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*points at ACCEPTS ALL sign*
Brief Intro: Heyyo, my names ghosted. I have been RPing on and off for several years now and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of meeting like-minded people and sharing this wonderful hobby. I would like to say that I am at a moderate level when it comes to writing and am able//willing to adapt to my partners. The amount I usually churn out depends on a lot of factors but you can always count on a solid single paragraph for all responses.

My Expectations: A basic grasp of grammar and writing is all that you really need to RP and so those are my only requirements
I would also like to be informed if you've lost interest along the way. I'd rather be told upfront instead of a partner skipping out and trust me when I say I don't mind in the slightest. I know how life gets

Availability: I am online a majority of the time and will respond either the same day or the next when it comes to questions or just general OOC talk. As for RPing I can respond several times a week to several times a day in general.

Preferences: I can play both the Top [Dom] // Bottom and have no real favorite between the two. As for kinks, all are welcome since I'm currently looking to explore and expand my comfort zone. Feel free to ask me or discuss any you'd like to try out. And as always no, the RP DOES NOT need to contain any sexual content.

Please respond on here first before DMing me so I can keep track of partners. Thank you!!


  • [Top//Bottom] or [Bottom//Top] = Chara can be both

〘 Fandoms, Ships, & OTPs Emporium 〙in no particular order.

Sinister 2
  • Milo [Top] x Dylan [Bottom]

Detroit: Become Human
  • RK800 [Connor] [Bottom] x RK900 [Conrad] [Top]
  • RK800 [Connor] [Bottom] x RK200 [Markus] [Top]

The Evil Within
  • Sebastian Castellanos [Top] x Ruben "Ruvik" Victoriano [Bottom]
  • Leslie Withers [Bottom] x Ruben "Ruvik" Victoriano [Top]

  • Waylon Park [Bottom] x Eddie Glusken [Top]

  • Sesshoumaru [Top] x Inuyasha [Bottom]
  • Sesshoumaru [Top] x OC [Bottom]

Vampire Knight
  • Aidou Hanabusa [Bottom] x Kuran Kaname [Top]
  • Kuran Kaname [Top] x OC [Bottom]

Captain Harlock {movie}
  • Harlock [Top] x Yama [Bottom]

Harry Potter
  • Harry Potter [Bottom] x Tom Riddle [Top]
  • OC!Male [Bottom // Top] x Tom Riddle [Bottom//Top]
  • Harry Potter [Bottom//Top] x Draco Malfoy [Bottom//Top]

Twilight Series
  • Volturi Kings [Tops//Bottoms] x OC [Top//Bottoms]
  • Volturi Kings [Tops] x Carlisle Cullen [Bottom]
  • Alec [Top] x OC [Bottom]

Deadpool Franchise
  • Spiderman [Andrew Garfield//Tom Holland] [Bottom] x Deadpool [Top]

The Mummy Series (The Mummy 1999, The Mummy Returns 2001)
  • Imhotep [Top] x Alex O' Connell [Bottom]
  • Imhotep [Top] x OC [Bottom]

Pirates of the Carribean
  • Jack Sparrow [Bottom//Top] x Will Turner [Bottom//Top]
  • Jack Sparrow [Bottom//Top] x OC
  • Will Turner [Bottom] x OC

Danny Phantom {throwback
  • Danny Phantom [Bottom] x Dark!Danny [Top]
  • Danny Phantom [Bottom] x OC

Ben Ten Series
  • Kevin Levin [Top] x Ben Tennyson [Bottom]
  • Ben Tennyson [Bottom] x Vilgax [Top] - {Kidnap//Sexual Abuse//Stockholm Syndrome kink}

Adventure Time
  • Marshall Lee [Top] x Gumball [Bottom]
  • Marshall Lee [Top//Bottom] x OC

The Hobbit [Movie]
  • Thranduil [Top] x Legolas [Bottom]
  • Thranduil [Top] x OC [Bottom]

The Summoner Trilogy [By Taran Matharu]
  • Fletcher [Top//Bottom] x Tarquin [Top//Bottom]

Lockwood and Co (DISCLAIMER: I've only officially finished the second book although I am a good way through the third novel
  • Lockwood [Top//Bottom] x OC [Top//Bottom]

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina [Netflix]
  • Ambrose Spellman [Top//Bottom] x OC [Top//Bottom]

Versailles [BBC TV Show] (DISCLAIMER: I've unfortunately haven't gotten the chance to watch the third season but I will definitely get around to it before I die]
  • Louis [Top//Bottom] x OC [Top//Bottom]
  • Louis [Top//Bottom] x Philippe [Top//Bottom] x Chevalier [Top//Bottom]
  • Philippe [Top//Bottom] x Chevalier [Top//Bottom] x OC [Top//Bottom]

Crimson Peak
  • Thomas Sharpe [Top//Bottom] x OC [Top//Bottom]

  • Loki [Top] x OC [Bottom]

Hannibal [NBC]
  • Will Graham [Bottom] x Hannibal Lecter [Top]

Olimpos [Manga]
  • Ganymede [Bottom] x Any Male God that showed up tbh [Top]

〘 Original Plots & Ships 〙 Always more to come!

