The Great Indiree sea

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  1. All right, so here's a general outline of a story I've been writing for the past two months before coming to Iwaku. The characters have evolved from the original version, but the story has stayed the same overall. Pictures will be included for the general description; other images and a better geographical descriptions will follow if the story picks up steam. Keep in mind "The Great Inidree sea" is to be revealed in chapters.

    Anyway let me give you a general run down of the world this story takes place in. Mind you the bizarre and not English words and stuff and junk are from a language developed specifically for the story.

    Welcome to the world of Kinar'yrii

    A large pangea dominates the tiny globe. To the west lay a dusty country known as Tacharr, which is populated primarilly by native Utr'ryha, fragmented into three main states. The central state of Nah'havii where the Imperial palace lay amidst the blowing sands of the K'thinni Jhvah desert, and to the north of it the state of S'yvn. A bustling merchant city devided by the wealthy and the poor. Finally boardering Nah'havii along the western coast, is a state owned by three rebellious clans that fight to overthrow the central power. The country of Tacharr has been ravaged by internal conflict and the adjacent countries of Duibhne, to the north, and Loh'Habrann to the south. Their only solace is the Great I'yr mountain that creates a strategic wall between them and the invaders.


    Duibhne is a cold and desolate place erected high in the peaks of the Emerald mountains; a minor mountain string that leads off from the eastern most slope of the Great I'yr. The inhabitants of this frozen waste are a mixture of native Frost Imps and wanderers from around Kinar'yrii; even those from other worlds have settled here. Though it is an ugly place, Duibhne is famous for its high gold content. As a result of this bustling cities have sprouted up all along the slopes and well kept thoroughfares are a prime target for Tacharran bandits. Duibhne's source of military power comes from the capital set at the highest point of the Emerald mountains named Gorothuur. As the towering mountains come to an end, leading south, a thick jungle country comes hollaring to life.


    Loh'Habrann, an agricultural power house filled with all manner of life ranging from the smallest of alien invertebrates, to massive reptiles and even to the canopy dwelling natives known as the Vyn'ri'dahee. A strong and swift cousin of the Utr'ryha that frequently attack the Tacharr capital with guerrilla units. Their economy thrives on the abundance of agriculture that comes in the form of towering plantane trees, fish in the river, river snakes, fried Fang beetles and flourishing farms. With only one swamp present the capital of Ruvaan is built within the tree tops shadowing it and houses the royal family. Armed with rudimentary stone weapons, Lord K'Hovvah is the fiercest of warriors having been spoken of in legend for defeating a unit of Frost Imps with only a broken ax and a sling shot. All around the continent of Kinar'yrii is the Great Inidree sea dotted along the coasts by ports and waters filled with pirates.

    Huzzah! Now for the characters native to Kinar'yrii.

    Utr'ryha(Sand leopard)- The Utr'ryha are bipedal feline creatures that are native to Tacharr. Their fur color ranges from vibrant yellow to a dusty brown, typically with either white or gray secondary coloration and black spots like those of a jaguars. Long, elegant tails, razor sharp teeth and claws, and vibrant green eyes compliment their natural desert camouflage. They're a crafty people that make up a good portion of vagrant merchants in distant lands, mercenaries, thieves, pirates and a small percentage stays loyal to the Imperial force. Those soldiers are known in foreign lands as masters with swords in the sabre family as well their skill in un-armed and night time sniping. The male population stands around six feet on average, while the females are closer to five foot. In their legends they are the decendents of the M'hivehlli Jhvah(Sand Prowler)who bestowed upon his people the gift of illusions and control over the sands.

    I was unable to find a decent representation of the Utr'ryha.


    Frost Imps- Frost Imps are a violent race that are tall and sharp looking, seeming to appear almost demon like. Their transparent bodies serve as natural heat and light reflectors allowing them to ambush unwary travelers that pass through the Emerald mountains. They rely moreso on individual strength rather than cooperation and hold the ability to shift their frozen mass throughout their forms creating ice weapons as hard as steel. Should one pass a suspicious glacier it is in their best interest to run the other way as it is probably a large unit that have molded together into one monstrosity that could easilly devastate a troop of 12,000 Imperial soldiers. Frost Imp eyes, if ever on the rare ocassion obtained, are a valuable trade item as they've been known as a major alchemic ingredient in attempt to cure Jungle Cough. The people of Duibhne are a savage and war like race whos goal is to cover the world in ice. Male Ice Imps stand at a ginormous 15 feet, while their females are an even larger 20 feet.

