The GREAT Norm-Mut War Character Submission Thread

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  1. Come here to Submit your Character Biography for the Role Play: The GREAT Norm-Mut War

    Link to the Group Thread


    This is form one which is hidden.
    Appearance: Human appearance with no signs of the mutation.
    Physical abilities: Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, endurance, agility, and advance intelligence.
    Weapon Skills: Able to use any weapon they can find to it's fullest potential.
    Special Notes: Hidden's have no need to engage in cannibalism, unless the mutant gene becomes dormant no longer. Upon becoming awaken, Hidden's will be able to use their bodies as weapons as well and experience several increases in their bodies and change drastically. There is no jump to Half-Breed but directly to Nightmare form. It is rare for a Hidden to change, but severe physical or mental trauma will cause the change to occur for a period of time or permanently.
    This is form two which is half breads.
    Appearance: Human, but they suffer from a chemical imbalance and mental instability which has caused at least animal ears and sometimes tails as well to grow instead of being fully human.
    Physical Abilities: Same as a Hidden, but they become amplified to an even higher level. A Hidden could life a car with both hands, a Half-Breed can do it with one only. This dramatic change has cause them to be seen rather violent like and threatening which has lead many to be killed.
    Weapon Skills: Same as a Hidden with he bonus of being being able to use their claws and even tails as weapons. Often used as a coy, their cuteness is used to lure people in so they can eat them.
    Special Notes: Half-Breeds are crazy, proving it with their need to feast and mannerism at times. At the drop of a hat they can switch personalities and behavior. Be cautious at all times when are Half-Breeds.

    This is form three which is nightmares.​
    Appearance: The standard Nightmares are hard to explain. Twice the height of a human and basically looking like a demon. Red pulsing eyes with a mouth full of sharp teeth. They are inhuman in every single way possible.
    Physical abilities: If a Half-Breed can lift a car with one hand, a Nightmare can do it with one finger. They give up all forms of intelligence to become almost immortal and strong.
    Weapon Skills: Whatever is on their bodies. They are a living weapon and as such can be armed with multiple types of weaponry.
    Special Notes: Run if you see one, hard as hell to kill one. There is an upper class as well that is called "supreme nightmares" and it's divided into three sub classes.
    Supreme Nightmares (Wolf)-
    Appearance: A rather large and bloody wolf covered in bloodied fur with large pulsing red eyes.
    Physical Abilities: Unthinkable speed and agility.
    Weapon Skills: It's claws and teeth which will be more then enough.
    Special Notes: If it spots you, you are dead. You cannot outrun it no matter what. It will find you and kill you.
    Supreme Nightmares (Armored)-
    Appearance: A rather large alien looking creature that is pale with armor covering certain parts of it's body. Long tongue used to act as several of it's senses.
    Physical Abilities: Endurance and Stamina of a God.
    Weapon Skills: Claws, tongue, and an acid that will eat through anything in seconds.
    Special Notes: You can kill one, but it will take A LOT to do so. You have been warned.
    Supreme Nightmares (Blooted)-
    Appearance: The largest and most disgusting of the Nightmares. Just imagine the most foul and nasty things come together and create a living, breathing creature.
    Physical Abilities: Rather slow but exceeds in Strength more than any other Nightmares.
    Weapon Skills: It's body is a wrecking ball and is worse when it "detonates" it's causing a massive explosion.
    Special Notes: Kill from far away and aim for the tiny head.



    This is Sniper Marksman Exorcists.
    The S.M.E forces specialize in long range and can kill slow enemies in one shot, however there is a weakness to the snipers... The snipers take a large time frame to shoot and has a large cool down system, although it is slow it makes up with damage...

    This is Pistol Marksman Exorcists.
    The P.M.E Agents have high endurance and stamina that allow them to jump building to building or jump over obstacles easier, They also have a small wait time and no cool down. They also can carry knives or swords.

    You must have the following subjects in your Biography
    1. Name​
    2. Age
    3. Weight​
    4. Height​
    5. Class (Exorcists or Mutant)​
    6. Rank (If you are a Exorcist, (S.M.E or P.M.E) (If you are a Mutant, (Hidden,H.B, or Nightmare)​
    7. Weapon​
    8. Back Story​
    9. (Optional) Anything you would like us to know​
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  2. [​IMG]
    Isaac ''Snow'' Nevzorov
    Luger .22
    Isaac or ''Snow'' was born in Northern Russia and is the son of a Russian General, By the age of seven he practiced Weaponry, specifically pistols. Isaac was always fascinated by his Fathers work and looked up to him as a role model till his death when Isaac was fifteen, His Father died in the war and till the age of 18 he lived with his Grand parents. At the age of 18 he got a job with the local police and worked there and trained more and more till the age of 22 where he was called for a secret mission in Hawaii... Before traveling his Grand father gave him his father's Luger .22 that he still uses today. He was officially recruited in the Exorcists at the age of 23 and now is the General and Top Leader of the Organization... How he became such a high rank in such a small time no one knows for he keeps the reason a secret...

