The GREAT Norm-Mut War | Season one |

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  1. The GREAT Norm-Mut War | Season one |

    | please dont read further if you are either: weak minded, easily scared, immature, below 16 years of age, or 100% sane. This RP is for those who like true horror and to be truthful not all there in the head. |
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    It was dark and quiet in the peaceful island of hawaii. The dark clouds moved gently across the skies overlapping the sun. Lights on the streets of hawaii were glowing and reflecting on the lakes and seas, some were flickering because of their old age. It was partially windy, the trees were swaying back and forth, the leafs were following the winds gentle touch and flow. You could hear the sound of the waters moving and flowing, bashing against the edge of the wooden bridges, small wooden boats were flowing with the sway of the waters and were bashing against the bridges.

    Schools were just releasing, bells sounding off to alarm the students that they were releasing and school was over. Local coffee stores and tea houses were opening up for the local children to visit after school. The streets were oddly cold and unusually quiet, it was normally hot and moderately loud from all the activity, however today was different...

    Police stations and companies with desks and computers were like usual, boring and bold, grey and colorless, the smell of coffee overwhelmed the whole hall of desks and computers. Stacks of papers were standing tall upon most desks and most people were hard at work, most people who didn't work much were located near the windows located at the right of the hall. The hall of workers were split into two sections, the hard workers and the lazys. Not much papers were ever stacked on the right side, however much papers were stacked on the tables of the left. At the end of the hall was a door that labeled the Boss.

    Some islands were more populated with trees than others, one was mostly unpopulated with humans, however Hawaii was the heart and thats where mostly everyone lived...

    News stations were ready and began to come on every television in Hawaii. A guy was sitting behind a nice black desk, his hair was brown and fancy, he had a suit and tie on and papers were neatly stacked in front of him. ''Todays weather calls for 80% rain later today in Hawaii. Other news, Local police found a dead body near the local clothing store and was said that he was attacked by a animal but investigators are still searching for answers on the situation, we will report more on the subject once more information is given...''


    ~radio adjustment~
    Hello?....H-Hello... Ok...Whoever is listening.. youve got to listen to me.. I dont have much time... there coming.... You must escape this place... Its not safe here... You can't fight and live...for the sake of gods grace please.....please live...'' ~loud bangs and heavy breathing~ ''there here... I must go....... I WONT DIE ALONE!'' ~gun fire erupted from the room and echoed into the radio, Growls and loud gorish screams were also echoed into the radio that lasted a few minutes, finally it was silence then foot steps and faint growlish breathing...~ ''Whats this?... Ha no ones gonna listen to this... foolish old man don't you know we rule this island'' ~Radio would be smashed and the frequency would continue to static~

    NOTE: It would help to put pictures into your posts that is relevant to where you are and put music in necessary situations.
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  2. Fester licked his lips. Fresh blood on them. Oh he just couldn't resist today. A plump little child was sitting right by his domain. He had to take the chance. And he did. Fester smiled, he loved attacking unexpected innocents. They just look like a surprised mouse when he catches them. It's actually quite funny. To lure people, he actually lives by the school. There is a fence around the playground. But he managed to rip a hole big enough for a plump kid or even just a regular kid. Then beyond the fence was rich, sprouting greens and plants. He hid in those plants, catching attention of one or two kids wi his cute little meows. Usually his ears would poke out from the bushes.. And then... When they continued to follow the creature deep into the forest from the playground, he reveals himself and..

    Eats his meal. Happily.

    His hut was quite small. Very small. And deeper into the tropic and lush forest. Though it was quite hidden by the trees and bushes. And he barley needed it. Just to sleep and clean up In the hut. To change clothes. And that's really it.


    Also he would abandon it if he had to. He usually only ate about six to twenty children a month. This was his ninth. He wipes the red sticky blood off his lips, going inside to clean his face. He turns to his little collection of clothes and slips on a new shirt since the other one had blood on it.. And a hoodie. Good thing his jeans and shoes were good. He puts on his hood and tucks in his tail and started to walk on a little path. To the town.
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  3. [​IMG]

    Resting comfortably in his Hawaiian apartment, Michael was making himself a hot cup of coffee after a long day of training. He turned on the television and selected the news channel. All seemed pretty normal and he took a seat in his couch to watch the news, blowing a little bit on his coffee.

