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    Aula Charanai Bellant has grown up in a government facility where she has been experimented on to know end. She has unbelievable powers, all the superpowers you can imagine plus some. She is the only superhero in the world, and best part is, she doesn't need a secret identity, because no one knows her. They see her, but they don't know her.

    It's been five years since Aula escaped from the facility. And the government is frantically trying to silence her, though no one knows it. They want her either back in the facility, or dead, because they fear she's going to take over the country and kill them off. So they send out the best assassian there is.

    This assassain has gadgets beyond belief, which brings him/her just as much power as Aula's. Soon the two are in a game of cat and mouse, neither one having an advantage. They are, after all, evenly matched. How will this thrilling hunt end?

    Character Sheet
    Name: (full)
    Age: (whatever)
    Appearance: (anime, real, or description)
    Traits: (five personality traits)

    Aula Charanai Bellant
    Nineteen || Female || Superhuman
    Straightminded || Hotheaded || Mysterious || Bighearted || Lustful
  2. Loki Vigil (A.K.A Black Reaper)/21/Male/Assassin
    cruel, straightforward, sociopathic, sly, fearless
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  4. ((Yeah sorry, thanks for the cookie :D, BTW, I'm sure your next post will answer this question, but just wondering, do you prefer writing in first or third person?))

    27 long days.......That was last time Loki was able to "release stress" as he puts it. He was on his way to the main conference where the commander had summoned him. Loki isn't summoned often, only for the hardest of assassinations, which meant about one every month, much to his disappointment. This could only mean one thing and his hands twitched at the excitement...........someone powerful needed to be killed. He couldn't keep the smile off his face as he walked through the doors of the conference room, currently occupied with the commander and two of his assistants, all with grim looks. His smile widened, knowing this meant he was up for a challenge. He quickly wiped the smile off his face and looked at the commander, "You called..."
    Ah yes Loki, please, take a seat." Loki made no attempt in moving and the commander continued. "As you've probably guessed we have a mission for you and it may just be your hardest yet. 16 years ago we started an experiment on a child, we wanted to see the true limits of a human and everything was fine up until five years ago. She somehow escaped and now she's loose in the world. We need you to track her down and bring her back.....dead or alive. We have some intel and pictures of wen she was younger to help you out. She should be about 19 years old now, so the pictures may not be much help."

    "So all you want me to do is to bring back this girl who managed to escape the inescapable government? That doesn't seem too hard."

    Ignoring the last comment the commander replied, "
    Yes and preferably alive. Now to carry out this mission we are giving you full unrestricted access to the lab." For once in a long time Loki was surprised, the commander never allowed this before saying its too unreliable what the assassins would do with that amount of equipment. He was very excited, his hands twitching at his sides, but at the same time suspicious.

    I do love new toys but is there something your forgetting to tell me. I mean unrestricted access is a big deal."

    The commander sighed and one of the assistants spoke up, "Aula Charanai Bellant, that's her name. She's a...... unique specimen. Through the experiments she acquired abilities beyond human reasoning. She has what you can call "superpowers" and she has a lot of them. My advice to is stay on your toes and expect anything."

    "Ahh, how I do love a challenge, now if that is all I'd like to be on my way." They all nodded and Loki stepped out into the hallway. His hands went to the mask in his coat's hidden pocket, the one that created his alias known as black reaper. "Aula..." he snickered and headed towards the lab. "Let the hunt begin."
  5. ((Where POV is concerned, I generally have no preference and just mirror my partner. cx ))

    Aula looked at the school building from her perch on an old oak tree’s high limb and sighed. Not too long ago there had been a bombing. An organized one, by her guess; one with five different, strategically positioned blasts. Organized by who, she was still unsure, but the cops would catch up with them in the end, even if she herself didn't. Aula herself was more of a hands-on kind of person, in no way an investigator.

    On that note, she was luckily able to get most of the students and staff at Chaplin Intermediate School out safely. Unfortunately, some had perished before she had a chance to arrive, a true tragedy that she deeply regrets. She pushed a lock of hair from her face. The ambulances had arrived the children were gone. She stood in her black jumpsuit, having just completed an interview (a private one, of course) with the local police chief, letting them know what she had seen in hope they’d put the information to good use.

    Aula was getting quite famous of late. Some considered her a genuine superhero, like Marvel, DC, and all that shizazz. Her usual black jumpsuits had become semi iconic themselves, even though that's not at all the reason she wore them -- they were just damn practical! Once sure no one was looking, she dashed behind the building, into town. Finally she slowed from her mile per second run, walking down the sidewalk. She was aware of the eyes of many were locked on her and her tattered jumpsuit. But she didn’t mind. Just another typical day.

    Aula walked on, keeping her head down, not needing to look where she was going, having travelled this path countless times. She'd have to stop by Jess's place, get her only outfit repaired and discuss the possibility of fire-proof material. Yes, Jess would take on the challenge eagerly, she was certain. Aula ducked down an alleyway, veering left to a tall apartment building. Grabbing a rung of the fire escape, she began to heave herself upward, trying not to draw any attention to herself.

    Aula stopped when she reached the window at the top floor, rapping her knuckles on the glass window. After a few seconds, a young woman with shoulder-length blonde, curly hair and shining green eyes appeared on the otherwise, smiling broadly.

    "Aula," she practically laughed, opening the window. "It's great to see you."

    "You too," Aula grinned, pulling herself inside. "All is well, I assume?"

    Jess nods. "Perfectly fine."

    Jess had been Aula's only friend (although Aula herself only uses the word "ally" out loud) during these past five years. She had been a thief then -- a brilliant, brilliant thief and a technological prodigy. The pair had met on one of Aula's very first nights on the streets, shortly after she had made her daring escape. Jess thieved to live, had next to nothing, but she had offered Aula -- who had been dressed only in a tattered white dress -- her only coat, and some food. Aula stayed with her on the streets for some time while she strengthened herself gradually. Eventually, she had revealed her true self and managed to get Jess an alias (she was known by Lissa to the public) and an apartment. Since, Jess had designed for her what she needed, and Aula would occasionally spend the night.

    Jess directed Aula into the bathroom, where she changed into a dark purple spaghetti strap top, skinny jeans, and let her hair down. Jess promptly scooped up the tattered jumpsuit.

    "Wait for me in the kitchen," she called back to Aula, already out of sight.
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