits and pieces and glass and gravel. He bopped his head to the beat, before hearing his doorbell. He took his headphones off and went to go answer it. The mail man seemed terrified.

    "What the problem sir..." Tommy asked with concern

    "Did you not just notice the building exploding right next door!?"

    Tommy laughed thinking for sure this mail man was joking.

    "Haha! Okay...just give me the package you got there. It is for me right?"

    "You're telling me that you didn't notice the explosion, followed by screams of terror, and last, but not least, big blocks of cement hitting the ground outside..."

    Tommy laughed harder then took his package. "You ever thought about doing stand up buddy? Haha! You're a card." Tommy then turned around and shut the door with the back of his foot. He went to another room in his condo which was his living room and cut open the package with a box cutter he always kept on his coffee table for packages. He opened it to see a metal mask in it, throwing knives, and a dismantled AK47 with a silencer and scope, and what looked like something marines in the future would wear.

    Tommy sat there confused, then shrugged and said to himself "Hey what the hell. There'll probably be some hot girl who shows up at my door looking a little like Catwoman in a couple minutes."


    Suit: (What he has on in the appearance picture, with the added mask.)
  3. Serenity was about to walk out the door when she noticed a cell phone ringing somewhere, she looked around before seeing a gorgeous touch screen in the box as well. She picked it up, "hello there?" she asked seductively.
    Serenity, it's me Audry...
    "Oh goody! Is this my cell phone? You'd better say yes!" she giggled, playing with her gun.
    There's a man here who has electrical powers, we need listen very carefully-"
    "Got it, kidnap him! Bye bye sweetheart!" she laughs hanging up the phone and whistles as she walks downstairs, she pretty much slammed open 10 random apartments before she had even gotten to Tommy's apartment.

    However it happened, first she rang the doorbell then she slammed the door open holding out her shotgun (she'd decided to keep it because it was her baby) and pointed it at Tommy's head, "your coming with me asshole!" she said then her eyes bugged out, he wasn't just handsome, he was hot!
    She licked her lips and crawled on top of him, "hasn't anyone told you how cute you are?" she giggled.
    Suddenly her phone rang, and she rolled her eyes, "hold onto that thought baby," she said in a seductive tone before answering her call.

    Serenity! Don't kidnap him! We need him on our side!

    "What? But kidnapping is so much better! Tying up..."
    The woman was talking to a stranger on the phone, their conversation became more strange as time went on.
  4. At this point Tommy wasn't just overwhelmed, but also confused. girl, check...but the gun to my head wasn't planned.

    Tommy sat there quietly, afraid to say something. He might have powers, but he wasn't indestructible. If he got shot in the head, he'd die just like any other human. Tommy then reached for a pillow on the side of his couch and laid it on top of his crotch, to cover the slight boner he gained under his bleached, ripped, skinny jeans. He kept a close eye on her, just in case he would have to retaliate and defend himself. He didn't want to hurt such an attractive creature, however.
  5. The woman hung up the phone, "soooooo, you didn't see that gun and I have to team up with you hot stuff, apparently theres been recent crimes and stuff or whatever...something about blowing up a bank? I never listen..." she said and looked around, "Audry said you should have a- there it is!" she pulled out a police radio from your box, "pretty sweet" she said placing it on the desk and plugging it in.
    "Okay now we listen to some boring stuff," she said and pushed Tommy on the desk, "don't worry, this is so we can be taken seriously baby" she said and was about to sit on your lap, until she noticed the dismantled AK-47.
    "Oh you poor baby!" she said running to the parts, "don't worry mommy will fix you up" she said and within two minutes she assembled it correctly before giving it a big kiss, "your a bad boy" she whispered to the device before walking over and giving it to Tommy, as well as sitting on his lap in a sensual manner.
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  6. Tommy gulped nervously. Still confused he looked at the girl who was now sitting her plump tush on him. "...Who are you!?" he said before looking at her butt then back at her face, waiting for an answer.