    "Another dead body, huh?" Michael thought to himself, "What a shame..."

    Taking a small glance away, Michael's attention perked up after hearing the sudden static from his TV. He raised a brow and picked up his coffee, holding the cup to his lips. He paid close attention and thought deeply about the message he was hearing. A serious expression formed on his face.
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  4. Kurai sat on the 3rd floor of an old and abandoned building, blood on her hands. She just slightly giggled as she listened to the very faint voice on the radio. "Speaking of this beautiful topic...I believe it has come time for my next meal." She said, standing up.

    She turned to look at the very little that was left of her previous meal. "You weren't that tasty, too bad." She said in a slightly bored tone, then started to head down what was left of the buildings stairs.

    Kurai felt no shame or such in the things she did. In fact, if anything, she felt satisfactory when doing such. People tasted delectable, no matter how much she denied it. She had learned that after a few snacks, so she just openly enjoyed it. She had no trouble eating people because she had never even known what is was to be close to someone. Even if her parents tried to keep her stable when she was little, they still talked about abandoning her constantly. And then her father made the dumb mistake of telling her that he was going to abandon her on her 12th birthday. That had sent her off the edge, and before she knew what she had done, he was dead.

    She smiled as she continued to rethink that day. The day that had brought her this happiness and satisfaction. If anything, she had her father to thank for it, but she never actually would thank the wretched man that had done such. "I wonder...who shall I dine on for my meal?"
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  5. [​IMG]

    The police station... it was by far the biggest tower in hawaii, located in the northern city of Hawaii.
    Take the elevator to the 31st floor there was a straight hall way, two lines of desks separated and a door at the end. People were hard at work behind their desks. At the end of the hall the door would open, the room was decorated fancy and the desk was metalic black, behind the desk was a man with slick back white hair and wearing a green general long jacket.

    The room was partly foggy from the smoke that emitted from his cigarette he was smoking, His feet was rested on the edge of the desk and he was leaning back into his chair. ''Sir!'' said the man whom walked in the bosses room, he saluted and handed the boss some papers. he read the papers that was given to him and was surprised to see that it said that there was another killing. He rubbed his neck uncomfortably as he continued to read, ''eh.. another killing i see, good work agent'' The agent whom gave him the papers saluted once again then left.

    The news came on and it said that there was another killing. ''God damn, what the fuck are we doing wrong here?'' Isaac said in a angry tone, getting up from his chair and picking up his luger that was on the table and putting it inside his coat he left the room and shut the door... The Golden plate on the door said ''Isaac Snow''.​
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  6. Kisuke was sitting in his apartment on the couch watching the news with one of the human girls wrapped around his waist, her head against his shoulder. "How Tragic" He muttered. The girl looked up at him and then to her phone because she had received a text message. She squealed in Joy and Kisuke quickly covered his ears, frowning at her with distaste. The girl spoke: "Kisuke! There's a party tonight can we go after dinner? Please?" Kisuke smiled a little and looked into her eyes. He sighed and then gave his reply. "I suppose, girl. If that's what you want." The girl hugged kisuke and then slapped his arm playfully before speaking again. "Yay! I keep telling you, my name is Jessica! By the way... what is for dinner?" Kisuke stood up and smiled wide. "I'm glad you asked. hmm I think I'll have you." The girl's expression changed from excited to slightly disgusted when she heard his reply. Kisuke moved towards the girl, claws extending from his hands. The girl started to scream but before she could, Kisuke snapped her neck and then ripped into her neck with his teeth, taking a nice large bite of the human girls flesh. He then carried her over to the kitchen counter and laid her out before pulling out a kitchen knife and beginning to chop her up into smaller pieces to prepare for his meal. When he finished, he pulled out a frying pan, spices, a cutting board and some herbs from the refrigerator. He threw the inedible parts such as her scalp, bones, and finger and toenails into the trash can. He saved her heart and some other things in plastic containers and put them in the fridge. Then he fried up the rest and seasoned it. He sat down at the table with a plate of Jessica and began to eat his food. He would still attend that party tonight to see if he could find more food, maybe he'd run into an exorcist. They always tasted the best. When he finished his meal, he went into his room and pulled out a long sleeve red and black t shirt, black skinny jeans with chains attached to them, and a lovely red scarf. He took a shower and slipped on his clothes and black combat boots. He sprayed some cologne, grabbed the humans phone and her wallet and slipped them into his pocket with her car keys in his hand. He opened the front door and locked it, walking down the hall and getting into her Nissan 370 Z that now belonged to him. He may be 17, but it wasn't hard for him to appear 18 or even 21 because of his height. He started the car and pulled away from the apartment, heading towards the location of the party which was set into the GPS of his new phone.

