The Great War

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  1. This is the sign up will stay open as much as the real deal stays alive
    And the real deal will be posted when there are at least 5 people that signed up and created their characters.

    Story:The Humanity has longed to discover the greater space, and they did it in year 2206 the first of many exploring ships were created, the first being named 'The Pathfinder' it was immediately sent in outer space to discover what they never saw before.The ship made great progress and also discovered a number of Earth-like planets with aliens that looked like humans but they were in the tribal era of their civilizations.The aliens reminded the personnel of the Pathfinder of themselves...Now it's year 3201 the 32nd century and humanity has made several allies along the years and they named themselves:The United Planets Alliance known for short as UPA although they also made enemies and those enemies had their relations as well of course naming themselves: The Blood Hammer...known as The Mammal Eaters because of their spiritual gods 'telling' them to eat the meat of mammals.

    Now here is the deal we have as you saw there are 2 Great Powers the UPA and the Blood Hammer but there are also smaller powers that did not want to join the fight
    Now you can make these races but you'll have you give me a proper story about them (no zombies or magical skellies got it? there will be no zombie race, maybe a certain scientist will try to make something to animate the dead but who knows)
    The current races are:
    The United Planets Alliance:

    • Humans
    • Elves
    • To be continued with your help or not
    The Blood Hammer:

    • Orcs
    • Reptilians (more kind of reptilians here with or without wings and such)
    • It's your job to add as well you know
    The next race is under the control of The Blood Hammer:
    • Goblins (the cousins of the Orcs but smarter although weaker extremely hated by the Orcs because they are related species)

    you can be anything from just living your life in a dark city and surviving there to changing the reason of war for certain races
    But now the classes you can be:

    There are 3 big class types:

    • Old-Fashioned
    • Modern Warfare
    • Heavy Weaponry
    The Old-fashioned:

    Pretty much everything but guns meaning swords halberds axes and stuff but not metallic swords of course power swords and such like lightning claws or Power Hammer !!!BE CREATIVE!!!

    The Modern Warfare:

    guns and such flamer/flamethrower included but remember The Modern Warfare does NOT specialize in Close Combat but you can have in 1 hand a pistol and in the other a knife or chain sword who knows what you can get

    The Heavy Weaponry:

    The big-ass weapons that are not extremely useful for tactical missions and such but it does include weapons useable by soldiers (with muscle enhancing suits) and pilotable machines (space ships/tanks/vehicles in general [light vehicles (buggy-like) are not included])with as I said before big-ass firepower


    • You can have up to 3 characters it is totally optional but 3 is the max
    • you cannot just make your character the leader of the ----- Race from the very beginning!
    • You can add genres to this it is totally up to you if you want to do it but at least make it interesting (ex: The world didn't know about the art of magic as it was newly discovered and it didn't have many uses as it did use the energy of the person using it)
    • You can add races but please make them as humanoid as possible and no overpower such as killing by telepathy or extreme regeneration ability and such
    • !!!BE ACTIVE!!!

    And i almost forgot...THE CHARACTER SHEET:
    • Age:
    • Sex:
    • Race:
    • Class:
    • Height:
    • Weight:
    • (Optional)Personality:
    • Appearance:With or without picture
    • Background:
    • Job:
    • Equipment:(he needs to start with something at least a stick)

    if there is something i missed please pm about it and ill be sure try to fix it!
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