    Tommy never fought crime himself. When he discovered he had powers, he successfully kept them to himself, and used them to his own benefit. No one knows about his how did this random girl with guns and latex suit figure it out.
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  7. "Who am I? WHO AM I?" She then bounced up and spun around, "my name is Serenity and I am the best Superhero! Sociopath! Looker! and best of all...lover!" she smiled winking at him, "we found out about you and your super powers from a bunch of hackers that toyed with the CIA database! They keep watch on anyone who has powers, including me!" she said before sitting back on your lap, "my boss want's you to work for us saving crime and stopping bad guys! Me however? I just do it for scrap and thrills!"
    She paused for a moment, " never answered weather you want to join us or not! C'mon I'm pretty cool, I even used to work for the Justice Leauge! I was their janitor but that's not the point!"

    Suddenly the radio spoke a little louder than usual, talking about the bank,

    We have a robbery on Block 22, 5 miles from here!
    "Ooh, I think that's us!" she said clapping excitedly, "so what do you say handsome? You in or not?"
  8. Tommy took a deep breath, then hesitantly shrugged. "I mean...if I'm needed by the CIA...and you...why not?" he said with a slight smile.

    He knew he'd regret saying this some time in the near future. "Which bank is it. Do you have a ride, because we are certainly not taking my car..."
  9. "Hmm, i got a good idea...follow me!"
    She walked outside and saw the horrific traffic before looking back at Tommy, "wait here," she said then jumped in front of an oncoming car, which rolled over her before stopping.
    A man poked his head out, seeing the body he freaked out completely.
    "I didnt see her! She ran into me! Im leaving!" He said but before he could step on the breaks, Serenity shot the back window and stood up, waking towards the man.
    As the man put his hands up, whimpering, the young woman walked up to the car and put a gun up to his head. " bastard! You were suppose to check to see if I was okay! That was part of the plan!"

    The man turned to the woman and stuttered slightly when he spoke, "y-your alive? Wait! Plan for what?"

    "Well, i was hoping that a kind soul would take me to the hospital (which was right next to the bank) but now that you tried to leave me for dead...this is a fucking carjack!" She said in a sweet tone.
    The man begged and pleaded for forgiveness and Serenity rolled her eyes nodding before she cocked the pistol. The man shook as he got out of his car and ran away.
    "Hey, what do you know! I found us a ride! With only the cost of broken ribs!" The woman said, waving at Tommy before getting in the car.
    Her wounds healed instantly as she sat in the car.
  10. Crystal punched in the sales figure into the point-of-sale terminal and extended the terminal to the waiting business executive. She was every bit the business professional herself in a black evening dress and burgundy suit jacket and she was lovely. Pale of skin and sporting a black wig to hide the blonde locks of her secret identity from the public, she was simply radiant and she noted the executive had taken notice.

    Unfortunately, he wasn't pretty enough to become a part of her collection.

    She thanked him, carefully placed the wrapped package into the monogrammed shopping bag that read, "That Special Lady". Then, after the man had left she extended her hand palm forwards and concentrated. Within moments a replacement gemstone exuded from her skin, grown like it was just a hair. She then held it up to the light and examined it for flaws, not that there would be any, but she had a sense of professionalism to uphold. It was this way that she maintained such a profitable business. Not every stone was grown from her body. Having no suppliers would have looked strange on her taxes and would have gathered the attention of the authorities and the last thing she wanted was them discovering her collection...

    Replacing the gem on its small pillow inside the glass case, Crystal reached for her tablet. Now that the shop was empty she could see what was happening. There was a new article since she last looked, a bank robbery in progress. It even had a live feed from some journalists that were across the street doing a completely unrelated story. Unrelated her shapely, sexy ass. She suspected the film crew had something to do with it. It wouldn't be the first time a precognitive was there before the crime or some mind controlling telepath had instigated the robbery so he or she could cover the story.