    Apartment: (Exterior)


    Apartment: (Interior)

    apartment 2.jpg

    Nissan 370Z:

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  7. escena-amenity-exterior-building-exterior-2_B.jpg
    (Alexander's Apartment, the front one)

    "Well this is just going to make things tougher for me." Alexander said to himself after the broadcast went off. He was in the middle of making dinner when it happened. It was original going to be a pleasant night, but now it was just going to be a headache for him. Being a mutant was a problem in Hawaii, especially when the Exorcist were on the prowl. For Alexander it wasn't so bad since he was something known as a Hidden and was able to remain out of sight and sound of all others, but Half-Breeds running around killing people wasn't going to be good for him. What was once a peaceful life was now going to be hell.

    "Those little freaks always seem to make a mess of everything." Alexander said as his dinner was just about done and he was making a plate set up for one. Often Alexander was by himself, allowing others into his life wasn't going to happen. Being alone was a way of life for him and coming to Hawaii didn't change that. Rarely did he go out unless he had business to take care of.

    "I'll have to take care of this problem before it gets worse." Alexander remarked as he poured his wine and began to drink. Tonight was going to be a night of planning and plotting, tomorrow was going to be the start of the hunt.
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  8. "Guess I'd better stock up on my supplies..." said Michael. He was running low on ammunition for customised Beretta M9, his signature weapon. Michael carried it wherever he went, mostly for self-defence purposes. He knew an arms dealer in town who was able to hook him up with ammunition at any time he pleased. Michael left his apartment hopped into his BMW i8.

    Spoiler (open)

    It was getting late, but not too late. There was still a lot of traffic on the roads. Michael played quiet rock music in the background as he headed towards the arms dealer. He stepped on it, feeling a sense of urgency to get the ammunition quickly just in case he had to deal with any Mutants that night.
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  9. Kisuke drove fast. Although, that was a bit off an understatement. He was swerving in an out of lanes, dodging cars and hitting speeds up to 100 mph. He had some really Beautiful metal band playing. He believed it was Slipknot. He needed to go to his storage unit first because he thought that there was a chance for trouble tonight and it was always better to be safe than sorry. The storage unit was his armory and where he did any fighting or training and also a safe-house just in case he needed to hide out. He pulled into the pathway and drove on the rocky road a bit before reaching it. He turned off the ignition and put the vehicle in park. He then unlocked it with a locker combo that he'd always remember: the date his sensei, Scar, had died. He lifted the door up and walked inside, switched on the lights and scanned the room for a suitable weapon. "Ahh! Of course this'll do!" Kisuke walked to the middle of the room and pulled out his favorite, A katana that could deflect exorcist bullets, specially made by Scar. It was sleek and black. Made of obsidian and some other metals. He unsheathed it and ran his tongue across the blade. "mmmh this'll be fun!" he felt a sense of euphoria wash over him as he pictured slaughtering everyone at that party and then feasting on their shattered corpses. He sheathed the sword, grabbed some smoke pellets and a military grade combat knife, and closed the storage door and locked it up. He popped the trunk and set the sword and smoke pellets down inside of it, concealing them with a blanket. He got back in his car and turned on the ignition, switched the car into drive and headed towards the party, maintaining the same speed as before. He wondered if any other of his kind would be there. He hated being alone sometimes. It would be such perfection if he had a companion to accompany him in his killing, cooking, and eating.

