The Great Migration; A different tale

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  1. Hello!

    The main idea is noxious, but I am good with nox or noxxi. I wish people called me Ice Man, but I've mostly moved on from that lost moment. I do associate with some of the others, casually I assure you, that migrated here from another site. I don't want to label it yet though, commitment scares me and I really don't know y'all that well. Let us just say I am in an open relationship with my guild.

    So, yeah, this isn't my first time...and you aren't the first -rpsite- love of my life, but that doesn't mean you wont be my last. I started roleplaying sandbox on AOL when they called the world RhyDin (lets just call it the early 20th century to be kind.). We were young and wild and there were so few rules. I tried a lot of things, but that was years ago. I don't just go hoping on any trend these days. But that is good for you. I know what I like.

    My roleplaying preference lean towards group roleplay involving some fantasy elements and a well thought out setting. Everything from stock market witch craft to cyberpunk vamp hunters in the future to battle quests in the land of Norn. I love New Orleans History. I love religion and it's colorful characters. I enjoy good vs. evil themes as well as examining the gray area of good and evil in character development. I like war themes, cthulu mythos and the Lovecraftian style mostly because I really really enjoy lore crafting. I like when everyone contributes to the lore and the setting while actively moving the story. I prefer a couple of paragraphs per post, occasionally a couple doc based pages. I don't do well with those that want a post every day. I tend to get preoccupied and take a week to post. I completely understand that some people expect more commitment. I may be a player, but I want us all to enjoy ourselves. I will do my best to express time commitments prior to getting involved.

    I'm pretty light hearted and friendly, even if some of the characters I play are not. I'm a lady living in Texas at the age of 28. I work in environmental building and I still enjoy drinking wine out of solo cups. Questions, ask me!

    Thanks for the attention.
  2. Welcome to Iwaku Noxious, and thank you for your in depth introduction to the site ^_^

    I hope you'll have fun here, and should you be the chatting type: I hope to see you around in the Cbox!
  3. Okay, seriously I am in love with the pre-post story idea generators.

  4. Noxious. Hm. Glad to see a little class made it with this Mongol Horde. :p
  5. I came for magnified pictures of the universe because I miss you giving them to me on skype. The roleplay thing is an elaborate rouse.
  6. HI ICE MAN! 8D Welcome to the siiiiite!
  7. *bows* greetings to a stranger, welcome to your new home Ice man.
  8. Friends call me Ice. No homo.


    Maybe a little homo.

    I mean, hello Nox. I take full blame for your migration.