    Name: Crystal "Shard" Masters
    Age: Early Thirties but ages slowly
    Personality: Psychopath, Serial Killer. She collects sexy women, or rather... kills them and preserves them, turning them into crystal statues.
    Power: Can grow gems inside her body. These gems can float and obliterate themselves into blinding flashes or lasers
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  11. Name: Lauren Chase

    Personality: Calm, Quiet, Curious

    Powers: Berserker (Inhuman strength, durability, regenerative abilities, can enter a state of pure, blind rage)

    (If it's too much let me know. I'll edit the abilities)

    She was just finishing up with her current client. Jimmy. A small thin, frail man who was trying his hardest to put enough meat on his body to not get blown away by the wind. Suddenly the ground violently shook. The whole gym began to tremble. It was much later that the windows shattered, glass flying everywhere as Lauren caught a glimpse of the plate rack shaking and coming down. She maneuvered herself behind Jimmy. The rack coming down hard on her back with a loud metallic sounding thud. Both had fallen over and Lauren had blacked out.

    A few grunts and groans echoed through her ears as she felt some of the weight on her back being lifted. Opening her eyes she squinted for a few seconds as she coughed. The steady thumping of a slow heartbeat caught her attention. Slowly the dirty blonde managed to push herself up. Looking down she saw the frail, unconscious figure of Jimmy. His chest rising and falling as a sigh of relief escaped her. "Thank god..." She muttered.

    Standing up Lauren was quickly approached by a paramedic and moved aside. Standard procedure followed. The man had searched her for any wounds and asked her all the questions from the book. All he had found was a nasty cut on her forehead. She felt fine but she allowed the man to do his job. After rummaging through his bag he came to start cleaning the wound but instead he just watched in confusion. Lauren grew confused by his confusion and raised a brow."Is something wrong?" She asked. The paramedic continued to watch as her skin slowly began to knit itself back together, eventually leaving nothing but a bloody mess. The paramedic met her deep blue gaze and looked back up at her forehead for a moment before coming back down to her eyes.

    "No, not at all ma'am. You're good to go." He spoke.

    Lauren wasn't convinced but she wasn't going to argue with getting to leave work early. Nodding towards the paramedic she walked passed him and made her way outside. What the hell had happened?
  12. Serenity waited until Tommy got in the passenger's seat before driving off in a crazy manner, sending people crashing in different lanes. The young woman was having the time of her life, swerving and speeding past all red lights. She had almost ran into 25 cars, 3 trucks and a kid on her way to the bank but they finally made it.
    The car was badly wrecked and dented and as she got out and slammed the door, the car broke down.
    "That was cool wasn't it! I impressed you didn't I?" she giggled before she walked into the bank with a pistol, "nobody move!" she shouted holding the gun up in the air.
    Everyone was already down on the ground, all except the robbers who stood there for a moment before aiming their guns and shooting at her. The bullets went through her and as she stood there bleeding to death (well she can't die but she can still feel pain) she winced and said "ow..."
    The men started to panic as they watched her heal instantaneously.
    She then shot the men in the head and posed heroically, "another job well done, thanks to Serenity...and her sidekick...Tommy! Don't worry Tommy we will discuss the whole sidekick thing soon..."
    She looked down at the people confused, they were still cornered and her.
    "Hey, what's the matter with you people! I just saved your lives! I should be lifted high in the air, men would try to flirt with me...I don't mind women either...hey! C'mon now!
    Suddenly Serenity accidentally pulled the trigger, sending two shots into the ceiling, the people cried out in a panic and Serenity tried explaining herself, shushing them but they wouldn't listen.
  13. Tommy, who was still in utter shock, stood there in the bank, trying to himself together on what he just saw with in the last 30 minutes. He was finally snapped out of it when two gunshots resounded through the bank. Tommy shook his head, and made sure his mask was on tight. He wasn't going to risk being recognized, as one of the most famous dj's in the city here "robbing" the bank.

