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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Ochalla, Sep 20, 2011.


    I do not have time to GM a role play at this time. If there is enough interest someone else may steal this game. Alternatively I'm willing to try to GM this as a Chatplay.

    The greatest criminal masterminds from around the world have descended upon Gravel's Point, a modest sized community somewhat separated from the rest of civilization. Their purpose? To compete against each other to prove who is the best of the worse!

    Gravel's Point now has no way to call for help, no way to get the great defenders of the large cities to even know they're in trouble, after all the villains wouldn't want any unscheduled heroing to ruin their fun!

    You are a resident (or a traveler) trapped in the greater area of Gravel's Point. You are not a registered hero with any of the freedom leagues nor a dark helper to law enforcement. You do have a secret, an ability, that certain something that if the circumstances were right you might rise to the challenge.

    These are the circumstances! Defend Gravel's Point before there is nothing left to defend.
  2. 0,0. I LIKE!

    I might use Reno. Teenage, bit of a pyro, good cook, can steal the powers from supers. Yep, the works.

    I might try to get my friend onto this.