    Vyn'ri'dahee- Vyn'ri'dahee are muscular and surefooted jungle dwellers that leap from tree to tree with the utmost of grace. Ranging in height from four to seven feet between male and female, these lion like entities coats hit the spectrum from an inky black to a pure snowy white. Only the strongest warrior of this savage race is declared the Lord. Their double jointed ankles and wrists aid in their exceptional tree climbing and swamp trecking abilities, and as recorded by their priestess's the King of Spears ascended to Godhood after liberating the race from Lord Zibaar. From there the gift of foresight and dream weaving was bequeathed to the people and is now handed down from Lord to Lord through the consumption of the losers heart. An independant and closed off community makes for a poor reception to new comers in the land of Loh'Habraan. Their most striking quality; however, is that of their ability to cooperate with one another using calls and signs as used in their hunts.

    Like the Utr'ryha I couldn't find a good enough representation for the Vyn'ri'dahee.

    Other characters- Whatever you want. Woot! Let your imagination run wild, but at least give a good explanation in your character sheet as to how your character got to the world of Kinar'yrii, or choose from the three listed above. If you'd like to cross breed in some whacky experiment the three major races have at it, or create your own from an undiscovered tribe somewhere on Kinar'yrii.

    Randastic notes- The main character of this story, J'saad, is played by me the author; there will be NPC's that you're free to play and interact with along side your own character, but don't go overboard with it. My post minimum is three and the maximum is ten; please no one liners. That's no way to advance a story.

    Now for the big question, "How the hell does my character fit in?" Simple! The first chapter of "The Great Inidree sea" will be posted in the Fantasy section. It starts out at a booming port city, in the unnamed state, controlled by one of the three rebellious clans(Uta'nyrra Jhaa). In Tacharran that translates as "Sand talons." Here J'saad has dropped anchor with his crew of six salty seadogs, played by you the reader, and a scene has broken out at the local bazaar. Caused by the over zealous J'saad in his quest to find information regarding his younger brother. Take part as either the captains men, or an aspiring corsair looking to find his/her place aboard The Blue God. Sail the Great Inidree, or treck the endless terrain of Kinar'yrii, and help unwind the story of R'heem's disappearence. By land and sea he seeks night and day.

    Spoiler alert! Yep, it's one of those. This RP contains crude language respective to its time period and graphic violence. With a sword in ye' gullet to the bowls of Lady Inidree ya go. On that note please try to avoid unnecessary conflict with your fellow RPers unless you think it would be imperative to the story line. That can be spoken about with me in PMs, or if I'm in Cbox. And for the love of God, NO FUCKING DAMSEL IN DISTRESS CHARACTERS. No Marry Jane's, Ashley Graham's or Rinoa type people. I don't care if your character is a female, but don't make her a wimp.

    All that aside it's now time to introduce the main character, J'saad.

    Name: J'saad Sy'thrr

    Race: Utr'ryha

    Age: Early twenties; still pretty young for the long lived Sand leopards.

    Appearence: J'saad is a tall, lanky lad with a toned frame. He stands at 6'2" and weighs a feathery 180lbs with a golden primary coat and a perfectly accented white secondary, complimented by gray spots that resemble those found on jaguars. From the top of his right cheek bone down to the jaw on the same side runs a long scar he got from a fight when in school. He keeps his hair cut short so as to avoid the annoyance of styling it, but allows his dark brown beard to grow proudly. Eventually he learned to tripple braid and decorate it with three sky blue clay beads. On the outside of his left ear rest three gold hoops fitting for a buccaneer. His choice of clothing is a tattered white dress shirt similar to that of the victorian era and a pair of black pants from the according time line with black, knee high boots to match. A favored feature of him, as voted on one drunken night by his crew, is the small silver bell tied by a white ribbon around the tip of his tail, and a bracelet of bells around his left wrist. Finally on the left forearm lay a self applied tattoo of an Utr'ryha phrase that only he knows the meaning too.