    "SERENITY!" Tommy yelled. "They're going to think WE'RE robbing the bank. What the hell is wrong with you!?" Tommy let his head down and sighed. "Just put the guns away, okay? Let everyone know you're not a hostile nut."
  14. "Alright! Alright! Sheesh!" she said and looked at everyone before slowly putting the gun down. Everyone then stood up and clapped before walking out.
    Serenity then hugged Tommy tightly, "thank you" she squeaked.
    Suddenly, cops pulled up and they all got out, seeing the bodies on the ground they assumed that everyone was dead.
    Put your hands up or we shoot!
    "Wait, I can explain! See I shot the bad guys so--"
    They all cocked their guns and Serenity leaped onto Tommy, using her body as a shield, the police fired frantically.
    When they were done, Serenity was on on top of him bleeding horribly. She wobbled up, "A vent...there's a vent in there, if they get you then your idenity will be revealed..." she then aimed her gun at the vent opening and shot the screen off, "I am an experiment...I don't have a name, they wont know who I go..." she said and kissed him on the lips before she collapsed on the ground.
  15. Appearance:
    Name: Alex Toverich
    Age: 22
    Personality: Calm, know-it-all, doesn't care about much, hates people in general.
    Power: invisibility. But he also utilizes a variety of gadgets and weapons.

    Alex PDA beeped, alerting him to recent news. He was in the ghetto waiting outside a drug den to ambush a meth supplier. The report on the PDA told of a car violating numerous traffic laws and then it's occupants robbed a bank. Police were on site and shots had been fired. He was about to dismiss it what caught his eye was the face of the woman involved. It was serenity. An experiment that had recently been downgraded on the superpower watch list. He figured if she was making a comeback he had better so something about. He sighed and walked away from the drug den to his SUV. This bust would have to happen another time.

    His face didn't show it but he was severely annoyed. He had dealt with this "person" before.
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  16. Serenity waited until the cops came before she stood up and shot behind them. The men ducked behind different objects as Serenity ran for cover, she started healing then spat out a couple of bullets.
    As she had kissed Tommy, she put a note in his pants.

    Dear Tom Tom,
    I am going to play dead then put up a fight with the cops, it's been nice knowing you...but you have a career to keep up and I have a reputation to keep, oh who am I kidding I have no rep! Anyway, I mostly did this because you were cute, and I have other stuff to say but I forgot! Oh wait, if the cops didn't hesitate to shoot us, then you will surly be killed in wherever they are taking me! Oh yeah, keep watching the news, if I survive come to me...and bring pizza! P.S. If you don't go then I will shoot you!

    Serenity glanced around, Tommy didn't seem to be anywhere...good, she needed his help to escape from wherever they are taking her.

    "C'mon out you freak!" One cop shouted, cocking his gun.
    Serenity shot right next to the cops head, he was inches away from getting his head blown off.
    The cop ducked and started talking into his radio, "she's more powerful than we realized! Send in backup!"
  17. Before another shot could be fired, the cop cars that pulled up to the bank seemed to have dismantle themselves in mid-air. They, then floated over to where Tommy lay. He stood up slowly, then started began levitating off the ground. His eyes glowed an electrifying blue, as the one gun shot wound he suffered from in his side seemed to hurt even more. He ignored it, however, and continued his sequence. Different pieces of the cars came together like a hulkish armor around him, encasing his body in what looked like a metal death trap, in the colors of white, black, red, and blue. Once finished Tommy's eyes went back to normal inside the machine that was now, technically him. The big metal tommy, that was now about 12 feet tall, reached to the side of him to grab a light post. He held it as if he were to hold a bat. Obviously the officers were too distracted to see the creature that'd just formed behind them. He then held the light pole like a spear and beamed it at the ground behind the officers. They turned around and almost went into immediate shock. Shots were fired at Tommy, but of course not could penetrate the armor. He then dashed through the officers, trying hard not to hurt any too bad. He swept up Serenity, then jumped into the air as high and as far as he possible could. He landed in a large park, where there were conveniently know persons to witness the devastation Tommy had caused when he landed. He then set down serenity, as the armor seemed to fall off of him as if he were shedding skin.