    (Received Item: Katana & Smoke Pellets)

    13361448230 (10).jpg

    (Received Item: Military Grade Combat knife)

    Storage Unit:
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  10. Isaac would rush towards the elevator at the end of the hall way, entering the elevator he pressed the 1st floor button, the elevator doors would shut and close then move downwards. When reaching the 1st floor isaac was greeted by the girl behind the desk, her name was Yuki and her purpose was to greet and answer phone calls. ''Hey Boss!'' she greeted isaac in a humble tone, ''Hey Yuki, place my meeting today on hold'' isaac replied, ''Of course, sir!'' Yuki replied in a humble tone, she was always humble and nice. Opening the door and walking to the parking lot he felt compelled to rush towards his car, The feeling of dangerous proportions was imminent, lifting the car door upwards he slipped inside, pressing the button to start the car, it roared.


    He drove out of the parking lot and into the streets, ''i've got to call michael'' isaac said while pulling out his phone that was in his long jacket, dialing michael's number he put the phone to his ear. Swerving around the cars in front of him and going at least 97 mph. His destination was the school, the investigations were to continue that night and isaac was for sure he was going to get more leads.​
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  11. Kurai had put her hat on, hiding her bunny ears in it. She was just walking along casually on the sidewalk when some girls walked by, talking about a party. "Ooooh, a party? Could be a good place to pick up some food." She said quietly to herself with a smile. She ran after the girls, running into them by 'accident'.

    After a bit of chatting with the girls, Kurai had dragged them into an alley. She was tightly holding onto their necks, ready to kill them at any second. She slightly loosened her grip so she wasn't choking them. She had them tell her where this party was and what is was about. Once they told her everything, she let them run off. She walked out of the alley calmly and began heading towards the location of this party.
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  12. Fester left his domain by the school already, far from it. He was plainly walking around and buying some snacks and drinks. Sometimes even talking to the shop owners because they were actually pretty cool people. Yup... Welp. Hope there isn't a exorcist around.
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  13. [​IMG]
    Kono found herself sitting at a park, absolutely starving. There really wasn't much place else she could go, as she didn't want to go back home and sit by herself alone, but going out to eat someone would mean a higher chance of being caught. She heard the radio not long ago, and that meant that more half-breeds were on the move, meaning that she had to be even more careful than usual. Finally, she did leave her spot at the park, and began to wander elsewhere, trying to ignore how hungry she was feeling.
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  14. After a short 15-minute drive, Michael pulled up outside the arms dealer's home. As he was about to step out, his cell phone rang. It was Issac. Michael quickly turned the ignition off and stopped the music playing in the background. He placed the iPhone to his ear with one hand and used the other hand to adjust his interior mirror, answering the call at the same time.

    Arms Dealer's Home (open)

    "Issac? It's Michael. Something up for you to be calling this late?" asked Michael.
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  15. ''Meet me at the school we got business, call Delta team to recon around the school.'' Isaac would reply in a urgent fashion then hang up quickly, after hanging up the phone he slung it to the other side where it would land on the passengers seat, doing so isaac would grip the wheel with two hands and press down on the accelerator harder. Heading to the School he drives through a hidden dirt pathway that only a select few knew about, driving through a secret pathway was a good shortcut but not only a shortcut but a good way to avoid traffic. Isaac would pull up towards the schools parking lot and park, getting out of his car he grabs a box of cigarettes, placing one firmly on his lips and grabbing his lighter to light the end of the cigarette. Waiting there in the dark he closes his eyes for a few seconds to embrace the tranquility of the peaceful surroundings.​
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  16. "Whoa-- ...Okay." Before he could get a word in, Michael was hung up on.

    The school was his next destination after getting his supplies from the arms dealer. He stepped out of the car and knocked on the house in a certain way. This certain way was a little code that only Michael and the arms dealer knew about. A few seconds later, Michael was greeted at the front door.

    "Mike, ol' buddy... Y'need something this late?"
    "Yeah. I'm gonna need some-- A LOT of bullets for my M9. I have a feeling something's going on." replied Michael.
    "Sure thing, sure thing. I was watching the news earlier and I saw it as well--"
    Michael interrupted and sighed, "Look, I'm in a hurry here. Please get me those supplies now."
    The arms dealer waved a hand of acknowledgement and headed inside. He returned after a minute with a box full of fresh M9 bullets.

    M9 Bullets (open)

    "These are perfect." remarked Michael.
    "Glad to hear it, man. That'll be--"
    Michael interrupted again and simply gave the arms dealer a fat roll of cash, not even looking at how much was actually in there.
    "Keep the change. I'll be on my way."

