The Great War of Exodia

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  1. In the far away Great Plains, to the east of the Rodasii mountains, among scorched end of the earth, the clash and smiting of sword to steel rang upon the wind. The short term cries of pain echoed within the valley as men were brought down with merciless skill and brutal magic, or to be eaten alive by rather a mounted or summoned beast. One would believe the earth was to end at this very moment from the cataclysm of this battle; the blood, the inhumanity.

    This battle consisted of two kingdoms, each of opposite nation and direction. The army of Danillia consisting of the eatern races--the wood elves, faes, humans, and Primas--a race of subhuman big cats. Of the opposing side were S'Kurge--dark elves, org, humans, and Soketian: lizard men. The North and South have refused to enter the pointless quarrel for Exodia; they know this land was built on harmony and the balance is now endangered. But you, warrior... You are apart of this game.. Fight for your side draw your blade and take up arms! For if you fall on this battlefield today, be sure to know you shall not rise again..!