The Great Iwaku Race

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  1. A poster carried gracefully by the wind slaps into your face. It says this:

    Start your engines!

    The First Annual Race of Iwaku starts in a week! Anyone and Anything is wecome! Just send us a picture or physical discription of you and your ride then get to the top of Ballin mountain where the race will be starting!

    Current prize is any one wish!
    (except ultimate power over everything because that's rude)

    - Nothing and nobody over-powered, this is a (mostly) fair competition!
    - You may not completely eliminate a person or their vehicle!
    - (The RP will start a few hours before the race, while everyone is still at the garages and I will be playing Mr. Nevv, the founder of the race, the person who will be granting the wish of whoever wins, and the controller of what happens next as well as the announcer.)
  2. Cheeki stepped back and admired his handiwork. Three hours of buffing and he had finally gotten the shine he wanted on his vehicle. The vehicle was a rusty T-34 tank. It looked like it went through hell. "Absolutely beautiful." He said to himself. He got into the turret. He had modified it so that it could be controlled from commanders seat of the turret. He turned the vehicle on. The engine coughed and spit smoke. It made an earsplitting grinding noise. He climbed out stood over the engine compartment. He looked at it for a few seconds before kicking the exhaust with his foot. The noise stopped. He smiled with glee. "Haha." He closed the engine compartment and climbed back into the turret. He leaned into the gun and whispered. "Don't worry. You will be of removing kebab soon." His tone was creepy, and ominous.

    (Note: the gun doesn't shoot explosives. You don't have to worry about him blowing away the competition. Pun intended.)
  3. "Finally...Its finished." Unknowledge, or U.N. wiped the sweat from his brow and grinned. Before him stood a fully operational, Cardbo. "Steel shoulder plates, breastplate and shin guards..." He hugged it. "My child is finally ready!" After this he gassed it up, and set it in a safe place. "You and I are gonna win this." He stepped into the suit and it came to life, with a flash from the eyes. Wheels popped out, two on each foot. "Nice..." He waited for it to boot up and fired its main weapon. "Perfect. This should be fun." He stepped out after shutting it off and had a huge smile upon his face. "Just you wait Mt. Ballin."
  4. Kat stood in front of her vehicle in admiration. She took out a remote control, and pressed a button. Speakers on the vehicle blared Nyan cat. It was shaped and colored like the rainbow-pooping poptart cat itself. It was majestic.
    "My nyan cat ride!! It's DONE. Oh my gott that took fooorreeveer! But it works now. So I caaaa-" and with that, she collapsed into its seat and passed out, ready for sleep.

    ((Ooc: lol when I typed in nyan the first time it autocorrected itself to Juan. Juan cat... XD))
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  5. Mr. Nevv (open)
    If your first thought when you saw this was creepy drug addict, your not far off.
    strode down the path, looking into all the different garages. He stopped at the one owned by U.N. He made no sound when he approached behind the contestant, so it wouldn't be surprising if his sudden speaking up would startle him. "What a lovely (pronounced love-ah-ly) machine this is! Contestant, do show me what this new toy can do!" His voice was raspy, but still had a air of superiority to it. The billionaire gave Unknowledge a smile of pointed and yellow broken glass teeth and gestured to the suit.
  6. It worked, and U.N. jumped. "What the he-- O-Oh...Mr.Nevv! You nearly gave me a heartattack." He held his heart and leaned against the suit, catching his breath. He grinned, hearing that Mr. Nevv wanted to see his creation in action. "You'll have to wait and see, Mr.Nevv. I wouldn't want to let the others see and have an advantage! But I assure you...It will be great." He patted the machine and laughed. "Hope you're ready to grant my wish!"
  7. Mr. Nevv smiled a unnerving smile. "Confident are we? How nice, but I think some clarification is in order. Mt. Balin is the starting point of our little race, we'll be going through the five most deadly locations in Iwaku. I won't spoil anything but I do hope that that thing is heat resistant, least it melt and become a molten coffin. Also, did you know that a gigantic frost dragon dwells here? Some say it is half the size of the mountain itself. Anywho, I'm off to check on the other contestants, good luck Master Unknowledge!" With that he left the garage, only to stop a few ways down. He gave a hacking cough as choking exhaust fumes filled the air. He looked into the garage containing Cheeki's rust bucket of a tank. "Er... Are you sure that is your vehicle of choice Master Cheeki?"
  8. Kat was still snoring in her front seat when the nyan car lurched forward.
    "GAH!!!" She yelled as she was jolted awake. She realized she hadn't put the breaks on. She had a perfect balance so the car didn't move, but a really dumb dog came up and peed on the tire.
    "TURNONTHEBREAKSTURNONTHEBREAKSTURNONTHEBREAKS!!" She screamed as if someone else was in control of the vehicle, which was slowly crossing across the garage. She put them on herself, then sat back in her seat. She shoved her palm to her forehead. "Baka." She growled at herself. She smeared her hand down her face, leaving a black streak down her face. She looked at herself in the mirror, sighed, then exited the vehicle.
    "After the race, I'm going to give on looking poor. My wish would be to become famous for my music career... yeah." She said to herself. She shined the car door and hummed "rock star just for myself" by gumi ( She went back and fixed the finishing touches on the painting mechanism on the back of the vehicle. As she was racing, she was going to spray paint rainbows on the trail, as if she were nyan cat itself.
  9. Cheeki saw that Mr. Nevv was talking to him. He couldn't hear him over the roar of the tank. "You will need to speak up, Toverich! Soviet technology. Very loud!"
  10. "I said are you- forget it. Good luck and all that." Mr. Nevv grumbled and left to find some breathable air.

