The great outdoors.



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I have been meaning to make this thread for a while.

What do you do when you pry yourself away from Iwaku, and head outside?

Me. I have always been a fan of camping. Ever since I was little my dad took my brothers and I camping all over Montana. Now days I don't have occasion to camp very often anymore. I also love hiking. To this day when I am stressed I just start walking. I will walk aimlessly through my home town for hours.

Finally is my all consuming outdoors obsession. Fishing. I only recently started fishing. (I used to when I was little, but stopped when I was about twelve.) I woke up one morning and thought "I haven't fished in ten years". That day happened to be payday so I grabbed my cash and bought some decent fishing gear. Ever since then I have been doing well. I have what I call a "fishing hit list" It's a list of species I want to catch. While in my last hometown I caught all but one species on my list, here in my new hometown i have been having a hard time, since it's so late in the season.

There is no life outside of Iwaku.

Er... I like fishing and camping. Using trailers and shit isn't camping, you sissies, that's bringing home out to the river.
I like to be outside, but the cold where I live can be a bit much. So staying under my blanket is nice. (With the heater on full blast)
I'd rather be outside. I'd rather be with friends outside though.

I love nature! The sea, the mountains, the woods, I could explore them all day with a friend. I haven't been camping since a small lass, but would love to again. Would like to try hunting and fishing at least once. Skiing maybe too.

Play with me!
I am not keen on camping. XD

I love going on walks. But I refuse to leave the house in the summer. I can't handle the heat AT ALL. All of my outside going is usually in the fall and the winter time when it's nice and cold!
That shit costs too much, I'll just have a few beers all stealthy and shit at a park.
I love being outside. I go outside as often as possible. Except here its to cold to stay out for too long. I used to go camping all the time. Camping and hunting.
I love walks. ~
I like to climb trees and read in them.
Sometimes, I jog these days.
I also like playing a game of "lets see how fast I can lose that creepy old dude that follows me in broad daylight".
Personally, I enjoy being outside more than inside. I feel too cooped up and my body doesn't like it, either. It rages at me with uber rage and uncomfortableness.

But. What I do normally is find a project to do outside, go to practices, go on a horse ride, volunteer at an animal shelter, WORK... when I have it... but meh. An idle body is an idle mind, and an idle mind is just a giant shit hole of things to happen.