Greek Mythology
  • Hades [Top] x OC [Bottom]


If you have any Orig. Ideas of your own that you want to try out feel free to pass it with me. I'd love to try something new and interesting.

The Necromancer: Set in Victorian London, a necromancer and his undead assistant live within a world reliant on corpses. Through the years society had become largely desensitized, viewing 'funerals' as obsolete, and treating the reanimated bodies as mere objects. This was largely due to the fact that corpses become dangerously violent when exposed to strong feelings of 'love' and 'affection'. There are still, however, a dwindling number of people referred to as 'necrophiliacs' who still bury their loved ones and believe in treasuring the dead. Due to the backlash and danger, they may encounter these groups tend to live on the outskirts of society.
  • Necromancer [Top//Bottom] x Assistant {Ghoul} [Top//Bottom]
Important Background Context:
  • Necromancers are a very sparse and largely mysterious group of individuals. No more than five currently exist as far as humanity is aware. They are governed by 'The Council', which is compromised of ancestral Necromancers who have ascended into another realm of existence. They are the force that both guides, commands, and punishes those under their rule.
    • While no one in their right mind would outright insult a Necromancer they are still inadvertently shunned by humanity. Due to their secretive nature and constant isolation, many disturbing rumors have circulated and taken root. Most humans go out of their way to avoid them when and if they appear (although their appearances are entirely unknown to the majority).
  • Ghouls were originally humans who had survived on the flesh and blood of their own kind for a prolonged amount of time before finally succumbing and transforming into a brain-dead, flesh-eating monster.
    • The 'assistant' role is a Ghoul who had been 'reanimated' and because of this, they've regained awareness. As a side-effect, however, they don't remember any of their past human memories. Due to their Ghoul anatomy, they need to consume fresh or live human flesh as dead and decomposing meat is poisonous to them. The Necromancer provides this by letting their assistant 'feed' on them as Necromancers are endowed with ridiculous healing capabilities and can regrow limbs if need be.
  • Corpses are currently the backbone of humanities labor-work force after a devastating war that had killed billions of people. They've been integrated so well that most speculate that society would capitulate without them.
    • Their uses can be 'customized' through the power and skill of a Necromancer. (Ex: The corpse of a little girl could be 'customized' to be able to carry ten tons of weight)

Train to Nowhere: This is an entirely new concept and largely vague so there's a lot of room for changes, suggestions, etc. The basic premise revolves around a group of individuals all working on a mystical train that transports other 'interesting' characters to their desired destination [ie. other universes, alternate dimensions, etc.]

Genderbend Fairy tales: This is honestly as far from 'original content' as you can get BUT what if I proposed to you, original fairy tale stories with not just one but TWO male leads who end up falling for each other? That and any actual original plot twists and or scenarios to spice up the OG mother goose rhymes. Here's some inspiration if needed:
  • Good ol' Ghibli Films
  • Classic Disney Fairy tales
  • Grimms Fairy tales
  • Anything remotely Tim Burton-esque



Roleplay Invitations
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Extreme Gore, Disturbing Themes (Sexual Violence, Suicidal Tendencies, Terminal Illnesses)
Hey there!

I'm a big fan of Studio Ghibli so I think I'd be down to adapt one story to roleplaying. Sounds very intresting in fact!

I only roleplay male characters so I think I'd be ok coming up with an OC for this.

As for the movies plots I'm more interested in, they'd be either Mononoke Hime, Sen to Chihiro (the whole realm of the gods thing, I've been entertaining the thought of a character with powers) or Howl's Moving Castle (wizards comes to mind).

If this sounds agreeable you can PM here or reach me via Discord (Kyrie#0419) for further plotting.

no hero

Do not be fooled, I am no hero.
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Hi there friend! The name is no hero and there are several plots mostly fandoms that caught my interest! I would love to talk about any of them with you! So far the ones I'm interested in are

Inuyasha x sesshomaru
Eddie x waylon <----(maybe an oc instead?)
Aidou x kaname
Kaname x OC


Lavender Love
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No Preferences
Playing Style- Passive or Aggressive
I can switch back and forth between passive and aggressive play style. I used to be really aggressive, but these days I'm really tired most the time or busy. I just don't have the energy to be as aggressive these days, so I like finding partners who I can lean on for creative input when I can't provide.
Favorite Genres
I don't have a favorite genre. I can role-play under any genre and I enjoy doing so. Though, I tend to stray more towards Fantasy, Modern, Scifi, Drama, Magical, Supernatural, and Romance (Yaoi/Hetero/Yuri).
Genre You DON'T Like
My least favorites are horror, historical, and western.
Hiiiiiii, I’m Vio! There is so much content here, and after skimming through I can say with certainty that I’m interested in a lot of the fandom pairings and your original ideas. I’m currently away from the computer right now, but if you’d like to partner up I would love to discuss these pairings and ideas more thoroughly with you. :)