The Great War of Ludor

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  • The World Now:
    The world has survived centuries of war, but none as large as what is to come.

    It is currently the 38th year of the 5th Era. Ludor has not seen peace for 240 years. The Kingdom of Icacia has already invaded the Kingdom of Girith and the Kingdom of Vuston in order to expand their territory and spread their religious teachings.
    The Kingdom of Girith is in a state of civil war after giving the Kingdom of Icacia the mouth of the Genyss River, causing the Girithian's economy to drop due to less trade rights.
    The Girithian Rebels, named the Crimsons, have already pushed the Girithian army out of the cities of Ostromore and Trien.
    The Kingdom of Nomadia is currently being invaded by the Icacians and the Halians.
    The Kingdoms of Icacia, Halium, and Espen have signed a treaty of alliance, naming themselves the Legion of Orogethy.
    The Democracy of Aslevalon has sworn to remain neutral throughout the war to come.

    Today, the kings of Nomadia and Vuston will be arriving in Crisvale to sign a treaty of alliance countering the Legion of Orogethy.

    Let's hope everything goes well.


    Kingdom of Girith
    Located on the Southwestern area of the continent, many streams and creeks connencting to one of the largest rivers on the continent flow through this here and is home to the largest marsh on Ludor. Also has territory on Howling Island, a large island to the east of the kingdom, as well as multiple small tropical islands in the Opylus Gulf. Due to so much travel by water, this kingdom has the largest navy. The capitol city is Idratinas and is home to Tropians, a race of people who live in tropical areas well known for their tanned skin and love for the sea. The main religion of this kingdom is Nebotism.

    Kingdom of Vuston:
    Located in the center of the continent, this kingdom is bordered with all of the other 6 kingdoms. Because of this, this kingdom has adopted cultures from every other kingdom, with very little of it's own. With no oceans or large bodies of water (besides the Bluens River) making contact with this kingdom, there is no need for a navy and relies on taxes and trading for their wealth. This kingdom is home to one of the largest fields on the continent, many wild horses migrate here to graze. Therefore, this kingdom has the largest cavalry than any other kingdom. The capitol city is Driuvlinas and is home to the Dachana, also known as the Horse-Riders, known for being the first race to ever tame and ride horses. The main religion for this kingdom is Nebotism.

    Kingdom of Nomadia:
    Located on the far-western area of the continent, this kingdom is home to the largest forest on the continent as well as the the largest lake in the world. Not only that, but this kingdom is also home to one of the largest waterfalls in the world. Needless to say, this kingdom has one of the most beautiful and natural landscapes than any other kingdom. Because of the kingdom's respect and love for nature, the majority of the cities and towns are built as treehouses and only a few small towns touch the ground. The capitol city is Ustrinos and this kingdom is home to the Vaziens, mostly known for being the most diplomatic and peaceful people in civil environments, yet viscious warriors in combat. The main religion for this kingdom is the Cult of the Five Divines.

    Kingdom of Icacia:
    Located on the southeastern area of the continent, this is the largest of the 7 kingdoms. Unlike all other kingdoms, this kingdom has nearly all different types of landscapes: Forests, mountains, grass plains, deserts, cliffs, tropical islands, and swamp areas. This kingdom is home to two mountain ranges and the largest mountain on the continent. This kingdom was formed by the fall of two other kingdoms, destroyed by the Icacians coming to Ludor from the continent of Aperon from the south. The capitol is Echeyton and is home to the Aperonians, known for being one of the most warlike and bloodthirsty race, which is because of their religious beliefs. The main religion for this kingdom is Orogethy.

    Kingdom of Halium:
    Located on the northeastern area of the continent, this kingdom is one of the darkest areas in Ludor. Home to the last and largest active volcano in the world, this kingdom is constantly covered in dark ash, making farming extremely difficult. This kingdom is constantly buying and trading for food to keep the people fed, causing the kingdom to be the poorest on the continent.
    The capitol city is Yulashire and is home to the Hathiens, well known for their grey colored skin, due to the volcanic ash permanently changing the color of their skin. The main religion for this kingdom is Orogethy.

    Democracy of Aslevalon:
    Located on the far northern area of the continent, this country's landscape is mostly mountain ranges and forests. This is the snowiest region in all of Ludor and has a population with the tallest people. This land has a different type of government than anyone else as well, the government gives the people the power to elect who they want to rule them, although this country only adopted this for of government at the beginning of the 5th Era. This country tends to remain neutral throughout all major continental conflicts and is also known as "the Silent Lands." The capitol city is Vliunolis and is home to the Nuzati, who are known for their height and their pale skin. The main religion for this country is Nebitosm.

    Kingdom of Espen:
    Located on the far western area, this kingdom is the smallest of all the 7 kingdoms. This kingdom has the highest cliffs than any other kingdom and is the second poorest kingdom. Also known as the "the Battleground Lands" for the numerous battles that have been fought on this kingdoms land. Like the Halium Kingdom, the people of this kingdom have grey colored skin caused by the volcanic ash. This is because the wind blows the ash south into Espenian land and permanently change the color of the people's skin. The capitol city is Illis and is home to the Anewian, known for being some of the angriest and meanest people in Ludor. The main religion for this kingdom is Orogethy.

    Character Sheet:
    Name (Try to use a fantasy themed name):
    Backstory (5 sentence min.):

    Characters Needed:

    King of Girith
    King of Vuston
    King of Icacia
    King of Espen
    King of Nomadia
    Lord of Aslevalon

    2 advisors for each king
    1 queen for each king
    2 knight for each king
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