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    1. Name: Fester Elriva image.jpg
    2. Age: 20
    3. Weight: 142 lb
    4. Height: 5'7
    5. Class Mutant
    6. Rank: H.B
    7. Weapon: Self, claws, fangs, anything sharp near by
    8. Back Story: Will be revealed in RP,
    9. Anything you would like us to know: She is very bipolar.. Like most H.Bs are. But mostly sweet.... But does has bloodlust time to time.
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  3. [​IMG]

    Name: Letta Akimoto

    Age: 26
    Weight: 127 lbs
    Height: 5’12”
    Class: Exorcists
    Rank: S.M.E
    Weapon: Sniper Rifle
    Back Story: Since she was young she learned many languages as she grew up though there was times when she toke a year brake without her parents knowing when she went out of town when she turned seventeen with her grandparents. Though her whole had high expectation of her since she was the oldest out of her many siblings and cousins, which you can say she was the golden child. She learned how to use a gun when she was thirteen which was a BB gun then started using real guns at the age of sixteen when her weight came in and when she wasn't doing after school studies or when she visits her grandfather for break. When she turned twenty she became a Hitman for the Germans and Japanese for royal people which gave her a good status, she had killed many before she was soon hired by the Exorcists for her excellent Sniper Skills.
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  4. Mine will be out this later. Can a I use a three quarter mutant?
  5. You can use a half mutant.
    1. If you dont like the ears then your welcome to choice armor instead
    2. if you wish to be on both sides then your welcome to be both, however you will have to hide your mutant abilities and appearance towards the other exorcists
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    • Name: Kisuke Soroichi A.K.A. "Red Death" or "Red" (Male)​
    • Age: 17
    • Weight: 110 Lbs.​
    • Height: 6 Feet, 2 Inches​
    • Class: Mutant​
    • Rank: Half-breed​
    • Weapon: Double edged obsidian Katana​

    • Back Story: Kisuke's parents had died in a car accident with Kisuke being the only survivor when he was only 7 years old. Kisuke lived at an orphanage until age 10 when they kicked him out for stabbing a kid in the hand because he stole one of Kisuke's most prized possessions. The locket he kept with him of his mothers picture. Kisuke, being forced to live on the streets, stole for food and lived anywhere he could. Until one day, when kisuke was 11, a man came to him. He was a scientist and he offered Kisuke a chance to become famous and rich. All he had to was follow the man and perform a series of tests. Kisuke went through horrifying expenditures, while he converted into what they called a "half breed". At age 15, As soon as he realized his power and that now, he was superior to all of the homo sapiens. He slaughtered every human that had helped in creating him and escaped the facility he was being held in. He met another half breed who went only by the alias "Scar". The half breed had been in the military and had specialized in hand to hand combat before he was crippled. He went through the same procedure to become a half-breed as Kisuke did. Scar trained Kisuke in every way the military had trained him. When Kisuke was 16, tragedy struck that changed him into something else entirely. In a battle against multiple exorcists, Scar sacrificed himself to save Kisuke. Ever since, Kisuke has devoted his life to killing Exorcists. He was given a nickname by one once and now goes by the alias, "Red death" or "Red".​

    • Life Motto: "Death is inevitable"​

    • Appearance:​
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  6. Name: Suou Pavlichenko "cypher"
    Age: 19
    Weight: 120
    Height: 5'7
    Class:Defected Exorcists/Mutant
    Rank: S.E.M., H.B.
    Weapon: custom sop mod PTRD 41,long knife, fn five-seven
    Back Story: Suou lived a good life given the factor of having a single military parent. with a roof to live under, stable income, anda good education she lived a strongly independent yet happy life style. Her father himself was an exorcist who was constantly on long high risk missions, regardless she loved him all the same. However two weeks after her sixteenth birthday men came to her apartment carrying two things with three things with them; the news of her father's death by a nightmare, his two sets of dog tags and his last present to her. After they left she mourned and strove to follow his in footsteps. Over the next years she eventually got into contact with her father's contact and was recruited into the organization. Shortly after receiving her mutation she defected with an altered physiological state and need to survive taking a IFF tag, a uniform trench coat, her dog tags and field gear. She is currently faking being an Exorcist field agent/informant in the region killing any Nightmares she finds or Exorcist that discover her mutation.
    79 spare rounds for PTRD
    Re-enforced military messenger
    Black hooded Exorcist trench coat
    Armored boots and fingerless gloves
    Plate carrier
    5 extra FN rounds
    Mutation (Xenomorph) traits:
    Xenomorph tail
    Acidic blood
    Extremely resilient skin
    Heat resistance
    Dorsal structures (usually retracted)
    Steel hard claws
    Limited high speed regeneration
    Advanced agility and climbing abilities
    Growable xenomorph refractive armor plates
    Suou is capable of xenomorph DNA manipulation and taking on traits from most Xenomorph strand including temporary full body transformation.
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  7. Name: Michael Devlin

    Spoiler (open)

    Age: 25

    Weight: 67kg

    Height: 5'11", 181cm

    Class (Exorcist or Mutant): Exorcist

    Rank: Pistol Marksman Exorcist (P.M.E.)

