The Great War

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  1. Lord Calaer of Eathkar couldn't remember a time when Helven wasn't at war. Some historians claimed that the war had begun nearly a hundred years ago, that its centennial anniversary was fast approaching. Others claimed that it went back further, perhaps to the Great Change, when the gods left Helven and returned to the skies. Lord Calaer, however, couldn't care less. All he knew was that there was a human army marching upon Eathkar, Helven's last defense. Eathkar was the Gateway to Sanshi City, the capital of Helven. Should it fall, then Helven's enemies would have an easy time marching upon the capital and destroying Helven.

    That morning, Calaer's scouts had reported to him that the human army was just one valley over. They would be at Eathkar's gates by nightfall. Calaer had gathered Eathkar's militia, a small army of about five hundred trained soldiers, but if his scouts were right, the human army had easily ten times that. If Eathkar were to survive this, the walls would have to be held at all costs. Tales of what the human army had done had swept across the countryside ever since Reaven fell: burned, killed, razed the elven countryside. Hundreds of refugees had poured into Eathkar, either heading towards Sanshi City or seeking work and shelter in Eathkar, and now, it seemed that would all be for nothing. Some of the officers in the militia had gone around the city, asking for volunteers to bolster the militia. As such, there was a makeshift group of citizens armed with pitchforks and kitchen knives, though Calaer wasn't sure how well they would help.

    Gazing down at the city from a balcony in the White Keep, where he lived, Calaer studied the group of officers in the castle's courtyard attempting to teach some of the volunteers how to do basic parries and stabs. Letting out a heavy sigh, he turned from the balcony, stepping back into his large bed chambers. There, his wife sat on the bed, cradling their youngest daughter in her arms while singing softly to her.

    "Serona," he said softly, sitting beside her. "I do not know how this day will turn out...Please, will you take our children into the study and lock yourselves in? Faervel, too...I know he has this idea in his head that he is going to fight when the humans arrive, but...he will get himself killed, and I won't have my son dying like that..." Serona nodded, standing to her feet.

    "Alright, my love. Be safe," she said softly, kissing Calaer's cheek before leaving.

    Calaer let out a world-weary sigh before calling in his servants to help him into his armor. If the humans got as far as the White Keep, he intended to fight to his dying breath protecting it. And, hopefully, his eldest son wouldn't die as well.


    Faervel, meanwhile, had no intention of hiding in the White Keep with his mother and sisters. He wanted to fight, to protect the place he called home and save his country. If Eathkar fell and he was still alive, hiding in some corner of the White Keep, he would never forgive himself. As such, he found himself standing on the steps leading up to the White Keep, dressed in layers skin-tight leather and with his sword and dagger at each respective hip. Beside him stood his dearest friend, Ianir, who was the son of one of his father's companions. Ianir was dressed similarly, and held the same intentions as Faervel.

    "We'll survive this day, yet," Ianir said, brushing his hair back as they watched the sun set. "Those humans will never stop us. They can throw as many humans as they want at us, we're both worth a million of them each." Faervel nodded, grinning. He had been training for this day his whole life, ever since he was big enough to hold a sword or draw a bow. The war had been going on since long before he was born, and he knew that eventually it must reach Eathkar. He had always had the intention of protecting his home, the city he would one day be lord of.

    As the sun dipped down behind the mountains to the west, Faervel gazed towards the large gates of the city, his aquamarine eyes filled with pride and just a hint of anxiety. Then, he heard the sounds of the horns being blown. Aoooooooooo, like a solitary wolf's howl.

    "The scouts on the walls must have...the human army must be within sight..." Faervel said, gripping the hilt of his sword. Whispering a prayer to the gods, he took in a deep, steadying breath, even as the sound of hoofbeats filled the air.