    He dusted off his shoulder to wipe off the remainder of broken metal before he clutched at his side, which was now bleeding out. "Could I get some bandages maybe...I don't know maybe a kiss would help," he joked.

    "No but, seriously, bandages would be great right about now..."
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  18. Crystal caressed the contours of a crystalline statue, her pale fingers slipping across the smooth glimmering surface. Illuminated from recessed lighting above it sparkled, flinging rainbows across the hidden lair, mixing with the light cast off of a dozen other statues. Only the best were good enough for her collection, only the most beautiful and most exceptional of figures. Her lips brushed those of crystal and her fingers slipped across the rock hard abdomen of the male statue she was wrapping herself around.

    "You are so wonderful," she whispered to the glass corpse. gazing into his prismatic eyes, "You strike quite the pose."

    She was about to continue, hands caressing, enjoying her prize when she heard the news on the television.

    "Yes. Yes. A blonde woman has entered the building, followed by a man with in hooded sweatshirt. Yes. It appears, according to reports that they are also robbing the establishment. Police are almost here but you have it here first on Channel Four, WCBN. That's right. In what must be the worst possible timing, a second group of robbers are robbing the same bank as the first."

    Curious, Crystal abandoned her new toy and slipped across the glass floor, using the gems within her to float on the tips of her bare toes. Bank robbery, now novel. She settled in, laying herself across a couch of spun glass. Then the story on the television became boring for a time while the culprits were insdie the building. The camera stayed on the doorway, the reporter prattling onward.

    "The second group of robbers has emerged. What happened to the first we do not know and here come the police at last!"

    Crystal missed the second half. Her azure blue eyes widening in surprise as the blonde girl emerged in a vinyl cat suit, long golden tresses shining in the sunlight, twisting in the breeze.

    "Oh- my- GOD!" Crystal exclaimed suddenly and moved closer to the television, reaching out as if she were thinking about sticking her hands into the screen, "Where have you been all this time?"

    She went on for some time, giggling and biting at her gem encrusted fingernails and was in a most celebratory mood. Then the police shot the blonde vixen.

    "No! NO!" she wailed, "You bastard police! How dare you kill my bea... OH MY... She's not dead. Oh. My. She's not even- She healed it all! She's still unblemished. Such a perfect, lovely woman. I simply must have her. I simply must find her."

    Then the giant robot came into being and Crystal pouted.

    "So unsexy. So many straight lines. No curves at all. Bring back the girl you mechanical monstrosity! You cameraman! Ignore the big steel thing and show me the girl!"
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  19. Alex had just pulled up to the scene when all the police vehicles were torn apart. He slammed the brakes and his black SUV skidded to a stop. He watched the metal scrap pile jump high and land in a park. He got out and turned invisible. He followed the machines flight path to its landing point in the park.

    He ran to the scene to see a bleeding man with Serenity. He de-cloaked. He quickly assumed it was a hostage. He drew his energy pistol and pointed it at her. "Resorting to bank robberies and hostages these days, Serenity?" He rather loathed this woman but he did have to admit, she looked good.
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  20. Serenity looked into the left side of her belt and started bandaging him, "your going to be a-okay! That was incredible, you are hereby renounced from sidekick duty and now your officially my partner! What an honor!" she laughed as she got done finished with her bandages.
    Suddenly, she saw someone appear out of thin air, it was Alex. As he held the gun up to her, she put her hands up. "Alex, baby, compadr'e! How are you these days?"
    She then looked over at Tommy, "that's Alex, yeah we go wayyy back...he pretty much worships me..."
    She stepped a little closer, "easy buddy...I wasn't killing anyone....innocent...I killed the robbers...just relax" she said then pulled out a gun, aiming at him and getting in front of Tommy, " reasonable big boy..." she said.