The Great Magi War (Fantasy War/Faction RP Idea)

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  1. Long ago, there existed many gods, all brought forth by the Allfather. Each god the Allfather created to be His child was given guardianship over one of the races of mortals- Men, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Goblins, and Ents. Each raceconstructed a great High Temple to their patron, and at the intersection of all the High Temples would lie the Great Temple of Light, the High Shrine of the Allfather. It was in each of these places that there resided an orb known as a Toja'ar, which means "sliver" in the Ancient Tongue. Each Toja'ar served as the physical connection for its corresponding god, and allowed for them to speak to their priests and grant their blessing unto the races.

    And it was around the High Shrine and High Temples that all races lived in peace, and to accomplish the continuation of such peace the Allfather created the Seven Great Spirits, the Ofan, who each gave one gift to the races and ruled over the spirits who were charged to protect the realms aside of the one wherein mortalkind lived. And as thanks to the Ofan, the races built Wayshrines to honor them.

    But one day, this peace was not enough, and a King of Men, a demigod son of the god of Men, heard a voice from his father. He tasked His son to spread the glory of Men. And so the kingdoms of Men united into a great empire that invaded the five lands of the other races and forests that the Ents kept, ransacking their High Temples and taking each of the Toja'ari and claiming them in the name of the god of Men. Only the Great Temple of Light was left untouched, for the Allfather slept.

    Each race came unto the control of the dominion of Men, and the people were forced to believe that the Allfather and the God of Men were the only gods who held any power.

    Over two centuries after the conquest of Men was completed, the greatest issue of the age was that of the mages.

    Many feared them, and yet many found the mages to be great heroes. However, it was always set that mages were allowed to live near a form of academy known as a mindaziir, which were spread throughout the land. In charge of all mages was the Lord Sorcerer, also known as the Archmagnus. A representative of the mages in the Imperial Court, the Lord Sorcerer governed the mages in the name of the Emperor and saw that they were well-treated.

    But, in time, faith in the mages has fallen. As the number of mages among Men have fallen, a court dominated by Men begin to question the way of things as they are and whether mages truly benefit the empire.

    The final spark came forth in the mind of the Heir to the Throne when the Empress contracted an unknown sickness, and when all the doctors and healers could not find a cure, the Heir sought out the recently-appointled elvish Lord Sorcerer, all but begging for help. The Lord Sorcerer grabbed what tomes he could on healing medicine and made his way into the royal chamber. But in the end, there was nothing he could do to save the Empress, and after being able to prolong her life for a few short hours so that she could speak to her child, she died.

    Three years passed and the Emperor died, allowing the Heir to ascend to the throne.

    And thus the Heir demonized the mages and many of his subjects did so with him. The Heir wished for them to be treated like prisoners, locked away within the mindaziir under pain of death to keep them from spreading their "arcane pox" to the people who he deemed were better off without him.

    But the mages pushed back, leaving the mindaziir and splitting the country in two as the Lord Sorcerer found himself the leader of a rebelion he would have never desired. But will the rebellion stand only for mages? Or will it grow as the citizenry of the Empire, regardless of race, gain the courage to question the ways of the Empire?

    I do hope you've enjoyed this little insight into the world I propose!

    This roleplay will encompass the darkness of politics, the violence and tragedy of war, and the questioning of the ethics of many characters within. Characters therein will be wide an varied, and not necessarily aligned with the two primary factions presented. And even then, you may have defectors and loyalists alike, as things can go from peaceful to insane at the waving of a staff.

    In addition, I am also seeking a Co-GM. If you wish to Co-GM, please:
    -Be willing to take the role of the Heir, as I will be the Archmagnus
    -Be handy and knowledgeable with BB coding (I'm pretty bad with it)
    -Be willing to help sort out lore and assist others

    Please ask any and all questions in the thread and though PM!
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  2. Hey this looks neat
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  3. Thank you for your interest!
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  4. Interested!
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  5. I'm toying around with a retired soldier/merc idea, but we'll see what ends up happening
  6. This seems pretty solid. Consider me interested.
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  7. I'm interested
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  8. I'll throw my hat in the ring. It's been a while
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  9. Alright! We still need a Co-GM before we can begin.
  10. Is a Co-GM totally necessary? just wondering
  11. For something like this, yes. Especially because my BB coding is horrendous.
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  12. I could help with BB coding, I just don't think I have the time for actual Co-GMing
  13. Would you be capable of playing the Heir (keeping in mind they are of Men)?
  14. TBH, I've done my fair share of GMing, and I was really just looking for a good RP to write in

    Sorry to disappoint :/
  15. Interested
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