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  1. The Great War, an rp about the city of Eathkar and the army that attacked it.

    1. Multiple characters are allowed and are encouraged!
    2. Cursing is fine!
    3. Romance is fine as long as it follows Iwaku's rules.
    4. Follow Iwaku's rules.
    5. Your character can either be on the side of the humans or the elves. Anything else will have to be discussed with me.
    6. No god-modding/all-powerful characters.
    7. There is magic in this world, but it's very rare. If you want a character with magic, discuss it with me first.
    8. Respect other people's characters, views, etc. Just be nice, okay?
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  2. Name: Necropolis
    Race: Undead (Elves ally)
    Age: His body is 124 years, but he's had it for 37 years
    Biography: (Necropolis says this) The reason I am named Necropolis derives from necromancy, in which a necromancer had summoned a neutral undead being from another dimension to do battle for him. However, in order to survive, the creature needed all of his magic. Using magic requires you to give up energy, but necromancers must sacrifice part of their soul, or their life force. The necromancer sacrificed all of his soul to bring the creature to life after summoning it from the other dimension, killing himself. This left the creature free to roam with nobody giving it orders. Whenever it dies, it's soul goes to the nearest dead body and revives it. If someone kills this creature of never-ending reincarnation, the creature's soul will combine with the killer's soul, and when he dies, his dead body will be taken over and his soul will mend with the creature's soul. After generations, I have become the next host, and I can go without notice if I don't break the rules.
    Side note: I am older than Gandhi.
    PSS: Polisser was the name of the necromancer, so in his name, I have become Necropolis.
    Weapon: Fists or he slaps so hard his hand breaks off and flies away.
    Personality: Imagine Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy, shriveled up like a raisin, and that's Necropolis.
    Image: Imagine Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy, shriveled up like a raisin, and that's Necropolis.
  3. Ok, your character looks good. Just be careful to avoid god-modding and stuff and we'll be fine ^-^ You can go ahead and post now if you want :)
  4. Actually, Necropolis dies and has to be reincarnated again believe it or not. If that's alright with you, anyways.
  5. I suppose it is, but as long as it's not true immortality. Like, as long as he can permanently die somehow, I'm fine.
  6. Sorry, but that's pretty much impossible. Why do you think I made him my username. He dies, but he always comes back to life... unless you somehow destroyed the soul of the greatest necromancer to ever live before it reaches a new body.
  7. Fine, okay. I'll try replying sometime tonight.
  8. 1. I knew of no "Important time period" and I am sure that since @EquinoxSol is the creator of this RP, he could delete my post and tell me to wait for him to reply first, then post my response. Also, you kind of did the same exact thing because you posted right after I made my first post.

    2. It was never said that he bent the battle to the city's favor, which is why he is so unpopular among the guards in the city. He only ever sides with the defending team, which is also why he knows the general. (Do you think that the elves wouldn't retaliate with an attack of their own?)

    3. He never once detached part of his body, and he must be decapitated or starved, neither of which, happened.

    4. While he is very quiet, he does still make sound, but hardly any at all. If people were intent on completely listening to their surroundings, then they would be able to hear them. Even if they were though, the sound from the military camp would blot out any sounds like that.

    5. Who ever said that the walls were white? Also, unless you were 50 feet away, I dont think that you would be able to see something that thin from such a long distance.

    6. I wonder if you have ever seen such a formation? The guards watch the front of the tent, but tents only have the corners stamped to the ground, but there is still enough room to slide under the un-stapled part of the tent. If not, then all that the guards would know is that a possible ally who is well known on both sides wishes to seek an audience.

    7. Necropolis has higher military status than the city guard as he is the ROYAL ADVISOR, but he can't talk up an elven guard because he is unpopular. Elves are usually known to have long memories and carry grudges for long periods of time, yet the human guards only know that he has helped them in the past. If they had won the cities anyways, then they wouldn't care that he had defended them before.

    I have a piece of advice for you @Taco Mako , if you are going to try to accuse someone for something, try looking at it from another angle first, then deciding if it is worth it or your argument will even stand firm. If that distracts from the plot, then maybe you should look for a firm roleplay that already has a good start, and reply to this RP when you have extra time on your hands or you are bored with another RP. I never abandon an RP, even if it is sent to the graveyard. If someone replies to it, then I will be happy to reply back. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and have a very good day. Also, if you live near or in Idaho, USA, than have a happy spring break!
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