    With that, Michael took the ammunition and went back to his car. He got his cell phone out and dialled for Delta Team to recon around the school, his next destination. After doing so, he stepped on it and headed to the school where he was going to meet with Issac.
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  17. Suou stopped checking over the rifle next to her after attaching the muzzle break, picking up the ringing phone next to her listening for her orders. "Cypher Load up, Delta's deploying to the school. Your on over watch."
    "Roger, moving to the pad for pick up."
    Sighing Suou grabbed the rifle heading to the safe house's small armory. It didn't take long after to get to the heli-pad and waiting osprey with the usual duffle, IFF tag, exorcist trench coat, tags, messenger bag and headset. She entered waiting for lift off pulling a detonator triggering the thermite charges as soon as the osprey was clear sending the safe house up in a fireball.

    "Did you really have to do that?" "Cypher"heard th piolot broadcast back to her. "No, but it's not like I'm coming back." She could feel it by her instincts and the hormones in the air, the time was near and the beast inside was waiting to be unleashed.
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  18. "That was...enjoyable..." Alexander said as he finished his dinner. It was time now to do the dishes and as he did he plotted out how his tomorrow was going to go. It was out in the woods that he knew some of the Half-Breeds lived at. There was others that lived in actual houses and they were easier to find, both for Alexander and the Exorcists. Finding one of them while armed would be a very bad idea. "The safe way is better for now..." He said to himself as the dishes finished up being done. Afterwards he moved into his bedroom and planned out his weaponry. It only took moments for him to decent on two lovely blades and your standard 9mm pistol with a silencer on it of course. No fucks up were allowed and Alexander was going to see that through. Once decided on his selection, Alexander stripped and slowly fell asleep on his lovely bed.
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  19. Crossed legged, hair up in a pony, and a earbud in her left was as she listen to get music and cleaned her snPiper that was between her legs to keep it steady. She was humming to the words until her phone rang, stopping what she was doing she killed at the phone and answered. "Yes..... Roger that. " She said quickly getting up from her sit on the floor. She end the phone call and put it down on the table to get herself ready. Once have she put the gun up in a long bag and slung it over her shoulder, grabbed the phone and keys, and left the small apartment with a pet of her of goodbye.

    She got into the motorcycle and sped off to her destination. Once she was there she parked the car in the parking lot and walked toward the school it didn't take her long to find Isaac and the others. The night haired girl adjusted her sniper bag a bit once she blended in with everyone else.
  20. Image (open)

    Standing there beside of his car, still waiting for michael's arrival he continued to puff on his cigarette that neared its completion. The moon glistened bright towards the school, Shadows overlapped the front of the school and the clouds were just starting to lighten up. Calm silence surrounded the field and parking lot till Isaac noticed a very thin and light blood trail that leaded around the back of the campus, however it would seem to fade more and more once followed, The blood train became thinner and thinner till it abruptly ended.

    Isaac threw the rest of his cigarette on the cold parking lot than stomped on it. Beginning to walk towards the start of the trail and follow it to wherever it leads. Isaac felt curious at that moment, Why were there a blood trail? Where did it lead? What happened? many things crossed Isaac's mind more questions than answers. Continuing to follow the bloody trail it leaded to was a tile walkway that connected the back door and the tile row that leaded to the front door and the parking lot, however at that time the connection between the back door tile walkway and the tile walkway to the front door tile walkway was broken... perhaps they were undergoing repairs?
    Isaac's eyes widened in surprise as he found something terrifyingly horrible...

    Image | WARNING | (open)

    A kid laid there, stomach rested upon the cold tile, his head tilted upwards, his eye grey and dead... Hs arms and lower body was missing and a splatter of blood was beneath him, his organs were scattered around his body. Isaac, looking up and closing his eyes he sighed deeply as he reached inside his long jacket pocket to pull out another cigarette. The lighter was still firmly in his other hand, lifting his hands up, resting his cigarette on his lips and attempting to light the end, however his hand would shake slightly over his stress level. Dropping his arms he takes a deep puff of his cigarette before stating that ''he found what he was looking for''. ​
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