The GREAT Norm-Mut War (Members Needed)

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  1. The GREAT Norm-Mut War
    ~ Theme song ~


    Long ago in the sunny shores of Hawaii there were five islands and a population of 300,000 home owners on each small islands. The days were long and hot but it was also peacefully windy, Some had large bonfires at night that could be barely seen across the small seas between the five islands. It was there that peace rested upon the five Islands of hawaii for ten years till something strange happened...

    There were reports on the news of strange killings in the Islands around Hawaii, The reports didn't stop they continued everyday to the point that a killing was reported every five hours, then one hour, then ten minutes... The reports of killings were such a mystery and in such large counts that a group was called in to investigate, this group's headquarters was located in the center of hawaii and was only called in for major murder cases that not even the top FBI agents could solve, This group was called... The Exorcists.


    The Exorcists had advanced weaponry that not even the Government could get there hands on, They were single shot and bolt action only and they emitted a small or large pentagramic circle at the end of the barrel before it fired a magical blue bullet that could nearly go through a block of obsidian completely. Travel to the past of the origin...
    The origin of the Mutants...
    Long ago there was once the Garden of Eden and it was there that people lived for forever and never suffered from the illnesses that now plague mankind. There human qualities were also advance and "inhuman" compared to modern humans. We wanted to achieve this Garden of Eden once more and so our scientific minds went to work. It all went horribly wrong...
    We created something that couldn't be stopped, just like the Garden of Eden. The only problem? They weren't exactly human...

    ~ sneak peek of whats to come for the Mutant appearance ~

    We already have much more to show you in the final production of ''The GREAT Norm-Mut War'' all we need is YOU! If we get enough members interested we can make our story reality! We already have two Admins and a Moderator to enforce the rules that will be in the final production!

    [​IMG] This is Admin ''ShigekazuX'' he is the founder of the Roleplay and his the one you need to go to if you have a question about the EXORCISTS team.

    [​IMG]This is Admin ''C92cool'' he is the founder of the Roleplay also and his the one you need to go to if you have a question about the Mutants team.

    [​IMG]This is ''Insanity taking over me'' This is the moderator and she enforces the rules that will soon to come.
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  3. Yes?
  4. @Shigekazu✘
    I would like to join your fun :3
    It sounds interesting
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  5. Ok cool ill mark you down as a member when we official produce the final product, If you have any friends that might be interested in joining, it would help us a lot if they knew about us.
  6. Alright love
    Ok I'll see if any of them is on :3
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