    "We'll be safe," Ianir said. "The walls will hold. Eathkar is the Gateway to the capital, it has the strongest walls in all of Helven. And if not, you and I will defend this great city."
  2. "If they did break through the walls, that means that they would have to be stronger than the Seldarine herself... These walls will hold, as I shall hold my promise to your father to help you however I can"
    Necropolis had become good friends with Faervel's father after he helped him in a minor skirmish, where Neropolis took an arrow to the head in order to keep the arrow from piercing Lord Calaer's heart. Necropolis became known as the immortal meat shield, as not even a cannon ball could get past him. The only way he could be killed was by beheading or no food (he has a normal human diet, and can be completely carnivore, herbivore, or omnivore at a given moment). Necropolis alone had turned the tide for at least ten battles or more by going to the front and absorbing what would be killing blows. After Faervel was born, Necropolis promised Lord Calaer that he would protect his son. He also playfully added that he would bathe regularly so that he wouldn't suffocate Faervel. Sadly, despite his popularity in the royal court, he is feared and shunned by the city's citizens. Lord Calaer and Faervel have tried to make Necropolis more popular, but Necropolis always stops after the first day, saying "I did not come to this town to be loved by the people that live here, but to take care of the royal family."
    "You and Ianir had best be hiding now, the guards are coming this way and I am going to get them off your trail. I promised that I would protect you, but I did not promise to stop you from fighting whey you felt that it was your time. Now quickly, hide!"
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  3. "We're not running," Faervel answered Necropolis, his blue eyes filled with a bravery that normally wasn't there. "This is our city those humans are trying to take. You heard what they did at Reaven and Silverlake. Pit, half of their people are now living in our city. Silverlake's completely gone now, Necropolis. I'm not letting that happen to Eathkar." He turned from the undead being, folding his arms across his chest.

    A second later, however, and Faervel's eldest sister, a girl of sixteen, was running out of the keep. She grabbed a hold of Faervel's arm, her pale blonde hair flying in the wind. "Faer! Mother says you and Ianir are to come inside at once. She doesn't want you outside! And neither do I! It's dangerous! What if the humans get through the walls? I don't want you hurt!"

    Faervel shook his head, pushing his sister's hand off him. "Malrin, go back inside! Tell Mother that I'm going to fight. Go right now, the scouts saw humans on the horizon. I don't want you to get hurt, Malrin. So you go and find Estelmist and go back to Mother!"

    Malrin pushed Faervel hard enough for him to stumble before telling Ianir and Necropolis, "You both better keep him safe. He's my brother! And if you let him get hurt, I'll sic Estelmist on you!" She spun around, running back inside in a huff.

    Glancing at Ianir, Faervel said, "Don't listen to her. Estelmist wouldn't hurt a fly, and I'll be fine."
  4. "Of course, I am sure that I will be able to protect you. I was not trying to stop you from going to battle, but there are guards coming. You must hide behind that door until the guards leave. I will stall them for as long as possible." Necropolis leaves to try to slow the guards' advance.
    "Guards, shouldn't you be looking for Lord Faervel?" The guards look at him, then one of them answers him in disgust. "We have reason to believe that Fearvel is up at the top of the tower. I will need you to step aside now." Necropolis' face remains blank as he answers them. "I can assure you that if I had seen him up here, I would have brought him straight to Lord Calaer." The guards laugh at this, but turn serious as the guard speaks up again. "We know that you won't tell other people what to do, but we have no problem with it. Now MOVE ASIDE!" The guard pushes Necropolis to the wall and the guards storm past, advancing towards the rooftop courtyard.
  5. Necropolis fails at the stalling process, so he decides to do something drastic, as he is still completely neutral during battle and could not be accused of being a spy. Necropolis is able to break and stretch his skin and bones, so he goes to the wall and climbs to the archer's post and dislocates his body until it becomes a 250 foot rope. Necropolis lowers slowly to the ground and fixes all of his bones, skin, and organs in their original place. It takes him at least an hour to do this, and it is close to sunset by this time. Necropolis hurries to the human encampment without being noticed (Undead units can move as quietly as a snake slipping through the water, meaning that they have what people call "dead" silence) and moves to the general's tent he walks in and introduces himself. "Hello General Gaius, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance and meet you in person. I am Necropolis, perhaps you've heard of me? I came here to try to convince you against attacking the capitol and leave the elves to their own peaceful devices. You obviously have enough manpower to stop them if you wanted, but I do not understand why you would attack... anyone. I have another obligation to make as a matter of fact. If you do not attack the elves, I will join your cause instead. I will, however, uphold my promise to Lord Calaer and defend his child if you refuse or accept. Please consider this, as I do not grow tired or weary as I am without need of sleep."