The Great Staffing Hunt

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  1. 2015 is almost upon us!

    We have:

    1.6 million posts on Iwaku.
    2800 active accounts.
    1900 members active in the past 7 days.
    1200 members log in daily.
    Up to 300+ members online at the same time.
    An average of 20 new members registering every day.

    Iwaku has come a LONG way from it's small roots on proboards many many years ago.

    With this growth, we need VOLUNTEERS AND STAFF MEMBERS to help us keep the forums clean, organized, and safe for everyone to participate in. Without these dedicated people we would be swimming in chaos, with posts in the wrong forums, spammers, assholes, and cranky members. Iwaku could never be where it is today without all of the awesome members that have put in their time and effort to developing our community.


    We currently need people for the following tasks:

    - Basic Forum Moderation. Volunteer mods that would be graveyarding dead threads, deleting spam, moving threads to the correct forum, reporting issues.

    - Security Moderation. Staff members who handle reported cases, take care of member relations, and provide security for the community.

    - Content Creators. People that regularly post challenges, exercises, workshops, fulfill requests, or other content on Iwaku.

    Many of these things you can already do NOW, which is an excellent way to show you are serious about the responsibility! Members that are already contributing to the community will be the ones we're looking for first.

    If doing more for Iwaku interests you, fill out the BRAND NEW VOLUNTEER AND STAFF APPLICATION. EVERYONE has a chance to become a volunteer or staff member, as long as you are active and have not been involved in any infractions.

    If you have sent in an application in the past, please fill out the NEW ONE so we have a fresh application on record. Your application stays in our database forever, so even if we can't accept you now, we still may grab you in the future when the timing is right.
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  2. More Stats:
    18GB of Data
    360GB Bandwidth/month
    2.4 million page views/month
    208,000 visits/month
    80+ backups stored at any point in time
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  4. Can't wait till February to reach my 4 months to apply. D;
  5. Do you have an age requirement?
  6. Let's wait together (even if you'd be applying before me)!!! :D
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  7. There is no age requirement! :D It's very good for us to have members of various ages so we have different perspectives and experience levels.
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  8. I'd like to h...... *is muzzled by a sticker that says "Do Not Rehire”*
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  9. Everyone has a chance, eh? I guess I'll go ahead and... Oh, nope, 4 month old account rule is still in effect. Ageism! :lol:
  10. You know, you newbies COULD put in your app, they just won't hire you until your 'probation' is up if they choose you!
  11. #notanewbie

    Meh. I'd feel like I was waiting forever for something that wouldn't happen until March or April. I can't deal with a wait that long.
  12. Is the forum only up for a period of time? Sorry for so many questions. :P
  13. The application form stays up forever. O_O We are in a state on continuous forever hiring. We don't have our idea number of staff member for the size of the community, and need lots of volunteer mods to cover the amount of forums we have.
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  14. Eh. I figure it'd just be giving them extra, currently pointless applications to wade through right now when they're looking for people to be able to take up the job very soon. Seems to me there's really nothing to be gained from an early application, just a potential minor annoyance for the admins.
  15. *Nervously places her application on the table and runs away*
  16. 12 days from four months.... 12 Days ;-;
  17. Oh gosh, I posted a application... now I'm kinda nervous, but, I feel like it's a good thing. ^v^
  18. Hahahahah. You forever belong to us.
  19. Are we told if our application is accepted or not?
  20. Nope! Not unless there was something seriously wrong. O__O Otherwise we just keep your app and reconsider you every time we're about to hire a batch. And if it's been a few months, we send you a message to check and see if you are still available.
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