    Primary - Beretta M9
    Spoiler (open)

    Secondary - Tactical knife
    Spoiler (open)

    Back story: Michael was born in a relatively normal family. He was raised by his mother and father and had no siblings; he was an only child. One eventful night changed his life forever. Coming back home from high school slightly later than usual, Michael arrived at the most horrific scene he had ever seen in his life. His house had been burgled and his mother had been killed; she was lying there in a pool of blood. Michael's father had barely survived, suffering from serious injuries himself. However, he had managed to make a recovery.

    Due to this horrific event, Michael was scarred for life. He was only 16 years old when it all happened. From that day on, he took up classes in martial arts and his attitude towards evil grew into hatred. He wanted to rid the world of evil and trained rigorously every day. Soon, Michael was recognised for his talents and was recruited to become an Exorcist.
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  8. [​IMG]
    Name :: Kurai Ko Fuyu
    Age :: 19
    Gender :: Female
    Class :: Mutant
    Rank :: Half-Breed
    Weapon :: Sometimes she uses a knife to cut a person up, but rarely.
    Height :: 5' 8"
    Weight :: 110
    Biography :: Shortly after she was born, she was taken in by her parents to see if she had any problems due to her ears. She was diagnosed as a half breed, and also mentally unstable. Her parents tried to help her stay steady, but she had eaten her own father right before her 8th birthday out of anger and confusion. After being abandoned by her mother when she found the body exactly on her 8th birthday, she came to the conclusion that all humans were selfish and needed to just disappear. That's when she accepted the monster she truly was, and shut everyone out. She'd hide in the shadows of the alleys in the day. She used to be content eating anyone who came by when there wasn't too many people around, and then roaming freely during the night. But then her carnivorous side really kicked in, and she began to sneak around outside the alleyways, eating anyone she could get her hands on.
    Anything I would like you to know :: When trying to get close to someone so she can eat them, she can seem a bit insane, but its only a bit of her insanity that you see in that stage. She has a very dark and distorted mind due to her childhood. She shuts in most of her emotions except for her hatred. Though she shuts them in, she cannot deny she still has managed to feel a few of them. She finds every human selfish, no matter the type.
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  9. Question: Could a Half- Breed have some more severe mutations? Like say, wings?
  10. Im sorry that it took a long time to reply to your question. Heres your answer:
    yes, its allowed, but the condition is that they are meant for luring prey.

    The reason for the long wait for a reply is because i had to run it by the Mutant Team Admin before i was able to reply to your question.
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  11. Dakota "Kota" Rei





    5' 7"



    A simple pocket knife, or anything available that's lightweight

    Back Story:
    Kota would be what most people consider 'sheltered'. He has no recollection of anything before his seventh birthday. All his memories after that point are with a young couple and their son, Marc. He is naive by nature, and his upbringing made things worse by leaving him ignorant of his differences from his adopted family. He never questioned why his parents and brother lacked a tail, or had the same furry ears as him. He never wondered why he was always required to wear a hat if he was even near a window. He never went to a doctor, a dentist, school, or any of those things his brother did. He was around ten before he began to suspect anything was out of the ordinary. His curiosity grew, and he started to wonder was he was under house arrest. He was thirteen when the whole family got the flu, and everyone went to the doctor. Except, of course, Kota was required to stay home. He stole his father's laptop (which was off limits since he learned to read) and researched why he had a tail, and his brother did not.
    What he discovered sent him into tilt. This was the point where he started experiencing the mental problems associated with his mutation, such as the random mood swings. He kept it well contained for the most part, until his and his brother's fourteenth birthday. Marc was going to have all his friends over. They were going to have a blast - Dakota was so excited! Until Marc said, in the most ignorant way, "But my friends don't even know I have a brother. When I told them about you, they assumed you were a cat. So, maybe you should stay in our room?"
    Kota doesn't remember fully what happened. He remembers feeling an onslaught of emotion - frustration, anger, rejection - and that a few moments later, his brother was dead. He remembers crouching on the floor, staring at Marc's barely recognizable body, his bloodied hands shaking as he cradled his brother's head, sobbing uncontrollably. Their mother walked into the room to ask what the commotion was about, but froze. She stared at Dakota, covered in blood, and the mass of torn flesh over which he was crying. He remembers her pulling a gun from the silverware drawer in the kitchen. Then, he remembers his mother being dead, too.
    He fled his home after that. He never did see his father again. He has been living on his own for a little over a year now, just barely getting by, keeping his mutation secret.​
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  12. Theres a scene opening soon, The scene is a prison that is secluded on a island, Two mutants are about to be sent there and you may already be there to join forces with them and work together to escape. It is recommended to read the other posts tho whenever you get the chance, theres no rush.
  13. Okay, I will probably read them tomorrow night, if I can.
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