    Personality: J'saad is a fun-loving and inquisitive lad as are most of his species. However he shone with a light that remained unparalleled even by the most ferocious of partiers on board The Blue God. From an early age J'saad and his brother R'heem were always at odds when the elder felt the tug of adventure pulling him into the heat of battle at bars and in school. A hotblooded buccaneer of the Great Inidree sea that frequently prays on unsespecting maidens; wooing them into his private quarters whenever he finds time to drop anchor.

    History: Born just outside the bustling city of Nah'havii, J'saad spent his earliest years tending to his burdened mother and father, or watching over his younger brother R'heem at work. By day the boys served as local desert snake meat vendors and by night he became a crafty and light footed theif that haunted the wealthy bazaar owners. He'd been caught only once and beaten bloody by a big, ugly foreigner with a nasty vocabulary. Consequently the young cub vowed never to return to the bazaar unless armed. These reports led only to further disciplinary action taken by his father in the form of Ch'hival, or "Sand boxing," a custom handed down in families to be passed upon unruley children.

    Soon J'saad's parents recieved the Imperial letter stating the eldest son was old enough to attend the military school located east of the palace, and it was then, on his 14th birthday, that the young Sand leopard was cast into a world of brutality. Instructors yelled in his face and scoffed at him for his stealthy methods, but were surprised by his skill with a bow and scimitar. One instance as many would recall involved 16 year old J'saad in the tavern where he'd come to plunge his sword into the overstuffed gullet of another Sand leopard for bad mouthing his first year sibling. Between nights of drunken debauchery and endless seeming drills his first deployment couldn't come fast enough until the day he turned 18.

    Packed into the sleeping quarters with two dozen other warriors of the Imperial army, J'saad set out on The Blue God quickly making his way up the ladder only to lead a mutiny against the oppressive and ruthless captain. With what handful of the crew was left he continued on through the Great Inidree sea as an unmarked pirate vessel that attacked neighboring harbors, that dotted the coast, and the ships sailing out of them. Death and slavery aplenty on The Blue God await the brave warrior who dare take arm against J'saad "The swift sands" Sy'thrr as he cuts along the waters seeking the ship his brother may be on.

    Training/Skill at arms: J'saad was trained to kill swiftly with all manner of weapon, but prefers the sealthy arrow attack by night and the speed and durability of his trusty scimitar.

    Current goal: The attainment of information on his younger brothers whereabouts and of course, like any pirate, the advancement of wealth and status.

    Seeking recruits.


    Come aboard if you reckon you've the guts!

    Chapter one breakdown-

    Players needed: Six for the crew

    Random add-on players: Seeking to join the crew

    NPC's: Bazaar merchants, shop keeps, tavern owner, police, witnesses, tavern haunts, ex pirate

    Spoiler alert: Yes another one. Keep in mind this story goes in chapters; new characters will be added on, and old ones may be taken out as the tale unfolds.

    Chapter one plot breakdown-

    J'saad and R'heem were always close despite their differences in personality; however, when the day came that R'heem was deployed, a convenient two years prior to his adulthood, J'saad suspected something far greater was at work. The younger brother had always had a talent that did not fit the Utr'ryha traits, and was often shunted from the student quarters at night into secret meetings within the palace. Still one thing rang clear as the sea's crash upon the coast in J'saad's mind.

    With the shadows around him and his skill in stealth, J'saad snuck into the palace trailing the Imperial gaurds as they led the groggy lump R'heem towards the Emperor's throne room. A simple trespassing job, right? This the final thought of a master phantom before the butt of a spear struck the back of J'saad's head knocking him out cold.

    Now a distant blur he fights to keep quiet the things he heard and saw that night on his quest for his younger sibling, but the pressure put on him by the wild goose chase is beginning to crack him. J'saad's eyes now rest on the Ov'rynaah port in the unnamed state where rumors have guided him. Stories of an old Utr'ryha, an ex corsair, have him scrambling for information. Now if only he could convince the bazaar merchant to tell him where the old coot stays. Could this stranger hold some forbidden knowledge of what J'saad saw, or have any clue as to where the Imperial force has taken R'heem? Mayhaps it's a blunder; what will "The swift sands" find in Ov'rynaah port?

    Please post your character sheet on this thread so we can jump right into the plot.