    There was a slam on the other side of Kat's nyan-catmobile. A oddly dressed fellow rubbed his hooded head, swearing under his breath. "That could have gone better..." He mumbled.
    Cheshire (open)
    image.jpg Present from the paradox!
  11. "OHMAIGOSH I'm soooo sorry! I was asleep and the breaks weren't on and the car moved! I didn't know you were there... by the way, that jacket is awesome!" She said, scratching the back of her head nervously. She patted the dashboard of the nyan-mobile, which was soft and fuzzy like a cat.
    "I love this thing."
  12. Cheeki payed no mind as the man left. He put his vehicle in gear and drove it out to the finish line. Stopping upon the start line he turned it off and waited. Excitement began to build inside him.
  13. "It's fine, don't worry about it." The strange man looked into the car and extended his hand to touch the fuzzy inside. "Is it really that-", but he was cut off by falling asleep as soon as his hand made contact. He curled up on the passenger seat and slumbered.

    "All contestants please go to the starting line!" The intercom screeched. Instantly, several contestants got into their vehicles and made their way to the starting line. To the side Mr. Nevv could be seen, examining the flying platform that he would be following the race with. It had a glass dome and a force field to make sure he would not be harmed.
  14. Kat laughed. This was a normal side effect of using fur from another dimension, which her friend Iris had brought. some people would probably fall asleep spontaneously. Kat was tired just from building it.
    she thought about what the start line would be like. people cheering. her friends, Theo, Chris, Iris, Lydia, Rena, and a few others screaming "GO KAT GO!!!!" she sat in the seat of her nyan-mobile, waving to the invisible crowd. she snapped herself out of the trance.
    she tapped the mysterious person on the shoulder. "you probably don't want to sleep there... i mean you can if you want, but... i gotta keep fixing stuff."
  15. U.N. grinned and stepped into his suit, and skated to the finish line. "So many cool vehicles...Whoa, a Nyan Car! And a...Sorry looking tank..." He wanted to ask about the cars but decided he better not. "Alright...Its almost time to go." He did some stretches and hummed a song. He looked up and saw Mr. Nevv and waved. "Hey Mr. Nevv! How's the view?" The head opened up so he could see more clearly when he looked up. Despite how clunky it looked, it was easy to move in.
  16. Mr. Nevv payed no mind to U.N.'s yell. He knew that he was about to be the center of attention, as he should, and needed to get into the zone.

    The hoodie-wearing man was dead asleep, and when poked he only rolled over onto his back. A shadow covered Kat, owned by a threatening looking knight. image.jpg
    "Time up. Get to the starting line." He boomed in a voice like thunder.
  17. Cheeki popped his head out of the turret and looked all the racers lining up at the line. He would have some stiff competition. He remained confident. His old girl had some hefty fight left in her. He grabbed the two steering sticks and turned the vehicle on. The engine belched smoke and came to life with a mighty roar. He smiled and awaited the race to begin.
  18. "Eeep!" Was the only sound Kat could muster. This guy was scary! Cool, but scary! She decided to drive the nyan-mobile there was a test drive. She put it in drive, then backed up. She backed out of the garage and made a left from the view of a person looking at the door. Within minutes, her vehicle was speeding back the other way at a nice pace.
    "Testing super speed. Not top speed, but Still fast." She said, and pounded a button on the steering wheel, which allowed the car to go really fast. She sped to the finish line at 200mph and slowed to a stop on the line. She then realized that she'd left the window open on the vehicle, which messed up her hair.
    "I think helmet hair'd be better than this." She mumbled, putting on a nascar helmet in nyan cat style.
    "Hey bud, are you planning on riding the race with me?" She said, poking her passenger once more. She had originally planned to do the race alone. And thats how she envisioned it in her daydreams.. Oh well.
  19. Crono grumbled. He should be there, on the racetrack but nooooo. No flying boats they said, flying boat?! The mighty Reverge was a airship! Sigh, at least he could cheer Kat on. The only problem was that he brought his crew, who were continually cheering and spilling popcorn on him. Just when he was about to snap he saw a nyan car pulling in to the starting line. His crew cheered louder while he tried to get her attention and give a thumbs up. Every dimensional traveler was there, even Celtic and Flint. The person that made the Multiverse tipped her hat to Kat before disappearing.

    "Mmmuuuhhh... Hitchhike..." Grumbled the man through his sleep. The answer was apparently yes.

    The crowd when silent, even the pirates after being smacked around a bit. A spotlight hit Mr. Nevv, who was stranger looking then most envisioned. "Welcome one and all to the first annual Iwaku race! As you know our contestants will be racing high speeds through the five most deadly locations in Iwaku! After five years of being banned as a death trap it's finally back!"
  20. The nyan-mobile purred slightly, preparing itself for the dangerous journey. Kat threw a helmet at the passenger.
    "You're probably going to need this. Its going to be pretty difficult to survive without it."
    she stuck her head out of the window and saw everyone she had ever met in the multiverse, including people the other multiverse people told her about. She saw Crono's crew, looking awesome as ever, so she laughed and waved back. She saw her friends from the cafe, and Theo's western friends, Iris's cafe/multiverse friends. She smiled and waved, somewhat relaxed. It was not exactly what she had thought, but better. Tons of songs were running in her head. it was nuts, but awesome. she almost cried.
    the sudden loud voice startled her, but her happy feeling didn't falter.
    "Im ready for this." she told herself and meant it.